The Best Erotic Stories.

Lucky Buildup Pt. II
by S. Joel Philips

This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

One phone call by our guide and it was ours. Our guide offered to have our bags sent over from the hotel and Sandra made arrangements to have donna picked up at the same time. We were informed the house came with a caretaker and housekeeper and that they could attend to our needs.

As our guide left, the caretaker, Spiro, came over and told us Helen, the housekeeper, would be arriving shortly. As I was thanking him she arrived. As Spiro introduced us I could feel that stirring in my groin, for Helen was an angel. She couldn't have been more than twenty-three, with long black hair that reached far down her back. Her eyes were as black as coal and her olive skin looked as smooth as silk. She wore a light dress that flowed in the breeze. I could feel Sandra watching me but I could not stop staring at Helen. Finally, Helen asked if we would like her to food shop and cook for us during our stay and we replied in the affirmative. She made a note of our preferences and left for the market.

Sandra and I decided to explore the rest of the house. We began upstairs, walking through the five bedrooms and then the main floor. The living room was very large. The back wall was completely glass with doors onto a terrace that led to the beach. The den was a man's room. The walls were paneled or shelved with books and leather furniture was in abundance. This room was very cool and very comfortable.

As I looked through the books, Sandra, removing her dress, moved to the couch. Lying down she let out a gasp as her skin came in contact with the cool leather. She lay still for a moment and then threw one leg over the back of the couch and the other to the floor, inviting me to a exquisite feast of pussy lips basted in love juice on a bed of leather. I was quick to partake, starting with an appetizer of sweet leg of Sandra then moving on to the main course. I indulged myself until Sandra lay still, having reached many an orgasm. Then, picking myself up I went back to reading. Sandra looked puzzled, as I thought to myself, "two can play this game."

As Sandra lay asleep in all her naked beauty, I left the den to complete the exploration of the house. I was passing through the kitchen when I spotted the door that led to the cellar. On the wall hung a kerosene lantern and a large flashlight. I took the flashlight as there was no light switch. Descending the stairs I met with cold damp air. At the bottom of the steps I found myself in a very large, very well stocked wine cellar. Moving carefully between the racks of wine, I came to a large wooden door.

Entering slowly, I could smell the sea air. The room was what could only be described as a dungeon. In the center was a pool of water about fifteen feet across. As my light moved around the room I discovered I had indeed found a dungeon, complete with wall shackles and chains with cuffs covering one wall. Hanging over the water was a chair suspended by chain that reminded me of the dunking of the Salem witches I had seen in a movie. On the other side of the room were two stocks, one for head and hands and the other for feet. I had a feeling Sandra would love this room.

On reaching far side of the dungeon I spot stairs going up. I climbed to the top where I opened the door to a bedroom. As I closed the door behind me I realized the door was hidden behind shelves that moved.

It was apparent the room belonged to a young lady. It was decorated in lace and in the corner stood a dressing screen and a vanity with makeup and perfumes. I was very curious but decided to leave before I was discovered. I exited the room to find myself in the yard by the jacuzzi. The room was in the bath house.

I walked to the back of the house and entered through the living room. As I crossed the hall to the den I was met by Helen, returning from the market. She was wet with perspiration and her dress clung to her breasts and gave me a clear picture of what no dress should hide. As we spoke the den door opened and Sandra came toward us wearing only a smile. Helen looked shocked at first, but soon I saw her face relax and a smile return. Helen told us the groceries would be delivered in about an hour. I suggested to Sandra we go for a swim. She turned to Helen and asked her to join us but Helen begged off claiming she had work to do before preparing dinner.

With that, Sandra dashed for the beach, but I was interrupted by the door bell. It was the luggage from the hotel and donna, looking terrific in tight cutoff shorts an a tee shirt tucked tightly at the waist. In her hand she carried a overnight case which indicated she was staying for the night, and who knows, maybe more. Helen took her case and when I told donna where Sandra was she too raced for the beach, removing her shirt and shorts as she went, leaving her in only the smallest of g-strings. This was going to be a great vacation if only I could live through it. Helen asked which room she should put donna in. I told her to put her case in the master bedroom with ours and we would sort things out later.

