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Lucky Buildup Pt. II
by S. Joel Philips

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

George Bratis, attorney at law, was an old friend I had gone to school with. George was a guy whose main objective in life was getting laid, no matter what, or who. If it had a pussy he would fuck it, and fuck it he did! I remember George sticking it to a girl named Lucy, standing up, in the school hallway between two lockers, the only cover being four of us guys forming a screen as the other students passed. He did it all the time. He and Lucy had sex in every corner of that school. While the rest of us guys jerked off, George never had to. I never could understand why he got so much until one day I was transferred into his gym class and got a look at his tool. He was so long he almost needed a shoe on the end. He was over a foot long, and that was not even erect.

We entered George's offices and were greeted warmly by his secretary, Lucy. I couldn't believe it. They were still together after eighteen years. Lucy informed George we had arrived and she escorted us in. As we entered I was shocked. George, who was a tall skinny kid, now was immense. He stood about six foot four and weighed, I would guess, close to three hundred pounds, without a bit of muscle. Looking at him standing there, I doubt if he could see his cock, no matter how big it was.

He looked glad to see me but I knew he was uncomfortable with me seeing him this way. After greetings were exchanged, I came right out and asked him what had happened. He told me, too much food and sex. No real physical exercise. I thought to myself, "this guy needs Trudy to straighten him out."

We sat down and discussed plans for protecting my new found wealth and decided I needed a corporation.

We left George with the task of forming a corporation and went directly to the train station for our trip to Norwalk Connecticut and our appointment with the real estate broker.

We were met at the station by Nancy, a very knowledgeable real estate lady with the best looking cleavage I think I'd ever seen. I told her we were looking for a three or four bedroom home with a in-law apartment or servant quarters. She checked her listings and advised us we were probably talking three hundred thousand plus. Nancy showed us a few houses but none seemed right to me. As we were heading back to Nancy's office we spotted an old victorian house with a for sale sign. Nancy check her listings and found it was a 6 bedroom house needing restoration. It was listed for $209,000 but Nancy said we could probably get it for $185,000, as it had been listed for almost a year. We stopped to take a look and I fell in love with the place. It was virtually a mansion. I told Nancy to make the offer at $165,900.

We went back to Nancy's office. She made a few phone calls and within minutes she received a counter offer on the house of $172,000. I bought it, subject to inspection. We left a ten percent deposit and called George to advise him as to what we had done and to get him started so we could close the deal as fast as possible. He assured me he would have everything done in a few days.

We caught a late lunch and were on our way home by four.

We had a big day and we really needed a little relaxation. I asked Barbara if she had any plans for later on and was pleased to hear her say she was at my disposal. I mentioned to Barbara that I had heard about a floating restaurant that circled the city and no sooner was it out of my mouth, Barbara said, "love to."

We returned to our apartments to get cleaned up. I called for reservations and was told they were full for this evening, but when I mentioned my name they said the would seat us at the celebrity table. Being famous was great.

We arrived at the restaurant and were immediately seated on the upper deck in a roped off area overlooking the lower restaurant and the water. I could tell we were being watched. But the reason was not as I suspected. Barbara had worn a black dress cut low between her breasts and slit half way up her thigh. As we sat there I leaned to her and commented on the stares. She whispered in my ear, "I'm not wearing panties." I could feel myself blush. She was putting on a real show for the lower restaurant by crossing and uncrossing her legs. The men were smiling and the ladies were weren't.

The head waiter came over to our table and extended an invitation to us from the captain, asking we join him for dinner. I thought his invitation was just to stop the show, but when we met him he extended greetings from his sister, Lisa, in cooperstown. He had talked to her just after I had made the reservations. She told him that she had seen me on tv and that she knew me. I thanked the captain for the message and told him I would call Lisa very soon.

As we sat down I noticed there was something going on between Mark, the captain, and Barbara. They could not stop looking at each other. As the evening progressed we three seemed to hit it off real well. I liked Mark and I could tell Barbara was definitely interested in him. We finished diner as the boat ride was nearing it's end. Mark asked if we would like to accompany him to the bridge for docking. Barbara nudged me under the table and I got the message. I declined Mark's invitation but urged Barbara to accept. She smiled and kissed my cheek as Mark escorted her from the table.

