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Yup what a fetish

Nice story great detail. Wished there was a school like that near me. Nothing like getting aroused going to the gyno. Thank you



Ignore the Haters

Good start to what I hope will be a great series. Four solid stars.

Very sexy tail.

Well crafted and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Was very tender and yet still an erotic story. Hope to read more of your work.

Another excellent chapter. I wasn't sure about Bella going to the Men of Gor, but it was great. Can't wait for the next chapter in the saga of Bella.


Very graphic illustration. Made me cum more than once!

Very Erotic Story

I love how she teases and plays with Ian over her attraction to Mike. Would love to see a Part II since Jessica and Mike will work together back home. Some very exciting things could happen with their, and her and Ian's, relationship.

cum on

You are not ever going to please everyone, or even most. Not everyone likes this or that fetish, etc. That you can successfully string words together is a "3". That you can string a whole bunch of words together (ie, multiple parts) is a big deal, adding "0.5". Believable characters are the bane of porn, worth another "0.5". Outrageous situations are the norm, creative and almost believable is "0.5". It is really super hard to get beyond 4.25 for lots of reasons. Just do not ever give up if you have a good story. I like the bully theme. How you handle the son is usually one of the more creative areas with this theme. Keep it up and cum again.

Damn, I Love It........!!!!

My favorite fantasy subject.

Thank You.

More Please

Being face sat whilst a woman pees is a sublime experience.....the ultimate was managing to pee inside my FB whilst fucking her. Im sure Monique & James acn reach these highs

As he waited he packed

The wonderful thing about banks these days is that with your computer you have access to your money 24/7. He transferred all their money into his account. He packed everything he wanted from the house and was sitting in front of the bank when it opened in the morning. He cleaned out the safe deposit vault and hit the road. 3 months later found him living on the opposite side of the country with a new identity, a job he loved and a nice house all to himself. Bitch wife never heard from him again. All she found when she got home was an empty house and his wedding ring on the kitchen table. Because really, even for fiction this was crap. If she wanted to control something, get a dog. Her husband discovered he had both pride and self respect and he wasn't going to let the bitch control him any longer. God awful story and a complete waste of time to read. Not a single clever part to it and the characters were detestable.

I like it

Please give us more of Monique and James.

Good job.

Awsome work wish it was a little longer but good would like to se mom Pregers to with both baby's futa that would be neat.


I love reading your work. I started off with this series. And over the last month waiting for the next chapter I explored some of your other stories. You really are a talented writer and I look forward to reading your future works.

Very hot

One of the best stories I have read so far. Made me cummmmmm!

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