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Mmm, love a bit of lesbian.

A lovely continuation of the story. Thanks Heather. I'm glad there was more. And now it looks like there's going to be EVEN MORE. Can't wait!


Love this, i would so love to be the guy humiliated

not bad

The shit eating was too much for me, but I enjoyed the rest of the story

Fun story

Quite a few guys have done similar things when given the opportunity. Women can usually tell if their clothes have been used. Reactions differ but can be exciting.

Five Stars!!!!

Jane Marwood, your story of poor, bare abused Tommy is utterly delicious! The story of an innocent, punished, tied, smooth, 18 year old boy at the mercy of his female punishers is exactly the sort of story that I'd hoped I could find here on this website.

I dare say that your are one of my favorite authors on this website and I certainly hope that you are inspired to write more stories like this one.

Loved it

I'd love to have the experience of this story. Nothing gross about it for me. I've never been able to have enough cum and I've had a fantasy of piss play. Thank you.

What a complete and utter idiot

Why would he stand still for her demeaning, degrading and humiliating him? She shows him by her actions that she has neither love nor respect for him. Why not just divorce the cunt and find himself a decent life? She's lucky he didn't beat the snot out of her and the way out the door. Just another bitch that thinks because she has the pussy, she makes the rules. Could this have been any more boring? It was just stupid.

Should have waited

I apologize for submitting this story chapter by chapter. Chapter 3 will provide the cfnm twist so many guys get off on!

What a waste. At least she could have caught him. Poor car probably not getting fed either as guy spends too much time as a fairy princess

another good one

Thank you tazsis for sharing your arousing fantasies. My little man stiffens and nearly explodes as I read and re-read this tale. I don't even have to touch him. I would worship her too.


... arousing!!!! Thank you very much for a fabulous story. It fits very close with some of my many fantasies. I hope to find more of your work.

Delicious Story

Agree wholeheartedly with the other comments, well written and incredibly sexy. Cannot wait for another installment. The big question, how do you make this fantasy come true?

Good story

I don't understand that earlier negative comment. I thought this was pretty well written on the whole. The ending was not as strong as the earlier parts but I enjoyed it and found it arousing - which is always the best measure!

I think a follow-up is called for!

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