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"Stories are what I really love the best." Jolene was standing, leaning back against the bar on both freckled elbows. Even the wan February sun streaming in through the front window could set her...

Them Old Mountain Stories Ch. 02 by stlgoddessfreya

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As soon as she received the 'all clear' message Agent Fox finished typing her update and stood up, stretching her muscles out. There was little to report, but there was little that she could do until...

Project MCX: The Mission Pt. 02 by NexusNo9

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The doctor had not slept. He was beyond the point of exhaustion. Exhaustion was another state of being entirely. The secretary of defense had not slept either, not since the Senate's emergency...

Fever by TamLin01

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Erotic Horror

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Them Old Mountain Stories Ch. 02
She'll drink your bourbon, she'll drink your blood. by stlgoddessfreya (02/25/15)
4.74 (38)
2.Project MCX: The Mission Pt. 02
The Enemy is revealed. by NexusNo9 (02/14/15)
4.72 (36)
3.Them Old Mountain Stories Ch. 01
Striking deals with dangerous girls and inhuman aristocrats. by stlgoddessfreya (02/10/15)
4.69 (65)
The sickness has you. by TamLin01 (02/05/15)
4.65 (43)
5.Satan's Sluts Ch. 03
Time to go to work. by Falcinator (02/23/15)
4.63 (27)
6.The Wasp of St. Judith's
Night-shift nurse, an old musician, and a new co-worker. by Bramblethorn (02/17/15)
4.57 (23)
7.Don't Fear The Reaper
Death chooses a woman to use, defile but she surprises him. by SSX1988 (02/11/15)
4.52 (63)
8.Project MCX: The Mission Pt. 04
The horrible truth of the insects' intentions by NexusNo9 (02/25/15)
4.52 (29)
9.Project MCX: The Mission Pt. 03
Agent Fox's adventures continue. by NexusNo9 (02/24/15)
4.50 (20)
The truth is out there. by TamLin01 (02/06/15)
4.47 (19)
11.Conversion Ch. 01
A convent of nuns are abducted by demonic forces. by TimeWise (02/28/15)
4.36 (89)
12.Project MCX: The Mission Pt. 01
An Agent must navigate a survivor's memories. by NexusNo9 (02/14/15)
4.31 (26)
13.Grand Guignol
Is seeing believing? by TamLin01 (02/09/15)
4.29 (17)
14.Book of the Whore
Upon receiving a book, Lori spirals into madness. by LilithHerald (02/03/15)
4.27 (41)
Divine beings feed on human lust. by oneiria (02/12/15)
4.20 (10)
16.Mea Culpa
Celibacy takes a dark turn in an English village. by Lucita (02/06/15)
4.00 (18)
Hush, hush, hush, here comes the Boogeyman. by TamLin01 (02/07/15)
3.91 (33)
18.Nightmares Become Reality Ch. 06
Steffi reveals all to Hank. He stitches her up. by TheNaughtyWife (02/18/15)
3.91 (11)
19.The Somali Vampire Empire
Somali vampire chronicles his 9000-year existence. by Samuelx (02/04/15)
3.60 (10)
20.Scare Tactics
Rape Play. by StardustNightmare (02/18/15)
3.59 (29)
21.The Shamanic Trial
He seeks the god of Sex and Death. by SwordOfOrnias (02/03/15)
3.56 (9)