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The Trip
by Fallen

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*** CHAPTER 2 ***

Paul was having lots of trouble at work. Sam wasn't being any help as he got ready to go into the hospital and Paul's assistant Joyce had just given notice that she was leaving in a month to get married. Mr. Saddler had hired his niece, Laurie to help, but she just a senior in high school and worked afternoons when she got out of school. She was good with computers but little help on the company network. Paul spent almost as much time checking on her work as he saved by having her there. He had more to do than ever before and the only way to get it done was to work late almost every night. This helped in some ways as he could work on the computers and the network easier if they weren't in use. He knew he had been neglecting his wife but planned to make it up to her on the trip.

Karen was unhappy. Paul was supposed to help over the weekend keeping the kids so she could finish shopping, instead Paul had been at work both Saturday and Sunday, now he was working late Monday. She needed help to finish with the arrangements for the trip and Paul was always at work. Here it was the Monday before the trip and she still had to finish with shopping, get the kids to her parents, and finish packing. She called the babysitter and made arrangements for the kids to stay there from 3pm till she got back from shopping. The babysitter was a high school girl whose parents let her baby-sit at their home. They would feed them supper and understood that Karen was pressed for time before the trip. She warned them that she might run a little late getting back. Karen decided to get something really sexy for the night out in New York and while she was out she would return that damn bra that pulled hair. She checked several stores but found nothing she really liked. It was starting to get late when she stopped at the store where she had bought her last outfit. She grabbed the sack with the bra and the receipt before marching in. Lucy was at the register and remembered her so there was no problem returning it. Lucy asked, "Do you want cash or would you like to exchange it?" Karen decided to exchange it and told Lucy that she was also trying to buy a cute outfit to go clubbing in.

Lucy went with her, and after looking at many racks of clothing and trying on many pieces, Karen had found one dress that she really liked. It was solid black with a short skirt, almost a mini, sides with opening that laced up, medium sleeves with cutouts at the shoulders and a low cut front. She finished it up with thigh high black stockings black lace panties and a black garter belt. She was in the dressing room when they announced over the intercom that the store was closing and could all remaining employees and customers please leave by the side exit. Lucy told her not to worry there was a night guard at the side door that would let them out when they finished. She assured her it was not uncommon for people to stay late. She was an assistant manager and often stayed late herself.

Karen came out and walked back and forth in front the full-length mirrors by the dressing rooms. Lucy let out a low whistle and said "Wow, that should get some attention."

Karen wasn't sure. "You know these once stood straight out," she said cupping her breasts. "Do you think they sag too much?"

"Well, I think they look fine but we can try relacing the sides or a support bra." Lucy suggested.

Karen looked in the mirror decided to redo the lacing in sides and see if that would give enough support. It would have to be done with she was still in the dress. They didn't see anyone else in the store so Lucy knelt down and started to undo the lacing on the right side. There seemed to be a lot of extra body contact and Lucy's delicate hands caressed her as they worked with the laces. Karen's nipples were soon pressing against the thin fabric of the dress making swollen mounds with pencil eraser tops. Karen glanced down and noticed that Lucy's top had flared open. Lucy's aroused nipples appeared to be trying to poke through the thin white lace bra she had on and Karen could see the large dark area surrounding each nipple.

How could this be? She had never been this turned on by a woman before much less considered that she could have the same effect on another woman. Lucy moved to the left side to loosen the laces there. Karen watched as Lucy worked, lost in watching this beautiful slender woman kneeling at her side. She was really starting to get aroused and could barely stand still. Lucy noticed and asked if she would like to move over to a padded bench that was close by. She could lie down on her back as they laced the dress back up. Karen, glad to quit holding her arms up and get off her feet, was happy to move.

Karen lay down on the bench but walking with the dress unlaced had caused her breasts to try and pop out of the sides. Lucy came and knelt by the bench. She reached into both sides of the dress as she leaned over and said, "We need to be move these back into place." Lucy gently cupped both tits as she moved them. A soft moan escaped from Karen's lips as her nipples rubbed against the fabric and she closed her eyes. Karen moaned again as her nipples were rolled between fingers and thumbs. Lucy leaned up a little more placing a light kiss on Karen's lips. Karen wanted to tell Lucy how she had never done anything like this before but another more urgent kiss kept her mouth and her mind busy. Karen reached up and held Lucy, who was kissing her neck and licking her ear lobes. Karen was amazed at the softness and feel of another woman. She took Lucy's head in her hands and brought it back to her face where she gave her a long kiss. She breathed in the scent of another's perfume. Their tongues were soon exploring each others mouth as their hands explored each other's body. Lucy's hand soon had found its way down to caress the hot wet mound between Karen's legs. Karen ground herself against Lucy's hand trying to get some relief from the heat building inside of her. She felt like she couldn't breathe as Lucy exposed one breast and kissed it, gently biting her nipple and pulling on it with her teeth.

