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"Friends... Dearly beloved... Beez..." "Hey! I said-" She moved so quickly. In the blink of an eye, she'd crossed the few feet between them. He took a tentative step back, but she followed...

Chasing the Dragon Ch. 05 by AwkwardMD

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It was midafternoon by the time Kara and Miri left Miri's home, bound for the city's one public library. The day was bright and warm. As they moved closer to the city's center, the sounds of...

The Wyrm's Curse Ch. 05 by Felix921

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It had been just a few days since my lunch date with Christina, and I had been hard at work on the house out in New Jersey. With Rob's help, we were already making quick progress, even though it had...

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 19 by WhiskeyIsGood

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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1.Chasing the Dragon Ch. 05
Paying your respects in one easy step. by AwkwardMD (08/22/14)
4.82 (62)
2.The Wyrm's Curse Ch. 05
In which Kara and Miri do some research. by Felix921 (09/03/14)
4.79 (28)
3.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 19
Threesome, and a decision that needs to be made. by WhiskeyIsGood (08/28/14)
4.76 (124)
4.The Girl Next Door Ch. 03
The Night Out. by derezzed (09/08/14)
4.76 (237)
5.Chasing the Dragon Ch. 04
An awful idea. by AwkwardMD (08/20/14)
4.75 (60)
6.Joining a Fraternity Ch. 03
An FTM frat brother continues his adventures in brotherhood. by realpussyboy (08/16/14)
4.74 (66)
7.Apartment 3A Ch. 02
Now a futa, Heather find Molly's prettiness distracting... by GingerM (08/25/14)
4.73 (109)
8.My One True Love Ch. 07
A promising night leads to embarrassment. by f1dude_lotus (08/30/14)
4.72 (40)
9.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 20
Jay makes his decision. by WhiskeyIsGood (09/13/14)
4.69 (111)
10.All the Way Ch. 02
Continuing story of George and Clarissa. by NearMiss (08/30/14)
4.69 (78)
11.A Learning Experience Ch. 07
A story of redemption & a rescue from hell. by Joscelyn2tg (09/09/14)
4.68 (22)
12.Amateur Dramatics Night
Make up disguises the truth! by Chris7sw (09/06/14)
4.66 (64)
13.Chasing the Dragon Ch. 03
Outdated Technology by AwkwardMD (08/18/14)
4.65 (77)
14.Jemima's Tale Pt. 05
Can a new boyfriend for Jemima be out there on the web? by jemimaheart (08/23/14)
4.57 (23)
15.The Chief Pt. 03
Joanne gets a new uniform. by Aunt_Joanne (08/20/14)
4.54 (87)
16.My Weekend Surprise Ch. 01
My wife and friend help out with my fantasy. by pinkpanteez247 (08/31/14)
4.53 (150)
17.Modified Ch. 02
Penny is the entertainment at the pledge party by KegRoller (08/27/14)
4.50 (92)
18.The Hunt Pt. 02
Another party, an unexpected surprise for the hunter. by TastyFan (08/16/14)
4.50 (80)
19.Alex in Wonderland Ch. 02
Alice starts to take over. by Johnboy9 (08/22/14)
4.50 (64)
20.Kathy and Surprises Ch. 02
My transgender she male lover and I have fun. by LorenzoAbajos (09/05/14)
4.50 (202)
21.Modified Ch. 01
Sorority "girl" Penny is transformed and abused. by KegRoller (08/26/14)
4.49 (98)
22.Claire's New Cock
Claire gets a little something extra. by johnnysoda (08/24/14)
4.47 (240)
23.Kathy and Surprises Ch. 03
My transgender girlfriend enjoys her own mother. So do I. by LorenzoAbajos (09/09/14)
4.47 (163)
24.Kathy and Surprises Ch. 01
I move in with a transgender shemale. by LorenzoAbajos (09/02/14)
4.46 (396)
25.Modified Ch. 03
Jasmine discovers Penny's power, takes control of April. by KegRoller (09/13/14)
4.46 (76)
26.Becoming A Crossdresser
The beginning. First outfit and toys. by AsianCD1990 (08/25/14)
4.45 (154)
27.My Wife, Transformed
A couple gets an opportunity for some role reversal. by RollingStop (09/09/14)
4.44 (252)
28.Prom Pt. 02
Ellie goes out with friends to a movie. by Elliecarr (09/09/14)
4.44 (105)
29.The English Roomie Pt. 01
Emma comes from England and finds a good friend in New York. by DinaParker69 (08/26/14)
4.43 (95)
30.The Old and New I
A girl's life begins. by Neira4 (09/12/14)
4.40 (94)
31.The Yoga Instructor
College boy runs into his yoga instructor on campus. by cddannie18 (09/15/14)
4.39 (176)
Porn writer becomes the story. by grgy56 (08/31/14)
4.38 (78)
33.Caught Out
Cross dresser caught with bi friend. by whistful (08/28/14)
4.38 (122)
34.Inaugural Crossdress Sexfight Ch. 02
Dani hopes to redeem himself vs a rookie. by danidhotcd (09/01/14)
4.37 (19)
35.The Teacher of Merrowland Ch. 00
Miss Austin is ready to release 2 months of frustration. by TFuta (09/03/14)
4.36 (174)
36.Adventures after Dark Ch. 01
Beautiful crossdresser's first night out in Southampton. by classmate1119 (08/30/14)
4.35 (69)
37.Stephanie's Toy Ch. 03
Stephanie takes her girlfriend into public. by cuckoldwishes (08/18/14)
4.35 (147)
38.Becoming A Crossdresser Ch. 02
First time dressed and being seen by someone else. by AsianCD1990 (09/01/14)
4.34 (83)
39.Crossdresser Husbands Left Alone
Wives leave alone their husbands, who have some fun. by ColorfulFantasies (09/13/14)
4.29 (130)
40.Locker Rooms
Locker rooms can be a harsh place... usually. by WillowxOC (08/30/14)
4.28 (81)
Lisa takes the next step to becoming fem. by BmthAdmirer (08/26/14)
4.26 (50)
42.Cosplay Gone Bad
Cops pull over Male crossdressing and offer a special fine. by CassidyCaine (08/17/14)
4.25 (155)
43.Man Disciplines Sissy Ch. 01
In their first meeting, crossdresser faces consequences. by LanaBehave (08/26/14)
4.20 (65)
44.A Planned Surprise
I fulfill a long time fantasy. by unusualtastes (08/16/14)
4.18 (158)
45.Prom Pt. 01
A boy becomes a girl for one night, or so he thinks. by Elliecarr (08/29/14)
4.15 (243)
46.Just the Way You Are
Family relations change after a divorce. by Sandwiches_Are_Good_Too (08/21/14)
4.09 (133)
47.Becoming Beth
A dying man dreams of being a young woman. by PantyPlay (08/24/14)
4.08 (79)
48.Last Time Cross Dressing
Simple date turns into an unwanted gangbang. by vjak19 (09/12/14)
4.05 (95)
49.Stephanie's Toy Ch. 04
Huge steps are taken toward permanent feminization. by cuckoldwishes (09/04/14)
4.01 (144)
50.Eventful Birthday
Devious wife brings fantasy to life. by itchscratched (08/20/14)
4.00 (122)
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