Listed below are the stories entered in the 2014 Nude Day Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2014 Nude Day Contest Winners *

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Nature of Erotica

by drteetho

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Life Raft

by Michael_Butterfield

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2014 Nude Day Submissions
I Buried My Naked Wife In The DesertLitEroCat
Norse Myth ModelsTimothyM
The Goddess of the Beachilikeithot6308
Red LotusNeonurotic
In an OrangeryKingsWoman
A Woman's Touchlovecraft68
My Neighbor LaurenMausAss
Life RaftMichael_Butterfield
Nights of Paralysisoggbashan
Nude Day at the Daredevils Clubjehoram
Mrs Stone Teasesgeronimo_appleby
Retreat Treatsr71plt
Maiden Voyagetk5555
Rainbow PartyHuckPilgrim
Show Me What You GotMabthorn
Walk on the BeachMSTarot
Art Class Model Extra OrdinaireCQtRose
Camping on Nude DayBuckyDuckman
A Matter of TimeHypoxia
Straight No More: Getting Aheadsilkstockingslover
"Mom-Son": A Love Storysilkstockingslover
Beholding DawnRejectReality
The Naked MonsterBBanner
Nude Day Dos and Don'tsBuckyDuckman
Guess What I'm Doingsteves_mom
The SparkCndrlla69
Sunset Skinny Dipclarkroberts
My First National Nude Daysnugglebuck
Celebrating My Nude Day Birthdaybillywooldridge
School's Outdaddykins
Nature of Eroticadrteetho
A Day at the BeachSean Renaud
Welcomed InRjThoughts
Distracting the Neighbormsgrant67
Power Outagepacifist91w
Laughing Nakedsweetleaf1
The Naked PlanetSeanathon
The Conservative Wife Empowered49greg
ComaDG Hear
Mom, a Martyr for her Navy Seal SonSusanJillParker
Her Naked Truthxelliebabex
Confessions of a Loving MotherHeyAll
Sister-In-Law Visits Nudist Clubexhibitionistguy
Hawaiian Wahine out of Bikiniilikeithot6308
Naked and Blue Before the WorldTara_Neale
One Night with My Roommate's Girllitlover91
Show Your TitsSanzamour
Beware the Quiet OneYDB95
In a Room Full of PeopleHeyAll
When The Cat's Awaysnath
A Fall of StardustHypoxia
Nude Secretaries Day: the New GirlTotzman
Peekaboo, I See YouLorenzoAbajos
Nude Day with Daddykins V2Scaramouche123
A Day to RememberSwilly
Shoe Shopping with RoseCQtRose

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