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"Ahh! Oh, my god!" the naked male scrambled to fight his way out of the restraints. It was a feeble attempt, and mediocre at best. His feet were slowly disintegrating, only stumps where his toes were...

The Vengeance Demon Ch. 01 by Magnetismic

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Zandira was an ordinary succubus with an extraordinary taste in her victims: She preferred to seduce and destroy the souls of the people whose partner recently died. And not just ordinary...

Tragedy of Michael and Becky by Ternom

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My dress is a little too tight around the bust, but as it is by far by most beautiful in watered emerald silk with velvet print, I had decided against my better judgement to wear it. My dear fiance...

Unwelcome by Lucita

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Erotic Horror

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.The Grimm Reaper
A serial killer who loves fairy tales searches for love. by AMoveableBeast (03/16/15)
4.80 (89)
2.A Dance with The Devil
A woman is forced to watch a demon seduce her husband. by Rozalin_0123 (03/06/15)
4.64 (247)
3.The Vengeance Demon Ch. 01
Raan satisfies more than just her clients' wishes. by Magnetismic (03/27/15)
4.62 (21)
4.Lovers From Beyond 1.02
The Second Bedroom. by latinplayer (03/20/15)
3.89 (9)
5.Tragedy of Michael and Becky
A widower is targeted by an evil succubus. by Ternom (03/27/15)
3.41 (27)
Marrying into a better family may have dire consequences. by Lucita (03/17/15)
3.26 (23)
7.The Crap Monster
One day Axel, a hardworking father births something sinister. by DrSpidey (03/30/15)
1.71 (7)