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Lucky Buildup Pt. II
by S. Joel Philips

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

The first game went to overtime, but we prevailed. Next game we wiped them out. Earnie was getting pissed off at all the ribbing we were giving him. He suggested we make it interesting. I asked what he had in mind and his reply was a little wager between us guys. "Winner buys dinner for all." I figured I couldn't loose because I'd had the hots for Barbara for years. The ladies agreed to the bet.

Barbara and I played like we were possessed. We beat them 15 to 3. Earnie couldn't believe it, nor could I. I couldn't miss a shot if I tried.

Our court time was about up. Earnie and Joan packed up and were on there way to the shower when Barbara said, "one quick game. Winner chooses the restaurant." I agreed and the game started. Before I got to serve the game was over. As she left the court she said, "I'll let you know after I get cleaned up. Meet you in the lounge."

In the locker room Earnie ask where I'd been. I told him about our bet and how Barbara had wiped the floor with me. Earnie laughed and told me to watch myself with Barbara, because she set up the meeting today with Joan, knowing you would be here. I had no problem with that. I thought Barbara, although about 10 years my senior, was a very foxy lady, and if she wanted me, so be it.

We all met in the lounge and made tentative plans to meet at cafe l'more. Earnie and Joan had to get a baby sitter lined up for their son Jason or we would have to make dinner another night.

I went home and at about five thirty Earnie called with bad, or not so bad, news. No baby sitter. We would have to make it next week. I told him I would call Barbara but he said he already had. As soon as I hung the phone up it began to ring. It was Barbara. Her first words were, "change of plans for tonight. Just you and me. See you there at nine." And she hung up.

Ok by me I thought. I had nothing to do but laundry.

It was a beautiful night, but I decided to take the car and leave the bike home. I could always put down the top and enjoy the night air. I wondered why Barbara didn't ask me to pick her up. Now we would have two cars to deal with.

When I got to the restaurant, I found Barbara waiting. She told me she had walked, as she only lived a block away, at the beach. We had not made reservations and there was about an hour wait. We decided to have a few drinks in the lounge.

The lounge reminded me of "Cheers". There were quite a few people in the corner watching a ball game on the six foot screen. In another corner two tables had some men playing chess, while others watched. The atmosphere was great, but surly not romantic.

I had known Barbara since I was old enough to remember. Their family lived only a few houses down from ours. Earnie and I were the same age and went all through public school together. Then, I went into the air force and Earnie went to college to play football. When we were kids, Barbara was just Earnie's "pain in the ass" older sister. Now, the only pain I could think of, would be, the one I'd like to put in her most private parts.

As we sat and joked I noticed on tv they were about to draw the winning lotto numbers. I remembered I had bought a ticket the morning Sandra and I met. As they called the numbers I wrote them on a cocktail napkin and put them in my pocket, to check later. Then they announced the lotto was worth twenty-two million dollars and I decided not to wait.

Sandra had said I was the luckiest person on earth and as I reached into my wallet to get the ticket I was shaking. I knew before I even checked, I was the winner, and sure as shit I had all six numbers. Without saying a word I turned over the ticket, signed it and added my social security number. Barbara watched me put the ticket back in my wallet. I was still shaking. Barbara asked if I was all right. I looked her straight in the eyes and said, "I just became a millionaire." She went pale. A few seconds went by and she said in a joking way, "want to get married?" I came right back with, "no. But I sure could use a good fuck." We laughed, and Barbara said, "I don't know about good, but will I do?" All of a sudden, the mood was very serious.

The announcement calling us to the dining room broke our silence. We went in for dinner, a little uncomfortable with each other and the situation we had created. I wanted to rescind my remark about using a good fuck, but couldn't figure out how to do it without hurting Barbara's feelings. I liked her very much. We had experienced a lot together.

When I was about nine I got my first look at a naked woman, Barbara. I was spending the night at Earnie's. We had pitched a tent in his yard and were camping out. I had to go to the bathroom, but when I got there the door was closed. I could hear the shower running. I had to go real bad so I opened the door and made my way to the toilet. Barbara was in the shower and I could see her reflection through the smoked glass. I relieved myself, didn't flush, for fear of being heard, and started to leave. I got a great idea. If I hid in the linen closet in the bathroom, I could see through the louvers. That's what I did.

When Barbara came out of the shower I got my first look at female pubic hair. I had seen boobs in magazines but now I was looking at the real thing. I had a woody. My first, and I didn't know what to do with it. It was so hard it hurt. I started to rub it and to my surprise it felt so good I couldn't stop. Barbara had left the bathroom and I was still at it. Then my first orgasm hit. After that day I spent so much time jerking off I didn't even have time for homework. The balance of my time was spent trying to get another peek at Barbara.

