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Non-Erotic Stories

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Groomed Prince Becomes a King

 — A Prince fights for his rights of succession, very nastily. by iwilldefy09/30/104.17

Growing Up Is Tough

 — There was an accident. by Charmed2672602/03/044.21

Growing Up Together Ch. 00

 — Two best friends now husband and wife share their life story by rcwilliams10/02/133.73


 — What happens when forgiveness isn't an option? by double_entendre07/17/124.19

Guardian Angel Ch. 01

 — Sabrina meets a mysterious stranger at the museum. by Aurora Black12/09/05HOT

Guardian Angel Ch. 02

 — Business meeting gets interesting. by Aurora Black12/10/05

Guardian Angel Ch. 03

 — Midnight rendezvous with the Boss. by Aurora Black12/11/05

Guardian Angel Ch. 04

 — Sabrina is restless; Raphael makes plans. by Aurora Black12/12/05

Guess Who's Back?

 — Black man makes triumphant return. by Samuelx02/25/081.50

Hair & Hunger

 — A fairytale twist. by BenevolentDCC05/23/142.89

Haitian Americans in Canada

 — A Haitian-American student's views on Canada. by Samuelx08/12/101.43

Haitian and Male in Canada Ch. 05

 — Reflections of a bisexual Haitian student in Toronto. by Samuelx03/07/101.00

Haitian and Male in Canada Ch. 06

 — Bisexual Haitian man falls in love with sexy woman. by Samuelx03/08/101.25

Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 03

 — Haitian police officer saves immigrant family. by Samuelx04/22/081.00

Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 08

 — Bisexual Haitian college athlete comes out of closet. by Samuelx06/05/081.00

Haitian Bisexuality: In The End

 — The life and times of bisexual Haitian students. by Samuelx07/12/082.25

Haitian Immigrant Looks at Canada

 — Canada seen through a young black man's eyes. by Samuelx04/13/131.00

Haitian Man Conquers Canada

 — The adventures of a Haitian hero in Canada. by Samuelx11/24/091.57

Haitian Superman Rules The World

 — The life and times of a Haitian-American Genius. by Samuelx06/16/091.00

Haitians in North America

 — The life and times of a Haitian in North America. by Samuelx11/05/091.25


 — "There was one other concession..." by Fable09/12/034.49Editor's Pick

Halloween and Batman

 — Do clothes really make the man? by DG Hear10/07/114.66HOT

Halloween Driveby

 — She gave me an ultimatum on my special night. by torchthebitch10/08/094.34

Halloween Humor

 — A few humorous incidents. by DG Hear10/09/094.47

Halloween Murders

 — Husband's revenge against cheating wife. by DG Hear10/01/094.49

Hallucination or God?

 — Does Kristy really see god? or is her brain playing tricks? by mrmoo696902/25/152.80

Hand of Fate

 — What might have been. by BilyumQ06/29/06HOT

Hands of a Vampire

 — The gloves come off at last. by WFEATHER05/08/084.57HOT

Happy Birthday, Kaylie

 — Group of friends are locked in school with a psycho. by Slappy10108/21/074.00

Happy New Year

 — The strange way we celebrate New Year. by Bakeboss12/24/094.00

Hard Choices

 — Sometimes in life we all face hard choices. by jessy1902/03/054.08


 — In just seconds he went down as the train hit him... by Middleagepoet01/01/103.59

Harri: Face the Slut Within Ch. 01

 — The backstory. Who is Harri? Why does she hate sluts so? by thenry12/03/094.31


 — Darkly dissociative tale of magic, politics, & horror. by trismegistus10/30/044.75


 — Reflections on love gone wrong. by wonderdust08/07/053.81

Have Faith

 — When duty comes between friendship and love. by AgntSmth03/04/044.56HOT

Haven's Memory Loss?

