The Best Erotic Stories.

Lucky Buildup Pt. II
by S. Joel Philips

This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

When Trudy entered the room my jaw dropped. She was at least six feet five in her bare feet. She was wearing a workout suit that left nothing to the imagination. Her body look as if it had been molded by an artist. Her hair was a soft blonde and her eyes were dark brown. She had full lips that were painted with dark red lipstick that matched her finger and toe nails. This woman fulfilled the true meaning of amazon.

Barbara introduced us and asked Trudy if she was up for an orgasm or two. Trudy looked over at me, then back to Barbara and said she would change and be right back.

Barbara turned to me and said, "your really going to enjoy this." She removed the chain to my groin from the bed post and moved me over to a bar stool in the corner of the room. She fed the end of the chain down through a hole in the seat of the stool and pulled it through. I sat on the stool and she tightened the chain so I could not get up, for fear of castration. As she was finishing up, Trudy walked in.

She was unbelievable. She wore a pair of leather boots with as least five inch heels, that ran the full length of her legs to just inches from her crotch. Above the boots she was dressed in a see through black nylon teddy. The teddy was crotchless and holes were cut out to allow access to her nipples. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun. Across the muscles of her arms she wore gold slave bracelets and on her hands she wore fingerless leather gloves that ran to her elbow. She looked like she had just come from the pages of a domination magazine.

She walked over to were I was sitting and ran her hand down my chest and gave a light tug on my joint before turning her attention to Barbara.

She went to Barbara and took hold of her hair, pulling Barbara's face into her pubic hair. As Barbara licked and sucked her pussy, Trudy held Barbara's head tight to her, grinding her hips mercilessly. With a jerk Trudy pulled Barbara from her and dropped her to the floor. She went to the closet and rolled out a devise I could not even imagine existed. It looked like something from outer space. Trudy ordered Barbara to mount this thing. As she did I began to understand what it was. It looks like a motorcycle with one exception. Barbara was lying on her stomach. Her breasts were held by pointed cups with the tips removed to allow Barbara's nipples to protrude. Her knees were in stirrups so her ass was held exposed high in the air. Barbara's hands were on the handle bars and her face rested on a small forehead rest between the handle bars, pushing her head back forcing her look straight ahead, and allowing her chin to drop.

Trudy strapped her down across the back. Under the breast cups she adjusted vibrators to meet the tips of Barbara's nipples. Then from the rear of the machine a piston like devise was added . A dildo about a foot and a half long and about an inch and a half wide was attached. Trudy lined up the dildo so the tip was between Barbara's lips. Then she took a but plug from the shelf and inserted it into Barbara's asshole.

Trudy positioned herself in front of Barbara and told her when she wished to be fucked all she had to do was ask. Barbara said," please, I want to be fucked." Trudy said, "you may begin", and she turned the power on. The vibrator started to hum and the dildo slowly moved into Barbara. As Barbara turned the control on the right handlebar the pumping action increased. The left hand controlled the depth. As the dildo continued its journey into Barbara a small tube through the center of the dildo deposited warm oil on the tip. Before too long Barbara's juices and the oil were mixed and dripping from the shaft on each long stroke.

I was watching with astonishment, when Trudy came to me. She untied the chain holding me to the stool and instructed me to stand in front of Barbara. When I was in position Trudy took my cock and inserted it into Barbara's waiting mouth. Barbara sucked me and worked her tongue until I was as stiff as a board. She was now taking a pounding from the machine and increasing the depth on each stroke, but she did not neglect me at all. As I was about to get off, Trudy yanked the chain and pulled me loose from Barbara. She bent to my cock and finished the job, savoring ever drop of my juices. A few moments later she turned to Barbara and said "enough!" Barbara stopped the machine. She had not yet reached a major orgasm and was upset at Trudy for stopping her, but she obeyed.

Trudy released Barbara from the machine and helped her to the bed. She then removed her teddy and boots and placed herself in a sixty-nine position with Barbara. As the two woman feasted on each other, the feeling in my groin was quickly returning. As I got hard I found myself wanting to fuck Trudy. Trudy was in a perfect position. I moved behind her on the bed. She stopped eating Barbara for a moment and said, "use my ass, please." When I heard that my dick went rigid. I lined my rod up with her asshole and with one full thrust I was into the tightest place my dick had seen. I was pumping her ass as hard as I could when I felt Barbara's hand run across my balls. She went straight to my ass and before I knew it, she had a finger into me. The sensation brought me to a climax so powerful it created agony and ecstasy in the same moment.

I fell back exhausted, my cock soft and my body weak. As I lay there watching Barbara and Trudy caught up in the pleasure of their lovemaking I could understand Barbara's preference for woman.

