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It can happen

While an age difference of only thirteen years is rare in western society, I have known it to happen and was once involved in a custody battle between child welfare and the grandparents where that was an issue. Actually, given the likelihood of a girl that young having no knowledge of birth control, it is a more likely difference than, say, fifteen or sixteen years.

Age difference?

Could you make mom a little older or son a bit younger? Age difference of 13 years between mother and son does not seem right.


I tried to read your story, but I drowned in an oceans of unneeded commas!

Good Story, But...

This was a hot story - and it certainly did the job! However, I didn't really buy the tonal shift in the middle between the "asshole son blackmails mother" to "son comforts betrayed mother". For me the hotness comes from the relationship between the characters, and if there's no consistency, then that gets in the way for me. But this was awesome -- please keep writing!

Good Read ***

Thanks for sharing.

Another 5 star read.

Well done, can't wait for the next chapter...

Haven't finished yet but

Just so you know, the numbers you put forward make it so that the mother had the son at 13 years old.

Mother Love

My mother was teaching me to dance and we had a few drinks and ended up on the bed and we fucked for ages.Later we were upset about it,l had always had love for my mother who was 19 years older than me at aged 37.My dad had left with his secretary, so mum was frustrated. A few weeks later she found that she was pregnant.We moved to a new area and told everyone we were married and we carried on as a family. Our son is now 40 and we have a daughter aged 36.l am 58 and my mom is 77 and we still have a healthy sex life.

One possible conclusion

Jesse does become pregnant with Mike's child but through a DNA test they find out that Jesse isn't Mike's daughter but his brothers daughter.

Very good story and first effort. I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future. Well done

I was worried

It seemed like Katie was going to lose Jim to Sally. I really thought that Katie's expanded attitude was going to get her in trouble, perhaps with her cheating on Jim. I'm very glad that it didn't turn out that way.

only two realistic endings for mike............

cure him of his mental illness so he divorces jen and move on with jasmine when he realises that she appreciates him............


he loses all hope and commits suicide because he refuses to believe he has any worth left as a man or even as a human being.............

that is what you have written so far because no man could tolerate the level of mental emotional and even some physical abuse that you have put mike thru in this story without snapping. he shows all the signs of ptsd and yet they keep heaping the abuse on him with no regard for his mental or emotional state.
yea this is a story but if this happened in real life he would have either taken his own life or killed everyone else and then took his own life. its a good thing this is fiction i guess.....................

keep going please

I think this story was awesome please keep it going

Moving in the right direction

The last few pages of this story was hot! Jesse and her dad's roleplay makes for a great read. Hope Jen joins in more aggressively. Please don't end this series so quickly. I think the week leading up to Vegas has huge potential especially with Jesse upping the game with Mike now.

The one grouse we have: don't make us wait so long for the next chapter.

Good story

This was one good story. The sex scenes were spot on. I liked that you did not rush things. Keep writing.

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