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Sorry for the spelling errors, I'm new so I'll try to make sure it won't happen again!

Not bad

Not bad, but the spelling mistakes ruined it, I don't often say anything about spelling as I suck at it, you need to read your own story before you post it.

Actual Author

let us know the actual author and the location of actual story

Pretty good

I did enjoy this story a lot, but it would have been more intriguing for me as a woman if your vocabulary spanned a little wider than 'tits' when referring to breasts. It became a little distracting when said a hundred times in a row. Just a tip.

Truly Amazing

That was a wonderful story.Just the right amount of sex and emotions.I love the characters so much i wish they were real.I have abandoned porn in favour of reading
I wish you would write more of such Amazing stories

didnt you know

This is fiction make-believe land where nobody catches STDs except as part of the plot. Or gets knocked up

Am old country boy, I would go out to the barn and feed and just lay around listening to the rain on the roof.

Brings back a flood of memories !!!

As I read the story, my mind wandered back, filled with
past memories, of Romancing and Loving those wonderful
moments of ultimate bliss !!!! Thank you, Ladies, from the bottom
of my heart !!!! " Oh, what Wonderful Memories, all of you,
have left with me, to Cherish and Care For, all the rest
of my days !!! "

Loved it!

Very well done. Thank you!

Wonderful! ...and I agree with a previous poster, nice not to have to groan at the usual balloon tits and foot long hot dog crap! Yeesh! Nice romantic quality, didn't drag it out horribly getting to the goid bits and neither party playing some guilt trip in their head over the situation! :)


The first time is so wonderful!!!!!!!!! Then, we learn how to make it better.

Part 2

I hope you are working on part 2!

Just Wow. Amazing story. Please write more.

Deflorewest wow

this has ben one of the most loving careing, storys about how the other is doing
o make shoor that she never got hert I wish this was a gean In all men , this is a story I I have in my fave list I can read it many times and enjoy it not just because of thesex but the tru fealling he shows her is what will kepp me reading it . loved it I would give this story a ten in score.


Amazingly short refractory time for a thirty plus year old man - and Mary's hymen was not where Gray's Anatomy says it would be

Such missteps are easily avoidable in the author tries


made me so horny started humping a pillow and fingering myself

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