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The Trip
by Fallen

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For Laurel and all the others who inspired me. Laurel started all this with her post last Oct:

10-20-1999 12:18 PM
A Reader's Perspective (just my opinions, of course!):

I like stories that have a story to tell - meaning, they aren't just slices of life ("I woke up, had sex, went to work, boffed my secretary, went home and did my wife again.")

For me, a good story has a theme, or a thesis. The events in my life that I remember most are things that taught me something about life or about people, that illustrated a point. For example, I remember my first boyfriend because he broke my heart and showed me not to be so open to people. Stories without points are like day to day events - experienced, then forgotten.

If you're going to write a story about getting up, doing your wife, then boffing your secretary at work, show me why I should care. What do your actions say about you, about people in general? What insights into human nature can be gleaned? What makes this day special, or these events unique?

I think it was Kurt Vonnegut Jr. who said, when writing a story, chop out anything that doesn't either provide character development or further the plot. I love well-written description, but don't use it as window dressing. Use it to describe your characters. Instead of being technical ("her 36DD chest"), describe how the folds of her dress fall across that chest, or the shape of her nipples straining against the fabric. Bring us into the scene, don't beat us over the head with numbers.

These are just a few observations - a couple things to think about when you write.

Hope this makes some sense...

Yes a story, a real story that goes somewhere and hopefully discovers one of those little facets of life that make up the whole of living, then manages to come back home again. There are two center chapters that are the pivot of the whole story but they feature a brutal rape. Writing the rape scenes was arousing and depressing, somehow the thought of total control of a beautiful woman is so arousing that even now I get excited just thinking of it but the effects of rape are so depressing that after writing these chapters I almost quit. The story had a life of its own and it was headed down dark and morbid paths that I didn't want to tread. Karen was to be a lost soul used and abused by all that came in contact with her. I wanted to have a happy ending so I forced the story to an ending that I liked. I can only hope that you will like it too.

We all have events that mark the high and low points in our life, this story is about one of those.

*** CHAPTER 1 ***

Karen and Paul were looking forward to the weekend in New York but never dreamed how much it would change their lives. After 5 years of marriage, they had two children Sara 4, and Timothy 2. They loved being a mom and dad but getting little time to relax and have some grownup fun was going to be a real treat. "The trip" was the major topic at home and it had taken a lot of extra work and special arrangements just to make it possible. Mr. Saddler had started it all when he walked into the office three weeks ago and said "Paul, I want you to go to the conference in New York. Sam has had to schedule some medical tests for that weekend and he can't go."

"What?" was all Paul managed to get out before Mr. Saddler informed him that he was the only other person who knew enough of the computers and networking to get much good from the conference.

"Oh and by the way we made arrangements for two people to go, so if you want, you can take that pretty little wife of yours along too."

Paul couldn't wait to get home and tell Karen, but expected to hear all the reasons why they couldn't both go. She surprised him and was at least as excited as he was about going. She would arrange it so the kids and the pets were all taken care of. They had three weeks before they were to fly out and if they started now it would all be fine. In just the first week, she arranged for her parents to keep the kids for the long weekend and for the neighbors to look after the two dogs and check on the cat.

The next week Karen spent shopping for "The trip." Her wardrobe now was very conservative with maternity, mommy, and housewife clothes. She had always had a very nice figure set off by her long blonde hair and legs that belonged on a fashion model. In the years before she was married she had loved the attention she could attract by wearing short skirts and low cut blouses. Paul had first noticed her as she walked by the tennis courts at college with a miniskirt so short, her white panties showed. Paul was by no means her first lover but had always said he didn't care as long as he was her last. They had decided when they started dating that it was best to let old history stay in the past.

Karen worried that now with a little age, she was 26, and the effect of having two children with the resulting spreading of the hips, she would not be able to find anything that she looked good in. In truth she looked better now than ever at 5'6" she had gone from a C to a D cup in bra size and only gained two inches in her hips. She was now a 38D -28-36 and weighted 117+ lbs. in the nude but she wouldn't tell plus what.

