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Chapter 19 The Big Step The morning after we returned from Sacramento, I was on the phone to Dow. "Bob, I wanted to let you know that the tests we conducted with the state water resources...

Georgie Girl Ch. 19-21 by coaster2

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He couldn't understand why the woman put up with him. What he knew of the new American culture, women often stood up for their rights and didn't let men walk all over them. Perhaps he was wrong. ...

Ghostly Love Ch. 03 by Luckie_Duckie

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Thursday morning, September 12, 1957 at just after six o'clock, Diana Richards awoke from a disturbing nightmare and with a funny feeling. She lay in bed for a moment trying to figure out what it was...

Ghosts of the Past Ch. 15 by surober1

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Novels and Novellas Series

  1. George Payneby IowaIkeRemembering the steamy summer of '58.



  2. Georgie Girlby coaster2She was out of my league. Way out of my league.



  3. Getawaysby sxwriter42


  4. Ghostly Loveby Luckie_DuckieKell died in 1712; Bren didn't know he came with the house.



  5. Ghostsby JoeBarnoskyWhat happens when the President's daughter is kidnapped?

  6. Ghosts of the Pastby surober1The arms smuggling investigation begins.

  7. Giftedby JoshuaGlynnPrologue: the new guy in town & the twins next door.

  8. Gifted Grifterby DrSqueakyOrigin of the man who seduces by reading minds.

  9. Gifts of the Futureby surober1Megan Richards and Jonnie North realize their destiny.

  10. Gigoloby grantvigorGuy becomes hooker to stop becoming broke.

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