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Sisters hair.

Great story. Enjoy the love and romance parts of your stories. If the sister had founda blond wig in the house?

Ka mina keppisin oma ema

Minu unistus täitus ka 15 aastaselt oma ema keppida.Algul ma masturbeerisin,ema foto käes.Ema leidis oma foto minu taskust,ja küsis,miks püksid plekilised on,kui ta pesu pesi ning sai juba aru.Õhtul tuli minu voodi ja küsis,emastant kas ma armastan oma ema.Ütlesin jah ja minu käsi oli juba ema püksis,nii me siis ajasime seda asja.Väga põnev oli esimest korda ema keppida.Seda keppimist jagus meil aastateks.

its a trap

this is bad. i made it to somewhere on page 14. i thougt the writer was a woman with all the wardrobe shit going on.
no story here, just constant sumations of what things look like.
he goes on a plane he goes on a boat he goes to a house het gets a million injections of stuf im not sure why etc etc etc

Star-crossed lovers...

Good story line... I still hate the insensitive jerks... I would love to see the lovers get together...

Very good

Very sexy stoty 12EB


He needs to finish her. Not allow anyone else to touch and take her. She must be his. Alex can't be left off like that.

Fun And Funny

My first dip into your work, and it was delightful! Thanks, and bring on chapter 2!

Thank you

Please write more of this story.

I like it.

I'd enjoy seeing this story continue.

Gosh, this is good

I love stories set in a dystopian society such as this. So kinky. Thanks.

Yup, too short.

Too short. I don't understand why authors drag stories out, one or two pages at a time per chapter and then have lots of chapters. Oh well, what do I know?

To those that enjoy my stories thank you hope you keep reading, and to those that do not deal with it. Move along its just a story one I chose to write rather or not you like it. And to that one that is offended suck it up or don't read it there's a bunch of other stories to choose from. Oh and yes an edited verison is coming soon maybe within a week. That is all.

I am looking at this and wondering...

When are they going to kick the losers that take advantage of them to the curb, and enjoy each other. I can't wait!

Good, BUT

The setting was original and the story was peppered with details which made it feel realistic. It's a fine story overall.

But people are right to call you out on the story category. There's a reason why there are separate sections for Mature and Incest. To be blunt, people expect forbidden fruit and you give them floppy breasts instead.

And the tags - "lesbian incest", "lesbian threesome", "mother daughter sex"? Did I read the wrong story, or am I being lied to?

next part(s) awaited anxiously

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