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made me so horny started humping a pillow and fingering myself

Part 2

Please, please, please write Part 2... I would love to see what they'd be like together when he's not getting paid... Especially if he stop's being a prostitute so he can be with her...

Please please please keep writing

I had a 65 belvedere

Great for fucking. Bad for driving

Oh what memories

Or in those days what mameries!


A beautiful and passionate story. Can't wait to read more of your work.

Still awesome!

...gawd I loved re-reading this! Wonderful. Beautiful. Awesome. :).


This was rubbish. No idea why my story was rejected when this garbage with poor grammar, non existent spelling, and a crap storyline was published.

I'll second that...

Can I have his number too? Goddamn, I need a man I can call for 'more than deflorations' as well. Very sexy story.

Keep Going Tell Me More!

I was so caught up in the story. That must be the sign of a good story.

The ( your ) story was so hot that half way thru I was jacking off my hardon cock, your story I hope was true ... please keep writing more.

I am so freaking hard s I am sending this !

Wonderful story!

I really enjoyed your story. The characters were very well drawn, and quite realistic. I would like to see more of this tale!


Absolutely terrible. Ridiculous.

Oh my...

Usually I defend you from the grammar trolls because of your high quality writing. This, unfortunately, is not representative of your usual quality. Only 1 star from me this time.

Really pulled me in...

Reading this was so "liveable" - pulling me into the story and making it seem more memory than fiction. This was so believable that it might have been a journal entry. I thoroughly enjoyed this reading.

Pleasant representation of an ideal experience

Through your use of well placed humor and wit, careful construction of your main characters, and we'll paced timing of events, you've created a story that represents what many would consider a perfect experience. It's so well structured that it feels like we're experiencing the joy and happiness right along with the narrator.

I thank you for sharing this amazing story - it gave me a chance to vicariously relive my first time in a much more satisfying manner (my experience was at a young age, both of us over eager, making it a rushed, stressful experience).

Technically speaking, your story is wonderful. I only noticed a few errors and typos - minor issues at worst. I am impressed with the way you gave each personality enough time to exists and become familiar to us, the readers, so that the story, as I mentioned before, is deeper, meaningful, and satisfying. Not too long, not too short, just right.

Thanks again! I hope to read more from you.

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