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Another erection destroying masterpiece, Silk Stokings Lover

You worked your fucking magic on my erect penis again, SSL!!!!! Three ejaculations happened because of my reading this masterpiece of sexual seriousness!

Fuck!!! Your stuff ALWAYS does that to my tired old cock - I can always feel twenty years younger reading your fuck tales. Yo really must be the best fuck on earth to write about it so authoritatively and I have to really envy YOUR fuck partner. Give him (or her) my best - and fuck on - but keep telling us about it!!!!!!

Fantastically written story

Well developed and thought through with meaningful suspense and happy ending.


Maybe do a recap on the water taxi before they get off where they trade numbers and email while agreeing to stay in touch. This way you can branch off to different stories where they go to visit or come to visit the other person for others. Or maybe even have one of them become pregnant and since all 4 guys had cum in her, she does not know who the father might be. You also commented where 2 of the other said she wanted to do her brother, and the other said so do I where it happens by surprise or maybe all 4 of them do the brother at a house party.

Please continue

Re-resd chapters 1-5 and just finished this chapter. I love the whole series. Please continue with the series. The story is very interesting and the sex is great. Maybe in an other chapter or two the foursome could become a true family with all three ladies wanting to have children with you. Just a thought!

great story, mmmmmm


What crap of an ending.

too bad...

the condom didn't fail...that would make it perfect


Please continue after they get home with lots of suntan hose teasing and play!


Can't wait for the next episode. Back at the resort or when they cum home. Does Lily want to fill in all the years that she missed. Will Mason become her dominant. Can't wait.

completely unreadable

You need to divide your writing into paragraphs. These huge blocks are impossible to follow. There didn't seem to be a plot at all, so why read this, even as a non-erotic story (which is NOT why I go to Literotica). What little I read made no sense. You speak of a nudist resort, but not topless? Ummm, nudists are topless, as well as bottomless. Nude. Understand now?


"Polak," is a racial slur. Correctly put, "Polish through and through"

Actually enjoying the slow burn

An excellent story so far and I'm actually enjoying the slow burn and the story being told from one side of a letter correspondence (or maybe email in this day in age. It raises the mystery of who she is writting to.

Love it

Hello i love this story sent you a pm with some story line ideas for future chapters of this story kisses Carol

Ohs uch a good mom.....keep it cumming...

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