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Several weeks after I had been with the owl girl it was the end of semester, and I was going back to my home town in the north of the state. Previously I had done the fourteen hour trip in the second...

In The Library Ch. 05 by electricblue66

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So began Miss Lillian Taylor's new life. The first few days she hid in her room, refusing to speak with anyone except for her 'family' and staff members. She needed to get a 'feel' for her time...

An Erotic Ghost Story Ch. 03 by Eroticdreamescape

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Frankie stepped out of the shower and quickly toweled off. She didn't bother to blow dry her long dark hair because the humidity in the air would just curl it up anyways. She put some basic make up...

Sons of the Evening Star by QueenOfValhalla

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Erotic Horror

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1.In The Library Ch. 05
I travel between places and times. Grace is there. by electricblue66 (06/22/14)
4.72 (18)
2.An Erotic Ghost Story Ch. 03
Lilly and Edward reunite in a spooky haunted forest. by Eroticdreamescape (07/01/14)
4.56 (27)
3.Sons of the Evening Star
Woman is kidnapped by warring Vampire factions. by QueenOfValhalla (06/26/14)
4.52 (52)
4.The Wilbraham Fungus Ch. 05
The Lord of The Fungus sows his seed by SirSinn (06/24/14)
4.50 (72)
5.In The Library Ch. 06
I am in my home town, but where is Grace? by electricblue66 (06/23/14)
4.50 (18)
6.An Erotic Ghost Story Ch. 04
Edward, Lilly and Kyla. by Eroticdreamescape (07/11/14)
4.45 (22)
7.Alice Amoeba Ch. 03
Alice "makes up" with Jane. The conclusion to the trilogy. by PrevertOne (06/24/14)
4.40 (20)
8.The Wallflower Ch. 03
Lily must appease the Spirit. by BlessingAndCurse (07/17/14)
4.38 (48)
9.Dreams of Fur
Erin finds a strange piece of fur. by BrainVamp (06/24/14)
4.34 (35)
10.Strangelove in the 21st
A new take on the Kubrick classic. by oneiria (06/25/14)
4.33 (6)
11.A Village Vampire Ch. 05
It was not an accident. by braindump (06/28/14)
4.29 (7)
12.The Day the Sun Turned Red
Erin wakes to a new world. by BrainVamp (06/21/14)
4.26 (39)
13.The Wallflower Ch. 02
Lily knew it was too good to be true. by BlessingAndCurse (07/08/14)
4.21 (52)
14.In Final Form
Country boy meets Succubus. by Eroticalover1968 (07/15/14)
4.08 (25)
15.Of Roses and Thorns
A couple is haunted by infidelity... by SecondCircle (07/18/14)
3.85 (20)
16.In The Library Ch. 08
Grace is getting stronger and meets me in the past. by electricblue66 (07/17/14)
3.82 (11)
17.Arctic Revenge
Samantha's proves she's a survivor. by JagFarlane (07/17/14)
3.79 (24)
18.The Wallflower Ch. 01
Suburban girl has no choice but to stay the night. by BlessingAndCurse (07/03/14)
3.60 (73)
19.In The Library Ch. 07
Grace meets my family, but whose child is she? by electricblue66 (06/30/14)
3.57 (14)