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so many cocksuckers

Love to see there are other men who arent afraid of exposing their desires. I started enjoying the sight of nice cock when I was young and it progressed into a desire to fondle and suck as many cocks as possible. I am not gay but love cock and pussy and I think many others would like to suck cock but are afraid to admit for fear of sounding sissyfied or gay. Believe me if you just give in to being curious about fondling or sucking cock and swallowing a guys cum you will be hooked and wish you had started sucking cock a long time ago.O

all sex is great

I started out going to an adult theatre where I would jerk off while other guys fondled me. It progressed to me feeling their cocks then one guy sucked my cock. I got so horny that I pulled down my thin shorts and stepped out fo them. The feeling of being nude in public was a great turn on. More guys crowded around me and we were all jerking each other off then I went to my knees and sucked a guys cock for the first time and I was hooked. I now suck as many guys cocks as I can and now take my wife and encourage her to do it too. She now fucks them and I get to lick her sloppy pussy clean while guys cheer us on. You need to try it. It will change your life.O


Ever notice that people who take cheap shots at your writing always post as "Anonymous?" Stand up and let us know who you are.

Waste of my time

Very good

It's a very good story.
Hope you keep writing more.

Provovcative enough to make me want the rest of the story

I Love Your Story!

The writing and pace was excellent ... And I really enjoyed the content. The exhibitionism element in the story was very erotic, having her disrobed in front of the windows and then restrained and exhibited on the bed for all to see. I loved the Bukake situation, and all of that cum on her body, immediately licked off by the females ... All done in one page! Excellent ... Would love to see more!

very interesting

Like nothing I've read and done well. Thanks

Love this story

This chapter made my blood boil. Tracy better not win. As long as Katie comes out on top I will be happy with this story

I liked it

Good story, looking forward to reading more!

would love it if you continue this ^_^

not even a little erotic

in fact, a bit depressing.

The idea was good and solid. You should have detailed and twist with deploying new characters and story lines. Examples for consideration: an assistant whom the hero falls in love with, danger, escape, and so on.

Wonderfully erotic

The story makes one cum and gloriously fucking stuff. Just the perfect one for swingers.

Ah..so much is familiar.

Right off the bat I should mention the difference: I'm not submissive, my wife isn't a dom. Take away that vibe and our stories and tastes are pretty similar!

I eventually got my wife to believe I wanted her to fuck other men, and when she did I wanted to enjoy the cream pie rewards. After a number of wonderful episodes we settled on special number ones who got tested, which allowed us to be comfortable about going bareback. And we played all sorts of fun games such as having him fuck her in remote locations and send her home full of tasty cream and toting a video of the occasion in our camera; such as having her walk in the door, freshly fucked only seconds earlier in the garage, to greet me with a pussy full of hot cum. And on and on.

That all ended eventually, as to my (and our latest number one's) huge disappointment my wife has lost all interest in sex, leaving me with a memory bank full of deliciously erotic visions, many of which were from the vantage point of the bottom of a 69 position as his stiff dick slid along my tongue on its way in and out of her slippery pussy.

But reading your stories brings those memories back, along with the inevitable erections and even some orgasms, so I thank you for them and for this one.

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