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great artistry

my biggest wtf moment

i was getting into the first page but then i scrolled down and saw 110 pages... wow... just wow. i really wanted to finished reading the story but sadly i have a very short attention span and most likely end up dumping it halfway through :/

good story

I read all the other comments, I agree with the metro guy. I think pictures are a luxury here and the story does not need it, I say just put out the story and edit it and put the pics in later. Also enjoy ESO


Poser to start out with, and then touch-ups with Photoshop.


That was an awesome story. I had my own orgasm just reading it! Especially when I saw the pictures...

Dear Jessie92,

It was probably the same way your nice comment slipped by me. Thank you.

I'm curious

-What computer program are you using to generate your pictures?
-They're really good!

Yeah right...

I saw a pussy shot once (like, real)

Great Body

Vicki's tits are lovely. Only wish I could play with them and then fuck her. Please write more stories about Vicki. Pleny of Sex!

Shaved vagina??

Interesting story. Keeps reader's attention. Grammar mostly OK. I'd like to read more of it. But...surprised at references to "vagina" when no vagina was in sight (cunt, labia, pussy lips whatever, were). Really surprised at "shaved vagina"... vaginas, of course, have no hair to shave (unlike cunt, pussy, outer labia etc.) I can't believe that a woman could be that ignorant of female anatomy. I therefore conclude that the author is a guy, wishing to portray himself as female. Nothing wrong with that, but some basic anatomical knowledge is needed!

I thought this was a foot fetish story.

If our hero wants foot jobs why didn't he get them from his aunt while waiting to fuck his mom? If he likes toes so much why doesn't he suck toes? It would have been really hot if our hero sucked his aunt's toes while fucking his mom while mom was eating out her sister. You're a really good writer, I have you favorited. However, since you mentioned sequels are harder to write please have your foot fetish characters indulge their fetish in the first story. Otherwise, keep up the good work.


How did this one slip by me? Great story! Keep up the great writing!!!


I've really enjoyed this series. The development was over a realistic period of time and I hope a some point you'll add more parts.

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