She shopped several different stores before she bought her first outfit. At first she had tried on clothes that were similar to what she had hanging in the closet at home, but she slowly started looking at sexy little skirts and lacy little nothings. She forgot about being conservative and enjoyed feeling sexy and getting stares. The salespeople had been wonderful as they kept urging her to try on even more daring dresses and revealing outfits. In one store as she had been trying on clothes when her hair had gotten caught in the closure on the bra. She had been unable to get it undone by herself and had to ask the saleslady help her.

Karen got wet just thinking about it. The saleslady's name was Lucy and she had been very helpful, complimenting Karen on how good she looked in different outfits and making many suggestions on what was in style in the Big Apple now. Lucy was slender, dark complected, with small perky tits and looked a lot like the models that you see in the fashion shows. She had stayed close by every time that Karen had changed, offering to go and get other items or sizes. The last outfit that Karen had tried on was a white ankle length skirt, split up the side almost to the waist, with a loose fitting top. It had long sleeves and showed a lot of cleavage and shoulders. She matched it with white lace hi-cut French panties, a strapless lace pushup bra, white stilettos, and a thin gold belt. Karen thought she looked good in it. Lucy said that it looked stunning especially the way it showed off her breasts and legs.

It was while she had been undressing that her hair had caught in the bra closure. Lucy had squeezed into the little dressing room to help. Karen was just in panties and a bra and with the two of them in the little room, there was a lot of body contact. Karen could still remember the feel of Lucy's body pressed against hers as Lucy tried to untangle her hair from the clasp. When Lucy had finally gotten it undone, she had slowly taken both ends of the bra and brought it around to the front leaving Karen's large breasts exposed. She had gently brushed the nipples with her fingertips as she watched Karen's reaction in the mirror. Karen's nipples had turned rock hard and her face a dark shade of pink as she pulled her long hair to the front, covering her breasts. She thanked Lucy and told her she could manage by herself now. Karen dressed and wondered at the confused feelings she was having. She was ashamed that Lucy's touch had affected her that way but was so aroused by it, that it was all she could think of. Karen had bought the outfit and told Lucy she had to go and pick someone up now.

Karen picked the kids up from the babysitter and had supper ready before her husband got home. She daydreamed about what might have happened if Lucy had stayed in the dressing room. She fantasized a lot now, with sex at home almost at a standstill. Luckily this was one of the days that Paul didn't have to stay late at the office. He had been working late most nights as he tried to gather up all the information he needed for the conference and still get his own job done.

They talked about how things had gone during the day as they sat and ate. The conversation quickly centered on the plans and preparations for "The trip." Karen told Paul about the dress she had just bought. She thought it would be perfect for the closing banquet at the conference. There was going to be an informal cocktail in the evening on Thursday and then a closing banquet at the conference on Saturday. They planned to go to both if they arrived there on time Thursday. They wanted to visit some of the clubs and hot spots people had recommended for their free time on Saturday night, then fly home on Sunday.

They put the kids to bed as soon as possible after supper. Karen wanted to show off her new dress and they could get a little time together. She modeled the new outfit for Paul and he thought she looked very exciting. He grabbed her on her second walk by the bed in the new dress and pulled her down onto the bed with him. Paul covered her with kisses as he unzipped the back of her dress. Karen stood and slithered out of the dress. Paul whistled and grabbed her ass cheek as she lowered the dress to the floor. She wiggled it and whispered, "Oh sweetie, I need you so bad." He pulled her back down onto the bed and lay on top of her, kissing her and grinding his swelling manhood into her hot damp mound. Paul fondled her breasts and tweaked the swollen nipples causing her to moan in delight. The bra had barely covered the nipples with a thin film of lace and Paul had both tits out kissing and sucking on them like a starving baby. Karen was nearing an orgasm just from this attention. She leaned her head back and tried to force all of her breast into Paul's mouth, grabbing his head and holding him close. He decided to try the other tit and as he did, Karen looked down to watch. Damn! The clasp had grabbed her hair and was pulling on it so hard it brought tears to her eyes. She let go of Paul's head and grabbed her long hair trying to stop the pain. Paul realized something was wrong and asked, "What's the matter baby, am I hurting you?" "No" she screamed "This bra is trying to pull my hair out, help get me loose!" He was quick to off and help. They had her hair free and the bra off in just moments.

