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The Trip
by Fallen

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*** CHAPTER 9 ***

She stood, pulling her dress up and went into the restroom to wash her face. When she came back he had two drinks sitting on the table and handing her one said "Don't say anything to anyone about what happened or this will seem like a Sunday school picnic. Now have a drink with me." She needed something to wash the taste from her mouth so she took the glass offered and drinking it in one quick gulp asked, "Now can I go or do we wait till my husband calls the police?" Juan laughed and said "Go but the police don't scare me."

He unlocked the door and she stepped out into a bar that didn't seem to have changed much while she was gone. With all that had happened to her in the last few hours, no one out here seemed to have noticed anything. She got a few stares and whistles but that was all. She looked around as she made her way to the ladies restroom. Her purse was still on a little table in the corner and she was thankfully that no one had taken it. She fixed herself and her dress as best she could in the restroom and went back out to find Paul.

She found Tim and Joe trying to pickup two girls at the bar. "Where'sss Paul,' she slurred? They swore that they thought that she and Paul had been off somewhere together and said they hadn't seen him since he left to find her. Karen said that she had to go and look for Paul. Tim and Joe said they would help. The bar was closing and the two girls had moved on. Karen tried to stand up and couldn't, her legs were too weak. Tim got on one side of her and Joe got on the other helping her up. "I, I don't know what'sss wrong. I was fine, reallly fine a minute ago," Karen managed to get out.

Tim winked at Joe and said "Sure you were but maybe we should get you to the car." They got Karen outside and the limo pulled around to the curb. Paul was passed out cold in one of the seats with several empty bottles. Tim and Joe managed to get Karen in the limo without her falling down. They put her between them and told the driver to head back for the hotel. She seemed to be very drunk and kept sliding around. Her skirt had crept up past the top of her stockings and she was having trouble talking. She did make one thing very clear, she was mad as hell at Paul.

She knew what was going on, she just couldn't make her body do what she wanted. She was sure Juan had drugged her with the drink so that even if she tried to tell anyone, they would just laugh it off as some drunk making up a story. Karen's whole body seemed to be numb even her tongue. She was sliding again and now her skirt was high enough that her red swollen pussy was in plain view. They talked about her like she wasn't even there. Joe loved the way her cunt looked with the big red lips. Tim said that he didn't remember her pussy looking like that. He figured she had gone off mad and fucked around on Paul. Joe wanted to believe that she was just drunk and horny. Karen's head fell into Tim's lap and he made up his mind.

He lowered the partition and told the driver to drive them around for a while longer. Joe asked what he was going to do as he raised the panel. Tim said, "This one is drunk out of her mind and her husband is passed out cold. What do you think I'm going to do?" Tim looked over at Paul and them unzipped his pants. Karen thought "What assholes, here I am, I have been gang raped and drugged. My fucking husband is drunk and passed out in the car and now you jerks are going to take advantage of me again." Tim pulled out his dick and rubbed it on her lips. He soon was pumping away at her mouth. Joe had his meat out and was stroking it. Joe asked Tim to let him try that and they shifted Karen so that her head was in Joe's lap with her ass pointed at Tim. Tim shifted her around a little more so that her knees were on the floorboard. He dropped his pants around his ankles and got on his knees behind her ready to slip her a little meat. The limo suddenly slammed on its brakes. This threw Tim into Karen and shoved her head farther into Joe's crotch. It also rolled Paul off into the floor, waking him to the sight of Karen with one naked man on his knees behind her, as she appeared to give another one a blow job.

"What's the hell's going on," he managed to yell. Tim tried to back away on his knees saying "It was all her idea, she wanted us." Joe couldn't say anything, he was too busy blowing his load into Karen's mouth. When Karen didn't stop to say anything, Paul spat out, "I didn't say quit. I just wanted to know what the hell was going on and you better not get her pregnant." Tim grinning replied, "Oh no, I was going to fuck her in the ass." Tim was quick to move back behind her and with a little spit pumped away at Karen's well used asshole. Paul could not believe it, Karen was screwing his friends and even giving one of them a blow job. Joe was still sitting with his dick in Karen's mouth, his cum dripping from her lips, her head moved in time to Tim's thrusts. Paul was mad because she still wouldn't speak to him and acted like he wasn't even there. Joe seemed to have a second wind and was pumping away again while he held Karen's head. Tim came with a grunt and his whole body stiffened as he filled her ass with hot cum.

Paul couldn't take it anymore and shoved Tim away. He pulled out his dick and shoved it in her hot asshole. He fucked her hard, driving Joe's cock deep. Paul could not believe how good it felt. Karen's ass was hot and slick on the inside, well lubricated with cum. Karen withdrew to some place deep inside herself as now her own husband was helping to rape her. Paul soon climaxed and leaned into Karen's ass forcing his dick as deep as he could get it. This also drove her mouth down over Joe's cock and it went halfway down her throat. It was all Joe could take and he fired everything he had left towards her belly. Paul and Joe pulled out and let go of Karen. She fell over onto the seat, slipping into unconsciousness. Paul cussed and called her a drunken bitch while Tim and Joe just nodded, unsure what to say.

The limo pulled up to the hotel and the driver told them that he had to get the car back to the limo service. They had only reserved it till 2 am and it was already 3, if they wanted to keep it and him any longer they would have to get an okay from the dispatcher. They told him to drive them around to the back so they could carry Karen in. Tim gave the driver a large tip after they had all gotten out and the limo drove off. Paul was no help with Karen and the other two couldn't walk very straight but they made it to their floor without meeting anyone. Paul opened the door to his room and they poured Karen onto the bed. Tim and Joe left quickly still wondering about what would happen tomorrow.



This story contains 14 chapters. Jump to any of the chapters from here:

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