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The Trip
by Fallen

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*** CHAPTER 8 ***

Raulo stopped the fun and said it was time for a little show. He had Maria move over to the bench and stand with Karen's head between her legs telling Karen to clean her up. Karen looked up at the dark bush soaked with cum. She could see cum leaking from Maria's asshole and from the swollen lips of her cunt. Maria bent her knees, reached down, and got a handful of blond hair burying Karen's face between her legs. "Eat up bitch. Don't miss any you little slut or I'll have to kick your white ass," Maria said grinding her cunt onto Karen's face. At first, Karen thought she might drown as cum poured from the cunt that was hunching her face and hard as she tried to keep up with the flow, some ran down Maria's legs. "Bitch," Maria said as she reached behind her grabbing one of Karen's nipples twisting and pulling on it till it popped back. Karen trying to stop the flow stuck her tongue as far into the creamy cavern as possible causing her tormentor to moan. To swallow she needed her tongue back in her mouth and with it came another glob of hot cream. Some of this leaked by as she swallowed what was in her mouth and her nipples suffered from another round of cruel punishment. Karen pressed her face hard against the leaking cunt sealing it. She frantically sucked and licked, gaining on the slowing flow.

Karen was startled as Maria shifted and placed her dripping asshole to Karen's lips. "I just love a good reaming, stick that tongue up this hole," Maria said. Karen didn't respond so Maria reached back and pulled on Karen's nipples trying to pull them off is seemed. They stood out bright red and swollen. Karen licked and sucked the dripping asshole above her. Maria filled the sucking mouth below her with juice. Karen hated to swallow but knew better than to stop. It didn't taste as bad as she feared and she could tell the girl above her was really enjoying the reaming from her tongue licking. The gapping cunt was still dripping and ran down Karen's face onto the leg beside it. Maria shifted again placing the sloppy hair pie within range of that tongue. Maria was holding Karen's head up with both of her hands as she hunched furiously reaching a hard orgasm. Maria stood trembling as Karen sucked cum from her bush and licked from the bottom of that dark slit to the little button at the top.

Maria was knocked to the floor as Raulo slapped her, "No one said you could enjoy it, whore. Now you will lick her ass clean." Maria knelt between Karen's legs, licked, and probed her sore asshole with a long tongue that seemed to be everywhere at once. She soon had Karen 's ass licked clean and then was told to spread that asshole open and lick it clean on the inside too. When Maria's fingers spread open Karen's asshole a slow river of cum began to pour out. She licked and sucked at that open hole for what seemed like hours, gathering globs of cum while probing deep in Karen's ass with her tongue. Karen had never felt anything like it before and there was a heat building in her cunt that begged to be released. Karen was ashamed of her body betraying her. She shouldn't be turned on laying here like this but she was. She flexed her buttocks to the probing of the tongue that was pushing her to an orgasm.

Karen whimpered when Maria suddenly stopped. She looked down as a huge pair of black hands spread her knees apart and undid the cuffs on her ankles. "You boys have had your fun. Now it's time for me to show these girls what a real man is," Juan said as he motioned for Raulo to go and guard the outside door where he had been standing.

Juan was big, over six and a half foot tall and weighing over 350 pounds. He could pick up 200 pounds with one hand and would have played football except for a bad knee. It had been injured in high school and caused him to turn to the gang, becoming leader almost without a fight. He was smart too and had run the owners of this club off after finding out it had this secret room below the bar. Raulo was second in command because he was ruthless and liked to hurt people, no one would cross him except Juan. Juan had one other thing that always impressed the others, he was hung like a horse. It was bigger than anything anyone had ever seen on a man. It was 8 inches long and almost 2 inches across when soft and had been measured at 14 inches long and 3 across when hard. Juan was really too big and had trouble finding women who would even try to fuck him but that was before he became gang leader. Now he got first pick.

Karen stared at the man between her legs. He was huge, naked from the waist down his dick in his hand. Karen blinked and leaned her head up to see better, yes that was a dick in his hand, and it seemed to be growing before her eyes. She was hot from the ream job Maria had done and no one had fucked her pussy yet. It was aching to be filled. "Please fuck me. I need a big hard dick. Please I need it, I need it now," she managed to say, her throat raw from all the abuse it had taken. She dropped her head back down.

He rubbed the head of his uncut tool up and down her shaved white lips leaving a trail of precum. The room became quite as everyone crowed around to watch. The tapered head mushroomed out of the huge black log behind it and as it slid up and down her cunt he pressed it forward. Karen rotated her hips trying to get more of the head inside. It felt like someone was trying to put a soft smooth fist into her cunt. Juan forced the head of his monster past Karen's cunt lips spreading them till they were just lines around his dick. She screamed sure that he had split her wide open. Her muscles partially adjusted to his size after a short pause and he shoved another couple of inches in. She bucked and jumped around as she tried to get away from the monster but it only drove him in deeper. She was screaming pleading for him to drive it in and crying that he was tearing her apart. He pulled back and she calmed down till he leaned into her ramming almost half of his black log into her white cunt. He pulled back again her cunt clinging to his pole. It was stretched so tight that it didn't want to slide off him as he pulled back.