Karen sat on the bed rubbing her head as Paul started to undress. She was a beautiful sight sitting there in a pair of white lace panties, her tits jiggling as she moved. Paul knew that he was a lucky man to have her for his wife. He was excited that she was going to New York with him. They could have some fun and he would get a chance to show off how pretty his wife was. Both of them jumped when they heard a little voice at the door, "Mommy, what's wrong? I heard you yell."

"Nothing Sara honey, just go to bed and I will see you in the morning." This never works so Karen put on a robe and took Sara back to the kids' room. She tucked Sara in and checked on little Timothy. Paul finished undressing while she was gone and waited in bed with just a sheet covering him. A tent in the middle showed he was ready and waiting for her. She turned off the lights as she took off her robe and slid into bed snuggling up to Paul. She warned him they would have to be very quiet as Sara was only in bed and not asleep yet.

Paul kissed her and nibbled on her neck. He soon dropped down to her breasts where he spent extra time kissing and sucking on her sensitive nipples. She was getting very aroused and took his dick in her hand, stroking it up and down, playing with the head, and occasionally massaging his balls. He took her lace panties off and slid a finger into her hot mound. He dipped into the tight wet hole as she spread her legs. Karen moaned softly as he teased her clit using her juices as lubrication. She played with the drops of precum that formed on the head of Paul's dick till the head was nice and slick. Karen whispered, "I want this now!" as she guided the head of his manhood to the wet opening between her legs. Paul soon had his dick buried in her hot tight cunt. They lay on their sides kissing as Paul slowly fucked her. They were both breathing hard and moaning. They rolled so that Paul was on top. Karen brought her knees up and Paul pounded away, his dick reaching as far as possible into that hot wet love tunnel.

"Mommy I can't sleep" a little voice from down the hall said.

"Just lay still and close your eyes. Mommy will come check on you in a little while, okay?"


Paul sped up with his strokes and soon was at the point of no return. He pulled out and pumped hot sticky cum all over Karen's belly. They didn't need anymore kids right now and he hated to wear a rubber.

Karen heard, "I love you honey," as he rolled over. She got up and put on her robe again. She went to the kids' room and checked on Sara, tucking her in and giving her a goodnight kiss. Karen returned to the master bedroom and looked at Paul lying there with his wavy brown hair and a body kept fit by his love of tennis. She loved the way his tight ass looked, it had been what first attracted her to him. Karen could still remember when she had first seen those cute buns bouncing around on the tennis court. Karen had commented on how sexy Paul looked in tennis shorts and one of her friends had dared her to get his attention. She had rolled the top of her skirt up till her panties just showed and pranced by the tennis courts. Paul had missed his shot and she would never let him forget it.

"I am so glad I have him. I just wish we could make love like we used to, when it was all night, every night." When they were dating and first married, he had always made sure that she was satisfied. They would spend hours teasing each other and then he would bring her to a climax with his fingers or his mouth. She remembered how the nights back then were never finished till they lay drenched in sweat, exhausted, asleep in each other's arms. They had tried many positions and Paul loved it when they had anal sex. He had been very understanding when she told him that she just couldn't give head. She hadn't told him why, just that it was because of something that had happened in high school. Paul had said that he didn't care and that he loved her no matter what.

Their sex life had slowly gone downhill. Karen, with pregnancies and then kids, had found little time for anything other than being a mom. Paul was busy trying to advance at work and was stressed out, only wanting to relax when he got home at night. Sex, much less romance was something they almost had to schedule ahead of time. It had become very routine and predictable. She often didn't have an orgasm unless it was a long session or something erotic had happened. Paul seldom performed oral on her now, since she wasn't into doing it for him. She seldom reached an orgasm from anal although it was Paul's favorite. Sex now was something they spent more time arguing about than doing.

She smiled as she thought of one time when they had argued over the size of his peter. She had said that his six inches was plenty to satisfy her and he had said, "Six! I have seven at least." They had gotten out the ruler and by measuring it from the top and stretching it down, with the ruler snug against his belly it was seven inches. Karen had been smart enough not to argue that six was all he could get in her and instead she had bragged on how big around it was at one and one half inches across.

She stood in the doorway of their bathroom, cleaning herself with a warm washcloth. She considered getting herself off as she rubbed it between her legs but decided that she was too tired and it was too late. She slipped back into bed to the sound of Paul snoring.



This story contains 14 chapters. Jump to any of the chapters from here:

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