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As his own

 —  by txgoodgirlgg07/24/054.50HOT

As I Breathe

 —  by sweetsexystormy07/08/043.50

As I Dream About You

 —  by urprvtjoy10/15/014.06

As I Enter Her Wetness

 —  by Dj_Maximus08/09/023.29

as i kneel

 —  by sifn08/30/07

as i lay her down

 —  by AboysMONSTER04/01/033.83

As I Lay Here

 —  by BelteshazzarC06/14/154.00

As I like it

 —  by ardenlowe11/21/054.50

As I Look Up...

 —  by mummys dirty angel07/15/083.67

As I Read I Cum

 —  by Rogueslady06/17/135.00

As I see my lover

 —  by jbinak10/05/11

As I See You

 —  by iamsamtoday01/24/104.50

as i touch

 —  by kokshur10/17/125.00

As I Touch Myself

 —  by rarebreed2105/12/054.41

As I Watch

 —  by Sxymobbw11/30/045.00

As I Woke

 —  by withlovel04/14/124.00

As Long As You Suck It

 —  by ramonathompson07/14/062.33

As Men Do

 —  by jonteD01/22/043.40

As My Boyfriend Strokes

 —  by JUDO01/24/034.70HOT

as my fingers dance

 —  by sifn09/13/074.00

as nasty as needed

 —  by lawrobbur05/24/09

As Nights Are Growling

 —  by MinorMonster11/21/063.86

As One

 —  by Skylark08/24/043.00

As One

 —  by Tabdecat7611/07/062.00

As Our Love Flows

 —  by inconspicuous_fem02/25/023.00

As She Sleeps

 —  by Niorun02/16/055.00

As She Takes Him

 —  by dreamsweet03/30/04

As She Writes

 —  by eternum105/17/155.00

As simple as that

 —  by Mistress Genesis03/01/014.67

As Steamy Mist Rises

 —  by Hope05/01/014.60

as the doorbell rings

 —  by Aingael05/18/013.00

As They Came Together

 —  by M4SensuousF03/29/155.00

As To Her Steed Chained

 —  by Bluemist07/08/024.67

As we are Meant to Be

 — Love poem by agrayerway05/13/175.00

as we lie together

 —  by kokshur06/03/145.00

As women touch men

 —  by Middleagepoet01/11/044.17

As You

 —  by HomerPindar01/25/024.33

as you are sand and I am sea

 —  by lobomao09/29/054.50

As You Do

 —  by Epmd60706/12/07

as you draw me

 —  by live4passion03/19/114.71

As you lay sleeping

 —  by IrishWolfhound10/10/024.35

As You Like It

 —  by Tricia52FF08/08/013.40

As You Sleep

 —  by spence596901/12/054.14

As You Sleep

 —  by Hyades10/12/105.00

As you sleep

 —  by DaddySquirtLover03/29/135.00

As You Watch

 —  by SusanPSharpPHD01/06/054.27

ascetic aphrodisiac

 —  by RhymeFairy05/09/065.00

Asexual Superpower !

 —  by Ashesh906/17/122.50


 —  by SweetOblivion05/30/164.40


 —  by _Land09/18/023.33


 —  by BLONDERAVEN01/13/074.50

Ashes of a Vampyre

 —  by InnocenceXX07/14/015.00

Ashes of love

 —  by DarkDreams02/01/014.83

Ashes to ashes

 —  by candacem430810/20/06

Ashley's Haiku

 —  by WillowedCabin05/25/103.00

asian delight

 —  by kokshur08/22/113.00

Asian Hotty

 —  by vrosej1004/01/093.00


 —  by Lady Reiha10/31/074.00


 —  by kokshur08/14/114.33

Ask Alice

 —  by Selena_Kitt09/24/044.59HOT


 —  by 2rivers11/23/035.00

asking for anal

 —  by lawrobbur10/30/11


 —  by Fantazies06/15/06

Asphalt Blues

 —  by pelegrino12/20/14


 —  by Lily_Wretched08/17/054.75


 — I don’t aspire to anything other than desire by cavu18204/17/184.00


 —  by EricParis05/15/012.00


 —  by WriterDom12/19/023.60


 —  by lawrobbur07/13/09


 —  by Dale_Arden09/09/074.25


 —  by zebrablack07/13/161.00

Ass Beat-Poetry

 —  by Jack_Love05/04/124.60HOT

Ass Man

 —  by andtheend07/14/103.91

Ass Play

 —  by stockcarchick06/03/033.00

ass to mouth

 —  by lawrobbur06/14/09

Ass Worship

 —  by dirtyjoe6906/30/064.00


 —  by Newnamed06/01/08

assassins and sword

 —  by archon66604/08/04

Assertive Reversal

 — Batting switch by salo08/25/174.00


 —  by darkitude08/29/085.00

Assignment Two

 —  by Willow Rain07/29/044.44

Assorted erotic poems by Uggg

 — A collection of erotic poems by Uggg by Uggg05/21/184.75


 —  by WriterDom10/29/035.00

Assume The Position

 —  by LovngStrength12/29/024.50


 —  by HeddyKay02/17/10


 —  by jinsays11/15/084.50

Astronomical Passions

 —  by WildnWetAngel06/30/064.00


 —  by Lauren Hynde01/28/07


 —  by pbwgal09/09/164.53HOT

At arms length

 —  by naughtycakes12/15/074.64HOT

At First

 —  by Tina Gale01/30/014.00

At Heaven's Gate

 —  by Solar Dragon08/22/024.75

at her feet

 —  by kokshur11/11/133.50

at her feet 2

 —  by kokshur02/27/144.00

At His Feet

 —  by voyergirl02/08/054.88

At Home All Alone

 —  by fluffi03/27/065.00

At Home With Mom

 —  by literotica18230701/25/094.50

At Last

 —  by cutiepanda11/18/044.17

At last

 —  by LesseloovesPeter10/29/134.33

At Last

 —  by SweetOblivion11/25/105.00

At Least I Pulled Out

 —  by al_Ussa07/29/104.00

At long Last

 —  by sexeerebel08/09/10

At Masters Side

 —  by Aingael05/18/014.00

At my 18th birthday

 — 18th birthday, want her strong by Telling09/08/174.67

At my best

 —  by SkarlittFeenicks03/17/094.00

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