Listed below are the stories entered in the 2012 Summer Lovin Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2012 Summer Lovin Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner)::
Best Summer of Our Lives

by GoodyGoodyTwoShoes

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner)::
Poolboy Benefits

by Tx Tall Tales

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner)::
Taking Jasmine Walker

by silkstockingslover

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2012 Summer Lovin Submissions
Vacation Voyeurrandibyrnes
Kennywood PicnicBobCollier
Sommer LovenTara_Neale
Seduction in the Sandkimbelina
Skydive Sky CladLitEroCat
Blessed by the Sunikhneumon
Unexpected Hall PassInkent
The Swimming Pool 1964TxRad
Summer BeachTriptk5555
Acapulco SummerTE999
Vampire Summerrot_teufel
Mom's Second ChanceLesLumens
Son-in-law's Summer of Love and SexSusanJillParker
The Great Outdoorscurlyspurs
Between What's Wrong and Rightdamppanties
A Postcard from Paradisebeachbum5151
Voyeur & TanningHeyAll
A Soundless SexNorcoaster
My Wife's Best FriendThe_Unicorn
An Alpha's KlutzLoriLeen
Boys of SummeroOScarletWingsOo
An Island for Two_Lynn_
Melting the IceJayDavid
Perverts' Anonymous Summer SessionSusanJillParker
It's Only Naturalbellefleure
By the Time I Got to Woodstockfurryfan
School's OutOdysseyker
Kiss of the SunILmonamour
A Shed, Summer, and Scarboroughgeronimo_appleby
My Summer Camp Journal 2012RedHairedandFriendly
A World Without Men, Until Nowdave110256
Shadows on the Sun Porchcannyjack
Ride to Ecstasyrandyslocum
Three Feet of CockMatthewVett
Safe Sex on the Beach, or MILF FTWNatural_Blond
Summer NightsTxRad
Nude Holly DayRejectReality
My Summer BreakDG Hear
And I'll Get a PoleRejectReality
A Working Holidayseverinrossetti
Hot in Goretexsilverslacker62
Stuck in Traffictk5555
A Beachy EducationChaotica64
Katie's NightTheOnlyTigerGirl
Country AdvantageEmeraldKitten
Shark and Minnowscurlyspurs
King's BayPennLady
Summer of FireKarenas
Remind MeEmeraldKitten
Brad Gets Out of Controlsun_sea_sky
Cool Summer ShowerMy_Turn
Baseball AnnieSweetPrettyAss
A Summer Fling to Remembertk5555
Emma's Caribbean VacationTheOnlyTigerGirl
Two Moms, Two Laps, Two HoursTx Tall Tales
Golden Momentspetitmort
Sinful SummerSilkyCherry
The Summer I Became Mom's Loverlovecraft68
The StudentBenLong
Beat the Heatdieselskitten
It Was the End of SummerLaurie
Finding Euphoriasilkstockingslover
Beach Fantasyplaym0mum
License to StripBrandie69
Stars, Sulfur, and the Taste of AshCruel2BKind
Summer Love?rot_teufel
A Lesson in Lifesilverslacker62
Three's a CharmGuiltlessMiss
South of the BorderBenLong
I Want to Playannanova
Best Summer of Our LivesGoodyGoodyTwoShoes
Poolboy BenefitsTx Tall Tales
Dog DaysSaxon Stonedyke
Proud to be a Mommy's-Boydave110256
Decisions, DecisionsPixelHound
Julie and DannyTexas_Throbber
Just This Once?erotogal87
Taking Jasmine Walkersilkstockingslover
Sweaty BoobiesSaxon Stonedyke
Fear of Flyingseverinrossetti
Summer Heat_Lynn_
An Austrian in AlabamaAlwaysHungry
A Splendid DayWarmInk
Picking the First Fruitsr71plt
Frozen PleasuresPrincessErin
Coming HomeCinner
Gray IronMSTarot
Summer of DiscontentSeries 6
Lazy Summer Afternoonallychris4
Sleeping with the CompetitionPrivates1stClass
The Summer of Discontentejls
French 75Ellafun
Summer Fun with SummerBoxlicker101
You're My Cousin?!MatthewVett
Seaworld Interludem_storyman_x
Our SpotDarkness716
Blackmailing Ms. Bitch Titserotogal87
Beach Camping Tripregderd
Blackmailing Bitch Sistersilkstockingslover

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