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Surrendered Fears - She still has one last virginity to claim.
      Submitted by AedanSayla  (Anal) 11/16/18
Sam's CockTease Therapy Pt. 01 - Intro and Sam sees Vivi for the first time...
      Submitted by KittyZateez  (Fetish) 11/16/18
Daughters of Harmonia Pt. 04 - She is his for the night and he maximizes his opportunity...
      Submitted by JellytheBiggler  (BDSM) 11/16/18
Stretched Full - She's oriental and he's big. He saved her and now she's his.
      Submitted by AedanSayla  (Interracial Love) 11/16/18
Surefoot 32: Criminal Acts - Captains Hrelle and Weynik battle a Ferengi war profiteer...
      Submitted by Surefoot  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 11/16/18  Hot
Ghost Story Ch. 02 Pt. 02 - Maddie catches a ghost, but things spiral out of control.
      Submitted by AdmiralSquish  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 11/16/18
Nailing the Tracks Pt. 16 - Now Playing: UK popstar Anne-Marie.
      Submitted by daxg2001  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 11/16/18
Dominating Sophie Ch. 01 - Sophie Howard explores her submissive side.
      Submitted by chlp  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 11/16/18
The Taking of a Town - The new mayor.
      Submitted by vietnamvet  (Mind Control) 11/16/18
Witch Trial - Alicia is accused of witchcraft but the truth runs deeper...
      Submitted by SBstories  (Mind Control) 11/16/18
Idiokti̱sía, Ypi̱réti̱s, Políti̱s Ch. 02 - Office Hours.
      Submitted by ninebol  (Mind Control) 11/16/18  Hot
Dr. J.Eckels and Mrs. Whore Ch. 05 - A female scientist starts having transformation episodes.
      Submitted by rikimaru4  (Mind Control) 11/16/18
Somali Muslim Lesbian Chick - Somali Hijabi dating Sikh Indian woman in Ottawa.
      Submitted by Samuelx  (Lesbian Sex) 11/16/18
Rape is Easier - They were only welcoming newcomers.
      Submitted by Ashson  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 11/16/18
Becoming His Prison Bitch Pt. 02 - He finds out what is expected of him.
      Submitted by LittleKay  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 11/16/18
The Couples Collector Ch. 02 - He collects sexy young couples. Will these couples survive?
      Submitted by gaggedKitty23  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 11/16/18
A High School CFNM Story Ch. 02 - The girls return and I lose my virginity.
      Submitted by TheRealFlash  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 11/16/18
The Literotica Annual Winter Holidays Story Contest! - Read the wintry stories! Submit your tale for fun, fame, & a chance at $$$!
      Submitted by Literotica  (Mature) 11/15/18
Lucy saves Christmas! - A heroine, light bondage, and public sex.
      Submitted by Xpoerotica  (BDSM) 11/15/18
Welcome to the Neighbourhood - Fiona gets to know her sexy neighbour at a Christmas party.
      Submitted by Phaetallia  (Erotic Couplings) 11/15/18
Mark's Butt Slut, Best Friend's Wife - Mark dominates his best friend's wife.
      Submitted by Soazoldman  (BDSM) 11/15/18
Edging - 18 minutes of frustration leading to her strongest orgasm to date.
      Submitted by NerdyTalk  (Text With Audio) 11/15/18
If You Won't, He Will - If you won't fuck me, I'll just have to find someone who will.
      Submitted by LushinLace  (Text With Audio) 11/15/18
First Audio: TESTING - My First Audio.
      Submitted by AnnaSpeaks  (Text With Audio) 11/15/18
Daddy's Good Girl Pt. 03: Surprise - A surprise for a good girl.
      Submitted by TheMrBurns  (Text With Audio) 11/15/18
No Nut November - Can you resist the temptation of not cumming?
      Submitted by Prcious1  (Text With Audio) 11/15/18  Hot
Give Me That Fucking Mouth - I'm drunk, and I'm in the mood to tell you what I want.
      Submitted by jaymasters45  (Text With Audio) 11/15/18
A Woman's Story of Love Ch. 51 - A woman's story of love in one hundred episodes, Part 51: "Five-Thirty".
      Submitted by midorigreengrasses  (Illustrated) 11/15/18
The Way of War Pt. 03 - Sequel to Tides of War.
      Submitted by RobinLane  (Novels and Novellas) 11/15/18  Hot
DJ Pt. 37 - Fernando helps celebrate Danny's birthday.
      Submitted by o2byoung  (Gay Male) 11/15/18  Hot
The Brush Tiger of Derven Ch. 28-29 - Complications.
      Submitted by AfterDusk  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/15/18  Hot
Taming Her Master Pt. 03 - Elise struggles to tame Nicholas and his wild ways.
      Submitted by Smuttyandfun  (Erotic Couplings) 11/15/18
Vanished Pt. 04 - Megan meets Ariana.
      Submitted by foxer17  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/15/18  Hot
Mike & Karen Ch. 11 - Of skateboards, kind words, and weird make up...
      Submitted by BiscuitHammer  (Romance) 11/15/18  Hot
Brash and the Schrodinger Snare Ch. 08 - Is all lost for our heroes!?
      Submitted by DragonCobolt  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/15/18  Hot
Three Strikes Ch. 12 - Despite the break up, Donovan goes to AARPs Reunion.
      Submitted by Mrsgnomie  (Gay Male) 11/15/18  Hot
Ravenswood Ch. 12 - The Gathering.
      Submitted by Dreamweaver594  (NonHuman) 11/15/18  Hot
My Little Ventrue Pt. 03 Ch. 02 - Ghosts.