Maria was close by getting fucked from behind as she gave someone else a blow job. He grabbed Maria by the back of the head, told her get down here, and put some spit on this. Maria licked the black pole as it plunged in and out of Karen's hole each time going a little deeper. Karen began to have wave after wave of orgasm, as the black monster filled her as never before. Maria would flick her tongue over Karen's clit as Juan plunged in then lick his pole tasting Karen's juices as he pulled back. Karen raised her legs and wrapped them around his sides, trying to help Juan shove the last 4 inches of his dick into her tight body. Juan's huge black balls convulsed and he filled her inner reaches with spurt after spurt of cum. Not a drop leaked out of her cunt, plugged as it was by that big black monster. Karen lay still, overwhelmed with sensations as her orgasm went on and on and on. Maria had been sucking and nibbling at Karen's clit as the guy behind her pounded her ass. She stopped and smiled at him as he blew a hot load in her ass. "More, please more," Karen whispered. Juan just stood there enjoying the feel of being buried in Karen's spasming tunnel. Few women had ever enjoyed being fucked by him and she was the only one that had ever wanted more than he had given.

Juan leaned over and unfastened her wrists. She sat up lowering her legs from his hips as she felt his rod shrinking in her. Karen wrapped her arms as far around Juan as far she could get them, feeling safe even as she sat naked in this room full of people. "Raulo, that one can finish the entertainment for tonight," Juan said pointing to Maria. "Blondie and I are going up to the office." Juan moved Karen's arms and stepped back, pulling his dick out of her as her cunt made little sucking noises. Everyone had backed off and acted like they weren't interested in what was happening with Juan and Karen.

He walked over and picked up their clothes. "Can you walk?" he asked as he threw her the black dress. "I think so," she said, as she found and slipped on her shoes. She slid into her dress not even trying the zipper and tried to walk over to Juan. She found that she could barely walk staggering around on legs of rubber. Juan put an arm around her and carried her to the wall by the stairs that lead up to the office. He pushed a button on the wall and a panel slid back revealing a small elevator. Karen wrapped her arms around him as he carried her into the elevator and they rode up to the office.

They waited as the door on the elevator opened and Juan set her down "Try walking again." She found that while still wobbly she could walk. Juan went to the desk, threw his clothes down, and flipped some switches. The bookcases swung shut covering the door to the elevator and the one to the stairs. Karen went into the bathroom and left the door open. She washed her face and rinsed her mouth. Shaking her hair back, she walked to the desk and forced her sore throat to say, "I need to go. My husband and his friends will have been looking for me." Juan's huge rod was filling again as he watched her walk. He rolled the chair back and said, "Not yet."

He lifted her by her waist and slowly lowered her onto his lap. Karen spread her legs glad that the chair had no arms. She was able to take the huge shaft back into her hot creamy cavern much easier this time. She grabbed Juan's shoulders as she felt the first orgasm hit and he only had half of that monster in her. Juan lifted her up till the head of his black shaft was just pulling out of her and then released her, driving 12 inches of hot meat into her. Her cervix stopped the head of that black tool and Karen almost passed out form the pain and the pleasure. She couldn't believe how good it felt but as he pressed against the opening to her uterus, trying to force it open, it hurt. She put her arms down on his legs to try and ease some of the pressure, as she did her dress fell down to her waist. He grabbed her around the waist trapping her arms, as his hands almost encircled her waist. Juan began to pump her up and down on his huge tool as it hammered away stretching the cervix. Karen was like a little rag doll, she had no control, and was in the throes of multiple orgasms. The cervix gave way and suddenly six inches of thick black manhood shot into her uterus. Juan continued to pump her up and down on his huge shaft, using her like other men might use their hands. His strokes slowed and he forced her even farther down, her clit nestled in the dark hair at the base of his monster.

Karen felt like it would poke out of her mouth if it went any deeper but she kept begging for more, her mind and body floating in the throes of sexual passion. With one last long stroke Juan slammed her down, her knees rose as her ass slipped between his legs. Juan keep the downward pressure as she hung there impaled on that long black dick. It seemed to blow the top of her head off as he shot load after load of hot cum deep into her body. She could almost feel her belly swell as his balls unloaded their stored up supply of thick cream. She had never felt this way before, every nerve seemed to be centered on the head of that long black snake. She could feel each pulse as it traveled up the shaft, erupting from the head buried in her belly. Her nipples were so swollen they ached and her clit buried in his black wool, throbbed in time with the pulses from his balls. Juan's orgasm ended as his balls reached empty and soon his snake began to shrink and slither back out of the pink walls that it had invaded. Still holding her around the waist he bent down and sucked at one of her tits, causing her moan in pleasure. He had almost half of it in his mouth when he suddenly bit down. She squealed and he let go both with his hands and his teeth. After looking to make sure it was all still there, she rubbed the breast he had bitten and asked, "Why?"

"Something to remember me by," he said as he pushed her from his lap onto the floor. His big limp dick hung almost to the floor, dripping and shiny black. "Clean me up," he ordered. She crawled over and began to lick and suck the long black rope that still oozed cream. Her attentions to his tool soon had it growing again. She licked and sucked the head as she wrapped those big white tits around the black shaft. Karen couldn't get even the head in her mouth but would kiss and suck on the tip, parting the slit with her tongue. She slid her soft tits up around the head, pulling it away from her lips before she slid back down kissing the large black mushroom. The sight and feel of this beautiful blond with his huge black dick between her tits had Juan going off for the third time. He erupted in her face just before she could get her lips around the tip. He shoved the back of her head down jamming the tip past her lips as he stretched her mouth open. She tried to scream from the pain as he entered her mouth. She could feel the head lodge just past her teeth as it filled her mouth with one more load of cum. They would have to wait for him to shrink a little before it would pop back out past her teeth.



This story contains 14 chapters. Jump to any of the chapters from here:

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