Karen's hands found the zipper on the back of Lucy's dress and without thinking, she pulled the zipper down, grabbed both sides of the dress, and gently pulled it apart. Lucy stopped, leaned back, and slowly stood up allowing the dress to slide off. Lucy reached back and undid her bra dropping it to the ground as she kicked off her shoes. Karen stared amazed at the size of Lucy's nipples and areolas. The areolas covered what seemed like the entire front of the breast with long extended nipples. Karen stood and reached for the pointed globes as Lucy stepped from her pantyhose. Lucy inhaled sharply as her sensitive nipples were gently squeezed between the fingers holding her breasts. Lucy quickly slipped Karen's dress off, kissing her as she lowered it to the floor. She knelt and grabbed the black lace panties pulling them down, leaving the garter belt and stockings. Karen stood paralyzed with desire and doubt, unsure of what she should do.

Lucy slowly ran her hands up Karen's sides as she leaned forward towards the wet blonde patch that was boiling with arousal. She buried her face in this wet volcano, her tongue searching for and finding the clit buried in the folds. Karen's legs turned to rubber as Lucy's tongue sent waves of pleasure shimmering through her body. She melted onto the floor with Lucy following. Lucy parted those swollen lips covered in blonde hair and began licking the exposed clit, then driving her tongue into the hot hole beneath. Karen began to buck her hips as her first orgasm hit. Lucy sucked on the clit getting as much of it as possible in her mouth while flicking it with her tongue as it streamed gobs of pleasure. Lucy slipped two fingers into Karen's hot cunt reaching for the spot. When Lucy's fingers found it, Karen went into a second and more intense orgasm. Karen went from moaning to screaming "Oh my god, oh, oh fuck me, please suck me, oh, oh, oh." The orgasm never seemed to end, with wave after wave of intense pleasure flowing through her body. Karen finally had to say, "Stop, stop, Oh please I can't stand it "

Lucy needed some attention too but wasn't ready to give up the feast she was working on. She quit just long enough to get up and straddle Karen, dropping her face back into Karen's pussy. Karen looked up and was stunned to see a dark triangle with smooth shaved lips beneath it. Lucy's clit was large like her nipples and was proudly showing between the glistening lips. The aroma was tantalizing and the sight and smell excited her. Karen reached her tongue up and gently licked at the clit that was pointed down at her. When Lucy felt that first touch she began to move up and down on the squirming tongue. Karen tried to explore every part of this new marvel with it. She was happy to find that she enjoyed the taste of another woman. The soft smooth shaved lips reminded her of a slobbery kiss. Karen returned her attention to the swollen clit that was protruding at least an inch, sucking and nibbling on it. Lucy reached her first orgasm and drove her cunt down onto Karen's face, shaking and moaning. Karen was having a hard time getting any air with her nose buried in Lucy's pussy and her lips wrapped around that long clit, all she can do was suck in air around it. Lucy screamed "Oh yes you little slut, eat me, eat me, eat me now." Karen's tongue flickered across the swollen clit then with a long slow lick it would disappear between the smooth lips into the juicy depths. She kept at this until Lucy began to orgasm again. Karen drove her tongue deep into Lucy and vibrated it against the spasming walls. Lucy's orgasm slowly faded and she lifted off Karen's face. They stood, holding each other as they gently kissed and talked. "You know I have never been with another woman before" said Karen "or cheated on my husband." "Well you were fine, and this isn't quite like you had been cheating with some other man" Lucy said as she rubbed her fingers across Karen's nipple.

"Maybe but what if someone had caught us. I should go home," Karen protested.

"Well no one did and we still have to finish fitting that dress and replace the bra," Lucy pointed out.

