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Non-Erotic Stories

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 — A confused girl remembers her mother. by Manny_Kanblo08/27/093.67

Y'Zark the Apprentice Ch. 1

 — In which Y'Zark discovers magic still exists. by rexfelis03/17/024.63HOT

Y'Zark the Apprentice Ch. 2

 — In which Y'Zark begins an epic journey. by rexfelis04/11/024.69HOT

Y'Zark the Apprentice Ch. 3

 — Y'Zark finds his way through the newly created Ashen Desert. by rexfelis08/05/024.60HOT

Y'Zark the Apprentice Ch. 4

 — Y'Zark meets Grazebuell - and Grazebuell's new Master. by rexfelis08/06/024.44

Y'Zark the Apprentice Ch. 5

 — Y'Zark finds his courage, and proves his heritage. by rexfelis08/07/024.62HOT

Years Ago

 — Once he'd invented it, how would he put it to use? by adamgunn11/30/17

Yellow, Blue, White

 — Teasing at the workplace. by swiftcurrent04/22/153.42

You Again

 — An old flame is reignited. by BelleNoire0406/20/144.11

You Are Not Lonely If He Is Dead

 — An Indian woman's affair. by sexyvijaya11/19/064.19

You Gave Me a Mountain Ch. 01

 — The hardships a man goes through in life. by DG Hear03/04/084.68HOTContest Winner

You Never Know

 — How someone will react. by PTBzzzz07/25/134.28

You Think You Know

 — A secret revealed. by catman7109/19/104.26

You Try and Save Me

 — Prose. by sweepthefloor06/13/104.38

You Want Me to What?

 — Dad wants me to marry a girl I've never met. by sourdough99905/22/124.31

You Will Welcome Death

 — A man buys a sketch. by wantsomefun195110/02/124.29

You've Seen Her Pt. 04

 — Samy insists upon a mysterious twist. by zoolicious05/21/194.36

Young Mr Chrichton

 — Aimlessly drifting, a young guy ends up in TV production. by egmontgrigor201008/19/104.72HOT

Your Hand in Mine

 — They say the most amazing journeys begin with a single word. by MessengerOfDreams02/12/144.41

Your Tax Dollars at Work

 — Dug Court destroys the lives of two straight A students. by tsar711/12/173.02

Zero Sum

 — All we are worth, just zeros and ones. by mykaltrent08/06/104.20

Zero Woman

 — An assassin is betrayed and ends her career. by cckuay08/30/134.34

Zero-Day Attack

 — Hunter discovers a zero-day attack in a top secret military. by cowboy10902/11/163.82

Zoe Parker Ch. 01

 — Zoe's already dark life gets even darker. by Into_The_Rabbit_Hole09/20/10HOT

Zoe Parker Ch. 01

 — Zoe's already dark life takes a sudden, tragic twist. by BrokenMasterpiece07/03/134.57HOT

Zoe Parker Ch. 02

 — Hate can be a powerful drug. by Into_The_Rabbit_Hole09/23/104.39

Zoe Parker Ch. 02

 — Zoe is faced with change and a new emotion. by BrokenMasterpiece07/15/134.50HOT

Zoe Parker Ch. 03

 — Will Zoe's new life offer any solace? by Into_The_Rabbit_Hole09/27/104.29

Zoe Parker Ch. 03

 — Zoe's new home doesn't exactly feel that way. by BrokenMasterpiece07/21/134.30

Zoe Parker Ch. 04

 — A glimmer of hope shines through for Zoe. Will it stay? by BrokenMasterpiece08/01/134.61HOT

Zoe Parker Ch. 05

 — Zoe gets ready to take her own life. by BrokenMasterpiece08/06/134.82HOT

Zoe Parker Ch. 06

 — Will Zoe's new friend be enough? by BrokenMasterpiece08/12/134.52HOT

Zombie Valentine's Day

 — Zombies and Valentine's Day don't mix. by gldngolfer02/17/164.30

Zombie Wife and Officer Midnight

 — A nice peaceful night with my mistress. Not with my life!! by Hailstar05/17/152.69


 — A fantasy based on 'Resident Evil'. by IMRIOTSTAR05/07/014.20


 — A young man is unfairly tried and shipped off to Vietnam. by JimBob4411/14/134.72HOT

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