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In each chapter I loved the blend of the discreet and lack of explicitness with the dirty talk and the excitement it caused, and the potency of the memory. Also loved the way the dialogue unfolded and the description of how erotic their naughty behaviour was - and how it shocked yet delighted each of the participants.

Like the best stories the scenario is pretty far fetched (if it wasn't it wouldn't be imaginitive) yet it seemed perfectly credible in the way in which it was described.

Your best series so far!


It scares me that her apartment was just arbitrarily packed up and her things thrown away. :/

Nice Job

Like this story very much. Hopefully you can find some more thoughts to continue. Thanks for what you've put forward so far all the same.

Humiliation of a White Husband !

What is it with the cuck brigade about humiliating a white husband.
It is about time we had some stories of a big cock white husband fucking his way through black women and having their husband's suck his cock !

Niiiiice One

Short and sweet, loved it.

Now get writing more please :).

Hot Titty Totty

The continuing hotness! Your story works because of the realism. These people are caught in genuine dilemmas which create great tension. David should not mess about with his best friend's wife! but Gosh, that poor woman is not getting it cuz the best friend is turned off by her being a mom. But she is a MILF, goddamit - no wonder she didn't realise how gorgeous she is when her own guy wasn't turned on by her. And how classic that he never talked about it with his friend! Men are so different to women.
Both the men and the women friends are well drawn. Moira's and Anna's friendship is clearly very close; Moira doesn't talk about it with Anna, she just goes in to try to protect her by picking up David. There's a slight edge to it, but you know they are real chums. The bit about dressing for each other and complimenting each other is great. Too often women friends are depicted as bitchy about each other. We do acksherly dress up more for guys, but we also dress for each other and love to compliment and make each other feel good about looking good.

part 2

I would love to read another installment from the viewpoint of her ex-husband's new wife/girlfriend.

Great realism

This is a plausible story, the characters are excellent. The activity is taboo and worrying - and exciting. But you really catch our sympathy with the characters. David is being so manipulated by the women especially! However, you make it clear how Anna doesn't realise what her sexual power is. She doesn't understand how beautiful she is, so how much control she has. She seems sad and reaching out for comfort and we can sympathise with that. There are some great character studies in here.
I don't even mind the occasional error (the 'poppy diaper' being my favourite!). I'm not sure that women's breasts increase in size when we are feeding, it's more that our ribcage gets bigger while we are pregnant because the baby pushes everything up and the ribcage out a bit. (I don't mind about that for the story, I just put it in for any woman who ends up buying useless wrong size feeding bras like I did.)


opus magna!
Congrats....amazing ...erotic...lewd...hot...

2nd chapter coming.

I'll be publishing the second and maybe third chapter of the story on monday. Stay tuned!


trash written by a true loser. pretty funny though lol

I am a Huge Fan

Nice Story. Hope the next Part come soon.

great story

5*,,plus,,,there is not one I love you in it, a wife likes to hear that once in awhile, so do sissies.

great so far

this is his wife right?

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