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This a fantasy of mine, I'd love to lick my wife's cum filled pussy when she gets home

Very good story

Quite a few older women like to tease young guys. It is a great thrill to know guy jo for you.

When is part 2?

Dude when is part 2 coming out?

Lucky Ian!!!

Mouth watering, dick throbbing, imagining I'm Ian,,, drinking in all she has to offer,,, Thank you for a great story, going back for more if there is more yet,,

OMG what a story where can I sign up to be a toilet slave


Loving your stories, hope you share the time you installed the dryer. I'm sure it'll get me wet.


Loved this. My wife is very aware just how bi curious I am and how I would love for her to 'take' me like this. I bought here a FeelDoe a while ago but, whilst she likes the idea of doing me, she can't bring herself to do it!! So wish I could convince her. This story is damned hot. Lucky guys.

Love it

Great story. Don't be discouraged by the negative feedback. Keep writing.

@ To the readers

^ Sorry about that mistake guys, I have corrected it and submitted another version named Yesterday. I am not sure how I can edit the version that is already submitted...


I've read all of your pissmop stories sir nd I m excited beyong beyond imagination after it......it will be my pleasure in being humiliated in any of your works

I enjoyed this story, would like to see more :)

Nice story

I think the shit, was the best part of the story.

Pleaseeeeeee Rick, come back...

Pleaseeeeeee Rick, come back...You are forgiven...1*


Has always the hottest story ever. Never stop writing. I want to see where the series goes. The girls' personalities really make them a whole lot hotter than what they already are. Great stuff.

Short but hot!

He clearly wants to be cuckolded, and she deserves it!

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