On the Job Story Challenge 2024 - The Stories

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Read and enjoy these sexy tales in this 6th annual event!
418 words

Part 12 of the 12 part series

Updated 04/25/2024
Created 04/04/2019
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It's the 6th Annual On The Job Author Challenge!

Please see this announcement for challenge full details.

And now, the stories:

A Captain And "His" Yeoman" by tchina85

A Maiden-Song by Jorunn

A Well-Defined Interface by TheLobster

An Unexpected Guest by Sasha_is_Sharing

Barstow - Naughty at Amalgamated by MrPixel

Caged Men In The Job: CFNM by Norway_1705

Caught In The Act by Smuttyandfun

Colleagues in Humid Heat by BBlaketbv

Deviant Officers: Star Treatment by Whanmore

Deviant Workspaces: Off the Line by Whanmore

Extra Credit by lovecraft68

Farming is Boring Maybe Not! by Farmerjill

Fart in Her Face by P_J_Trousers

Fat, Old Cow by Trionyx

Forty Years of Hesitation by NoTalentHack

Hiding In Plain Sight by orangecurious

Intern Intrigue by Priscilla_June

Inventory by knowsbetterxx

Jo's Massage Customer by Anton25

Making a Porno (with Music) by lustychimera

Massage Wife Jo by Anton25

Off the Clock by Smuttyandfun

1x: The Emergency Entrances R Here by AlexFourways

Oz Beach Boy...Sexy Farm Hand by MyBareTorso

Pansy's Muffin by erectus123

Porn Star Mother -- Illustrated by HeyAll

Post Pandemic Office Time by DoughallDeeson

Rapunzel & The Boss by mrs_mackenzie

Ravished by My Abusive Manager by Apophenia

Real Estate -- Illustrated by HeyAll

She Hates Slavery a Bit Too Much by Agent0069

Slippery Sloping by KeithD

The Assistant Librarian by Duleigh

The Flavor of Desire by riverboy

The Italian Job by jmm999

The Mile-High Clubhouse by TarnishedPenny

Yes, Darling by Dalton402

You Will Show Me Everything Ch. 01 by oneagainst

If you've got an idea for a themed writing challenge, feel free to contact us anytime! We're open to anyone organizing a new event.

And if you're looking for a fun way to stretch your skills, check out our list of current author-organized challenges!

A huge thank-you to HeyAll for creating and organizing this challenge.

Thank-you also to all the authors who participate in these fun challenges, and to Lit readers who appreciate these awesome tales. We hoped you enjoyed these On The Job stories!

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