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This was something like one of the virgins I enjoyed being first with, and she sobbed, moaned and cursed me and every other way to say she enjoyed having her first experience. Yvonne had a body like a model, except for the thick, wide long tuff of straight dark colored hair covering her vagina. Many times after that she would become a wild woman, suddenly I lost interest in her. Perhaps it was two years later I next saw her and she invited me to her apartment, and she cursed me for taking her virginity and not marrying her. Last I heard she went back to West Virginia.

good job but you need a next chapter mate

cool i jacked off to this once
and it is cool


If they had a zero rate I would have used it on this one. So I didn't give it a one as it didn't deserve such. Guess he thinks it's okay for undocumented people to come into our country. Why didn't he go home to her country?


Screwed up but not sexually. No man gets a virgin without being face up-face down so you can see the beauty of bursting her sweet honey pot open for her first. You need to learn the positions in order to write about them - are all of your friends so inclined to do things backwards?

Art Lesson 101

Nothing can add to this story - no comments.


18 and in the tenth grade - either her math is bad or she cheated on her age to get her story in as she should have been 15. Okay, maybe someone will explain.


Amazing story. I haven't read the other chapters, but after reading this one. I surely will have to.

You are an amazing writer, good punctiation and very fine describing the situations. And it's hot as hell.

Totally fab-able, and a 5-star worthy novel. Thanks.

Oh the story is going somewhere ...

You know the old line: good girls go to heaven but bad girls go EVERYWHERE?

I am out to prove it wrong: Carrie's a sweet girl who gets herself into lots of fun situations with lots of different people all over the place.

Stay tuned for more Fun Times!

oh hell yes

I must say that this story hit me at so many levels. Not many erotic stories have left me damp at both groin and eyes. Thank you for this moving tale.

More please

It's an excellent, sweet, touching story. Please write more and please give it a happy ending. There are far too few of those in the world. In here it can happen.



It's certain not bad but not great either. It feels rushed. However, it is still sexy.

Wonderfully written - great job!

You've created some very believable and interesting characters. The dialogue and action are well-written and well-paced. The story is highly charged with eroticism, mixed with appropriate elements of caution and angst. I was drawn into your story to the point of forgetting that it was just a story. That's the mark of an excellent tale!

very enjoable hot wet read

Loved reading about Trinity and her Sugar daddy... They need each other and they don't even realize how much yet.... Thank you for sharing this tale. I also found it to make me very wet. I just kept reading and really got into the story line. 5 Stars is a definite

Needs an editor

Spelling, typos, lots of errors to distract. And, we can tell it's just a fantasy as much of it is geometrically improbable.

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