Barbara re-joined me as the last of the guests were leaving the boat. As we started for the car she turned to me and said, "if it takes me a year, I'm going to have that guy." I asked what she meant and she just said, "he's the keeping kind but doesn't know it, yet."

I drove Barbara to her apartment and we made plans to meet the following morning at my place. We were going to get together with Earnie, who was a contractor, and discuss the house we were buying.

As we sat in the car in front of Barbara's apartment house talking, she turned to face me and as she did her skirt rose higher. I could see her hairless moist cunt, looking so inviting, my mind instantly went to sex. I bent to her and ran my tongue into her slit. I could taste the hot juices and feel her fingers running through my hair, holding me to her. I licked and kissed for a few minutes, then I was distracted by a strange voices. I tried to get up but Barbara held me down as she talked to the passer by. I heard her tell him to fuck off and then she let me up. She unzipped my fly, through a leg over and mounted my intense hard on, and as people passed she drove me wild grinding her pussy to me. I was about to empty my load, when Mark, the boat captain, stuck his head in the window and kissed Barbara on the lips. I thought, "what the fuck is going on?"

Barbara had asked Mark to come by when he completed his duties and he had arrived earlier than expected. He wasn't ruffled in the least. Barbara and I separated and said good night and the two of them went in as I drove off.

When I got home I realized the answering machine was not going to work. The tape had long ago run out. I was either going to get a service to answer the calls or an unlisted number. I turned on the messages and went about getting cleaned up and ready for bed. Most of the messages were from people with get rich quick ideas or people representing charities. Then, as I was getting tired of listening, there was a familiar voice. It said "hi lucky. I told you, you were the luckiest person alive. Call you again soon." It was Sandra, but she left no number. This was really upsetting. I went to bed and tossed and turned for what seemed hours and when I did get to sleep there she was.

I had to find her.

Barbara was at my apartment by nine and Earnie arrived at ten. I asked Earnie to go up to Connecticut to look at the house I had put the deposit on. I told him I wanted to know if the house was worth what I paid and what he thought it would take to restore it. I also gave him a short list of requirements I would like to have installed. Earnie said he would go right up and call me as soon as he returned. Barbara made arrangements with Nancy to meet him at the house.

We had nothing special to do today so Barbara suggested we do some shopping for clothes. I asked her if she wouldn't mind going alone and picking me up a few things, as I had something to take care of. She said she wouldn't mind so I gave her two thousand dollars and told her what I needed. I also told her to buy herself something and not to bring back any change. She went out smiling.

As soon as she was gone I called George and asked him to recommend a good private detective. He gave me a name and I called. The detective's name was Lou Mopeen. Lou told me to come right over and within fifteen minutes I was sitting in his office telling him all I knew about Sandra. His job was to locate her. He told me he would get back to me in about a week.

I left Louie's office and got my bike. I rode over to the service station that towed Sandra's car. They were able to tell me where they took it for repair but had no record of Sandra, as she paid cash.

The repair shop they sent me to was some help. The car was picked up the previous day by a representative of a local consulting firm which owned the car. I went to the consulting firm only to find out, Sandra Denton quit last Thursday. They gave me her address and phone number, but when I called I found the number no longer in service. She was gone. I called Lou and told him what I had found and I went riding for a few hours.

Shortly after I returned home Earnie called from Connecticut. He told me I stole the house. Outside of wiring and plumbing the structure was sound although the pool needed work and the tennis courts need resurfacing. He had thrown me a real curve. I didn't know the house had a pool or tennis courts. Earnie told me the tennis courts were all over grown but the pool was in the sub basement. He had found the entrance purely by accident. It was a boarded up elevator that ran from the main floor down. In his opinion the elevator could be made operable and although he had not found the stairs, there must be some. He gave me a number where he could be reached for the next few hours and hung up.

I was excited. I called Nancy and advised her our inspection was complete and I wanted the house. I then called George and informed him of the same and asked how long it would take to close the deal. He told me that he could do it in two days if I wanted to him to hire someone to do the running around. I gave him the go. He called me back and advised me we had a closing Thursday at four and the bank that owned the house was willing to grant access at once. I called Earnie at the number he had given me only to find it was the number of an architect. He was already starting plans on the house. I told him he could go ahead and advised him he could pick up the keys for the house. I asked him how long before I could move in and he told me it would take a week to get the electric and plumbing straightened out. I could move in then but the house would take about a month to complete except for the pool and elevator. He was going to look into them as soon as he got his men working on the rest. Earnie said it would probably take me longer to get furnishings than for him to finish.

