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hot stuff

Carry on expand the group orgy style


I think your best avenue would be if she takes initiative. If she gets pregnant she can blame it on a college fling. "You already came in me." Type thing.

AWESOME except for the golden shower

Can't wait for the next chapter.
Hurry and keep going


A lot of stories on here skip the best part of taboo stories... the slow build and the breaking of barriers. Excellent job up to this part. Can't wait for more!

Where's part two?!

Pretty Good

Looking forward to part 2.


Always get a rock hard cock reading your stories. Would love to read more if Bill chooses to relate more stories to you

Five stars, more if it was possible just hope there's lots more of this story to come.

Lame Story

No payoff at the end. The whole two daughters thing is totally lame. If the mistress just came back with no daughter of her own and made Kelly her slave, it would be so much more focused. The total debasement of Sandra and her daughter would be a better ending. She should have them both tattooed as her slaves and then make them incestuous.

Good but no t great

Sure you can move on with next chapter

Beautiful story of love

All brothers and sisters should invite a friend for an uninhibited love affair.

need more......

Great story......just need to keep going with it.........

Doing just fine until...

The story was doing just fine until the water sports. You lost me there.

Where is that patreon so that you can write more??? Your stories never dissapoint. Keep up the good work, we all wish you the best ♡

Loved it

Nice story, good length. Very descriptive without any BS. Hot and sexy.

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