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you need to continue this series and make each chapter at least 2 pages.


but hated the ending

I loved the dollification!

Hi Mary,

Thanks for another naughty tale. It's so wrong, but so much fun to read! I loved it!

The truth or dare

The first part of story sounds like a script copy of a incest porn made n shown on hornbunny xxx n pornhub
But u added a different ending


Where were you when I wintered in Chula Vista

Good imagination and potential. Moms often feel like helping son with his issue. A wide range of techniques have been used with success without going all the way.

Some son's have been confronted with the question "So are you going to tell me about my panties you've been stealing from the laundry?" More often mom knows and plays along leaving juicy panties from time to time to reward son.

One page chapters dont give you readers enough time to slide into the world your creating.

Beautifully Erotic

A beautifully taboo story and wonderfully written. I do hope you continue with this one and very much look forward to the next episode!

It's okay and I like the basis but as others said you should lose the constant mommy. Some kids even as adults call their parents mommy and daddy.


I am a Trekkie and had a hard time putting this down. I went to bed late and got up early "thinking" about this story! I LOVED it!! Everything bout this story was just wonderful and if you ever decide to write and get published, I want to know the names of your books so I can buy them. You are an excellent storyteller and your thoughts just flow. Please write more whether it's for a contest or not. Thank you!


Hot & sexy!
I want to be Lexi!


I couldnt find chapter 3 and can't believe the way this ended there is so much more to it what happens next..

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