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Simply Erotic

This is one of my favorite stories. Well written and loved the way it progressed slowly all through the story.


Although I've been entertained by the barrage of comments from one particular person, as I state in my profile:

"I welcome all criticisms, good or bad, but if you post Anonymously and merely say "This story sucks" chances are the comment will be removed."

As such, yes, I've deleted your comments; however, I do want to point out one thing.

If you are so adamant on my stories being "drivel" and such, why are you still reading them? Just curious, as most sane individuals when they find something they do not like they avoid it, and you seem to be drawn to my stories like a moth to a flame. Appreciate the views and look forward to your other rants on my other stories! ;)

Want more!

Great read! I hate it when they end...

friggin hot! Awesome!!!

It's still rape.

Better illos than most yarns here but this is still rape.


So hot! You can feel the passion, the words have imprinted a picture in my mind I can't get out! Now I'm asking where the sequel is? I have thought of many...


Very very good illustrations excellent

the photos

Check out her facebook page: 1693110732


Wonderful story with sensual illustrations

Thank you...

I enjoyed reading your story. Thank you for sharing.


About the time I was almost hooked, I remembered the rosary and of course I knew who Lillith is, so then the ending became just what my new guess was. But still the story was excellent. Great job. I have known a Lillith or two and have escaped! Before I found a true woman!

Incest is Best

Sometime the title just says it all.......RIGHT?? J-Baby?? Mmmmmmmm


remember the Boy/Girl Scout Motto....BE PREPARED. TK U MLJ LV NV

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