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My vote: Lap of Luxury... then more from there. I LOVE this series!

Great Read!

Thanks for posting :)


That was probably the writer getting this story mixed up with "Wedding Party" one of his previous works. The brother is named David.


such a loving and erotic tale. thank you

fuck me that was shit

Thanks for the quick turnabout with the next chapter. It would be helpful for the picture in my mind's eye if you gave some description of how big Melinda's tits were or Dylan's cock. They don't have to be gargantuan but big is good. Just a suggestion for the next chapter.

I'm Jealous

That's all - just I'm jealous

Love it.

Thanks for keeping the story alive.

Dripping cock

Oh my don't know if I have read a great story like this one before ,don't know if I want to be the dad or son !! But I'm rock hard And my cock is dripping it tastes great,

A Great Beginning

I loved it, but with one disappointment. I have never had, and almost certainly never will have, a hand job as exquisite as the one you describe. I am forced to wonder how many men who read this will show it to their wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, as an instruction manual to be studied, learned and acted upon.
As for any negative comments that may have been posted, this is fiction, fantasy, and it is the author's story which will go wherever and however the author chooses. It isn't meant to reflect real life, just the author's mind. If every story had to be the way one particular 'anonymous' seems to want then there would be a lot of boring work on here.


This exact story (word for word) was submitted back in 2008 by MrJDoe. Either new handle by original author or case of the blatant stealing of someone else's work.

Bountyhunter310, please clarify this for your own reputation.



I read this twice fingering my cnt thinking things.
lets chat xxx

Such HOT naughtiness....

...getting your sexy sister pregnant on purpose!!!!

Make up your mind...

…are you going to write in first or third person. One sentence says Dave did this or that then the next says I did this or that. Extremely confusing!

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