I withdrew from the bed, removed the cuff around my cock and balls and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I decided to shower and when I returned Barbara and Trudy were asleep in each others arms. I quietly dressed and departed.

When I got home it hit me. I had won a lot of money. I took out the ticket and checked the numbers against the numbers I had written on the napkin. Yea. The same. I looked up the lotto hot line number and checked the number with the recording. The same. I took two valium and in fifteen minutes I was asleep.

It was Sunday morning and I was a wealthy man with no need to ever work again. I turned on the radio to hear the winning number again. When they finished reading off the numbers they announced there was only one winner. The winner would receive a yearly check of $825,000. I couldn't believe it. I just went from $700. A week to over $2200. A day. I couldn't sit still. If only mom and pop were alive to enjoy this.

I called Earnie and woke him up, not realizing it was only six o'clock on Sunday morning. When I told him he said, "Ok sure," and hung up. A few minutes later he called back. He had just had a call from Barbara and she confirmed it to him. He was beyond words. He said he was on his way over and hung up again.

Five minutes later he was pounding on my door. As I opened the door the first words out of his mouth were ,"let me see it." I showed him the ticket and believe it or not, he was more excited than I was.


Monday morning, the start of a new life. The life of a millionaire.

I awoke early and called Barbara asking her to accompany me to the lottery office to claim my winnings. She declined claiming her boss wouldn't understand. I suggested she quit her job and come work for me as, I would need someone to help keep my affairs in order. She jumped at the new job and we agreed to meet in front of the lottery office at ten.

Next I called my job and gave notice I was leaving and that I would be in on Wednesday to clean up loose ends. They were upset but when I told them why they understood completely.

I dressed smartly in a light sport jacket, white shirt, jeans and boots. I checked my wallet to make sure I had the ticket and off I went, arriving a few minutes after ten.

Barbara was pacing when I arrived and looked relieved when she saw me. She looked great, dressed in a white blouse, black straight skirt and heels. Her hair was pulled back into a bun that reminded me of Saturday night and our little sexcapade. I found my mind wandering as we greeted each other. I was picturing what she was, or was not wearing, under her clothes. I was getting turned on. She must have noticed my excitement. She grabbed my hand and led me through the door of the office and to the information desk where I received instructions for cashing a ticket.

I approached one of the pay windows and when I informed the girl that I wanted to claim the twenty-two million I was immediately joined by two gentlemen. They escorted us to the office of the director, where the congratulations began. I could not believe the excitement we created. You would have thought they hit the big one, not me.

I proceeded to fill out the necessary forms for uncle Sam and New York state. The director advised me it would take about two hours to process the papers and have the check drawn. It could then be directly transferred to my account or I could take it with me. Either way the money would be mine by about one pm.

We decided to return and pick up the check, knowing the press would be on hand. I didn't want to miss a bit of the glory. Barbara and I left the office and took a walk. I was finding it hard starting a conversation, when she turned to me and said, "there are a few things we should discuss, such as our relationship." I agreed. I explained to her that I wanted somebody I could trust and count on, with no emotional ties. She looked a little perplexed by this but I explained, "I didn't mean no sex. I just meant no serious commitment." She agreed.

We agreed that after picking up the check and opening a few bank accounts we would find a lawyer to handle my legal affairs.

We had lunch and at one returned to pick up the check. They were all there. You would have thought I was the president, having a news conference. I enjoyed the attention and when it was over I was a celebrity. We left the lottery office at two-thirty and went directly to the bank where I was greeted by the president, who had been informed of our coming. Our needs were quickly met. I took five thousand in cash and off we went.

I decided to go back to my place and make some phone calls, stopping on the way to pick up an answering machine. I knew the phone wouldn't stop once the news was out.

On arrival I hooked up the machine and we started to work. First we called the lawyer and made an appointment for nine the next morning and then made arrangements with a Realtors to look at some houses in nearby Connecticut. By this time it was after five and I was hungry. We decided to call for chinese and eat in. I could tell Barbara was tired and I was feeling a little tense. We downed a few vodkas and tonic and when the food arrived went through it like we had never eaten before. Now I felt like a real pig. I could hardly move and Barbara said she felt the same.

We sat back and turned on the tv. The first face I saw was mine. We watched the interview and as it ended the phone rang. I made the mistake of picking it up. It was a guy looking for a hand out. I hung up and turned on the answering machine. The phone calls came one after the other with no break. The bell on the phone was driving me crazy.

