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i am not impressed

nice idea, but bad porn story
too easy way from power failure to fuck

Fantastic story

Loved it, well written and easy to read. Sexy as all getout too.

People are so rude

No one pays you for this (or minimal), and no, stories don't just pop out in an hour. I liked the story. I especially liked how dad jerked off in his daughter's face as her eyes were closed. Don't sweat the occasional missed word, and tell the rude assholes to fuck themselves!!!

It's been over two years since this was published. You're still writing on the site as you just published a new story. Any chance for a chapter two in the near future?

Wonderful ending

Have tomagree with krakbak, you wrapped it up so nicely, but nothing happening wih Mrs Wilson. Should have mentioned something about the town blackballing her or something. Other then that i loved the story and hope you will maybe tell another chapter sometime in the future with the new store being opened. Thanks litfan!

Nicely written.

And Erin is one sexy slut. I have become aroused and will go and fuck my own Milf

I beleivet he word you are looking for is:


Father and daughter 'consummate' their lust.

I'm hooked

I think things have progressed too rapidly with Craig and his Mom. And Penny is just over-the-top. But this isn't my story, I'm just here for the ride.

I actually enjoyed the sex scene between Penny and Jack (in chapter 1), because that demonstrated that, although she deeply loves her brother and loves controlling her father, Penny is very much a horny slut, who will have sex with anyone who captures her fancy. She's not fully committed to anyone. Penny is very interested in controlling things with sex. Penny may go full on Domme with her mother. That's what her mother wants, to be Dominated. Mom may be able to get that from Craig. I doubt she can get that from her husband.

Obviously, you've set this story up to possibly include sex scenes with Aunt Joan, and Grandpa and his Housekeeper! I'm all for that.

My guess is that you will have a sex scene between Penny and her mother before this is over. I hope you at least have Craig and his Dad talk about sex with each other. I don't think it would be too much to have Craig and his Dad help jack each other off while watching Penny and Mom 69. Dad might even offer to blow Craig! Dad has probably done similar on the nude beaches in his wilder youth. And, after Penny pegs her Dad (and that is a scene I would like to read), I think Penny would want to see Craig fuck his father (because Penny is that wild, and I would like to see Penny try to talk her father and brother into that).

Like I said, it's your story. And I'm just here for the ride. But it's been a wild ride so far. So, I'm hoping for some exciting twists and turns before it comes to an end. All in all, I wouldn't mind it getting even wilder.

Great story

I just want to say thanks for an amazing to a great story that I have really enjoyed reading these past few weeks and would love to read more if you considered spin off stories following the characters as they go through life.
Thanks again for a great read

ch 12

Bring ch 12 quickly

I'd suspect it took a while to write this story. An hour or two, probably longer. And yet you couldn't be bothered to double check the description?


The inverse of "Never judge a book by it's cover" is "But, if the cover is fucked up, what do you want to bet the book is ALSO fucked up?"

(That falls under the category of (GI-GO) garbage in-garbage out.)

I'm not the first to point out the error, and you know I won't be the last.

Well Done

Litfan, you so nicely wrapped up this amazing story. My only quibble, is that there was no retribution mentioned for Mrs Wilson.
I will cherish, and revisit this story.
Thank you for an interesting, exciting, and well rounded literary adventure.


I can't wait to hear how fathers and daughters "consulate" their lust. Trips to overseas embassies, perhaps?

Great start

I've been teasing my step dad Rick for years now and wish I was this bold. I'm stacy18_bi at Hotmail if you want to hit me up. I'm a real daddy's girl!

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