Karen put the dress back on and Lucy laced it up till it was skin tight. The top was stretched thin and it might as well have been painted on, as it revealed every thing under it. There was still a little sag but it didn't bother Karen now. Lucy told her she looked great in the dress and that if she was trying to get someone's attention that should do it.

Lucy still nude walked over and picked out a bra with a front closure to replace the one Karen had returned. Lucy asked Karen to take off the dress and try on the bra. The bra fit fine and as Lucy undid the front closure she said, "Look." They stood in front of the full length mirrors caressing and admiring each other. Karen had large breasts with small pink puffy areolas, large nipples, full figured and with long blonde hair top and bottom. Lucy was slender, with dark hair and complexion, smaller breasts with large dark areolas, long nipples and a shaved pussy with a triangle of hair above it. They made a beautiful pair contrasting as they did. One was blonde, light complected, and full figured. The other a brunet, slender and dark complected. They were soon in each others arms again lost in sexual bliss.

Lucy laid Karen back down on the padded bench with her ass at one end. Knelling between Karen's legs, she soon had Karen riding the waves of orgasm as she sucked and licked. Lucy had started with two fingers slowly running them in and out the dripping cunt but soon had three and then four fingers ramming the contracting walls. Karen wasn't sure she had ever had an orgasm this strong or long before and as she raised her hips up to meet the thrusts of Lucy's hand, she never wanted it to stop. Lucy could tell Karen was nearing a peak. She folded her thumb in and as she met Karen's thrust, her whole hand entered that hot steaming cavern stretching and filling it. They paused for a moment both amazed at what had happened. Oohs and aahs came from Karen as the small hand slowly pressed into her depths. Lucy's fingers reached the end just as Karen climaxed again releasing a fresh flow of juices. Lucy formed a fist and began to slide it back and forth. Karen screamed "Yes, yes, oh my god, oh don't stop." Lucy used her tongue as a little sword jabbing it at Karen's clit every time Karen would raise her hips impaling herself on Lucy's arm. They were getting a rhythm going with Lucy pulling her fist back till it caught upon the muscles around the opening of Karen's cunt, then she would plunge forward as Karen thrust her hips up to meet the invader. Lucy was amazed at how much of her arm Karen was taking, if she went much deeper she would be halfway to her elbow. Karen was on the verge of passing out, her whole body was tingling like it was on fire, with the fire spreading from her cunt. Lucy decided to go one more step this time and when her fist could go no deeper she spread her fingers and wiggled them. Karen found that last level of sexual nirvana and screamed as she passed out.

Lucy withdrew her arm and hand and moved up to Karen's face. She shook Karen and asked her if she was all right. Lucy began to get a little scared when Karen wouldn't answer her. When Karen finally began to come out of it, Lucy showered her with kisses. Karen assured her she had just passed out from the force of the climax. Lucy warned her that it was getting late and they should get dressed and go before the cleaning crew showed up. Karen, when she could walk, agreed and they packed up Karen's items. Lucy said she would put the dress on her card as she got an employee discount.

After dressing, checking their hair and makeup, the two walked downstairs to the side door. There in a little room by the door was the night watchman. Lucy waved to him and said "Hi Jake could you buzz the door and let this customer out?" Lucy told Karen she had to go and sign out but that she hoped they could get together again soon. Karen wasn't sure, as this did not all seem very real to her, it had been great, but she could not believe she had done something like this.

Karen was so glad no one had caught them. She didn't know if she could tell Paul about this or not. Lucy was right and it wasn't quite like cheating since it had been with another woman and besides it was partly his fault for not taking care of her needs. No she would not tell him now maybe after the trip to New York. There was no sense in risking a fight just before the trip. The more she thought about it, the better it sounded and if the dress had that effect on Lucy, just think what effect it would have on Paul.

She stopped and picked up the kids, apologizing for being late but still getting home long before Paul.

Lucy punched her timecard and then she went into the little room where Jake the night watchman sat watching the monitors of the different areas of the store. "I need to take this security tape," Lucy said. "I'm not surprised," said Jake "That was quite a show!" Lucy slipped a new tape into the machine over Jake's head "You just be sure you don't say anything or I might have to have you fired."

"Oh I would never say anything," said Jake. After he buzzed Lucy out of the building, Jake pulled a tape from a VCR under his desk and put it into his pocket. "No I would never say anything. Why should I as long as I have videos of all of it," Jake thought to himself.



This story contains 14 chapters. Jump to any of the chapters from here:

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