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Sexy, titillating, teasing, just about everything a good erotic story should be. I love the way you set the mood and would give anything to have a niece, cousin, friend like Wendy. Love the dirty chat as she let him see her 'secret' while he wanked... great... just great!

Egregious errors with character names and relationships!

Ellen becomes Rachael -AND- 18 year old Sylvia is first Aunt Em's daughter then Ellen/Rachael's! Confusing to point I gave up on this series.


Nice, could even be a true story?


Warming to your style Mary. So many of your stories don't even have fucking in them yet are so arousing. A great read, looking forward to catching up with the rest.


not the k rudd you're looking for.

Couldn't get the image of the previous Australian prime minister out of my head.


Oh god another long winded list of names looking like some porn star. Cut the lenth take out at least half the names then reduce them again,it might then make sense. This does not read anything like a story more a daybream list of wet dreams. 4 x men 22 x women = no chance. Then there appears a floating island in internatinal waters that then made a totally unbelevable pile of rubbish a total farce. Give up now before it gets even worse.

short and sweet

Stephen is one focused young motherfucker. He's hardly inside the door before he's inside his mom. What the boy's got between his legs is way way up between his mother's legs. "I swear I could feel the head of my cock rubbing against her womb." Yep the brazen young fellow's up his own mother's cunt, up to his balls. Mom's a rag doll to his powerful prick, he blows his balls up the same hole he came out of any old time he fucking feels like it. The perfect mother and son relationship.

please continue.


Write more stories about Father/daughter incest. Please! They always get me off, I'm always dripping and begging for more! My fingers always trail down to my clit and leave me in ecstasy.


Can barrvley thpe. Oiut of vreathhh. Good job

Very Good Effort

A Very good effort for your first post.

Can't wait to read the follow up and where you take the story line, incest, threesomes, foursomes, the possibilities are endless.

5 stars

loved it. thank you.

Wow... I just.... Wow...

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