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re: taco1085 and others that want more.....

He did do another story. Read My Sister Eva Continues It All

could have been a 5 IMHO, but only gave it a 3

I have read and mostly enjoyed the series. I grew up in the same time period as the story. The downer for me was smoking. IMHO I feel it did nothing to ad to the story, only take away from it. I grew up in a home where one of my parents smoked and found it disgusting.

(IMHO = in my humble opinion)

A minor correction...

In SEVERAL places, your narrator refers to "my parent's house"

"my parent's house" means " the house of my parent (singular)".
"my parents' house" (note the moved apostrophe) means "the home of my parents (plural)".

Since the narrator has TWO parents, and they both live in said house, you should use the latter (with the apostrophe AFTER the "s")

It's a minor mistake, but it happened SEVERAL times in this chapter.

Other than that, I enjoyed it and will now read Chapter 02!



You have a good start with this story. All stories are not for all readers, so don't let those who were so critical get you down. I find you have a certain flair in your writing which is refreshing. Keep trying and you'll only get better. Looking forward to finding out more about this sexy tale. (or should I say tail?)


Hey Koriander
I just chanced across your story and, like Shelleysgirl, I read it in one sitting and I must confess it left me very aroused (now I have images of latex nuns in my mind lol).
I know that you have planned other chapters and either writer's block, work or the general malaise that is life has got to you. I hope that you take up the electronic pen and resume your tale.
Alexandra x

I like it when my mom gets horny!

My mom wouldn't wear her bra, or panties, when she was horny, it made things less complicated. When she'd bend over I'd lift up her saree and enter her dark haired pussy from behind. After I got into a rhythm, I'd reach up and grab her nice tits as I thrust my hard cock up into her. My mom would call out, "Oh Sami, you make me feel so good!" "Oh, oh, Sami, oh, oh, oh!" I would just keep fucking her harder until she was almost screaming, then I would cum deep inside her tight pussy.

no more.

what a load of crap. this isn't a part of anything. more like part 0.1 don't bother posting anouther bit, would of marked it 0.1
again crap.

This one took several days to process so I've already got ~4 literotica pages worth of chapter 3 finished. I'm getting better at putting my thoughts into words and just writing the story and going back to add flavor.

Chapter 3 should appeal to the romantics on this website but sadly Erik and Chloe's behavior is still going to be limited to the house, at least for now. Sorry :(

Great storie

I love stories like this you go in depth with the characters


This was a great story in the beginning finally I thought 2 siblings that were going to make it together only thing for them is to tell mum but then you messed everything up with different people involved. Don't like it messed with my head. Jumped to last paragraph to see if the 2 siblings make it but to find his mum and only one mention of Ashley and not even told mum. Sorry rotten story.

Tears of Love

I loved your story better than all the others I have read. I have read them in listed order.
This one brought tears, literally. It was the tenderest of love stories.

I really enjoyed this story, amazing writing!

I just sent in another chapter.

I'm not sure when I'll stop writing. It's become so cathartic now, I think I NEED to write about my life. Thanks very much and it should be up in a few days.

5 stars


Hot and juicy. Bang bang.


Excellent job this story was fantastic. Thank you so much.

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