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Terrific story!

Thank you for this and your many other wonderful stories. I read this one and "It Started In A Cabin" aloud to my partially-sighted wife. We both smiled as we thought how like Matt and Emily we once were although, after 41 years together we now more closely resemble George and Rose.

Your stories are a delight to read, being carefully edited and virtually free of the mis-spellings, misuses and grammatical errors that are so distracting in many submissions here. You have put the literate into Literotica!

I have read literally thousands of books by hundreds of authors, both famous and obscure, and your efforts rank with the best of them in any genre. Your characters are well developed, your plots well crafted.

Wifey and I are anxiously awaiting chapter 3 of the Cabin series.


Needs as you said a.editor an a.English teacher at least huh or that knows what he's reading ay but not bad I'll give you this mate or lass great pitch an game but also we'll that you know why most men think ends limp but hard up no matter how small you got im six inches I get it from my dads but after I asked th Dr he told me he can help me grow endowed so not bad he needs more encouragement an he can be a animal


good job

Excallent job. It wasnt slow paced. It went past pretty quick, which is something i dont see often. Great job.

Good story But!

Hard to believe that a 26 year old man never jacked off, was he locked away from other guys? Guys talk and compare notes.
I like Deborah she's a strong woman and in comand while he sounds like a whimp.

To those of you who disliked the ending, why must every story end happily? Does that happen in real life? Does the good guy always win? No, he doesn't. Is the ending bad because the guy doesn't get the girl? That's not a bad ending. That's actually closer to reality than the way things go in a lot of books and movies.

So, when I wrote this, I thought it would be okay if the protagonist had his one time with her, and then never got to have her again. It became a fond memory for him, and something to search for to bring back into his life at some point.

Of course, that is just my opinion. You are entitled to yours, and I respect you expressing it.

Not bad...

Although I was distracted by some errors, this was a good story. I can tell that those errors occurred because the author was excited while writing - which is kind of hot. I'd love to be a part of something like this someday.

I'm not sure which is more funny

People reading these stories and jacking off, then leaving a bad review, or people choosing literotica to critique stories instead of reading actual bestselling books. Either way, rofl!

history of me

I wish I could have found someone as understanding when I was young. I was never exactly rejected, but just had lukewarm reactions to my fairly small penis and testicles. I'd be told that I was 'just fine the way you are' or worse 'its ok, really'. But never like I was just right to please her. I think a large clitoris would be really sexy, as long as it didn't cause her discomfort during her day-to-day schedule. I love sucking on long pussy lips too. I guess I learned to be good at oral sex to make up for my lacking of abundance elsewhere. I think I could have really gotten into Bree, as long as we were compatible otherwise. This is a good story that needed to be told. Also, I'm not sure most people know that many, many women have asymmetrical breasts and so-what. Our physical attributes drive us apart so much. I have epilepsy also, which was kind of frightening to many people back when I grew up in the 60's and 70's. Back then it was called 'having fits' and caused me to feel alone a lot, even with people all around me. Even family. Its too bad that, as in the story, two emotionally damaged people have to stumble onto another emotionally damaged person to even find good sex. Thank you, I didn't know another person would even think of this as a story to be posted to be read by the public.

Short and to the point

If I'd been him, I think maybe I'd have disconnected her webcam every night after work. Perhaps she'd thank him more than once--with even a better 'thank you.'


Quite enjoyed it-lucky boy, nice dialogue-would love to read a 3rd section

Way to rushed, first timers mistake

Rushing the story is a normal first time mistake. Others have pointed this out. You will also notice the number of Anon trolls who hang out here and put down and name call every story on here. So you can ignore them. I encourage you to try a few more stories, but before you do read a few that really turn you on. Then break down what it was that turned you on? Then work those items into your story.

Nice read

Thanks for the nice read.

Good story but only 4stars because of the lack of editing done :(

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