Listed below are the stories entered in the 2010 Nude Day Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2010 Nude Day Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):

by ShyChiWriter

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Daniella Defiled

by Jaymal

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2010 Nude Day Submissions
Nude Adulteryoggbashan
Almost Caught!Tx Tall Tales
Landlord Makes a Nude Day Barterandtheend
Consulting Trip Surprisem_storyman_x
NND IntroductionDeweyWoo
What Happened to AliceSikFuk
Gas, Grass or AssLitEroCat
Maybe She'll Say YesTotzman
Must be the WeatherUltimateSwitch
My New Favorite CrowdSpeedoTwink
Timmy and Tammy Enjoy Nude DayFredBartholomus
Beam Me Up Scottyandtheend
Belated HoneymoonBakeboss
My Step-Sisters are Nudists?!MatthewVett
Beach Surprisesweetnsassy1
Fucking Coldl8bloom
Built on LiesDG Hear
Lady Godiva of Merciaalexxxis
Polly Lolly Sprifts a Braunchusa_bent_ampersand
The Naked GardenerWatchingCloud
Springtime in the Woodsblake9110
The Officer and The Naked Girltheravenfox
A Nude A is DawningSaucy_Sage
She Knew I Was WatchingAlpha2Bravo
Ginger Gangbangs the Gorillassarahhh
Holly's National Nude Day Debutlitfan10
al-Thawra Hijabiyyaal_Ussa
1984 Big Brother Job Julia-Nude Dayandtheend
Laundry Tales: Nude Maidenjeanne_d_artois
Daddy Stays Naked For Nude Dayandtheend
The Diffident MuseMaccar
Wife Loses Poker Bet on Nude Dayandtheend
Sexy SwimmingThe_Kinkster
What She's Having!Sean Renaud
The Boatkristoffk
A Birthday to Remembernohbdy27
Showing Off in a Speedo: 101SpeedoTwink
The Pop-Out on the Patawanee CreekLascivo
Coed Naked Backpackingm_storyman_x
The Statue of James CrowePerilEyes
Risky Proposalevershot
Under the Moonday Sun: The LakeD_K_Moon
A Strange RequestNoahBody
Flat-Chested Jillalan556
Pierre's Peculiar PowerTio_Narratore
Cowboy Hats and Calamine LotionPheeGee
Daniella DefiledJaymal
Naked Nanas Negative Nude Dayandtheend
Brother & Sister Celebrate Nude Dayandtheend
Somebody's Mothera_bent_ampersand
Simplicity (v2)coldsteel
Beach PickupSpeedoTwink
Elysium Fieldsscgeezer
JTs GirlMilesEms
No Fucking AroundKev H
Naked Day: Wrong Place; Wrong Timejackwiccavale
Hypnosis Goes Haywire On Nude Dayandtheend
Bare Body on Balcony as Sun TansRacqel
Au Natural Island Loverscuriousgeorgette
Getting Nude with Chairman Maooggbashan
Fox Huntmia_erotica
Six Characters in Search of Eroticaglynndah
Nature's Light ShowMirt713
A Heavenly DreamYoursSINSerely
Angel on the StageBoxlicker101
CancelledAlgonquin Twit
Grandpa’s Nude Day: Past & Presentscouries
Human CandyAnAmericanDarling
GatheringAlex De Kok
Aaron's Associationlittleblackdress50
Once Upon a National Nude Daylitfan10
Wild in the Wildtheravenfox
Naked About Townpetuchi10
Home AloneWRJames
A Naked Woman Killed Me On Nude Dayandtheend
Gary Goes Gay On Nude Dayandtheend

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