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Great pictures and story

Hello. Just wanted to say your writing and accompanying 'visual aids' make all of it amazing. Hope you keep doing stories like this. Really cool you can switch it up with more softer sensual stories! Thanks for continuing to write and you're easily top author on Literotica!


If she's a neighbor and just a model, how did she get all that cum on her?

Now there is one very lucky student and teacher :) love after all can happen at the strangest of times and places.

Great all-around

Great story. Great photos. Anyway to see all of the photos?

Nice Pics

Nice pictures. Sorry haven't got round reading the story yet; too busy wanking!



I've never been one to be into s&m. I have to say that this story grew on me. I did eventually get really turned on... until the Gordon ending. But overall, I enjoyed the girl on girl throughly. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you jesus

I like the one sentence that said eve was involuntarily being bad by doing incest with her father...hinting at her devilish demise at being a slave to lust . More so I loved how the devil comes out of the girls when they are in heat, progressively getting stronger and stronger. Even more how Eve eventually breaks by saying daddy you are going to fuck me now. Symbolizing not caring for the lord at all but simply wanting her fathers big cock to fuck her. Beth having her panties down in Dylan's Two obedient girls not thinking right. Even Dylans not thinking right. "Um yeah my semen is in her belly, I mean vagina". (Although this could have been purposes by accident implying the authors play at Eves pure innocence for thinking cum and women juice not synonymous). Lot of flavor here, way better than eating the cum out of Beth's pussy because Dylan went down beths throat, too horny to give a fuck. Amazing. Awesome.

Little upset with the Katie ordeal. Is this one for girl readers? Idk, I hope Dylan finds out because logically Katie didn't have her fathers semen and therefore, Eve will always have the devil inside of her. (Dylan made Katie do it! Just like how he tricks all women and later men) No more marriage, always daddy's little bitch. Only allowed anal forever making her sex craved and perfect for seducing woman for dad.
Part two: devil daughter and fathers sinly origins finding a pure wife to breed a lovely daughter who will become a succubus draining men's cocks to be fucked and give power to her father(power through sodomy stealing their souls) to acquire more females to his expanding dominion. Haha I truly loved your story.

Great Story

Another great story from silkstockingslover. Please write a sequel with all the sexy pictures in it. Really enjoyed it. Thanks,
Mike NZ

The best

I of the best stories I"'be read by you. Thank you so much

nice story

Very sexy, always thought I would love to give a girl a facial. Thanks for writing.

Once again....

Silkstockinglover hits a home run with her erotic stories of submission. BTW, the model is very definitely a '10'! Keep up the good work. Anxiously awaiting your next submission (sic).

My five stars are now a comet of praise.

I liked the story. I loved the gal who posed for you. The sex was great. The ending just super.

Thanks Don

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