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I lay there in stunned silence, my death sentence ringing in my ears. "I have H.I.V," Ron just told me. How many times had I warned myself about the dangers of dating on Craigslist? How many guys had...

The Craigslist Killer Pt. 03 by thrillerauthor

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"I'm sorry Jeremy. We can't just move you back to your old school. We...I burnt that bridge when I accused them of ignoring the problem. They said you never even complained." "But I did complain!...

Jeremy's School Bully: The Ending by ruwild

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"Well, this has certainly been a long job," I say, as I lean back against the railing of the skiff and let the wind whip through my hair. Mackenzie sits at the controls as we speed along the desert...

A Clockwork Green Ch. 04 by AwkwardMD

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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1.The Craigslist Killer Pt. 03
Can a billionaire with H.I.V. find love on Craigslist? by thrillerauthor (12/17/14)
4.86 (7)
2.Jeremy's School Bully: The Ending
Jeremy finds a way to deal with his bully. by ruwild (11/28/14)
4.79 (333)
3.A Clockwork Green Ch. 04
Stepping Out. by AwkwardMD (12/03/14)
4.73 (26)
4.A Weekend to Remember Ch. 02
Threesome. by WhiskeyIsGood (12/09/14)
4.65 (162)
5.On the Run Ch. 02
Diana and her mother are found by Liz and later the police. by Cartman94 (11/27/14)
4.65 (54)
6.Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood Pt. 02
Jacki meets Laura and is given an interesting proposal. by jacki697 (12/18/14)
4.63 (82)
7.Daddy's CD Waitress
Young crossdresser learns to love living as a woman. by pantycladlad (12/03/14)
4.63 (167)
8.Transexual Encounter Ch. 02
My affair with a TS woman continues. by SluttyValerie (12/09/14)
4.61 (111)
9.Sin City at 1 AM
The adventure continues in Michael's room. by dadavox (12/17/14)
4.59 (70)
10.My Seduction into CD'ing & Gay Sex
Young college age boy learns the joys of CDing & Gay Sex. by pantycladlad (12/03/14)
4.58 (203)
11.Prom Pt. 03
Ellie goes shopping with Danielle and Kelly. by Elliecarr (12/13/14)
4.57 (90)
12.Being Taught To Wear a Garter Belt
Teenager is taught what to wear by girlfriend. by pantycladlad (12/13/14)
4.52 (275)
13.The Inspection
The Landlord finds something he shouldn't. by fuzzie_writer (12/04/14)
4.52 (170)
14.Fair Is Fair Ch. 04
Couple goes on a strange double date. by bgdddy_2000 (12/09/14)
4.46 (69)
15.The Trade Pt. 02: Nursing an Idea
Jim remembers Liz's proposal for their business venture. by jdjangles (12/05/14)
4.45 (60)
16.Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood
A crossdresser's journey into be a full-fledged sissy. by jacki697 (12/17/14)
4.44 (105)
17.My First Job
Working in an adult store. by iser21 (12/17/14)
4.39 (234)
18.His Own Personal Ladyboy Ch. 03
After some shocking news Cliff settles in with the ladyboys. by walterio (11/19/14)
4.39 (70)
19.Unveiled Ch. 01
Wife discovers secret of husband. by robin35 (12/03/14)
4.37 (179)
20.A Year Ago Ch. 01
Michael makes some changes in his life. by MadQuill (12/10/14)
4.37 (152)
21.Sin City
A simple mortal meets up with the TS goddess of his dreams. by dadavox (12/12/14)
4.36 (150)
22.CD Fun Ch. 02
Caz and Mikki find new friends to play with. by 62_goo (12/04/14)
4.34 (38)
23.Christine and the Neighbor
Christine teases a neighbor and gets invited to a party. by Lovetoshowoff (12/14/14)
4.27 (136)
24.Public Cross Dressing Experience Ch. 03
Don (Donna) is used for pleasure at a lesbian club. by sublocked (11/25/14)
4.27 (48)
25.Blossoming Shemale Ch. 03
James wakes with a big pair of tits and sexual frustration. by TheTitLover (12/05/14)
4.27 (115)
26.Online Dating Surprise
Two lovers online finally meet. by mightymax1234 (11/28/14)
4.27 (134)
27.Being a Sissy for Viv Ch. 04
Dressed pretty for Mistress Viv. by Caron (11/20/14)
4.26 (104)
28.Futanari Housemaid Ch. 05
Katerina tries on her new cage. by femmevivante (11/27/14)
4.25 (52)
29.Need a Ride
Young Panty boy gets ride of his life. by BakersfieldCdTerri (12/12/14)
4.24 (178)
30.The Contract Ch. 02
Consensual slavery initiation. by sublocked (11/19/14)
4.21 (104)
31.A Present
A woman gives her husband a surprising and erotic gift. by MisterSinnister (11/19/14)
4.21 (258)
32.CD Fun
Michael becomes Mikki and is married to Caz. by 62_goo (11/25/14)
4.19 (99)
33.The Neighbour
My introduction to gay sex. by JoannePare (11/25/14)
4.19 (165)
34.A Clockwork Green Ch. 05
Alpha Interlude. by AwkwardMD (12/14/14)
4.19 (27)
35.Brittany's Holiday Encounter
A crossdresser first time out at an adult bookstore. by cdbrittany4bbc (12/11/14)
4.18 (118)
36.The Craigslist Killer Pt. 02
Out of the frying pan and into the fire! by thrillerauthor (11/27/14)
4.17 (18)
37.The Good Student
Izumi discovers gym class can be good after all. by GingerM (11/26/14)
4.04 (94)
38.My Real Life Crossdressing Experience
A Lovemaking Session. by TammyPanty (12/18/14)
4.04 (47)
39.My Girlfriend's Sex Slave Ch. 01
My girlfriend turns me into her personal pornstar. by subboy4821 (12/05/14)
4.03 (338)
40.My Girlfriend's Sex Slave Ch. 02
My girlfriend begins forcing me to be a slut. by subboy4821 (12/07/14)
4.01 (263)
She fuck him, he takes a deal. by Heartbloodblack (12/08/14)
3.99 (148)
42.Fag Hag
Crossdressing to help her gay male friend was never so fun. by Krosis (11/28/14)
3.86 (69)
43.My Girlfriend's Sex Slave Ch. 03
My girlfriend brings some friends over to play with me. by subboy4821 (12/10/14)
3.84 (165)
44.A Knight's Quest
Killing the monstrous wizard may be harder than he thought. by theilluminaughty (12/16/14)
3.67 (39)
45.Life Ain't Fair
One man's truth about being transgender. by Tara_Neale (12/10/14)
3.66 (29)
46.Over the Rainbow Ch. 05
Tara makes a new and 'unusual' friend, Lady Laura, or is she. by Tara_Neale (12/13/14)
3.00 (8)
47.Somali Prince In Ottawa Ch. 03
Latin transsexual tops Somali guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx (12/16/14)
2.90 (21)