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Lisa parked her car along the curb beside the now-familiar park where M Club had met on several occasions in the secret clearing deep in the woods. She felt a little nervous, all alone, and carefully...

M Club Ch. 14 by WatchingCloud

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"Oh, look." Sondra's eyes were on the cute top in the Forever 21 window, but she accommodated Janey with a turn of the head. "What?" "That new store. Look." Sondra followed her friend's gaze...

That Fun New Store at the Mall by BuckRivers

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I'm ashamed to say that I didn't get turned on to sex until well into my thirty eighth year, and it was through someone I'd never even considered. I had been separated from my husband of almost...

A Real Man in My Life Ch. 01 by Androgynousother

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Toys & Masturbation

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1.M Club Ch. 14
Lisa is invited along to Denby and Sean's date. by WatchingCloud (10/02/17)
4.80 (128)
2.Church Girl: 7 Days of Self-Sin
Virgin teen discovers the joys of creative masturbation. by silkstockingslover (12/15/17)
4.77 (206)
3.M Club Ch. 06
The Club plays mini-golf and Lisa gives Andy a show. by WatchingCloud (04/12/17)
4.73 (197)
4.The Sybian Club Ch. 06
Tasha teaches Ashley how to ride. by Selena_Kitt (11/27/06)
4.72 (2587)
5.Meaningless Masturbation?
M/F housemates masturbate together, with consequences. by philipmitchellstein (12/07/16)
4.72 (821)
6.M Club Ch. 08
Stranded, the club members play with the others' partners. by WatchingCloud (05/18/17)
4.72 (213)
7.Full Transparency
Toy brings three people ecstasy on hot, wet day of surprises. by Kethandra (08/21/17)
4.72 (149)
8.The Sybian Club Ch. 04
Tasha gives out a door prize--a free full Sybian ride! by Selena_Kitt (11/20/06)
4.71 (1528)
9.That Fun New Store at the Mall
Two girlfriends enjoy a new "toy store" at the mall. by BuckRivers (03/28/15)
4.70 (1031)
10.The Hacker Ch. 02
Steve built a new machine for Cindy to try out. by Techomancer (09/30/08)
4.70 (349)
11.M Club Ch. 04
The girls aren't ready to call it a night at the sleepover. by WatchingCloud (03/18/17)
4.70 (291)
12.M Club Ch. 09
The Club push boundaries in Lisa's hot tub. by WatchingCloud (06/03/17)
4.70 (191)
13.Home 03: Away From Home
Rae struggles with the distance from Tara. by Belle_in_south (01/13/07)
4.70 (149)
14.The Headmaster's Office 03: Ingenious Toys
Out on the town with radio linked vibrators. by blin18 (07/14/14)
4.69 (359)
15.A Real Man in My Life Ch. 01
Yummy Mummy reads a book, gets turned on to sex again. by Androgynousother (03/26/17)
4.69 (244)
16.A Very Special Delivery Ch. 02
Another delivery arrives, along with a few more surprises. by xPhantomKissX (03/12/06)
4.69 (132)
17.Kissing Cathy Ch. 05
Mike and Cathy have phone sex with Jen by catsguy2 (07/13/08)
4.69 (102)
18.Pandora's Panties
Single-minded panties dictate some gooey, sticky fun. by legerdemer (10/16/15)
4.68 (485)
19.Busy Fingers Ch. 02
The two women are back on the sofa and feeling just as hot. by Otazel (11/28/09)
4.68 (484)
20.Busy Fingers Ch. 04
Our two girls move on and into the bedroom. by Otazel (02/01/10)
4.68 (454)
21.Busy Fingers Ch. 05
The final part and the girls get it together fully. by Otazel (06/14/10)
4.68 (446)
22.The Hacker Ch. 04
Steve has finished modifying Cindy's mixer. by Techomancer (11/03/08)
4.68 (345)
23.Toys are Us Ch. 03
Hubby learns about the toys by TxRad (06/12/07)
4.68 (203)
24.Descent into Depravity Ch. 02
Alice learns to enjoy nudity and Larry's dirty stories. by Bluepen451 (10/12/17)
4.68 (111)
25.More Oral After the Exam Ch. 04
A shower over the internet. by gradprof (03/26/10)
4.68 (100)
26.Kissing Cathy Ch. 02
Cathy has Mike put on a show for Jen. by catsguy2 (08/14/06)
4.67 (470)
27.Suzanne's Massage Surprise
A chance mistake in the salon opened Suzanne's eyes. by SuzanneHandzon (09/03/16)
4.67 (463)
28.Cindy Called Back
She wanted to masturbate with me. by secret_admirer72116 (01/10/13)
4.67 (442)
29.Busy Fingers Ch. 03
Back on the sofa, this time with toys. by Otazel (12/31/09)
4.67 (440)
30.M Club Ch. 03
Sean is challenged at the girls' sleepover. by WatchingCloud (03/12/17)
4.67 (309)
31.Night on the 9th
A Parisian hotel and its thin walls. by bellefleure (09/06/10)
4.67 (245)
32.Remote Controlled Valentine
Hardware shopping on Valentine's Day with husband & aunt. by Rockofmarriages (01/24/17)
4.67 (243)
33.Descent into Depravity
Alice learns of her late husband's depravity. by Bluepen451 (09/30/17)
4.67 (182)
34.Toys are Us Ch. 04
Still loving and learning. by TxRad (08/06/07)
4.67 (178)
35.Working Late
A woman who loves to masturbate gets caught in the office. by secretfiche (01/12/18)
4.67 (172)
36.Aunt Matilda to the Rescue
She arrived, and took charge. by mollycactus (05/24/17)
4.67 (130)
37.Anal Discovery
She describes her anal masturbation. by AnalAnnie19 (09/18/06)
4.66 (3010)
38.The Fuckerware Party Ch. 01
Learning to pleasure yourself after a sex toy party. by Tappy_McWidestance (06/17/10)
4.66 (359)
39.Teaching Chantelle Ch. 02
Chantelle's vibrator play turns anal... with a twist. by BlueTang (10/01/11)
4.66 (160)
40.Three is an (Enjoyable) Crowd
Daisy spoils Anna and Jack's special alone time... by EnglishTongue (10/10/17)
4.66 (102)
41.Female Sexual Response: Subject 326
Psych major agrees to participate in a research study. by kianareeves (02/15/09)
4.65 (2423)
42.Magic Panties
Ben tries out new pair of panties on his girl friends. by Many Feathers (07/27/05)
4.65 (995)
43.Eros Spa Ch. 02
Anna returns to the spa. by spyro1123 (02/23/05)
4.65 (885)
44.The Sybian Introduction Ch. 02
The introduction turns into an obsession by Just_John1 (01/18/03)
4.65 (869)
45.The Socialite Chronicles Ch. 01
A lonely housewife rediscovers her sexuality. by Tappy_McWidestance (07/23/08)
4.65 (214)
46.M Club Ch. 07
Denby and Andy do more than practice in the band room. by WatchingCloud (05/05/17)
4.65 (175)
47.Female Sexual Response: Subject 334
Part Two: college student takes part in research study. by kianareeves (02/20/09)
4.64 (1229)
48.The Sybian Club Ch. 03
Tasha sends out invitations for a group introductory session. by Selena_Kitt (11/17/06)
4.64 (1067)
49.Addison's New Friend
An eighteen year old girl meets with her psychiatrist. by eroslit (07/18/09)
4.64 (708)
50.Sex Patents
She invented 101 new ways to have sex. by Writer_Biker (07/27/07)
4.64 (299)
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