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This plagiarizes Playing With Matches — Big Ones byVan Horne. What's the point? Just credit the original author or come up with your own shit. So lame.

lucky boy. his mom loved him so much to help him with life stuff.

good story, btw its quiet, not 'quite'. all in all, it got me hard and would like more, i wonder how the mom got the bunny suit ;)

Loved it

Thank you for a well written story. Ending was a bit abrupt

Once again, page 2

Just like the other story I read about Caitlyn and "Daddy", I gave up after page 2. WAY TOOOO MUCH DETAIL of boring stuff. I guess I can delete you from my list of "authors" to read. Yes I like a build up but 7 pages?? Time to move on and find someone who can hold my interest.

Mine still works...

Yeech! Though you used terms like cock, cum and suck, your writing about this bazaar adventure remained sophisticated and at the same time licentious. I masturbate about every 10-14 days for prostate health and, of course, pleasure. I'm over 70 but have not lost one bit of my libido. To get my penis erect, I need to apply lube and fondle the glans until it becomes hard enough to stroke effectively. When I read this story, I became as hard as I ever get without touching myself. Seldom does that happen and feeling my penis swell inside my warm and wet diaper (that's another story) and achieving more than tumescence was a joy. In fact, when Mom took her son in her mouth, I detected some oozing precum. I was left with little choice but to finish myself off. I hope I get to read some sequels. Keep your descriptions of their adventures sophisticated. Sometimes less is more. And thanks for the chance to pleasure unexpectedly at three in the Morning!

Page 2

The only reason I made it past page 2 was so I could come here to post a comment. Not worth finishing. I hate when people allow themselves to be treated this way. I was thinking you had some really hot sounding stories on your page but now I'm not so sure any of them are worth reading after this. 1 star was all I could give...too bad there wasn't a negative star. Sorry.

Dark tale to be sure

The category is incest as well as taboo. The main character believed Brandy to be his aunt for years, and until the accident, he thought of her that way; yes, the actual incest was second-hand, Brandy telling of his mother and her being past lovers. It still fits the taboo.

Difficult read, more for the main character's initial anger, but MSTarot did a good job conveying a lot of trauma in a short space. Kids would be a good end, if nothing else, to create namesakes for the family they both lost, and help him with final healing - Wendy, Ruth, and no less, Jennifer, the girl he probably would have married if things had gone differently.

The spelling and grammar issues are well taken, but if the story is good enough, I'm willing to give a pass on such if the story is well written and characters are believable. For the meat of the tale, it probably could have used a bit more filling out, as it seemed rushed in places, trying to cover so much emotional change in a short space.

Yes, it could use an editor, but since this is all free, finding a volunteer who will help with reading and/or editing erotica can be a real challenge.

For the other recent commentator -
The unwelcome homophobia doesn't belong here on Lit; what was described here was second hand, so no need to get your knickers in a twist. Homosexuality and lesbianism hasn't been listed as a mental illness for decades now. Leviticus 18:22 is religious doctrine, not accepted medical or psychological practice. Lit actually has categories for gay and lesbian tales. Imagine that! Before you condemn gays or writers who indirectly describe gay relationships, consider Matthew 5:41, about walking in the shoes of another person; and Matthew 7:5 and Luke 6:42 about making judgments. Love between consenting adults is where you find it; the real morality is found in what do you do to make it happen. Before I relinquish the soapbox, I want to point out that NO ONE is asking that you enjoy such literary imagery; if it offends you, simply move on. But please keep the hate at home. Better yet, let it go.

MSTarot, thank you for sharing. 5*

Good story, but...

Not to put too fine a point on this, but how dissapointing that you leave the old man out in the cold with the son dominating his wife. I know the section is Incest/Taboo, but that 'Master' comment at the end heavily suggests that daddy dear is now second fiddle, which is disheartening if not especially important. Still, as always good work!

Very arousing and so much potential !! A sister who very willing to suck off her brother and likes cum. Then she also wants him to cum in her and he really likes to eat her out too !! The best situation and they can have all kind of fun. Cannot wait to see what they do when their parents leave. Some added details and more please. Thanks.

a sexy story

I really like this story. Yes it has mistakes and a proof read might of got most of them. But in the end it was a very sexy story that is right up there with my fantasy

What a great story

Outstanding, awesome and about 50 other superlatives great story build up and the eroticism was perfect

Good except for the end.

The story was great except for the part about her looking at you at the end. Leave that out. The story's best element is the fact that you are secretly watching them. You are seeing something intimate that you are not supposed to be seeing. It loses a little bit of its magic if she knew you were watching the whole time.

Right to Favorites!

Well done, tracker99504! I love the incest stories on Literotica and this series is one of the best. Back in the day (over 25 years ago) I had a long term relationship with a girl who used to work with me at a popular women's shoe store. It started when she made an excuse to stay after closing while I was doing the daily report and, yadda yadda yadda, we wound up making out for 20 or 30 minutes. We carried on like this for a month or so, with things going no further than me getting my hand under her blouse on her perky little titties.

Eventually, we progressed to living together in a one-bedroom apartment. I discovered her penchant for getting spanked when she walked naked into the living room while I had the White Sox game on the tube, and started to tidy up. When she blocked my view of the set, I gave her a swat on her behind to get her to move. I was quite surprised when she froze and gasped loudly. She closed her eyes and backed her ass toward me. Instinctively, I gave her another slap on her butt and got the same reaction.

She continued to block my view, just asking for a third blow to her ass. I finally got the hint and pulled her over my knee and delivered about 20 slaps to her rapidly reddening rear end. By the time I stopped, she was actually quivering. I didn't want to waste any time moving to the bedroom. I moved her off my lap, dropped my shorts and took her doggy-style right there on the floor. I couldn't believe how wet she was.

From that day on, every week or so we'd spice up our sex life with a spanking. I got pretty good and making her ass glow red without doing any actual damage. We stayed together for over two years. And to this day, I don't know why we broke up. Although, if I'm honest with myself, it was probably my fault. Too bad for me.


I was brung up in the Fundamentalist Independant Christian Church. It doesn't matter which one. There are many flavors (like ice cream) and they all have their own "texture". I saw myself and joine in some of these. It doesn't mean anything that this is a story about Christians. Islamic congregations, Buddist, any one of them. Anywhere folks gather, you'll find different perversions or what ever you choose to call them. I call them personal choices. Heather here, for example, seems to perfectly enjoy her life. It is fulfilling for her, she knows her job, she's aware of what Jesus and the Finger of God can do for her, and she has her own place. I knew a lot of women kind of like this. A very few left or wanted to leave church, but most found happiness in the life they had. When the hubby went after a younger girl, well, thats just more time she'd have to herself and Jesus. You take Methodists. They're more mild in manner - on the outside. But they're plenty intense on the insides and Methodist women are like tigers without the restrictions of Baptists. So, they all different. But they just people. I like this.


তের লযয শরম বলতে কিছু নেই? বনের সাথে খারাপ কাজ করে দিন কাটাশ? বাংলাকি এসবের জন্য?

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