I walked out the front door to see the grounds and noticed a van at the side door unloading the groceries. It surprised me how fast and efficient everything was. After walking for a few minutes I returned to the house and went to our room. Helen was there unpacking my cases. When I entered she said she would finish up later but I assured her I was only going to be a moment and urged her to continue what she was doing. I thought to myself, time for some fun. I retrieved my bathing suit and as Helen stood facing the dresser I started to undress. I knew she could see me in the mirror so I took my time. I removed my shirt. I could tell she was a little uncomfortable. When I removed my pants and my raging joint appeared, I could tell she was very uncomfortable, but she didn't move or say a word. I reached for my suit and pulled it on, trying to stuff seven inches of cock into five inches of material. I finally got my shaft arranged and was about to leave when Helen turned around, walked to me, knelt down and tucked one of my balls into the suit. Then she stood up and went back to the unpacking. I said "thank you," and reluctantly left for the beach.

Sandra and donna lay on the sand tanning and talking. As I approached they jumped to their feet and pounced on me, tearing off my suit and wrestling me to the ground. We rolled around and played until we were covered with sand, then raced for the water. I dove in with the two ladies close behind. I felt as if I had found heaven.

I swam out for about a hundred yards and dove down to have a look. The view was breathtaking. The fish were magnificent swimming through the coral in colors unimaginable. As I looked to the surface, above me I could see two sensational woman, only distinguishable from my vantage point by the density of their pubic hair.

I reached the surface and broke water between donna and Sandra. Almost at once my shaft was encompassed as Sandra wrapped her legs around my waist and I struggled to stay afloat. Donna assisted me by holding me up from the rear while Sandra fucked my cock until she could no longer hold on. They released me and swam for the shore leaving me with a rock hard prick in tow.

I took my time swimming to shore and when I finally came out of the water the ladies were already in the house, but waiting for me on the beach, towel in hand, was Helen. As I approached her she walked around me and dried my back, then slowly moved to the front. She dried my chest and then, after putting the towel over my shoulders, took hold of my newly formed erection and pumped it until my juices exploded to the sand, after which she finished drying me, smiled and walked toward the house informing me as she went that lunch was ready.

I returned to the house and went straight to the dining room, not bothering to get dressed, only to find Sandra and donna did not find it appropriate to dine in the nude. Each sported the smallest of g-strings. As I entered, I too was handed a g-string of my own, which I put on. When I was dressed we sat around the glass top table and Helen served us lunch. While eating our conversation went from a casual discussion on sex to a serious discussion on how we could entertain ourselves for the next few days. There was much to see in Greece, but donna would only be with us for a short time and she had been in this country many times before. She suggested we take in the night life and the days we could spend frolicking at the house. We thought this was a good plan and as the conversation quieted and Helen entered I thought to myself, "why is she the only one fully clothed."

"Helen," I said. "we would like you to dress as we do while we are here. Would that bother you?" She replied by lifting her dress over her head and exposing to us the fullest and firmest breasts I think I had ever seen, with tiny, almost non-existent, nipples. But as she stood there it was like watching a plant grow. Her nipples got larger and larger until they were a full half inch high. My eyes moved lower to find her wearing the sheerest of panties which hid nothing. Her pubic area was maintained to perfection with her hair trimmed into a straight narrow patch about two inches long with not a hair out of place. Her lips were plump and I could not help myself from wanting to slip between them.

Sandra new me all too well for as our eyes met I knew this was not the time. Sandra had her own plans and she was the best planner I knew.

As Helen served our meal she became more relaxed with us and attempted to join in the conversation which had turned back to making plans for our stay. Helen suggested a local night spot where she claimed we would get a real taste of Greece. She offered to be our guide and we readily took her up on her offer.

When we finished eating I headed for our room and a nap before going out, and donna joined me. Sandra said she would be up shortly but she thought she would give Helen a hand cleaning up. As we went up the stairs I knew Sandra had more than clean up on her mind but as I followed behind donna looking up at her great buns, my mind wasn't exactly on sleep.

I was closely following donna into the bedroom when she suddenly stopped. I ran right into the back of her and as I did, donna bent over, grabbed her ankles and said, "when in Greece." Needing no coaxing I slid her g-string down her beautiful long legs followed by mine. In a matter of seconds my cock was buried deep inside her bowels. She was the perfect height and stroking was easy, but fatigue soon caused us to sink to the floor. Like two dogs in heat we fucked each other until I let loose with a tremendous load driving her flat to the floor with me on top.

After recovering sufficiently enough to stagger to the bed we both collapsed into a light sleep, only to be awakened by the sound music outside the window.

As I walked onto the balcony I could see Sandra and Helen in each others arms, dancing. Their naked bodies moved together. Their hands fondled and their lips caressed. They were lost in each other and as I watched, I too was becoming involved with their passion. My heart raced and my erection stood firm, but as Sandra looked up at me and I knew my time would come.

I turned and headed for the shower giving donna a quick slap on the ass as I passed the bed, reminding her it was time to get cleaned up.

