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Chapter Three: What's In A Name? I'd be remiss if I failed to mention that I have, up to this point, had very little direction to my life. My only passion has been playing music, and there are...

The Voyages of Luscious Lucy Ch. 03 by Tall_cool_one

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Chapter 28 -- Epilogue Ruth Burnside did not return to her classes in the fall. Being one of the first voices against the abuses being committed in the stock market, several Illinois state...

The Wanderings of Amy Ch. 28 by caligula97236

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"Am I hearing this right?" Snake asked as they drove down the highway, back to the fort and its factory. He had lowered his heavy metal enough to hear his son argue, but could still recognize the...

The Warlord's Physician Ch. 10 by NuclearBoy

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Novels and Novellas Series

  1. The Voyages of Luscious Lucyby Tall_cool_oneAnd then there was Velda.



  2. The Wanderings of Amyby caligula97236Author's thoughts on his first novel and erotic literature.

  3. The Warlord's Physicianby NuclearBoyA warlord's son finds taboo love in the wasteland.

  4. The Way Backby AlwaysrainingRecovering a life and seeking answers.

  5. The Way of Warby RobinLaneSequel to Tides of War.



  6. The Weddingby D.C. RoiTim Jackman and Heidi Tate are getting married

  7. The Weddingby Horatio_ScotA Master weds his slave.



  8. The Whyte Butterflyby polyman Benita seeks the help of a strange woman.

  9. The Widowby D.C. RoiFran Martin entertains her friend with a sexy story.

  10. The Windowby catmanhuntingSchool was over for the fall.



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