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Thank you everyone for your comments.

rodav, I just told the story like it happened. Since it was true, I did not add any fiction to it.

anonymous, those are not stock pics. Those are really me. I was a little too busy to take pics of what was happening in the story.

I'd love to steal your illustrator!

I wrote a lesbian-themed story on this same site about a pretty girl and a female tow-truck driver/mechanic coming to her rescue titled "Unlucky at Cards, Lucky at Love?" --- (I know, it's a sucky title) --- anyway, I dearly wish that I could steal your illustrator for it, because those computer-generated-art pics accompanying this story were yowzers-hot, and would have spiced it up immeasurably! Well done!

I loved the illustrations!

Those were some quality drawings!

Very exciting

This could continue with them having sex openly in the daytime and casually naked in their room and could tease about kissing each other's wives pussy.

Good story, but wrong category

The story was good. But throwing in a couple of stock pictures that don't even line up with the story does NOT make it an illustrated story. Gimme a break

Agreed Hot story, great pictures.

Enjoyed this one.
Just with friends, no partner swapping.
Two couples in love with their own mate.

Very hot story and sexy pictures!

More pictures please! Love the story.


If you're pulling Diane back into the story, I'd like to read more about her changed relationship with Eric. That part of the story made it hot.

wonderful story

loved it. I was reading it for a wile not knowing who wrote it. then i said to myself i bet silkstalkinglover would love this story. then i noticed you wrote it. and of course i smilled. i love the way you think. i love your kinky taboo mind. its so fucking hot. this like so many more of your writings had my black cock so fucking hard. so thanks for sharing with me another wonderful story.
the part i liked most was thinking the mother was being blackmail. i seem to like thinking she had no choice but to lick and eat pussy. that was so hot.

Super hot fiction

Wow, what can I say. Kelly is so horny looking especially in those black stockings and your story is great


perfect combination, the story is hot and she is hotter. it left me begging for more.


This story is hilarious in its absurdity. Not sure if thats what the author intended

Forced submission

The scene at the very beginning of this story is among the hottest I've ever read, I am edging for my Mistress tonight and that scene where Tamara puts Her Foot in the chest to hold down the housewife very nearly got me in trouble, lol!

Unwanted Repeat!

From the author - I know my story was copied twice for some reason, starting over on the third page. Trying to fix it but hasn't worked out yet. Just read till the mid 3rd page everyone!

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