I convinced my parents I was interested in astronomy so they would let me buy a telescope. Then I convinced them to let me out at night to watch the stars. The only thing I watched was Barbara. I watched her every chance I got.

One night her parents were out and her boy friend came over. She took him to her room and they got naked together. She let him touch her all over and then she jerked him off. I was so excited I jerked off at the same time. When they were through, he got dressed and left and Barbara came to the window, waved and pulled down the shade. That was the last time I ever used the telescope. I couldn't face her for a long time. I stayed away from Earnie's house until one day I was invited to Earnie's birthday party. As I walked in the door I was greeted by Barbara. She just smiled and said hello. Before I knew what I was doing I was in the bathroom pulling my pud.

Soon after, Barbara went off to college. She spent the summers in Europe and when she graduated moved in with a guy and stayed in California. When she finally returned home I was already in the service.

I saw her again on my first leave. She was a beauty, but too old for me. One day while visiting her family we got to talking and she told me how she knew I was watching her with the telescope and then she blew me away when she told me she even knew I was in the closet in the bathroom. She said it was real turn on for her to know she was being watched. Since that day we have become good friends although I haven't seen her much recently. Now, I wanted to fuck my friend and I think she felt the same. But it would change our relationship and I didn't know if that's what I truly wanted.

So, I told Barbara how I felt about our relationship changing and her reply was, "don't you think it's about time?" With that, Barbara removed the short jacket she was wearing to reveal a backless vest, fastened at the neck and around her waist. It was cut down the front between her breasts to the lowest button. There was nothing shy about Barbara.

The waiter came to take our order and I had to repeat everything to him twice. His eyes were riveted on Barbara's breasts. Every time she moved the vest would shift and he was accorded a full view. Barbara knew just what she was doing. When the waiter left, she smiled at me and said, "I bet he wouldn't turn down a sure thing with me."

We sat in silence for a few moments, Barbara rubbing her leg against mine, licking her lips and flaunting her tits at me. "I give up," was all I said. Instantly her hand was under the table and in my pants. She had hold of my tool, squeezing and releasing the pressure. It felt great, and since the table cloth was long I knew nobody could see what she was up to.

The waiter returned with the food. Barbara never let go. She ate her whole meal with her hand in my pants. I was rock hard and ready by the time the check came. I turned to her and ask if we were leaving like this or could I have my rod back. She removed her hand, zipped my fly and put her jacket on. We stood to leave and Barbara put her left hand in my right pocket and grabbed my dick. I knew we were not hiding anything as we left the restaurant.

We got to the parking lot which was well lit and found my car. As I unlocked the door Barbara removed her hand from my pocket, unzipped my pants and grabbed on as she slid across the drivers seat pulling me with her. As I sat behind the wheel I asked her what she was trying to do. She told me, my dick was hers until I made her cry uncle.

We drove the block to her house and went inside, Barbara still holding on. She took me right to her bedroom and locked the door.

Then came the surprise. She opened a cabinet and my mouth fell open in astonishment. There before me was a display

Of every sex tool I had ever heard about, or even imagined. She took down a handcuff with a chain and fastened the handcuff around my cock and balls and the end of the chain to the bed post. I was so fucking turned on there wasn't anything I wouldn't have done then, and she knew it.

She turned on some music and slowly, ever so slowly, removed her jacket, her vest and her skirt. She stood in front of me with only crotchless pantyhose and high heel shoes.

Barbara was amazing. She was forty-five years old and didn't have a wrinkle or a sag anywhere. She stood about five foot six. I would say about 130 pounds. Her legs were long and her feet were tiny. Her tits were small but very firm as was the rest of her body. She had a duck ass and a small waist. She had no pubic hair, and I could see the lips of her pussy were swollen with anticipation. Mounted through the front of the left lip of her pussy was a diamond stud earring. As I gawked, she said, "the answer to your next question is, yes it hurt." I had to admit, it was different. She told me she did it herself when she was in Vietnam. She had lost the other earring and wanted to put this one where it would be safe.

I was dressed in my jacket and shirt with my pants down around my ankles. She made quick work of stripping me down. Then came the next surprise. She said, " I'm yours. Use your imagination. Do anything you like with anything in the cabinet, but don't remove the cock cuff. Do we have a deal?" "We do if you'll answer a question for me. Why and why me?" I said.