I suggested we take a walk but Barbara said she was really tired and asked if I wouldn't mind taking her home. Funny, the thought had not entered my mind. As we drove to her house I asked Barbara if she would consider moving in with me when we find a house. I explained it would be more convenient for us and she would have her own bedroom or section of the house, depending on the house I bought. Barbara reminded me she had a roommate and really didn't want to leave her. I could understand that and made a mental note to try and find a position for Trudy that would have her with us.

When we arrived at Barbara's apartment she asked if I wanted to spend the night, knowing how the phone would probably keep ringing and not allow me any rest. I thought the idea sensible, but wondered if I could get any sleep being with Trudy and Barbara. Barbara read my mind and said, " Trudy is out of town till Friday and I'd love the company." I agreed to stay the night.

When we got into the apartment Barbara suggested I take a shower and relax while she called Earnie to fill him in on our day. She told me to help myself to a towel and robe from the linen closet and if I needed anything else just ask. As I headed for the shower I thought to myself, I made a good decision on hiring Barbara.

With the hot pulsating shower beating on the back of my neck, I could feel the tension of the day beginning to ebb. All I needed now was a little head and I'd be in heaven.

When I returned to the bedroom I noticed soft music was coming from the stereo, the bed had been turned down and on each night stand was a glass of red wine. Barbara came into the room still dressed and asked if there was anything I needed before she took her shower. I wanted to say "a blow job," but I just smiled and said, "nothing thanks," as I slid under the covers.

Then Barbara removed her blouse and skirt and I almost shit. We were together all day and I had no idea she wore nothing, but nothing, beneath her clothes. Barbara had a good head on her shoulders but there was no doubt in my mind sex was of the highest priority, and I was willing to help her any way I could.

As Barbara entered the shower I felt myself dozing into a restful sleep. After what seemed like seconds I was awakened by a buzzing sound. I lay still for a moment pretending sleep and as I did so I felt Barbara's hand moving over my stomach and onto my growing erection. Before I could do a thing, my tool was deep into Barbara's mouth and the buzzing was getting louder. I looked down to find Barbara, vibrator in hand, masturbating, while performing deep throat on my cock. She was totally consumed by the vibrator on her pussy and my cock in her throat. When I erupted she went wild, sucking and swallowing every drop. Then, bringing the vibrator up under my balls she was able to bring another burst of juices from me which she also consumed. I just lay there exhausted drifting back to sleep, only to be awakened again by Barbara sitting on my newly hardened prick.

"Good morning" she said. As I opened my eyes I realized the sun was shining through the lace curtains and I must have been asleep for a while since our last encounter. As she smiled down at me her hips were rolling front to back and the feeling of being inside her was getting so intense I could not control myself much longer. I grabbed her by the shoulders and hugged her to me, trying to stop her movement. Trying to prolong my orgasm. It didn't work. I started to unload and as I did Barbara pulled herself away and caught my spurting cock in her mouth, sucking and licking me dry. It seemed her thirst for sex juices could not be quenched. This was a hunger I was only to happy to try and quench.

As my heart rate returned to normal, I turned to Barbara and kissed her softly on the lips. She looked at me with a smile and said, "my pleasure."

I looked over at the clock. Eight o'clock. I jumped out of bed, reminding Barbara we had a nine o'clock appointment at the lawyers and I had to get home for a change of clothes. She just smiled and told me she had gone over to my place earlier and got everything I would need for today. "All in a days work." She said. Boy was she great. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and shaved. When I returned to the bedroom my clothes were all laid out on the bed. Barbara went into the bathroom and I got dressed. She returned with her hair done and makeup on. She took a pair of sheer stocking from a drawer and slowly put them on, never once taking her eyes from mine. Then she took a light blue dress from her closet, slid it over her head and slipped her feet into a pair of matching blue high heels. She added a wide white belt and she was ready to go. I could not move. My crotch was tight with a new seven inches, caused by her lack of under garments. This was going to be a constant problem. I made a mental note to discuss it with her when I was not in heat.

As we drove over to the lawyer's office I asked Barbara if she had thought about a salary she would be comfortable with. She thought for a few moments and suggested a thousand dollars a week plus room and board at the new house. I was delighted to hear she wanted to move in, and the salary she suggested was just what I had intended to offer. Barbara also suggested I offer Trudy a position as housekeeper and physical therapist. She thought Trudy would jump at the chance to run a household and have time for her physical training. Barbara said she would be happy to share her accommodations with Trudy, providing we found suitable housing. I told Barbara I'd have to think about hiring Trudy. Barbara looked a little upset. I asked her if there was more to this than just a job for Trudy. Barbara told me there was, but asked that we discuss it a little later, as we were nearing the lawyer's office.


This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by S. Joel Philips.

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