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I loved it when Summer shoved fifteen lit cigars up Sonny's shit covered SMELLY ANUS. It was great when she sucked the DISGUSTING PUTRID PUS out of the sores on his GANGRENE COVERED PRICK. Great story, Grandma ssys.

I loved your other stories so I clicked this as soon as I saw your name. However, one of the things I loved most about the other stories was how much the married mothers loved swallowing cum from other men, especially for their sons. I would love if this got another chapter with extramarital, and better yet, incestuous cum swallowing.


Very moving story. Would have to be the best I have read on this site. Very sensitively handled of a disabled person. Well done and please write more


It's been about 5 months since this was posted...where's the rest of the story?? Please say there will be many more chapters to this!!!

extremely stupid


Are you people saying positive things about this garbage completely retarded?

This. Is. Crap.

The past

becomes the present


This was great. It was like a set-up for more examination as to how these two characters manage their relationship, particularly as it relates to other people in their lives. 5* from me.


I am in agreement with other comments as it was rushed from auction onwards.
It was a truly a beautiful it of writing until the end, i feel a little robbed to be honest.
If you were to go back and review your ending stretching it out and adding maybe 2/3 pages more with more description of how Summer felt, during and after sex, perhaps the word "cunt" is out of context of your writing, change it over to an alternative word such as "her sex" consumed me or her "love tunnel" anything but cunt.
As i say great story, loved it except the rushed ending 4*, lost one for rushing, soz !!


This story was a wonderful story. It had great build up of the characters, their flaws, etc. I think from the time of the auction to the end was a tad rushed. Some extra build up to bring the couple to fruition would have been nice. However, it doesn't destroy what was written. 5*.

Terrible grammer

Not a bad story, but your use of pronouns is terrible. Did you skip all grammar classes in school? The proper use of "I" and "me" would make your writing much more enjoyable.

Hot, but unrealistic

some of their actions and comments are jarring and unbelievable. they distract from the writing.which is good. Very good descriptions. Loved the title..

like when discovered she says "Why don't you strip..." who asks visitors to take their clothes off?

the guy is fixated on her thigh/torso joint and wants to apply sunscreen...Weird.
she replies, "Great idea" sounds like a bad porno movie

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