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Let's be real.

I know it's just a story, but for fuck's sake, let's be real.. what kind of red blooded male doesn't want this kind of attention? any normal ones would fuck each of them, so I'm guessing this guy is a fucking bitch faggot who needs to come out of the closet already.

Group pregnancy idea was stupid and anti-climactic

I almost stopped reading because the suspense you created drove me nuts. I skipped ahead to find out the secret and it was a let down. If i had read normally i would end up cursing your name. Ill go back to reading from the beginning

I hope part 2 is in the works.

Please don't stop, keep writing more chapters


I am glad you enjoyed it. It was a bit different from what I normally write. I am thinking of another chapter but it depends on the ratings and comments.

In the story

If you really read the story it says who Mary is. Interesting story. Much better than the previous trash you wrote. I'd love to see how this story plays out. 3 stars


The best chapter of the three!

Although I liked the previous two chapters (having just finished reading all 3) I much preferred this one and it shows your jump in skill. The characters across the whole story were likeable and complicated enough without being too tiresome but still felt a little 1-dimensional in places. It may have been because you were juggling 6 main characters that some drifted into the background a little too often, predominantly Sylvia and Lucy (in my opinion).

I struggled getting a read on the situation when I first started because it felt like an American setting but was told with British spelling and slang and I only just realised when "the dunny" was mentioned that you're an 'Aussie' and everything made sense. I could even picture the school uniforms better!

It's probably only in the early chapters but there were a few instances where names were mixed up when describing situations and it became very confusing. Now I realise that was over 8 years ago, so you've probably realised it but nonetheless, that's the kind of shit that breaks the illusion of reading. Other than that I can't offer any more criticism that hasn't been offered already, like darkrooms aren't totally dark and you can see what's on film before you develop a photo just from the projection on the paper.

Thanks for the story, I'll definitely look at more of your work from reading this! Keep up the good work!

More please

This could be a very hot sexy story. I hope you write more of it real soon.


Nice read and enjoyed description of characters. Perky and horny.

5 stars

i really like the story. definitely another chapter - maybe even 2! certainly not annoying - although the prior comments by "something" are!!! it could have been longer, with both a little more tease and a little more sex. but it was sexy and fun.


Thank goodness you are in the minority. By the way, "kinda" sounds a little archaic.


What a touching love story with a little sex thrown in. You had me all emotional and... Well done. Very well done.

So the son never loved his mom I guess.he went from being a son to asshole in no time and never thought strange his mom was stripping in front of him

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