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Kathleen sat in her room surprisingly happy for the first time in months. She felt giddy, she felt nervous, she felt naughty, but most importantly she felt sexy. She couldn't believe that she had...

Gloria's Panties Ch. 10 by murphybrown537

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It had been a very long time since the last really good sex for Jackie. What was the guy's name? Oh, yeah. _Brandon._ Spring break Brandon. Miami Beach Brandon. Nice, thick,...

Jackie Makes Things Right by escriterra

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Chloe Burrell, Ph.D., was acutely aware of the irony of her situation. At 34, single (divorced after two years of marriage to the guy she'd lived with for three years before that), and attractive...

Dr. Chloe Burrell, Sex Researcher by escriterra

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1.Gloria's Panties Ch. 10
Yellow Panties. by murphybrown537 (08/16/16)
4.88 (105)
2.Getting to Know Her
There's enormous boobs... and then there's Jessica. by Dilandau (12/22/16)
4.86 (364)
3.The Reader
A novelette: a woman is hired to read in the nude. by Cervantes1958 (08/16/17)
4.86 (118)
4.Coed Blowjob Buddies
Two cumslut coeds share their fetish for sucking off guys. by BuckyDuckman (02/13/14)
4.84 (1641)
5.Annie & June Ch. 04
Day two of weekend getaway for nursing moms. by writerotica (06/03/06)
4.82 (573)
6.Jackie Makes Things Right
Jackie finds Brandon AND a love for strapon man-fucking. by escriterra (05/21/09)
4.81 (555)
7.Michelle's Arms
A lame opening line opens the door. by furryfan (09/12/08)
4.81 (219)
8.Dr. Chloe Burrell, Sex Researcher
Researching strapon fantasies in, and out, of the lab. by escriterra (08/01/09)
4.80 (397)
9.Battle Scars Ch. 04
The continuing adventures of Pooh and Piglet. by owengreybeard (10/26/11)
4.80 (147)
10.Explanation to the Sorority Ch. 02
Karelle mentors Nya in the art of the tease and the taking. by escriterra (06/13/09)
4.79 (240)
11.Possessing Bella Ch. 12
Gorean training brings unexpected situations. by xelliebabex (11/13/14)
4.79 (238)
12.The Twelve Tables Ch. 20
Dante's milky obsession. by xelliebabex (06/29/16)
4.79 (233)
13.I Love Women in Panties Ch. 07
The morning after the night before. by lovethosepanties (01/17/13)
4.79 (220)
14.A Whole New World
A middle-aged widower discovers a whole new world of love. by airoralover (07/16/17)
4.79 (154)
15.Aaron Convinces Felicia to Try This
He leads his bride to discover strapon delights. by escriterra (06/01/11)
4.78 (1385)
16.Golden Girls
Young widow is introduced to kink by her sister-in-law. by Gina_B_33 (10/24/14)
4.78 (1220)
17.Recipe for Disaster Pt. 03
A strange monolith suddenly appears on campus. by Lost Boy (04/30/16)
4.78 (520)
18.Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games Ch. 04
The tension finally snaps! by ScarredRaven (12/30/15)
4.78 (234)
19.Sun Hee Ch. 06
Of libraries, laundry, and loneliness. by metalimbic (11/24/15)
4.78 (193)
20.Foot Fetish Fridays
Virgin intern gets foot fetish satisfaction from the office. by Brittni4u (10/21/16)
4.78 (140)
21.HypnoSissy: Becoming a Cocksucker
Straight guy watches porn tapes that are not what they seem. by silkstockingslover (04/07/16)
4.77 (1339)
22.Modeling Her New Toy for Him
Jenelle finds true love at the end of her strapon. by escriterra (06/18/10)
4.77 (810)
23.Annie & June Ch. 03
Nursing moms get away for weekend of "fun". by writerotica (06/17/05)
4.77 (515)
Dr. Lowenstein has a new patient. by Charles Petersunn (08/21/08)
4.77 (298)
25.HypnoSissy: Cum Cravings
Videos entrench his hunger for cock and cum. by silkstockingslover (02/09/17)
4.77 (293)
26.A Ski Bunny is Born Ch. 05
Nikki & Kim continue sexy tour of Europe. by Nikki H (11/28/02)
4.77 (264)
27.A College Professor's Discovery Ch. 02
Miss Victoria continues tutoring Sherrie in strapon practice. by escriterra (10/31/10)
4.77 (245)
28.Finding Himself in Her Ch. 04
Jaime and Kara have more fun with sex and shopping. by Mr_Owlow (07/22/12)
4.77 (205)
29.I Love Women in Panties Ch. 05
Birthday Treats continue for Mike. by lovethosepanties (12/12/12)
4.77 (156)
30.Secret Treasure
ShaeLee discovers one of nature's precious gifts. by ShaeLeeTanner (04/09/17)
4.77 (145)
31.Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 04
The Next Day. by MaryGrangerx (10/01/15)
4.77 (137)
32.Sun Hee Ch. 08
Sun Hee returns, as cruel as ever. by metalimbic (06/09/16)
4.77 (116)
33.Cindy and Mindy Ch. 03
Mindy.... by djubre666 (08/26/13)
4.77 (113)
34.To Boldly Grow
A kink writer finds herself transforming as she writes. by mistyfdfa (08/26/16)
4.77 (104)
35.Holly's Seductive Toes Ch. 02
Holly brings her new foot boy to her private lair. by Bacomicfan (06/05/03)
4.77 (102)
36.Horny, Pregnant and Dripping Ch. 02
He'll try anything once. by xxistential (08/30/05)
4.76 (2496)
37.Gender Issues
Sexual ambiguity on New Year's Eve. by dr_mabeuse (11/18/05)
4.76 (1483)
38.Becoming Her Wife Ch. 09
Nikki and Jim have a wild night. by Scribler (08/19/02)
4.76 (245)
39.Life's Changes Ch. 06
Breakfast starts another wild day. by Scribler (07/15/01)
4.76 (221)
40.My Secret Service Ch. 05
What does Missy know about my cocksucking and how? by HConway (01/05/17)
4.76 (219)
41.Something Afoot
What is sister's hot friend up to? Something is afoot... by RejectReality (05/28/17)
4.76 (214)
42.A College Professor's Discovery Ch. 03
Dr. Sherrie Mathison's third strapon tutoring session. by escriterra (06/20/12)
4.76 (176)
43.A Maid's Tail Ch. 07: Saturday
Conclusion of the first volume of catgirl maid. by T_Silverwolf (12/12/14)
4.76 (155)
44.Life's Changes Ch. 13
The saga continues. by Scribler (01/06/02)
4.76 (144)
45.Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 03
Lucille talks to Mrs. Miller. by MaryGrangerx (09/23/15)
4.76 (143)
46.Lifes Changes Ch. 10
Sheri asumes her rightful place. by Scribler (09/13/01)
4.76 (140)
47.After Dinner Drinks Ch. 02
Chef Carla learns about new body tastes with Diana. by lilactwist (06/29/06)
4.76 (111)
48.Kinky Tales: I'm Pegged By My Wife
Married man begins to fantasy about being bottomed by wife. by silkstockingslover (10/15/15)
4.75 (843)
49.Wife Has a Surprise for Him
She takes control. by pegged3 (05/20/16)
4.75 (468)
50.Becoming Her Wife Ch. 10
Josie demonstrates her control over Nikki. by Scribler (08/20/02)
4.75 (367)
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