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loved your story

What a fabulous story. It reminded me so much of my youth with Mother, Aunties, sisters etc but I can't pretend to be anywhere near as well endowed as your hero. But thanks anyway, kept me hard and stroking for hours.

Makes me wish I had a sister

If only I had a sister like that.

didn't fuck moma

It would have been incest with moma

Five stars . Eagerly awaiting the next chapter

Looking forward to Diane fucking Brad's friends. I hope there are many more twists and turns as this story goes along


I am a new reader and this is a well structured piece of romantic fiction.

Do any of your female characters have a bush?

Continue please

Full on bisexual family orgy at Thier hotel


What a delicious tale of mother/son bonding. While alcohol was the catalyst that allowed the first encounter, the ending was a nice progression for this mother and son. Neither mother nor son will be able to resist the siren call that is the incest orgasm, the forbidden pleasure that only comes from a son slides his hard manhood between his mothers forbidden pussy lips. The fact that they use no condoms and they rutt like wild beasts, the son fondling his own mothers forbidden breasts until the orgasm takes over and he seeds his own dear mothers womb. For the mother she will never feel more loved or sexy at the same time. Her own son hard and virile constantly fondling her skin, constantly hard and dripping for her will drive her wild with lust. As the mother feels her son orgasm deep in her fertile womb she will achieve an orgasm like no other. Mother and son have now bonded in this lovely tale and I for one can't wait to read about more illicit mommy/son loving and hope that this son gifts his mother with his child.


Yes, brother-sister, and let her be the one in charge.

Great potential

There's plenty of fertile ground for you to continue with this hot mother/son tryst. Looking forward to a great continuation of this incestuous love story.

Can't wait for more

Great second chapter. While I personally think you should keep the couples separate, please do what you think is right for the story. Just keep the story going.

Excellent story and looking forward to seeing more

I like the way you have worked it out, between Curtis and Ellie. In our world, Curtis would be the Master and Ellie is in effect the "Alpha". Alpha meaning the highest of the slaves, with all the other slaves showing proper respect to her in her position as Alpha. Something is very common in the Leatherworld. I enjoyed it.

The end game

Well anther great story and you are giving me a delicious thoughts on who goes next.Might I boldly suggest Ellie as she has been stewing so long in this story you need to get her under her Master properly.


Guess i better enjoy the incestuous monogamy while it lasts, since you seem to be going in another direction. Anyway great story.

There seems to be some confusion about cock size here. First you say Dad’s is bigger then Son’s, then say Dad’s is the same size. Minor point but noticeable.
My vote as to the future of this tale is it should follow the same path. Let Mom and Son enjoy their fun and Chloe and Dad do their thing. Maybe later a little interaction would be fun.
Great Story so far. Keep it up.

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