Barbara returned at about six, loaded with packages. She had changed clothes somewhere along the way and was wearing a tee shirt and cutoff jeans, of coarse leaving nothing to the imaginations. She was sweating through the shirt and it was like she wore none. I took one look at her and said, "you need a cold drink." She replied, "what I need is a hot cock." With that her jeans were gone and she had my pants around my knees. She got down on the floor on all fours and said, "well?" I mounted her dog style. My cock was buried to the hilt but she was so wet I could only feel the heat. Our bodies slapped together over and over till I could no longer keep the pace. I pulled back for a long stroke and as I drove forward I realized I had left her pussy and was entering her ass. I had no trouble, for I was totally lubricated and Barbara was a willing recipient.

The tight feeling was awesome and within a few strokes I was emptying my balls deep in her bowels. She collapsed on the floor with me on her back, both of us exhausted and satisfied.

We both dozed off and were awakened by the phone. When I heard George's voice I turned the answering machine off and took the call. George told me he had talked to the bank and to Earnie and everything with the house was set.

While I was on the phone with George, Barbara went in to take a shower. I stood there, my pants around my knees and my cock needing a bath. I decided to join her. I undressed and quietly entered the bathroom.

I could see Barbara through the steamy glass shower door. Her hand was buried in her pussy and she was having orgasm after orgasm. I wondered if she was ever satisfied. As I watched I felt that familiar tingle in my groin. I looked down. No hard on, but I was getting horny watching her.

I slid back the door and stepped in. As I entered the shower Barbara took my cock in her wet soapy hand. It responded to her touch as if it had not been used for months and in moments it was like a rock. Barbara work me with her hands until I was making another liquid deposit. As my juices flowed to the drain Barbara soaped up my body and rinsed me off. I proceeded to do the same for her. We toweled off together and left the bathroom.

I was going to the bedroom for some fresh clothes when I realized Barbara only had the sweaty tee shirt and shorts to wear. I asked her if she wanted to use any of my clothes to get home. She asked for a tee shirt and I gave her a new one. When she put it on it came to just below her crotch. She stretched it down as much as she could and put on her belt. It really looked great but hid very little. She put on her sandals and as she went out the door she said, "call you when I get home." Could a guy be any luckier than I was to have Barbara as a friend?

Barbara called when she arrived home and I told her " sleep in tomorrow", for I had to go in and clean up a few loose ends at the old job and that I would call her later in the day.

I arrived at work at about nine. Everybody was there waiting with congratulations. They had brought refreshments for a small party. I cleaned up a few things, gave some advise to my successor, had some cake and was gone by noon.

I called Barbara around two. Earnie had called to tell me his men were already at work on the house. He also asked that we select the color we wanted the house painted, both inside and out. I gave the job for the interior to Barbara and told her white with blue shutters for the outside.

After talking to Barbara I dialed Lisa's number and was pleased when Terry answered the phone. She had heard about my good fortune and was very happy for me. She also asked if I had seen Sandra. I told her I was still looking, but had no luck so far.

When Lisa came to the phone I told her about our meeting Mark. She had talked to Mark earlier and he had told her much the same. He also talked in detail about Barbara. Lisa thought he was quite taken with her. Mark had asked if she was free or were her we couple. Lisa told Mark she would ask and I told Lisa we were just good friends. Our conversation ended with my assuring Lisa I would call again.

The afternoon moved on. I packed up some workout clothes and went to the racquet club, on the chance I might get a game going. When I arrived the place was almost deserted. Cone, the receptionist, told me there were only six members inside, all female. They were taking an aerobics class. I went to the locker room and changed, then started for the nautilus room. As I passed the aerobics class I stopped to look in. Jean, the instructor, spotted me she and invited me to join them. I had not done aerobics in months but looking at the six woman, all foxes, I joined the class.

Jean worked my ass off for about a half hour. At the end of the class we all sat around talking and cooling down. One of the ladies suggested it was time for a jacuzzi. I was a little disappointed because they were leaving. The jacuzzi was located in the locker room and was not co-ed. I got up and started to leave when Jean asked, "aren't you coming?"


This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by S. Joel Philips.

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