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Yeah same

Would of had megan get in on it and then the moms friends end up learning about the protein supplement supply

Good First story

It was a good first story, I do agree that it would have been better with an editor somewhat atleast. I was actually looking forward to reading this story. Right after they got out of the sauna I wanted more but was disappointed by the shower sex. I was hoping that they would go fully clothed, just passion. I think you were trying to go for sexy but your needed to go more passion. Something like and they opened the door to their house; say on the couch, looked at each other. Fireworks. But that's just a real quick over view of where I would have taken the story. Good first story though. I liked it.

Oh hell yeah!

First time doing sequels and already doing it this good - DAMN! Not only did you upgrade the story from ch.1 but added a whole new layer of awesomeness with character development, real story progression where feelings go all over the place, sex that had meaning beyond getting their rocks off, drama that serves for a great plot device, and most of a lot to look forward in the future for those two.

I must as you to continue this story, there is so much potential left for a great saga about their love, their fight for said love, the inevitable drama that will come of it and we want to see how they attain their happy end. The last paragraph makes me salivate at the prospect of more so please at least consider it.


You lost me with this story when

The mum was constantly drunk especially when he fucked her. then the son showed his true colours when he called a stranger over to join in when they got caught.. WTF all he did was treat her like a whore. No mother / son love in this story .. Sorry a very lucky ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Good, but slightly disappointing

This was a good story with a credible build up to the incest section; particularly interesting was the section on drawing, which stopped the story from being clichéd. It was also good to see a story set in UK. But the section with his friend nearly dying was overly dramatic and contrary to the gentle flow of thee rest of thee story. It was this which was disappointing and stop me giving it a full 5 stars.

Thank you

Thank you for this wonderful, sexy, and leaving-me-wanting-more story. Yes, by all that is holy please reprise these two in another story! The sex was red hot but I enjoyed even more the verbal and nonverbal communications between Lily and Mason. Whether it was the flirtatious exchanges after getting dressed to go to the graduation or the loving looks they shared at the orgy, or simply holding hands, they were presented as a sympathetic and believable couple. And at least for this perv, such things have a marvelous sensuality all their own.

Please write some more stories like this cannot get enough of them absolutely brilliant cannot wait for more of the same


loving this so please keep going


No need to feed the trolls... your responses are what they thrive for and keeps them at it. Just ignore the idiots who seem to have issues with your stories and yet sit with bated breath waiting for the next chapter.

Constructive comments both good and bad are what you should take an interest in. The anonymous idiots you can just ignore.

Keep up the good work.

Get that slutty little waitress involved pronto - she'll be a good third partner in their fucking.

This is amazing

Please write more. This is a fantastic story.


Amazing really amazing have been waiting for this and I have really enjoyed it.

Part 2?

Is there going to be a follow up? Really needs to be I need closure.
Good Job.

It would have been better with an editor. At the beginning she was described as taller than most women but she had short legs. At the end he noticed her long beautiful legs. Also, trapped in the sauna, at first she was positioned over him in the pushup position. When they were rescued, the fireman pulled him up off his mother. The switching from first person to third person over and over was also confusing.

Pick a POV and stick with it.

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