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Great story

I liked it. I try to read here often and I can't say this is plagiarized. I think you did a fine job in being descriptive of the characters with out the pitfalls of the 16 inch dicks and the constant relationship reminders like bro, sis, and son.

That being said I would read a sequel, might be fun to see where you take the relationship as well as the girlfriend.

Possible idea

Maybe in a new story miranda decides to move in with curtis, his mother, and ellie. So that they are one big fuck family. And ellie finally becomes curtis' fourth bitch. They all libe together, having orgies or going to separate rooms. But either way. They satisfy all of their needs. Mom fucks son, miranda fucks son, ellie fucks son, ellie fucks miranda, ellie fucks mom, and miranda is moms bitch. It all works. But ill let you do what you wanna do. Im Just making a single statement. And I hope you arent mad that im suggesting so much


I loved your story it was really something how you slowly worked up to their love making. It seemed like something that could really happen.

5 stars

loved it. i hope we'll see part 2 with the three of them. please?

Great story - well written - great to see David's Mom finally gave in; maybe she had planned it this way all along ! I hope the next chapter goes in more personal details and that they both want to keep doing sexual activities when they get home. She teaches him and he shows her what he wants and can do too. They can have a lot of fun if they do it right. David needs to screw her senseless once they get home. Make her want his body and show him some new tricks too. Thank you.

Please learn to write

...before submitting a story to ANY website.

Sheesh, my DOG could write better than this shit.

Mmmm that turned me on

Omg I wish I can get fucked so hard in
My tight pussie like that right now


something is missing - - - oh it's the story.

Roses are for lovers

Skiing is for sport buffs - sex with mom is for those needing love in the hardest of ways. Terrific writing...keep up the great work.


YES. Having the main character as a spectator for a whole chapter is very annoying. It would have been much more interesting if Stephan had been included in their orgy. By your own writing, Oma could control what they would remember afterward and three eager cocks could very well take care of two voracious cunts. I've read this whole series more than once, now, and Oma never really teaches him anything except to become transparent, give a woman an orgasm, and bring down lightening from thunderclouds when he cums. Everything else Oma does herself while claiming that Grandson is a powerful healing wizard.

She Needs A Hard Brother In Her Pussy

She Needs A Hard Brother In Her Pussy
Go to next chapter PLEASE

Throbbing Dick

That's fucking sexxi and alluring got my dick flowing with blood getting bigger and thicker as I read on making me want to fuck and use hypnosis 8=========)~~~


That's it, just stupid. Not worth any further comment.

please continue! I loved it

Weekend Ski rip

another anonymous missed the disclaimer about the LIONS. Poor guy stroking himself over David instead of Mom.
NS1960, this is another of your great stories!

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