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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

A New Beginning: 13 Part Series
A New Beginning Ch. 01 (4.47)The dream begins. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/02/08
A New Beginning Ch. 02 (4.59)A hole in space.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/10/08
A New Beginning Ch. 03 (4.56)Nothing.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/18/08
A New Beginning Ch. 04 (4.56)Division.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/26/08
A New Beginning Ch. 05 (4.63)Near Earth Orbit.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/05/08
A New Beginning Ch. 06 (4.58)Dinosaur Watching.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/18/08
A New Beginning Ch. 07 (4.65)Home Again.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/29/08
A New Beginning Ch. 08 (4.71)Shangri La.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/07/09
A New Beginning Ch. 09 (4.70)Establishing ourselves.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/17/09
A New Beginning Ch. 10 (4.65)Dinosaur Hunting.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/28/09
A New Beginning Ch. 11 (4.71)Genesis One.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/12/09
A New Beginning Ch. 12 (4.74)A new dawn.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/01/09
A New Beginning Ch. 13 (4.74)A Brighter Future.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/18/09
Making of a Sex Slave: 7 Part Series
Making of a Sex Slave Ch. 01 (4.41)The Dawning of My Sexual Slavery. BDSM 04/07/10
Making of a Sex Slave Ch. 02 (4.54)Second Encounter on the Road to Becoming a Sex Slave.  Hot BDSM 04/21/10
Making of a Sex Slave Ch. 03 (4.52)My sex slave desire takes root.  Hot BDSM 04/29/10
Making of a Sex Slave Ch. 04 (4.45)My Desire to be a Sex Slave Becomes a Reality. BDSM 05/05/10
Making of a Sex Slave Ch. 05 (4.40)I am sold into sexual slavery. BDSM 05/12/10
Making of a Sex Slave Ch. 06 (4.40)My sexual slavery begins. BDSM 05/20/10
Making of a Sex Slave Ch. 07 (4.40)My Life as a Sex Slave BDSM 05/27/10
Massage (3.51)Lover gives mate a sensuous, ecstatic massage. BDSM 02/04/06
Sam's Spa Chronicles: 26 Part Series
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 01 (4.54)A weekend of slavery.  Hot BDSM 02/10/06
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 02 (4.38)Beth's new friends. BDSM 02/07/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 03 (4.36)Beth's introduction to sexual slavery. BDSM 03/11/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 04 (4.28)Beth's submission to Amy. BDSM 03/19/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 05 (4.36)Beth's sexual submission deepens. BDSM 03/26/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 06 (4.49)Veronica's introduction to BDSM. BDSM 02/16/06
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 07 (4.29)Veronica submits to her lover. BDSM 02/23/06
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 08 (4.26)Veronica the Dominatrix. BDSM 03/05/06
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 09 (4.41)A wife initiates her slavery. BDSM 05/02/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 10 (4.30)A sex slave's joy. BDSM 05/08/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 11 (3.90)A sex slave's bath. BDSM 05/17/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 12 (4.12)A sex slave's best friend. BDSM 06/06/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 13 (4.10)Veronica's first desire. BDSM 12/10/06
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 14 (4.12)Veronica's second desire. BDSM 11/27/06
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 15 (4.20)Beth's sexual vacation. BDSM 06/27/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 16 (4.40)Beth's sexual slavery begins. BDSM 07/07/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 17 (3.86)A sex slave gets a Mistress. BDSM 07/17/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 18 (4.07)A sex slave's sexual escapades. BDSM 07/25/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 19 (4.21)The Slave Galley. BDSM 08/01/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 20 (4.00)electricgirl Meets Her Dom. BDSM 08/07/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 21 (3.85)Badboy is punished. BDSM 08/21/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 22 (3.83)BlackVelvet takes control. BDSM 08/28/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 23 (3.57)Vickie reveals her slavery. BDSM 09/04/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 24 (4.18)Amy's sex parties. BDSM 09/12/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 25 (3.91)Amy's sex parties continue. BDSM 09/19/08
Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 26 (4.53)Amy revealed.  Hot BDSM 09/27/08
Therapist: 8 Part Series
Therapist Ch. 01 (3.81)Bondage and Deliverance. Novels and Novellas 05/11/09
Therapist Ch. 02 (3.55)Oh Donna. Novels and Novellas 05/21/09
Therapist Ch. 03 (3.43)The rampage begins. Novels and Novellas 05/25/09
Therapist Ch. 04 (5.00)To the Mardi Gras. Novels and Novellas 05/29/09
Therapist Ch. 05 (4.50)The therapist gets pegged. Novels and Novellas 06/04/09
Therapist Ch. 07 (4.75)A witness emerges. Novels and Novellas 06/17/09
Therapist Ch. 08 (4.40)George eludes capture. Novels and Novellas 06/21/09
Therapist Ch. 09 (4.00)George meets his match. Novels and Novellas 06/25/09
Time in a Bottle (4.16)Two lovers find eternal love snowbound in a mountain cabin. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/28/09
Tri-ethereal: 10 Part Series
Tri-ethereal Ch. 00 (3.63)Prologue Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/28/09
Tri-ethereal Ch. 01 (4.31)The Sentencing Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/29/09
Tri-ethereal Ch. 02 (4.75)Threats and Counter Threats.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/04/09
Tri-ethereal Ch. 03 (4.65)Trimorph Exposé  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/12/09
Tri-ethereal Ch. 04 (4.59)The Fight for Freedom.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/18/09
Tri-ethereal Ch. 05 (4.65)The crusade intensifies.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/22/09
Tri-ethereal Ch. 06 (4.69)The Fight to the End.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/28/09
Tri-ethereal Ch. 07 (4.62)Banishment.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/03/09
Tri-ethereal Ch. 08 (4.44)Yearning For Home. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/09/09
Tri-ethereal Ch. 09 (4.64)The Revelation.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/13/09
The Sex Slave’s Hour (4.25) Erotic Poetry 03/21/08
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