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good story

I'm always excited to see fellow piss writers post stories on Lit. this one was good, but could be better with a little more editing and emotional detail.

don't listen to the haters who don't realize this is a fantasy site so the rules of reality don't necessarily apply.

keep up the good work.

Wow you fucked a homeless woman without a condom. Hope she shows back up in 9 months with your child. And you ate out her nasty pussy that probably hadn't been cleaned in months. Nice. I'm sure all the diseases you got were worth it. Probably boss saw you on security camera and you lost your job or he blackmailed you into sucks by his dick. Wow do many possibilities to go in chapter two


Again please ignore the hater trolls. I love femdom stories! I do feel your other chapters were better though. I like your writing but this one seemed to be missing something. Wish I had more specific constructive criticism. I do hope to see more chapters though! Thanks for sharing your work

Fucking Hot

AsianDream, that is one fucking hot story. Love your photo too. You are one fucking hot guy. I will wank happily thinking of you being gangfucked.

Shrinking people is a thing that people fantasize about? Who knew?

Huh? Shrinking people? WTF this starts interestingly enough and the technical writing is good but then someone starts to shrink for no apparent reason. Whatever.

I'll give you something to suck dirtbag


I like where this story is going. This was a very hot read! I too am looking forward to the call from Dr. Smith!


It was just plain BORING,---- REALLY!!

Please please please write another chapter?



That was very smoking HOT.

Very good, really enjoyed masturbating to it.

Very GOOD !

Hot but what a fucking pig. How any man can get off on watching or hearing his wife getting fucking by someone else is beyond me. The story is great but wow if it were me I'd be in divorce court in a second. This really can't work in real life because people's emotions will always get in the way and divorce will be definite. There will always be secrets and lying even if the other is saying they're ok with it. Swinging would be better because the both would be having fun and even that don't work out well for married people most of the time. Look forward for more stories

I think I read this before

More about the girls at work?

I'd love to read a storyline that involves Julie at work and her involvement with him and his discipline and embarrassment. Maybe at the office Holiday Party and a Yankee Swap. Maybe Julie gets a promotion and ha to evaluate his performance?
I love your stuff and think and want you to write a book about these characters.
More please!

Shades of Grey.

Nice command of her desire. I thought you might be her husband. Now to send her home satisfied by you, her husband will certainly notice her changed demeanor. Do you know him too?

great story. I love to suck cock and eat cum. the more cocks the better especially when they cum all over my face. my wife loves to humiliate me by telling everyone how I suck cock she even told her mother and she now wants to watch me suck too. I think this will happen soon.

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