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This chapter is an edited DRAFT and part of an evolving multi chapter book. PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL BE MY LAST CHAPTER FOR A WHILE. Thank you for reading so far. The nightclub was loud and...

An Erotic Ghost Story Ch. 05 by Eroticdreamescape

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"Odette, bring hot water, it has begun!" Aunt Catherine's voice reached through the house, and the sound of her servants' feet could be heard running to and fro in the long halls. Alexandra had...

In The Library Ch. 13 by electricblue66

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// Hey Everyone! :D I got a request for 3-4 pages in the comments, so hopefully when this is uploaded it will be at least 3 pages. Every chapter since chapter one has been to give you more to read....

The Wallflower Ch. 05 by BlessingAndCurse

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Erotic Horror

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1.An Erotic Ghost Story Ch. 05
Lilly and Edward into the past, into the future. by Eroticdreamescape (09/22/14)
4.83 (18)
2.In The Library Ch. 13
An interlude, and a child is born. by electricblue66 (09/01/14)
4.80 (10)
3.The Wallflower Ch. 05
Lily waits for her punishment. by BlessingAndCurse (09/01/14)
4.71 (99)
4.Succubus Summoning 210
Phil and Nÿte look for a student in the castle depths. by manyeyedhydra (09/18/14)
4.67 (144)
5.Demonic Partnership Ch. 10
Simon experiences the Soveign court a year on. by warnos (09/10/14)
4.62 (26)
A lone rancher encounters a sexy woman from mythology. by RavenWinged (09/25/14)
4.47 (86)
7.Red and Redhead Ch. 01
An inexperienced witch summons a demon for her research. by sandgoseek (09/29/14)
4.45 (42)
8.Vampire Stag Weekend
A lap dance takes a turn on the dark side. by jonmartin22 (09/25/14)
4.41 (22)
9.In The Library Ch. 14
Another interlude, and I am in Catherine's library. by electricblue66 (09/14/14)
4.38 (8)
10.Second Circle
An infomercial from hell. by oneiria (09/01/14)
4.33 (12)
11.Beauty and the Beast Within Ch. 03
Not nearly done yet, Susan finds her next victim. by SusanJillParker (09/23/14)
4.25 (8)
12.Corruption Ch. 02
Not all heroes are perfectly good. by LoveMenLoveSex (09/03/14)
4.19 (16)
13.In The Library Ch. 15
I say farewell to three wenches from the village. by electricblue66 (09/21/14)
4.14 (14)
14.The Night Louise Left the TV On
British girl Louise learns why you should turn off your TV. by RetroFan (09/22/14)
4.09 (46)
15.Thrill, Sex and Challenges
Muscular Stud tricked into challenging hungry demons. by Americanna (09/06/14)
4.00 (39)
16.Cuckoo Calling
Couples dream becomes a nightmare. by grecian13 (09/01/14)
3.95 (20)
17.Nightmares Become Reality Ch. 02
Steffi starts to get more history behind the house... by TheNaughtyWife (09/22/14)
3.91 (33)
A woman's sleepwalking turns dangerously sexual. by stlgoddessfreya (09/11/14)
3.76 (33)
19.Bangkok by Night
Vampires take over the expat community of Bangkok. by BrainVamp (09/03/14)
3.69 (13)
20.The Drifter's Swan Song
The vampires have messed again with the Drifter. Bad move. by BrainVamp (09/03/14)
3.65 (31)
21.Nightmares Become Reality
Steffi moves into her new home. Something strange happens. by TheNaughtyWife (09/21/14)
3.59 (34)
22.A Dark New Home
A mysterious creature has its way with a magic lass. by jstltm (09/14/14)
3.58 (36)
23.The Sissy Race
A pantywaist becomes involuntary spermbank for a radical fem. by rikkitampa2014 (09/30/14)
3.50 (6)
24.Bad Company
This could happen. by sexnovella (09/06/14)
2.38 (24)