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If the twins are brother & sister, then they're fraternal twins (two separate eggs that were fertilized simultaneously). Identical twins are always the same sex (one fertilized egg that split in two).

Very good but....

I one part you failed to a deal with is the parents finding out.Ive been married to my sister for 40 years.We told our parents before we did anything sexual and world war 3 broke out.Mom already knew how sis felt about me but dad went mad.We had to leave home and move across the country to be safe together.Its not a game.We have never told anyone.


The lol applies to both the third act and the dipshits who expected the amateur incest smut story to follow the rules of consent.

Editing Editing Editing!!!!

It's REALLY distracting to have a story go from third to first person and back again in 2 paragraphs!! Plus, spelling DOES matter--- Sam is NOT the same as 'same'! The story reads like you had multiple drafts, one done in first person and one in third, and you ended up mashing them together.... Plus, the characters make no sense.... Amy's all excited about her evening in the beginning then when she gets there, the story reads like she has no real clue how the evening will go. Sorry..... NOT a good one.

If only that would work

I would have loved to been able to have done the same with my mom or sister. Very hot story indeed. I so loved the story, even as I thought it may be his mom, and he had no clue at all. Thank you for sharing it with us. Reading your note at the end of the story I seen it is the second time I saw where your wife had some serious health issues and I'm so glad she pulled through and hope she is still doing good still yet. And, you are so write about life being short. I tell my wife how much I love her, and show her, my love for her sevral times a day. Again thank you for such a story.

Good start. . needs some spicing up. . .to get it more interesting. . . Would love to be Vanessa. . Looking forward to reading the next part of this story.

An excellent telling of the dark side of incestusl sbuse

This is a cathartic tale told by a writer with very real story telling ability. I believe that we shall be privileged to share her talent as her stories grow. *****

Best stories on Literotica

Let the critics go read Shakespeare. You continue to write as you have been because there a lot of us that enjoy the hell out of it.
Love the slutty, submissive Mother and how she is continued to be used. She loves it, and can't get enough, even though she knows it is wrong.

Nothing to read here, move along

I suppose this was as far as you got before you jacked off and ended the story?

more, please!

love every chapter of your story. it takes me back to that time in my own life, but a much different story. i love your recounting and all the family interactions. so much love and caring. i would have loved being a part of that family.
keep those chapters coming... thank you for you time and effort in telling it all so well.

I did it with my Dad also

I know where you are coming from. I was 18 when I had sex with my dad. Even though I had my first male to male sexual experience a few years earlier, the thought of doing it with dad never crossed my mine. One day my dad comes up to me and says to me that he heard that I was gay. I didn't deny it, so he took it as a yes. Him and I were the only ones at home at the time. He takes me into my bedroom, locks the door and tells me to get naked. He takes his clothes off also and I can see he has a hard on. "Get down on your knees, and give your daddy a blowjob", he says. The rest is history as the saying goes.


Ran across some writing errors, otherwise I was very pleased. 5💥's

Grad Trip

Delightful reading of your five star story of a trip for a daughter who employs love and lustful romance for her father. The trip to Paris and the rest of Europe seemed to be to fast and hurried to end the story. Still it was a delight to read.

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