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Several of your stories have been excellent. Much as others complain that they are too short, I think they work as one-pagers, leaving the reader wondering about what is to come, even if it will never be described for them.

This part of the story wasn't as compelling on it's own, for some reason, though. I'm not sure how to articulate what is missing (in comparison to the first chapter, and some of your other stories, so this is a high bar.) It feels like it could have been left out, and just jumped to chapter 3, where you would just mention what had preceded it.


The concept of a Term paper type of story is very different.Travis is a very lucky youngster. He should be about worn out when the Professor gives him his A+ for the story.


bigpappi and Anon, I'm afraid I don't know of any quite like Anal Alice, or at least I've forgotten them. I know loads of good incest stories but I imagine you wanted more specific - otherwise you can just search on literotica for tags like anal incest etc.

Anon - No, writing another part to a story doesn't take that long if you just went from beginning to end and knew just what you were writing (and that it had nothing to do with the kind of mood you need to be in and stay in). But you're forgetting that us writers have a life, too. Even my spare time has other things to do. I'm not at the beck and call of my literotica audience - maybe if I was being paid for it, but I'm not being paid a cent. These are simply stories that I write and put up whenever I feel like it. Even if months go by without a part. That's just the way it is, unless you want to pay me for it, sorry.

So if it's bothering you too much, you could always write one yourself.


How many times is that word going to be used incorrectly! Tan is a colour, tanned refers to the skin colour or tone after sitting in the sunshine.


Wish it was me getting fucked and sucked, and a rim job too! Lucky mom. Betty

Erotic Master

This story is absolutely brilliant, the characters are believable [although outside my dull, normal experience :-( ]. However, as others have written - please don't leave us hanging there!!

Chapters are submitted

The entire series has been submitted for approval, so if it seems I am ignoring suggestions and comment that is why.

As for The relationship seeming "stilted", you should see Barbie also gets what she needs, it is a give and take; it is not all about Jay.

Beware of being to stilted

The conversations between Barbie and Jay seem a bit too stilled. Instead of being shorter and more informal in language structure and length, as people usually talk, the conversation seems more like the way to agents for professional athletes would talk. I also think Jay needs to "give" something in the discussion. He needs to in soft terms talk to his woman and let her know what is in it for her - love, companionship, commitment, etc. Don't let it slide to a stereotypical dom/sub relationship. These are two people who have much more than that and are forming a unique new relationship as man & woman. Not to be all constructive criticism - I love the plot development and the growth of the relationship. Let Jay show some love and tenderness soon.


I never thought reading a story here would get me interested in poetry of all things, but now I want to read some. This is one of the best stories on here. Please write more sister stories!

Spell Check

You need to check spelling (her fits). Good story other then some things like (and lined and lined up)


Too unrealistic to be arousing.

Utter rubish

A waste of time reading

Liked it!

Can't wait to see how it develops. Remember, he has a whole week alone with his now submissive mother

Not crazy about the hair thing

But the story had a great "climax".
Sorry bad joke.

Ignore the asshole w/ d gangbang fetish this is love story betwen mom n son... keep writing... i like how u made the story complicated from a simple seemingly plotless premise

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