Pink Orchid for Women-Centric Erotica 2024 - The Stories

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Read & enjoy Lit authors exploring women-centric erotic stories!
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The Third Annual Pink Orchid Story Event for Women-Centric Erotica

Please see this announcement for full details about this special themed story event.

And now - the stories!

A Place For Us All To Belong Ch. 01 by oneagainst

A Wandering Spirit by Jorunn

Accredited Sadist by Kumquatqueen

Alicia's Nipples Can Cut Glass by Bray123

Barbara's Sex Lives by JuanSeiszFitzHall

Before We Talked by NoTalentHack

Bill, We Need to Talk - 750 Words by Trionyx

Bitch, I Love You by countdowntolov3

Blenheim by FlynnTalwar

Bombshell in the Berkshires by yowser

Breaking a God out of Vegan Jail by Lovecraft_Lore

Cheating The Dawn by KerosPoet

Double Vision of Jo with a BBC by Anton25

Dropping Inn at the Beer Fest by nerdboy1000

Elenore by knowsbetterxx

Epilogue by AwkwardApple415

Fairy Tails by AwkwardApple415

Flowers by Omenainen

Freya and the Space Hippies by SyleusSnow

Her Ex-Sister-in-Law by YDB95

Hook-up on the Beach by AchtungNight

How Jo had SUCKcess with SKYPEsex by Anton25

In Service of the Queen Ch. 01 by WaxPhilosophic

In Service of the Queen Ch. 02 by WaxPhilosophic

In Service of the Queen Ch. 03 by WaxPhilosophic

In Service of the Queen Ch. 04 by WaxPhilosophic

Interviewing a Date -- 750 Words by Lifestyle66

Just a Little Holiday, She Said by department42

Making Lemonade by Kumquatqueen

Movie Night by vagrantx

No More Mr. Nice Guy by SouthernCrossfire

Oz Beach Boy Hypnotized...Nude by MyBareTorso

Painting & Decorating by mrs_mackenzie

Pavlov's Dog -- 750 Words by Lifestyle66

Rita Plays Pygmalion by OnlyHappyEndings

Rita, The Computer Forensics Tech by ronde

Ruby and Scarlet's Day by ArdentHemingway

Seventy Thirty - College Days by lectricBlue

Seward Valentine Trifecta by Sams_Island

Sex Dance Lesson For Milf Jo by Anton25

Snowed In with a Predator by joy_of_cooking

Space Hippie Sex Cult by Lovecraft_Lore

Sweet Suitemate Seduction by Trionyx

The Comanche Way by ronde

The Ghost of Benanee by Rustyoznail

The Gold Dollar Girls: Lady's Night by MelissaBaby

The Jazz Singer by ronde

The Love Stimulator - A Wet Threesome by LadyBuxom

The Maneater by Lifestyle66

The Pearl Maiden by ronde

The Sacking of Rome by AwkwardMD

The Story of Jo by Anton25

The Walled Garden by StillStunned

The Wolf and the Lamb by Devinter

If you've got an idea for a themed writing event, feel free to contact us anytime! We're open to all writers interested organizing a new challenge.

And if you're looking for a fun way to stretch your skills, check out our list of current author-organized challenges!

A big thank-you to Omenainen for creating and organizing Pink Orchid for a third year!

Thank-you also to all the authors who contribute both to this themed challenge, and to Lit readers every day. We hoped you enjoyed these tales of Pink Orchid!

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