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Lily brushed her teeth furiously as she mentally chanted 'ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE!' Her eyebrows knitted together in concentration, trying hard not to think about the crap Nicholas pulled in the...

The Wallflower Ch. 04 by BlessingAndCurse

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1686. England. The crypt of the ruined church was cold, and Eloise felt her nipples harden and ache as she stepped to one side of the stone altar, releasing the clasp of her cloak, and casting it...

Corruption Ch. 01 by LoveMenLoveSex

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How the hell could Grace be my sister? I had found no record of any children born other than Grace and her younger sister, Emily. I didn't know what on earth was going on, but the interchange of our...

In The Library Ch. 09 by electricblue66

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Erotic Horror

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1.One Knight Stand
Out of ruins comes new life. by Tara_Neale (07/28/14)
4.69 (103)
2.The Wallflower Ch. 04
Lily finds out more about Nicholas. by BlessingAndCurse (08/09/14)
4.53 (64)
3.Corruption Ch. 01
The corruption of innocence is the key to Hell. by LoveMenLoveSex (08/14/14)
4.37 (41)
4.In The Library Ch. 09
I go further back in time and meet an older woman. by electricblue66 (08/03/14)
4.33 (18)
5.In The Library Ch. 10
Alexandra and her servant girl are young women. by electricblue66 (08/11/14)
4.33 (9)
6.In The Library Ch. 11
Alexandra meets her aunt, and there is a cat. by electricblue66 (08/17/14)
4.29 (7)
A midsummer nightmare. by TamLin01 (08/21/14)
4.26 (38)
8.Shadow Demon Transformation
Heidi is attacked by a vicious Shadow Demon with two cocks. by SSX1988 (08/05/14)
3.57 (63)
9.Stars in Her Mouth
A sexy threesome holds a dark and brutal secret. by BlackDionysus36 (08/05/14)
3.57 (23)