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The Trip
by Fallen

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*** CHAPTER 12 ***

Paul returned to find that things had changed. Laurie greeted him, "Lover, we have come up with the punishment for our crime. If you're up to it?" Paul could tell by the look on her face and the tone of her voice that the question was just to help him save face. She had made the decision and he was expected to follow. "Why of course I'm up for it. Do I get to know what the punishment is or is it a surprise?"

"It's a surprise but I know you will like it." They made Paul strip. The guards handcuffed both of them and prodded them to start walking. Don and Bob had dropped into the role of stern tough policemen and were giving them their rights as they went. Don started in on how it was people like them who caused society to break down and if they were allowed to continue there would just be lawless anarchy. Bob was droning on about how long they would get in prison and the terrible things people would do to them there. They came to the break room door and Paul and Laurie were shoved in. The guards made them each kneel down and place their head in a chair with hands still cuffed behind them. Don and Bob pulled out their nightsticks and slapped their hands with them. "Now to give you lawbreakers a beating you won't forget." Paul was worried and looked over at Laurie. She winked and pleaded, "Please don't beat me. I meant no harm. Have mercy on my lover and me."

Whish thwack whish thwack "Damn those stink," Paul thought. He watched Laurie and she seemed to be enjoying it, so he tried to keep quite. He must be enjoying it too because his dick was becoming as hard as the nightstick that was beating him. Whish thwack whish thwack How long would they beat them? His ass was on fire and much more of this and he might cum. Laurie was moaning and begging for Don to put it in her. Paul looked and Don had quit beating her and was running the stick in and out between her legs.

Bob uncuffed Paul and laid him on the floor. Bob helped Don move Laurie over Paul. They placed her in the sixty-nine position with her hands still cuffed behind her back. They handcuffed Paul's hands around Laurie's waist. Paul got a great view as they resumed teasing Laurie with the nightstick. Laurie pleaded for them to fuck her with it. Her juices had coated the club and made it shiny and slick.

"No, no release for you yet, this is part of your punishment." The guards had placed her so she could only reach Paul's balls and she was licking at them and sucking one into her mouth when not pleading for some sexual release of the tension that was building inside her. Paul was in just as bad a shape needing to find a release for the pressure that had built in his aching balls.

Paul watched the nightstick as it slid up and down parting those sweet lips above him. He knew that he could get Laurie to orgasm if he could only reach over and pinch her nipples. She had gotten them into this though and he would wait till his turn for pleasure to add any extra for her. The stick parting those lips had been replaced with a big dick that was making its way into the warm recesses behind her dripping love lips. Laurie's pleas were replaced with moans and encouragement. "Yes, oh yes, push it in, deeper, deeper, oh I want it all." Paul watched as Don stretched the little pussy above him. The sight of watching him fill Laurie only inches away was almost more than he could take but he was determined to wait to cum till she could suck him off or he got a turn at that sweet little pussy.

Paul could feel her hands by his hips as Bob removed the cuffs, first freeing Laurie, and then freeing him. Bob spread Paul's legs and knelt down to feed his hard pole to Laurie's cute mouth. Laurie became quite except for little sucking and slurping noises. Bob and Don were the ones now moaning and giving words of encouragement. Bob hadn't thought that this kind stuff ever happened and now here he was getting head from a beautiful young girl. It was fantastic and he could feel her tongue swirling around the head of his dick. She would gently scrape her teeth along the shaft but he only felt her lips and tongue on the throbbing head. Her hand pumped the shaft as she increased her suction. He grabbed her head and began to control their movements. He filled her mouth with warm cum as his body tensed and his balls emptied. Bob leaned down and said, "Thank you." He kissed her deeply, their tongues swirling in the cum in her mouth. He sucked much of it from her and licked his lips when they parted. Laurie was surprised. Most guys wouldn't even kiss her after she gave them head and none had ever sucked the cum back out of her mouth. Paul's dick was sticking straight up and she knew the poor baby needed some relief too. She took him into her mouth twisting her head as she slid it in and out. Bob stopped her and kissed her again. Paul pleaded for her to continue that he couldn't hold off much longer. Bob broke the kiss and placed his lips around Paul's swollen organ plunging down on it till it almost disappeared.

