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an amazing love story. Please continue writing. You're doing a great job.

Mom, got any pointers?

Since the ice is now thoroughly broken, Vicki might benefit from tips and perhaps near-field visual aids to bring her up to speed- I suspect mom would not have much trouble trouble enlisting dad's assistance as well.


Tear jerking and erotic to the max. Great job.

Great start

Great start, sounds like it's going to be a fun read just don't drag it out too long till she's caught, maybe even with him having securty cameras and films of her.
Don't wait too long for the next chapter


Terrific Story. Really enjoyed it.

Would you consider writing a Batman/Batgirl story? I've been a big fan of yours for years and thought you were done writing FF. Finally tracked you down here.

Great story and I keep thinking about my being bullied....

I wasn't fat or big like Carl, but an outsider to all the rednecks, country folk, hillbillies or whatever you want to call the people i went from grade 4 thru 12 with. I moved from a house two blocks from the beach in florida to a rural area of tennessee where my mothers family is from the summer going in to 4th grade. I was bullied and picked on from the 1st day of school because I in absolutely no way dressed or talked like any of the people I went to school with and half of the little girls were crazy about me. So all the boys hated me and the fact that I started martial arts at the age of 6 didn't help them when they made me mad enough to fight. I spent a lot of time defending myself for close to 3 years before they figured out they could only beat me if I was out numbered. I also was better at most sports than 95% of the boys my age because I played sports year round because It was always warm in south florida where I was born and my parents both kept me busy to cut down on what they would have to pay a sitter.

Other than being bullied I guess me and Carl aren't much alike. I eventually became friends with some of the boys I played sports with and nobody messed with me anymore. I will always remember those years though and I left for florida my first chance after graduation.

Today I am back in tennessee after living in florida again for 12 years, but I no longer live in the sticks. Sorry for rambling, but it was feels good to share my shitty few years because of my being different.


This story made me laugh so much; Melissa calling him random names, "Le Roi the Black," not wanting to look at the nerds while they were eating them out, god. I loved it. Awesome story, very fun, lighthearted, and clever!

Can't stand waiting for next part

Previous part was a bit disapointing, but well written. There were some errors but who counts it, as it was such a good reading story.
Now you gave us, readers that what was missing from the previous one. You did excelent building the tention and the describing of developing situation is IMHO unordinary.
Still some isues but don't worry, just keep writing. I just can't stand waiting for next part of this story. And belive me, from myself it's a complement, so don't let me down and publish soon.
This is the first story I realy DID read breathless since the very long time. I liked in your story espesialy how you described Ella as a shy girl made to do something she didn't excacly wish to do, and how it turned out.
And even more in this part that you haven't make a big deal with David's ritchnes. For him it's not important, and as she's firstly lost in this fact, doesn't belive in this, that such a man wishes to date her, then as all her doubts are the domain of the past how you're building the tension.
Just keep writing. And for the conclusion a tiny sugestion, you musn't take it, but just think about it. The question is, did you throught about a tiny failure with the pill?
The last one I wish to tell you is that you got five stars from my, even if it's not perfect in sb else opinion.

Girl/Girl sex is so Hot!

Grl/Girl sex is so Hot and you did a great job writing about it, but it was way too short and with little build up to see how it all started.
Need to slow down and write a story not just the sex act, we the readers like a little background.
Dd she repay Lia and go down on her? More to the story.


I would guess on Literotica ABS is a well known acronym. Why complain about something so insignificant?

To Anonymous #1

I think you are an immature jerk. If you cant say something nice, Shut your mouth to stop from showing your ignorance, immaturity, stupidity or a combo of those traits.

To the Author;
I found the story to be sweet and loving, tho a bit cliche. I prefer longer stories and it should have included a moment of concern about pregnancy. I'll pass on the disease aspect as it seemed both of them were relatively safe there.
And there are a few grammar / spelling errors but overall I gave it 5 stars.
The story is more important than those.
Not a lot of stories can keep the interest of those of us with experience, emotions, and high intelligence. Yes I said High as in top 4% of the USA population.
And while this isn't a new favorite, it's much better than most.

too good

ummmm this... should not be ur day job... writing sci fi.. real stories should... thats good too good to be in a porn lol... actually making me like the chars... and making me think monica was a idiot.. for basically sacrificing her bf to her best friend... granted there are men who have iron will... but u should never tempt fate...

Was taken aback

This was an extremely passionate tale of two young lovers lead by their undiscovered bond ... Love. I was most certainly take along for the very pleasant journey.
Well done.


Oh man, just read this story - one of the best I've read on here. Gutted to realise it was posted in 2011 with no update since :-(

another great one

thanks again for a great story! It spoke to me.

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