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GREAT STORY ! ! All FOUR of Them ! !

Your writing is great. You have done a marvelous job of making the series seemless and cohesive. Enjoyed reading.

Fun Story

This chapter was quite fun and I am heading off to read Shower Seduction. I don't see Dommy Mommy listed as being available. Is it waiting for approval?

How old are you?

You sound about 12 and your paragraphs are 1-3 very long sentences.


Either you're hella old or a foreigner because NO ONE uses colored/coloured anymore to describe black people (unless you're a racist or a bigot) and for the love of god get a damned editor because your story makes no damn sense! It's all over the place because of poor spelling, incorrect word choices, missing words, unneeded words and misused phrases (Ex: side blinded, what the hell is that?!? The correct term is blind sided!).

I like how this is going! Any chance of Sharon seducing her mom?

Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

Such a good story. The conflicting emotions of love and wanting to do the 'right thing'. The story is so well written that you can feel Jeff's emotions and his love for Dawn as well as Dawn's love and her mis-guided willingness to sacrifice her love so that her Jeff doesn't face any issues in his professional career.

I loved the part where their dad wakes up to the fact the Jeff and Dawn love each other when he sees the Mother's wedding ring on Dawn's finger after he had given it to Jeff. And that the father is the catalyst that forces Dawn to accept her love for Jeff when he asks her 'do you love him'.

Great story.....

Was good til the 12in dick,plus are we using british wieghts and American lengths

5 stars

More, please, it was really good story, keep them fucking and making love to each other, move Carl out of the picture, get her pregnant and...

2 inches?

Funny how a cock can go from 8 inches on page one to 10 inches on page 2... :]


is not the same as lack of knowledge. TK U MLJ LV NV

Next chapter please!!


Okay she says she isn't wearing panties but he touches her knickers commenting I knew they'd be wet. He had NO idea they'd be wet because he thought she wasn't wearing any. Then the story changes from first person to third halfway though. one star


This is just the right amount of story and sex. I am not sure if I should virtually kiss you or demand that you publish the next chapter. Please keep up the great work.

Excellent Story

The storyline is good and the descriptive writing is excellent. The dialog between Kate and Danny sounds real as in real conversations. The sex is erotic. What more could you want from erotic literature.

One Anon comment mentions the lack of love, but for me the love is obvious as the relationship develops between Danny and Kate and is stated by Danny in the closing narrative where he says that Kate has gotten under his skin and that he plans to keep her.

It's a real pity that SarCatsm, the author, hasn't written anymore stories, definitely has talent as an author.


Gayla's boyfriend is Jason, Tommy, and Brad. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds but settling on one name for her ONE boyfriend would be nice. Otherwise, quite enjoyable. Note to outraged commentators, wifey 3 was also screwing her brothers while she was married. A no no. Twits.

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