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Wow this was a complete turd of a story

Love story so far hope 2 read more chapters soon

This made me want vomit. For someone who enjoys this sort of thing you may want to get some help. Really something is WRONG with you if you want someone shitting in your mouth

Hmmm this was boring

What a dildo. Hope you like getting used you pathetic loser. Pretty soon you will cut Caitlyn out and will be sucking on derricks black bone

great writing for this story

very nice, keep writing, great development of story and characters and, oh yes, great sex!

I have a new favorite author!

Loved this story. It's tenderness is appealing. P.S. Sent you a PM.

Loved it

Wow... what an intense first story. Gosh I hope you add many more soon.

Five stars from me!


Good but......

I thought it was too short. I'd like to have known about the rest of the party.

Just because someone makes a comment that might not be to your liking doesn't mean your ignorant. I thought pizza boy was funny

Being caught

Happiness is having you cock covered in nylon and fucking

Hot action - a nice change

WOW! That's pretty hot and intense. It's lovely to read something like this that's hot, dirty and completely non violent or coercive. Definitely a fave!

Great story man. Hope you add more soon

Thanks, bud!

You end up in the stocks a lot, too, huh, smutnut? Lol.

Remember Benny Hill?

When people get all nasty with their comments, I know they are getting boners while reading, and can't stand that certain material is getting them all excited. It reminds me of that scene in Benny Hill where he had the guy in the stocks and started getting dirty thoughts as the girls walked by so he takes it out on the guy in the stocks, whacking him in the head over and over and calling him, "Wicked Evil, Dirty Wicked Evil!" LOL

Good Story

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