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centrum is a crappy author...damn 40+year old hermit....

it's quite obvious that the author needs to be banned from this site. monkeys can write better stories. centrum seems to hate women...his stories portray women as helpless, confused and slutty. i wonder what centrum looks like. probably has a butt ugly face. come no centrum you can do better. at least we help you can. because reading your stories has been a waste of my time so far. how about writing a story where the women control your protagonist...that would be different.


you know it's a great story when after you vote 5, you favourite the author and look at his back stories to read. perfect.

Post as many as you want and finish them as you please.

Maybe just maybe annony will have a heart attack . gave you a 5

Loved it

A great story with a lot of emotion. There will be countless loads of semen wasted in many a mans hand over this story. The way you described his mother laying on her marital bed naked with her legs spread while her own son naked his erect manhood leading the way approaches the bed, climbs atop his own mother, and then mounts her was amazing. The fact that this mommy wants her son to impregnate her is very hot in itself but your storytelling really helped me get there. I loved how the son takes more control and mounts his mommy doggy style something mommy does not do with dad shows that jr has surpassed his cruel father and is now the man of the house sexually anyway. I want to read about the son hammering away on his mothers pussy while fondling her pregnant belly and milk engorged breasts. Great job, time to re-read this masterpiece and jerk myself off for the third time today. Mother son incest, impregnation there is nothing more sexy.

5 for effort and content

wish annony's comments would end, just end.

Continuity error

You mention that she is wearing thigh highs when she is experimenting with her first dildo (She strips down to just her thigh highs) But then later mention that she is learning what thigh highs are for the first time while going through her mothers lingerie.

Great job

One of the hottest mainstream movies to flirt with mother son incest. Thank you for this great alternate fantasy version. I agree with the previous anomyous that with mommy only on vitamins and young Marty bareback and unprotected up his mothers fertile womb it would have been hot to have him fill his mommy with his seed. Perhaps there will be a part two where the young mom is a horney slut role playing "mommy" to young Calvin as the two young lovers hump each other's brains out while the pervert dad watches from the window. Imagine the sexy young Lea Thompson bent over her dresser wearing her stockings and garter while her son Marty hammers his unprotected cock into her doggy style as Loraine chants fuck your mommy. After Loraine cries out in orgasm Martin fills his mommy womb with seed and Marty hears a strange sound, looking at the window he sees his father standing outside the window dick in hand furiously stroking his manhood and shooting his seed on the window. Loraine would think it kinky to then invite the town perv to watch them fuck as her belly swells with Marty's baby "himself"

Doc could come and pull Marty out of the past but when he returns to the present mom is a hot wife who role plays incest, dad a cuckold, and Marty fulfills mummy's fantasy by giving mom and dad a trip down memory lane and fucks his mature mother while dad watches.


I've never seen a story end with so little resolution. Damn!

agree with the bad comments

plus where is the beginning ? there is no part one, did you forget to post it? did you give it a different title like the hack you are? time for you to stop posting stories until you fix the trash you already posted.

piss poor writing

delete and run it through a good editor then repost it. the intro was so poorly written it drives away readers because it says you as a writer can't write or proofread. if you want to keep posting then listen to only the complaints and ignore the fake rave reviews that and using a good editor are the only ways you will ever write a story worth reading.


I agree with others that you are in need of an editor. Your plot is strong but the structure needs some work. Nice effort.

Enjoyed the story, and I'm looking forward to the next installment. That being said, you do need an editor. Would have been 5 stars if not for the lack of same.

Good basis for a story you have here, I suspect each new chapter will be the same day but getting better for the main character every time? A very nice concept. Looking forward to seeing how it develops, how you will incorporate the incest aspect, and how the main character will react to his new life.

I love Back to the future

Good job. Good to have you back. I remember some of your older stories from a few years back.

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