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This story is soo erotically stimulating of the mind and body! (as well as the writer!!)

That was hot. I came long and hard while reading this one.

Great story

Articulate and well written, can't wait for the next chapters. Hot, hot, hot.


You're a hell of a writer and chose a smoking hot theme
A big thanks for this.

daughter POV

One of your chapters should be from the girl POV while the dad is in between

The best mother fucking setup ever

I felt that was really me fucking my real mother. Something that never could have happened except in such an excellently imagined story.

More mindless garbage

Doesn't anyone on here have an original thought? This has been done over and over. Think outside the box. Unless you are pandering to the mindless.

I think some readers must be insane

The negative commenters, that is. As far as I'm concerned, this is a creative, engrossing and word perfect story of hot motherfucking, and by a first-time contributor to boot. It's the tale of 18 year old Mike and his mother Emily, of their deep love and consuming lust. They fall into the hands of some semi-savage bikers, who are up for watching a good-looking kid fuck his own beautiful, voluptuous mother. (Well, frankly, who wouldn't be?) Slowly, the hidden urges of both emerge, first, during their kiss, of which the gifted author gives the most erotic description I've ever seen on Lit. Kissing his mom, really kissing her, gets young Mike harder than he's ever been in his life. He's just about ready to cream his shorts. But, steady, steady, mom knows there's lots more to do before her boy creams, and it won't be in his shorts. I like how Emily handles and squeezes her son's cute boyish butt (Mike likes that, too, a lot). When they get naked, things heat up a couple of notches. Most all mothers have a very special fondness for their male child's penis. Emily's in fucking love with her kid's fat nine-inch mommy-stuffer. "Everything about it was just the way I'd always imagined the perfect cock to be. It was straight. It was thick. It was about nine inches long, which is ideal for me. The veins looked like they were chiseled from granite. The head was like a plum. His balls were heavy with cum. It was everything I'd ever wanted in a cock." Holy shit, is this the kind of mom all boys dream of, or what? Mike's just as taken by the charms of the lovely body that birthed him, his mother's bountiful breasts that nourished him as a baby and inflame him now, and above all that magical hairy hole between her legs, the same hole he came out of 18 years before. No two ways about it, that cock belongs up that cunt. Up to Mike's heavy loaded teenage balls. Son and mom fuck, in utter love and utter lust. For each of them it's the only fuck they've ever had worthy of the name. Now Emily's crazy to get her kid's semen up inside her, she eggs Mike on, and after giving dear old mom a few great convulsive cums, Mike blows his balls and shoots his mommy full of the sperm she craves. Can anything match or even surpass this terrific story? My money's on the highly talented SS to certainly do the first and probably do the second.

please. more.

Basic thought organization and grammar

The idea in the story's theme sounds interesting but your sentence structure is weak and you need to learn how to use pronouns correctly. That was difficult to read; so much so that I finally gave up. Too bad, too.

Ignore the uhm, Visigoths

I think that some of the anonymous commenters belong to that motorcycle gang - shallow, mean-spirited and utterly lacking even one molecule of taste. The story is inventive, original and very well done. It draws you in fully from the get-go and is fully immersive. Absolutely 5 stars, without even the slightest question.

If I have one slight quibble, it would be the lack of resolution between the mom and son. In some ways, how you leave them could be true-to-life, but as a narrative, you establish such closeness between them, it is a bit (only a bit) dissatisfying that they don't come to a real resolution about what happened. The sex between them, the closeness they experience and the excellent evocation of the wrongness/hotness of what they do together requires a resolution of some sort. Part of me wants to see them back together in a sequel, but it's your story and characters, which you generally did very well.

Pay no attention to the barbarians who have to type with their left hands and wouldn't recognize a good piece of writing if it came up and bit them on the ass.


Very hot! Enjoyed both parts so far. Please continue.

Wups! Lol. Gotta love this sensibly devious girl out for her man, even if she is a plastic snooty stuck-up barbydoll!

Uhh it says chapter 2

to the comment below. Umm it's the 2nd chapter to the story. The first contains the backstory and whatnot and why he has all the stuff, not trying to be rude.

Needs part two and make story longer and let the tension build😉

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