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This is more of a spineless son who just goes to his mother for college. Come on show some respect to the guys ego a bit. All your stories are just portraiting that sons are first humiliated by their mom and family, later he just fucka them without any remorse and forgets his humiliation. Are all your hero's are spineless creatures with no self respect


Unlike that Anonymous guy, I only had one problem with the story. "I hadn't seen Todd since he was 7 years old" I bursted in laughing and was like REALLY?!?! You haven't seen your brother in 10-11 years altough you went home numerous times? How bad of a human being can you be? You could've said she at least videocalled him, I mean seriously, it's the 21st century. I don't know... I don't write, but this seems waaaay too far-fetched.

I mean... my sister visits, I thought this was typical human being behaviour.

It's refreshing.

It's refreshing to find good writers still continue to reward us with their vivid imaginations and above average communication skills. Please continue to entertain us with your skills. Thank you.

More is welcomed

Do bring more, this was a great start.

I need to read the next part!

If " A Son Forced" is kinda outside my comfort zone, you can imagine were this one is. I think Robert needs to use "Combat Sex" against "Commando Aunt"as revenge. Sadly..., I think she would enjoy it.
Or, he's got a good start on subverting Anthony, and those two could bust out for an Arby's run. ( I love their roast beef.) The cuff-links are the key.
What I;m trying to say is I need to read the next part!

Hang in there, people!

Crafting a story that is into its 25th (and beyond!) chapter, already - and keeping all of the little sub-plots moving along, as well as the main plot - is NOT at all an easy task! If it was, many of you would be submitting your own stories, and having people begging YOU for the next chapter! Add to that the fact that the author is ALSO keeping OTHER story plots ("Bonding Time" and "Lifetime Tenure") going, because they blend into the overall "Mandy and Me" saga. Then, add in the fact that the author is - like many of you - someone who writes these tales for the sheer joy of spinning a good yarn (and the occasional words of praise you send to him!) and who has a real life that occasionally intrudes on his efforts at getting the next chapters in these stories out there, for you to read.

The author is working as hard as he can, to get the next chapters of these stories out to you, as quickly as he can. I'm guilty of impatience, at times, too, and I get an 'advance peek' at each of these chapters, because I'm the one who does his proofreading and editing. But, I'd rather wait and read the sort of quality chapters he gives us, than have him rush it through.

Yes Yes

yes more please a great job

very hot! would like many more chapters please!

Please write more! The build-up was delicious and worth the read! One of the hottest stories on Literotica!

Can't wait to read of Corey sinking his throbbing penis into (mom) Angela's sopping wet, slippery slit, and unloading all his pent-up semen and possibly knocking her up!


Another brilliant addition to this great story. Keep them coming but I wish they were a little faster coming. Getting too anxious waiting for the next installment.

The "Hits" keep comin' !

If Damien had a plate in front of him, it would be get full: Mary, as the meat, his father, as the potatoes, and the girls father as the gravy. Getting the dvd back would be the desert. Can't have that out there in his line of work.
Loved the story!

Hi, I'm Maria the positive woman) = (I want to try a one-time sex with an experienced man.) Anonymous) I'm sitting on this ( site where you can contact me) I'm waiting for this man =)!

Hi, I'm Maria the positive woman) = (I want to try a one-time sex with an experienced man.) Anonymous) I'm sitting on this ( site where you can contact me) I'm waiting for this man =)!

And happily ever after???

Would like this story to continue to after the point where Uncle Larry gets badly hurt in a construction accident and later succumbs to his injuries. Then perhaps it could come to a very happy ending, lol. Cheers

Great Story

I would live to read a part 2. This would also give him a chance of allowing his lave sister to enjoy and cum from sex with someone other than him without worry about her. With having his other sister also becoming a slave to him it would also give him a break of sorts. If he wasn't able to didn't want to do anything, he could have them help each other out, There are a huge amount of ways this can go. In this chapter you said that their parents died a few years back and from the way the story has gone neither he nor his sisters work, so I am assuming that there was a good sized inheratence. Making that more clear might help with making the story more real. Whatever you do with the story just please write at least a chapter 2

Excellent story

Love to read more of this wonderful sexual adventure. The buildup was great and there are a number of interesting character. Would love to learn what happens when dad comes home knowing that his son and wife are now intimate.

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