      Submitted by NovusAnimus  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/15/18  Hot
Balder's Saga Ch. 15: Skekenhauf - The vote begins! Will Balder be named heir?
      Submitted by TheDominusCatalyst  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/15/18  Hot
Trapped on Novas Ch. 09 - All might not be as it seems with the Sisterhood.
      Submitted by slavemalcom  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/15/18  Hot
Detective Pornstar Ch. 06: Babee Driver - "To Swerve and Protect. Lick it or Ticket Buddy."
      Submitted by SZENSEI  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 11/15/18
Adele, A Coed Story Ch. 04 - Adele continues to explore her sexuality.
      Submitted by Jessie92  (Erotic Couplings) 11/15/18
Dark Elf Three Lashes' Guild Ch. 01 - Memoirs of a boy as a slave of a Dark Elf.
      Submitted by EstebanMamono  (NonHuman) 11/15/18
Dottily in Love - First time fun for everyone.
      Submitted by LimeyLady  (Lesbian Sex) 11/15/18  Hot
Watching Eve Pt. 20 - Helen confronts Barton Quigley over afternoon tea.
      Submitted by Clynelish1  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 11/15/18
Sam Spade 22: Case of the Undercover Takeover Pt. 01 - Sam confronts the mob and the musician steps forward to help.
      Submitted by KaereniSister  (Novels and Novellas) 11/15/18  Hot
Melissa Z - Two friends share an intimate experience.
      Submitted by SexyCurvz  (Erotic Couplings) 11/15/18
Mr. Billionaire Bachelor - Midwestern businessman strikes the deal of a lifetime.
      Submitted by RockStarGod  (Romance) 11/15/18
War of the Pussy Snatchers: Interlude 01 - Trapped in a wartorn city with an army of the Soulless.
      Submitted by GayTripper  (Mind Control) 11/15/18  Hot
Sharon's Return Pt. 04 - Enjoying the attention.
      Submitted by SharonMWF  (Erotic Couplings) 11/15/18
Husband Training 101 Ch. 02 - She plans to cuck husband and watches anal play.
      Submitted by rodryder44  (Loving Wives) 11/15/18
Shady Pines Ch. 06: Forced - Can Brookes protect Sean?
      Submitted by AgirlcalledBob  (Gay Male) 11/15/18  Hot
After School Detention - Miss. Gilmore watches a rebellious student for detention.
      Submitted by loveyou18  (Lesbian Sex) 11/15/18  Hot
Sense of Smell - Tragedy brings two unlikely future lovers together.
      Submitted by komrad1156  (Mature) 11/15/18  Hot
My Married Top - Finally finding a regular fwb.
      Submitted by 8incock  (Gay Male) 11/15/18
Pushing My Boundaries - Older woman discovers new boundaries with lodger.
      Submitted by Pussymad42  (Mature) 11/15/18  Hot
Forgiveness vs. Permission - Did she? Can she?
      Submitted by Skippy47  (Loving Wives) 11/15/18
Silvia's Big Dare - Silvia is dared to knock on neighbor's door nude.
      Submitted by wanting2bfreed  (Lesbian Sex) 11/15/18
Sales & Development - Salespeople always want more from developers. How much more?
      Submitted by PennameWombat  (Erotic Couplings) 11/15/18
An Erotic Swap - Polyamorous couple meets another couple and things get sexy.
      Submitted by CincyPolyCouple  (Loving Wives) 11/15/18
My Incubus Lover - Demonic sex and human need.
      Submitted by MeredithEighty8  (NonHuman) 11/15/18
Closing The Deal - Lori closes the deal & sells a house using her charms.
      Submitted by kinkycanucks  (Erotic Couplings) 11/15/18
Fun at the Fund Raiser - Ann surprises Brad at the Fund Raiser!
      Submitted by LiteroticaScribe  (Loving Wives) 11/15/18
The Party - Donna takes Michael to a masturbation party.
      Submitted by Chicagoguy100  (Group Sex) 11/15/18
Wife Ch. 02: MIL and FIL - Wife learns she is an exhibitionist, a nymphomaniac & Bi.
      Submitted by ExperiencedStoryteller  (Lesbian Sex) 11/15/18
Audentes Fortuna Iuvat - Epilogue to Carthago Delenda Est.
      Submitted by tj_shades  (Interracial Love) 11/15/18  Hot
Wife Cheating with the Neighbor Ch. 02 - Meeting with wife's lover after she confesses to infidelity.
      Submitted by mm32217  (Erotic Couplings) 11/15/18
Slut - Take My Wife Pt. 03 - Slut Hot Wife shared by husband.
      Submitted by NeilMc123  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 11/15/18
Convention Cosplay Threesome - During a Sci fi convention, I end up in an epic threesome.
      Submitted by Passionpen  (Loving Wives) 11/15/18
Mom Pt. 02 - Selene's continued cuckold and humiliation plus a blackout.
      Submitted by Asperger27  (Loving Wives) 11/15/18
Beth's Family Ch. 01 - Online sex turns into a bigger thing.
      Submitted by Jack1107  (Mature) 11/15/18
Closing the Sale Pt. 01 - She makes sure she seals the deal.
      Submitted by barkirk  (Erotic Couplings) 11/15/18
Boys for Toys - Mature woman enjoys numerous younger men.
      Submitted by ShaeLeeTanner  (Mature) 11/15/18
Adventures of the Buxom Beauty Ch. 04 - The pair enter Valorinth, but Joscelin finds trouble.
      Submitted by TheDudeMan007  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/15/18
First Meeting Pt. 02 - Date with Brianna.
      Submitted by hotupinhere1  (Erotic Couplings) 11/15/18
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