Her answer blew me away. She told me that for the past two years she had lived in a monastery as a hermit, to try and find a new direction for her life. Prior to that, she had joined the army and saw some action in Vietnam as a field nurse. The brutality of it all had turned her sexual preference to woman and it took her two years to get back the desire for a man. Barbara said she had thought about me and our friendship and wanted her first sexual experience with a man in quite a few years to be with someone she cared for. She told me she didn't expect a relationship, other than what we already had, but for many years she had fantasized about us and knew I had done the same. She was right. Many nights I jerked off thinking about her.

After listening to her story I really didn't feel like sex, but Barbara brought the feeling back by taking my soft cock and bringing it to consciousness with the tip of her tongue.

I walked to the cabinet thinking, "Jesus Christ. What did I get myself into?" "Oh what the hell," I thought, as I grabbed some leather straps and a enormous vibrator from the shelf. I tied Barbara's hands to the top corners of the bed posts. Then I tied the other straps around her ankles and to the same posts, holding Barbara's legs well into the air and exposing her fully to me.

The vibrator I had chosen was about a foot in length and almost three inches in width. It was equipped with a pumping action that moved the head like a piston, while the shaft, which was slightly curved, made a circular motion. At the bottom was a clit stimulator that vibrated. I was really getting turned on thinking about how Barbara was about to get the work out of her life. In my mind I was making plans to use every opening she had and any other part of her I could.

For a start I climbed onto the bed and positioned my balls just above Barbara's face. I love having my balls sucked. But I also love to eat pussy. I began by placing kisses down along her inner thigh, working my way across her lips and up her other thigh to the knee. Then I went straight to her cunt. My lips encompassed hers and my tongue sliced its way inside, running from her clit to her asshole and back. My face became a wet sponge for her juices. As she strained against the straps I could feel her tongue running below my balls. I shifted and she presented me with a my first rim job.

I judged it was about time for some serious perversity. I brought the vibrator to her saturated lips and slowly inserted it about half way. As I did, Barbara let out a moan which traveled through my balls like a charge of electricity. Next I turned on the vibrator. The pumping piston action sucked the full length of the shaft into her. As the clit stimulator reached its objective Barbara began to buck and turn so vigorously, I was forced to remove myself from Barbara's mouth for fear of loosing the family jewels. I held the vibrator in place for about five minutes. Barbara must have reach a climax ten times and her strength was fading fast. I turned off the tool and let it go. It slowly began to leave Barbara's pussy. All at once Barbara retracted her muscles and it came out of her as if she had given birth. As she relaxed I removed the straps holding her arm and legs, rolled her over and tied her spread eagle to the four corners of the bed.

From the cabinet I took a tube of love oil. I started at her neck working the oil into her skin. I slowly covered her back and as much of her sides as I could reach, moving steadily downward over her the cheeks of her ass, being careful not to get near her opening. As I covered her legs I noticed her beginning to sweat as the heat took effect.

When I finished administering to her back I untied and retied her face up. Then I blindfolded Barbara. She was starting to breath hard and I could see by the swelling of her nipples she was getting turned on in anticipation of the unknown.

I went to the cabinet and removed a cock shaped pacifier. From the ice bucket I took a few ice cubes, and moved next to Barbara on the bed. I slowly started moving the ice cube across Barbara's face. As I passed over her lips they parted and to her surprise, I slipped the pacifier into her mouth. She took to it like a baby.

I proceeded with the ice, slowly moving down her neck and chest until I reached her breast. As I drew closer to her nipples her breathing became more rapid. Her nipples stood tall and the aureole around them grew thick. As I moved my way down her body, goose bumps covered her. The ice caressed her navel and moved into her pubic area, stopping just short of her lips.

I repositioned myself between her legs and took my rock hard tool in my ice filled hands. As I held myself I could feel my dick going numb from the cold. When the ice was all melted I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to Barbara's pussy and drove it home. The combination of heat on her back and my ice cold rod inside her made her body arch from the bed to me. Bracing myself above her, so my prick was our only point of contact, I stroked long and hard until I could no longer hold back my release. As my juices flowed into Barbara, I could feel her insides milking my cock dry.

As I retreated from the bed I heard the front door open. A few seconds later there was a knock on the door, and the sound of a woman's voice calling, "Barbara, I'm home." Barbara told me not to worry as it was only her roommate, Trudy.

I removed Barbara's blindfold and untied her. She looked at me and said, "not bad, for a start. How do you feel about a three way?" I told her I could hardly move now, but her reply was, "then would you like to watch for a while?" I just smiled. I started to remove the cuff which was still attached to my groin, when Barbara stopped me. She told me if you want to watch the cuff stays on. I thought to myself, "this is embarrassing," but I agreed. Barbara went to the door, completely naked and asked Trudy to join us.


This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by S. Joel Philips.

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