Paul sighed, "That feels so good. Don't stop again Laurie because any minute I'm going to cum a gusher." Feeling like he should now do something for her, Paul reached up with his tongue and licked Laurie's clit. Her moans become much loader and he licked again. This time Don's balls banged into his nose as Don buried his fat dick to the hilt. Paul couldn't work on pleasuring that hidden button if those things keep banging into his face. He reached up and shielded his face with one hand as he worked on Laurie, trying to bring her to a peak. Paul had to grab Don's balls as he slammed in and out of the hot constricting walls of Laurie's cunt. Don can not hold back any longer. He was trying to out last this tight young pussy but with Paul playing with his nuts it was just too much. He buried his rod as deep as he could and let go with blast after blast of hot cum. Paul was licking his tongue across the end of Laurie's clit when she started to orgasm. Wave after wave of contraction and pleasure surge though her vagina. She was yelling and screaming, "Aaahh yes, yes. Damn that feels so good. Aaahh Don't stop don't stop please, please. Oh please, just kept licking."

Paul can't hold back from those sweet lips that were working his love pole over. He released his load, spurt after spurt into the mouth that was trying to suck him dry. Paul kept the clit tingling with kisses and flicks of his tongue. He could hear her cries of pleasure as he tried to keep her orgasm going. It was the least he could do for her for giving him such great head. "What?" Paul suddenly realized that if she were giving head, she couldn't be screaming and asking him not to stop. He looked down and saw framed between those pretty breasts, Bob sucking and licking on his dick. Paul is tempted to stop him but the deed is done and it was one of the best blow jobs he has ever had.

Don pulled his shrinking dick out and told Laurie, "Sweetpea that is some of the tightest pussy I have had in years. We need to see if you can get in trouble more often." Bob gave a last lick to Paul's balls and dick. He stood up to get dressed. The two guards picked up their handcuffs and nightsticks as they put their clothes on. Paul asked Laurie if they could get dressed now that they had "paid" for their crime. She giggled and said, "Sure Lover we can go get dressed and get back to work. If that's what you want to do?"

From down the hall they heard, "Hello is anybody here? Hello."

"Oh shit. I know that voice. That's my uncle. What is he doing here?" Laurie got up and looked around franticly for something to cover up with.

"Mr. Saddler is here! Now! Why would he come down here this time of night?" Paul tried to peak around the corner of the door and see where her uncle was. Laurie's clothes and his were still lying in piles at the receptionist's station.

"Mr. Saddler is your uncle? Oh damn I am fired for sure if he catches us with you." Don looked at the naked couple and shook his head. "I don't know how we can fix this. Bob, we will just have to try and lead Mr. Saddler off while they get their clothes. I'm sorry, I guess this is my fault. The dispatcher calls an emergency phone number for a business if we stop to go in and don't call back in twenty minutes." The guards peeked out the door and started down the hall. They met Mr. Saddler at the receptionist's area and he was looking at the pile of Paul's clothes.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Don asked, in a voice he hoped sounded convincing.

"Why I'm Mr. Saddler and your office called me. Hey, haven't we met before?"

"Oh Mr. Saddler I didn't recognize you at first. I'm so sorry. Have you met the new man with me? Bob meet Mr. Saddler."

"Listen I not interested in meeting your partner right now. I want to know what the hell is going on down here. Why did I get a phone call and have to come down here and check on you two? And whose damn clothes are these?" The veins in his neck were throbbing and Mr. Saddler's face was turning bright red.

"I can explain Sir. Uh, we drove by and thought we saw someone duck out of sight so we came in to investigate. We found those clothes but we never could find anybody. We think that, maybe they uh left the building when we came in." Don was sweating and kept looking down at the floor. Bob just stood there and watched Don, hoping that the story sounded better to Mr. Saddler than it did to him.

"You two are idiots! You can't find the people who left their clothes piled here? Do you really think that they ran off without their clothes? Let's just see whose clothes these are, then we can go and find them." Mr. Saddler reached down and picked up Paul's pants. He pulled the wallet out and opened it up. His face turned white and he walked over to the counter and looked at the clothes piled there. "You two can go. I will call and complaint about this tomorrow but I will handle this for now." The guards hit the door at a run and didn't look back till they were in their car.

Mr. Saddler slowly walked down the hallway, looking in each room. When he got to the break room he found the two he was searching for just sitting and holding hands. "Both of you get some clothes on and then meet me in my office," he barked. Turning around he walked out and left them sitting there. They looked at each other and shrugged, neither spoke, afraid it would break the spell and all hell would break loose.

They followed Mr. Saddler till they got to the receptionist's area. They stopped to get dressed as they watched him go to the big oak door that said: Warren P Saddler, President and CEO. He bent over a little and unlocked the door, swinging it open and stepping inside. Paul and Laurie talked in loud whispers to each other as they finished dressing. Each trying to assure the other that it would work out and that they wouldn't let the other take the blame for what had happened.

