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Most of the grammatical errors are actually from the game itself. Where possible, I used the exact dialogue and quest descriptions, even though it rubbed against me at times to type it, LOL...I wanted to stick to the game as much as possible with only the erotic subplot being deviated from the game ;)


This is an absolutely amazing story. It's not like some of the other stories on Literotica, because it has character depth and a solid story line and isn't just sex. Aside from a few gramatical errors, I would give it an A+!


Your story was great. Awesome writing. Loved the pictures, it really helped visualize the story. At times it was a bit boring with all technicals but still pretty awesome. Leifa and macys story should continue as well as the rest of the girls. Maybe loki could come back and talk to the girls or have loki introduce the girls to his other test subjects. Maybe the girls could meet other ashavi or other guys. Maybe one of them can join the pleasure castle or become a mistress. There are so many ways the story could go on. I also agree that this story could be a part novel. Keep up the awesome work and looking forward to reading more from you.

This really is one of the best illustrated stories on this site.

Need a sequel

Would love to read more of Amanda's adventures.

scorching hot , exquisite

beautifull story , wonderfully illustrated ,
i hope ch02 will get posted , this is one very erotic tale .

Wonderful , tender &

BDSM @ the same time !!


finally! a literotica entry without a 50 year old chubby woman for the “hot” pictures! thank you!


I'm glad to see that paint is still being used


Hi, nice stories, loved the illustrations. The He-She make me so happy. Thanks!

Sounds rough

Glad you dumped him - way too selfish a man - even if you miss the sex.

great wives

I love watching my wife get fucked in public then take her home and lick her clean. She now wants me to suck a guys cock in front of her. What should I do?

An absolutely beautiful and sexy woman and your story

is great too! how about 5-6 more chapters with more pictures of her?

great story

didnt think it would be that good but i was wrong its a great story and hope you might do more on it ive read a few of your stories all good so far keep up the awesome writing

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