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I knew what I was going to find on the other side of that door, but I still didn't have the guts to open it. Sonja had just come into the kitchen saying that there was someone in the shed, and...

Master! Master! Pt. 04 by Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Path

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The plane came over the mountains and landed at LAX. Cindy and Callie disembarked and walked down the concourse towards Baggage Claim. It was 2:00pm, Pacific Time, Monday, November 13th. "We going...

The Saga Continues Ch. 05 by WifeWatchman

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I heard noise in the kitchen but didn't think anything of it until I felt Kieran shift behind me. If he was in bed with me... I shook Kieran. "Someone's here." Kieran lifted his head and...

Bree's Journey Pt. 03 by D_Lynn

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1.Master! Master! Pt. 04
A new girl shows up! This isn't funny anymore! by Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Path (02/23/18)
4.85 (110)
2.Coed Blowjob Buddies
Two cumslut coeds share their fetish for sucking off guys. by BuckyDuckman (02/13/14)
4.84 (1899)
3.Getting to Know Her
There's enormous boobs... and then there's Jessica. by Dilandau (12/22/16)
4.84 (523)
4.The Saga Continues Ch. 05
Cindy and Callie visit L.A. Somebody gets laid! by WifeWatchman (12/21/17)
4.84 (189)
5.Bree's Journey Pt. 03
The truth comes out. by D_Lynn (02/04/16)
4.84 (113)
6.Strap-on Secrets
Comforting best friend leads to unexpected secrets. by SluttyBisexualGuy (05/28/18)
4.83 (625)
7.The Reader
A novelette: a woman is hired to read in the nude. by Cervantes1958 (08/16/17)
4.82 (211)
8.Jackie Makes Things Right
Jackie finds Brandon AND a love for strapon man-fucking. by escriterra (05/21/09)
4.81 (638)
9.Annie & June Ch. 04
Day two of weekend getaway for nursing moms. by writerotica (06/03/06)
4.81 (615)
10.Hand-job University
Two college girls start hand-job business, making big bucks. by Brittni4u (05/26/18)
4.81 (170)
11.Eve's Tower 02: Return Engagement
Returning brings deeper pleasures. by EvesTower (10/26/17)
4.81 (129)
12.My VideoChat Error Ch 10
Trip Pt I Shauna is forced to have anal orgasm. by NaughtyOne88 (09/14/16)
4.81 (117)
13.Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games Ch. 04
The tension finally snaps! by ScarredRaven (12/30/15)
4.80 (276)
14.Michelle's Arms
A lame opening line opens the door. by furryfan (09/12/08)
4.80 (253)
15.Panties Ch. 02
Jasmine's Panties. by murphybrown537 (12/26/17)
4.80 (151)
16.The White Menu Ch. 03
Sasha and Anne enjoy their main course and a special desert. by ExtraAqua (06/05/14)
4.80 (138)
17.Aaron Convinces Felicia to Try This
He leads his bride to discover strapon delights. by escriterra (06/01/11)
4.79 (1470)
18.The Twelve Tables Ch. 20
Dante's milky obsession. by xelliebabex (06/29/16)
4.79 (336)
19.Gloria's Panties Ch. 10
Yellow Panties. by murphybrown537 (08/16/16)
4.79 (173)
20.My Secret Service Ch. 06
Jim and Jen 'grill' me about my night with Missy. by HConway (04/15/17)
4.79 (136)
21.The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 02
BBWs Bonnie and Charlotte reveal their wild sides. by Eosphorus (04/25/14)
4.79 (112)
22.Voluptus Ludum Ch. 03
Another battle begins and Emily can't contain her desires. by sexgundam666 (06/06/14)
4.79 (106)
23.Golden Girls
Young widow is introduced to kink by her sister-in-law. by Gina_B_33 (10/24/14)
4.78 (1393)
24.Dr. Chloe Burrell, Sex Researcher
Researching strapon fantasies in, and out, of the lab. by escriterra (08/01/09)
4.78 (415)
25.Possessing Bella Ch. 12
Gorean training brings unexpected situations. by xelliebabex (11/13/14)
4.78 (274)
26.Explanation to the Sorority Ch. 02
Karelle mentors Nya in the art of the tease and the taking. by escriterra (06/13/09)
4.78 (252)
27.I Love Women in Panties Ch. 07
The morning after the night before. by lovethosepanties (01/17/13)
4.78 (251)
28.Sun Hee Ch. 06
Of libraries, laundry, and loneliness. by metalimbic (11/24/15)
4.78 (205)
29.A Maid's Tail Ch. 07: Saturday
Conclusion of the first volume of catgirl maid. by T_Silverwolf (12/12/14)
4.78 (176)
30.Battle Scars Ch. 04
The continuing adventures of Pooh and Piglet. by owengreybeard (10/26/11)
4.78 (174)
31.Holly's Seductive Toes Ch. 02
Holly brings her new foot boy to her private lair. by Bacomicfan (06/05/03)
4.78 (120)
32.Laurie and Shellie Ch. 01: Married Man
Laurie thrills Shellie with her fantasy about married men. by OliviaFantasy (09/26/15)
4.78 (116)
33.HypnoSissy: Becoming a Cocksucker
Straight guy watches porn tapes that are not what they seem. by silkstockingslover (04/07/16)
4.77 (1605)
34.Modeling Her New Toy for Him
Jenelle finds true love at the end of her strapon. by escriterra (06/18/10)
4.77 (848)
35.Recipe for Disaster Pt. 03
A strange monolith suddenly appears on campus. by Lost Boy (04/30/16)
4.77 (596)
36.Annie & June Ch. 03
Nursing moms get away for weekend of "fun". by writerotica (06/17/05)
4.77 (547)
37.Smooth Operator
His shaving kink freaks out his gf. Her sister, however... by RejectReality (05/21/18)
4.77 (499)
Dr. Lowenstein has a new patient. by Charles Petersunn (08/21/08)
4.77 (312)
39.The Au Naturel Anal Bleaching
A surprising discovery turns into a job with amazing perks. by jsmiam (08/28/17)
4.77 (256)
40.Life's Changes Ch. 06
Breakfast starts another wild day. by Scribler (07/15/01)
4.77 (233)
41.Finding Himself in Her Ch. 04
Jaime and Kara have more fun with sex and shopping. by Mr_Owlow (07/22/12)
4.77 (217)
42.A College Professor's Discovery Ch. 03
Dr. Sherrie Mathison's third strapon tutoring session. by escriterra (06/20/12)
4.77 (190)
43.A Whole New World
A middle-aged widower discovers a whole new world of love. by airoralover (07/16/17)
4.77 (185)
44.Secret Treasure
ShaeLee discovers one of nature's precious gifts. by ShaeLeeTanner (04/09/17)
4.77 (180)
45.Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 03
Lucille talks to Mrs. Miller. by MaryGrangerx (09/23/15)
4.77 (158)
46.Lifes Changes Ch. 10
Sheri asumes her rightful place. by Scribler (09/13/01)
4.77 (148)
47.My Secret Service Ch. 07
Missy makes a request. by HConway (06/11/17)
4.77 (124)
48.HypnoSissy: Cum Cravings
Videos entrench his hunger for cock and cum. by silkstockingslover (02/09/17)
4.76 (375)
49.Life's Changes Ch. 04
Sheri takes on a new slave. by Scribler (06/17/01)
4.76 (275)
50.A College Professor's Discovery Ch. 02
Miss Victoria continues tutoring Sherrie in strapon practice. by escriterra (10/31/10)
4.76 (259)
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