The hot water cascaded over my body and I was completely relaxed until the shower door opened and in stepped Sandra followed by donna. The three of us were very snug. Every movement was an adventure in the hedonistic. The hot water combined with soap made every touch feel like silk. I stood as still as I could and enjoyed the attention I was receiving from the ladies until my legs became weak with excitement. As I reached for Sandra she guided me out of the shower, closing the shower door behind me. I turned to look back and I could see Sandra and donna through the steamy glass door, caressing each other, while my hand found its way around my rock hard tool, pumping slowly until I was interrupted by a towel being moved over my back.

I turned to find Helen smiling at my predicament. Helen reached for the hand lotion and took my cock in her hand. As the cool lotion came in contact with my hot rod I began to unload, spurting my juices all over Helen, leaving me spent, and leaning against the wall for support. Helen stepped by me and joined Sandra and donna. I was relieved but still hungry for the threesome frolicking in the shower.

After recovering sufficiently, I proceeded to dress for the evening, dawning a black shirt opened almost to the waist, a pair of tight black dress pants and boots. After positioning my bulge to the left side, I proceeded down to the den to wait for the ladies.

Sandra and donna came into the room together. The sight was breathtaking. Sandra wore a black knit dress that looked as if she had been painted into it. It was as short as it could be without revealing Sandra's pubic pleasures. She wore spiked heels and silver bracelets. Her hair was high on her head in a bun surrounded by a silver ring. The dress clung to her breasts. I could plainly see her nipples growing hard as I stared. Just knowing I had this effect on her was causing my tool to start its descent down my left leg, stretching my tight pants to the limit.

Donna wore an ankle length white dress, with her back exposed from her neck to just below her waist, giving a slight glimpse of her cheeks and the reassurance she was wearing nothing underneath. This was topped off by a pair of very sexy open sandal high heels and red painted toe nails.

A few moments later Helen entered. She stopped the conversation cold. She wore a black lace body suit with embroidery covering her vital areas, or almost covering them. Around her waist she wore a silver chain and on her feet black pumps. As she moved toward me and I got a better look, I discovered the embroidery covered nothing. With close inspection she was completely exposed and I was about to cream in my pants.

Helen said she had arranged for the limo to pick us up at about 8:30 and it was about that now. We three headed for the front door and as we exited the car pulled up.

The limo was a stretch, able to carry about nine, so we had plenty of room to spread out. Helen told us we had about an hours drive, so we made ourselves comfortable with a bottle of champagne and the sound of Greek music coming from the radio.

We arrived at our destination, a small cafe located high in the hills above a beautiful fishing village. Beyond the village, illuminated by the full moon, the water shimmered like diamonds and in the distance we could see the outline of a few scattered fishing boats just returning with the days catch.

On entering the cafe we were met with an explosion of music and strobe lights letting us know this was a disco second to none.

We were quickly led to a table and drinks were ordered. I looked around and was astounded by the way people were dancing but more so by the clothes, or should I say costumes they wore. Every type of dress was represented, from a fig leaf to a ball gown, from kilts to jeans. Bare breasts were in abundance and pubic hair could often be spotted.

The music got louder and the climate became torrid. I quickly got Sandra to the dance floor, and as we started to dance I noticed the throng of young Greeks descended upon Helen and donna to offer themselves for any and all services needed.

Sandra and I danced the night away, knowing donna and Helen were being catered to as if they were the goddesses they looked to be.

Around midnight as Sandra and I took a break on the balcony Helen approached and asked if we would be interested in some diverse sexual activity. I asked what she had in mind and she told me they would like to take a few of the guys back to the house and use the dungeon for a little fun. It sounded interesting to me and Sandra showed no resistance, although she did look a little puzzled. I told Helen to go ahead and we would follow shortly.

When Helen and donna departed for the house I told Sandra about finding the dungeon. When I had finished my description I could see Sandra's mind was already making plans. This was her cup of tea and I knew the end reward would be mine.

The limo took us back to the house. Helen and donna had gone ahead with their flock. Arriving at the house Sandra led me to our room where she asked for my help in getting ready.

She removed her clothing and jewelry, telling me to do the same. When we were both naked she asked me to cover her body with baby oil. As I spread the oil, the sensuous feeling of her soft skin beneath my hands brought me to a heightened state of arousal. The throbbing in my rock hard cock and the aching in my balls made the continuation of my task almost impossible, but anticipating the reward ahead drove me to completion.

As I knelt before her, massaging the oil down her legs, I looked up and at that moment, in her oil covered splendor, she truly looked like a goddess. I was happy to be her slave.


This story was split into 11 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 11 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by S. Joel Philips.

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