Mr. Saddler walked over to cabinet and opened the door. Taking out a large glass and a decanter of bourbon, he poured it three-quarters full and took a long drink. He refilled his glass and set the decanter back in the cabinet. The heat from the bourbon burned some of the haze in his brain away. He sat down at his desk wondering how to handle this crisis with his best computer man and his brother's daughter. While he didn't approve of what he was sure had happened, his first thoughts were of how this would affect the company and how his brother would react when he heard about it. Laurie's dad had asked him to hire her because he was afraid she was getting into trouble after school.

He took another long drink and wished that he had some ice to put in the glass. Mr. Saddler shook his head as he thought about Paul, bright, rising in the company, married with two kids, what the hell had he thought he was doing screwing around with an 18 year old kid.

Paul and Laurie walked in and he had them sit down in the big leather chairs in front of his desk. "OK! Who wants to tell me what the hell is going on here and I want the truth." He listened to them for a while and then got up to refill his glass. He had heard enough of the, "Uncle Warren I love him and it's not his fault, it's my fault," and from Paul, "You can fire me it was all my fault just leave her out of it."

"Shut up, both of you. I don't care whose fault it was, all I want is a solution to the problem. How about I send Laurie home and you two never see each other again?"

Paul and Laurie looked at each other and suddenly realized just how important they had become to one another. They leaned towards each other and kissed. When they finished Paul said, "No sir I don't think we can do that."

"Well you are going to have to do something. I don't want to lose my best computer man and Laurie's dad owns a forth of this company. We can't have one of the married junior execs messing around with the 18 year old daughter of one of the owners."

"What if I divorce my wife and marry Laurie, that is if she will marry me."

"Oh Paul, would you really marry me?"

"Now just a minute you two. Paul would you really leave your wife and kids?"

"Yes sir. I believe my marriage is over except in name. You see..."

"Okay, we don't need details now. We might be able to save everybody's ass yet. Paul, you know we have that new plant in California. How about I send you there as systems supervisor. Laurie dear, I seem to remember that you always wanted to go to California for college after you graduated from high school. That won't be too long just a month or two till school is over. Paul, if you can settle your affairs with your family and you two can cool it till this summer, we may all come out this deal smelling likes roses instead of assholes. Laurie honey, I think you just lost your job. Paul, I think it is time you went home and talked to your wife. Now if that will work for you two, I'll take Laurie home myself."

Paul got home and checked in on his kids. They were fine, sound asleep and looking like little angels. He grabbed a beer from the icebox and went into the living room. Picking up the remote, he turned on the television and sat down. Karen came in and sat in the chair across from him. She didn't talk to him or even act like he was in the room. Paul had wondered how and when he could break the news that he wanted to get divorced. Now seemed like as good a time as any. "Karen we need to talk."

"I don't want to talk to you. In fact I don't really want to look at you." She started to get up and leave.

"Wait. Please wait, I think you may want to hear what I have to say." His tone and the look on his face made Karen sit back down. "I know that we haven't gotten along since the trip to New York and from the way things are going I doubt that we will ever feel the way about each other that we did before. You know that I still care about you and the kids. I wouldn't want to ever hurt you or them." She started to get up again. "No, no, please hear me out then you can go and I won't try and stop you." He shifted around and cut off the TV. "It isn't good for the kids or us to live like this. You are always mad and never talking to me. Me, I stay gone all the time because I know that you don't want me around. I think the best thing for all of us is if we split up."

Karen's eyes lit up, "What? What are you telling me, that you want a divorce?"

"Well yes, I don't think that the life we have now is good for the kids or us. It would probably be better for all concerned if we just split up now instead of dragging it out waiting for things to get better."

"I get to keep the kids and the house?" Karen was beginning to feel much better about the future.

"Sure if I get to see them whenever possible, like holidays and summer vacations once they start school. There should be some kind of consideration made for me giving you the house when we talk about support for you and the kids. The lawyers can work out the details but what do you think?"

"Well that sounds good to me and I didn't expect to hear it coming from you." Karen really was relieved as she thought that her pregnancy was going to be the final straw and she still didn't know how to explain it to anyone. "I think that it might be a good idea for me to take the kids up to my parents for a week or two till we can get things worked out a little more, don't you?"

"Yes it might be hard to explain why daddy is moving out of the house but I'll miss them." Paul's head was spinning, he had never thought that it would be this fast or this easy. "When do you want me out?"

"I'll call now and make arrangements for the kids to stay with Mom. You should try and move out while they are gone to Grandma's. Maybe by tomorrow night you can start moving. Would that be fine with you?"

"Sure I'll take the day off from work and look for an apartment."

"Well I'm going to go and call Mom right now and tell her the news, so I'll see you in the morning maybe." Karen left and went to the bedroom as Paul settled down to get some sleep on the couch.



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