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Sex with heart, not bad.

You have a real talent for creating such genuine and sympathetic characters. Bravo!

This gem needs polishing

The premise was great, but this story seems like it was written in a hurry. I saw a lot of punctuation and spelling errors that kind of killed the mood for me.

Hold the poop, please.

I loved EVERYTHING about Simiran, except the stuff she does with her shit.

What he said?

Was that he was filing a complaint with both the Company and the Police. That she had better get a lawyer as he would be seeing to it that she went to jail for a long, long, long time. What a stupid bitch. What a stupid, unbelievable story.

Ummm i would think that she knows the freezer was empty and she would also know that you know she is fucking around , Very hot story though,i love eating my wife's cum filled pussy,although if i was in your situation i would want to be there to see the other guys fucking her.

Fun story

Quite a few women enjoy the advantage of being with tiny penis guy. They are eager to please and easy to control.

Then he divorced her and took the kids

When she got no alimony, no custody and had to go to work to support herself she wondered how it had all gone wrong. Well, when you act like a crazy woman you get what you deserve. Nothing. What a totally unbelievable pile of crap this sad story was. You really think, even in fiction, he'd roll over? Just awful.

exquisite build up

I loved getting a glimpse of how their relationship began. It adds so much to the overall story when you are able to see how much each of them has changed.

Fuck those bitches. Find a little person your parts are compatable with Cole

Bra Sizes

Please stop writing until you learn how bras are sized. Also, learn how to describe breasts / breast sizes without referring to numbers or letters. Someone with a 46K bra is very very far from "slim", just so you know.

You should be ashamed

It looks like a true story. You used her as your fuck toy, had unprotected sex with her and abondened her when she became pregnant and later had your daughter. Money alone can't fulfill the emotional needs of a woman and your child

Good story..

This has happened in real life to me, so i can relate to the last line. I enjoyed this. Thanks for writing it.

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