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I won't even comment on this it was so fucking stupid any guy that would get turned on by watching his wife going thru shit like this needs to be shot right in the nuts

Keep it up!

More please! Great story! When can we expect another? :)


Finally managed to vote as part of the site was down last time I visited this story. Lovely work.

Fun short story

Some good ideas that should be developed more

Interesting story

There are quite a few men that like hairy pussy. Too many women with the ability to grow a great bush go to great lengths to remove hair. They don't realize the gift.


There is nothing sexier than a hot woman wearing a strap on. My gf uses a feeldoe, so she can get off from thrusting down my throat.


great story, remind me of me and my ex when she was in dorm ...

Cute story, and hot. Well done.

My wife and i

Do this all the time. We love it, were 2 years into pee fun and have never looked back. Best sex of our lives ever. And getting better.


One of the most well written stories on this site!

One heck of a lucky boy

Awesome -- I can just imagine every sensation that he described. And the enthusiasm and joy of the 2 girls truly made it extra special indeed.

Very hot and different!

Very hot story that had me raging hard by the end! Accurate description of autofellatio there, something which I have been able to perform myself. Also, I love to read about guys swallowing their own cum and girlfriends that are all for it! So hot..

When she told him to suck it?

He told her to drop dead. Got out of the car and walked back home. Never saw her or spoke to her again. What an idiotic premise that produced a ridiculous story. A complete waste of time.


There's no way stretching my pussy, tight as hell. I use 4 in diameter dildo to fuck me, my man has 12 inch penis with 4 diameter and I go to town with him and still tight.

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