 — Brooding male takes Haven on a crazy ride. by SaSsiX08/16/075.00

He and She - A Story of Endless Love

 — Two lonesome orphans find a love that never dies. by Erbanluv11/21/144.60HOT

He Had To Know

 — Jon read our Stories. by magichandslee02/23/044.49

He Hated Flowers

 — I can picture them now: wilted, dying, and rotting by jthserra02/09/044.11

He Learned

 — A prodigy learns the nature of the universe. by deathlynx08/17/065.00

He Spent His Last £30...

 — ...on a plate of oysters and a glass of champagne. by redzinger10/15/154.63HOT

He Takes in a Ball Game

 — Even the Grim Reaper likes to relax and have a beer. by RjThoughts10/15/114.64HOT

He Wanted to Talk

 — Some things you can't take back. by magmaman04/27/114.51HOT

Heading Home

 — Returning home with several old friends. by jthserra04/06/044.30

Healing Love

 — The love between two sisters can never be broken. by MamaRita11/08/142.75


 — I'm gonna bring the healing hand of God to a poor soul. by jthserra02/09/044.55HOT

Hear, See, Speak

 — Thomas, blinded, and Rosa, deafened, share hell in a dungeon. by CaringAndDemanding08/26/154.00

Heart Attack

 — Don't let this happen to you. by bassbelly10/30/074.21

Heart of a Black Man

 — Troubled Haitian-American finds refuge in Canada. by Samuelx08/03/121.50

Heart-Stopping Stuff

 — Buying a car brings a man & a woman together. by Egmont Grigor05/14/084.61HOT

Heartache on the River

 — Damn the river. by dirtyjoe6912/15/063.91

Heartbreakers 1.08

 — Victory And Defeat. by latinplayer08/23/154.57HOT


 — A projection of the psychological necessity of expression. by Venus Inference09/08/055.00

Hearts and Flowers

 — Romance is an illusion. by KarennaC01/22/094.52HOT


 — Life on the farm can be dangerous. by GBRADICAL11/18/074.30

Heavy Chevy

 — Maybe, GM will bring back the Heavy Chevy. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/11/074.29

Hell Hath No Fury

 — A man blackmailed by his wife turns to erotica for revenge. by Angela_Ivy_Bloom06/07/153.12

Hell on the Highway

 — Nostalgia from early 60s, our first holiday road trip. by Spencerfiction01/18/154.17

Hello, Goodbye

 — One guy at a funeral finds a beautiful girl worth pursuing. by BiCuriousKitty8206/30/154.12

Helpful Hand Ch. 01

 — Introduction of the characters and first date. by mfz83407/26/144.11

Henry Versus The Horror

 — Facing fear is never easy, but necessary. by wakingDown06/27/154.64HOT

Her Angel on Earth

 — The inner reflection of a once abused woman about her savior. by MidnightSun10/26/074.75HOT

Her Darling Boy

 — Grieving mother into abyss of her life. by ms_girl2308/07/044.21

Her Dress

 — Jealousy comes around & faces her with insight. by ocean_bonnie07/19/024.00

Her Husband's Name

 — She is still alive inside this shell. by MissVictoria12/24/014.00

Her Journal

 — A glance at her lost thoughts. by Morgaine LaFay01/31/024.48

Her Problem Ch. 03

 — Drunken wife gets into trouble. by mikoli576303/11/143.80


 — Size is not everything. by WFEATHER06/19/084.55HOT

Hero Be Damned Ch. 01

 — What does it take to push a hero over the edge? by BrisbaneBorn12/08/074.56HOT

Hero Be Damned Ch. 02

 — No good deed goes unpunished. by BrisbaneBorn12/09/074.34

Hero Be Damned Ch. 03

 — Breaking point. by BrisbaneBorn10/06/154.11

Hey Buddy can you Spare a Dime

 — Is this country headed for another depression? by Bakeboss07/06/103.82

Hi Beautiful

 — Bus driver falls for beautiful BBW. by SpecialK08/15/024.72HOT

Hi Daddy

 — Protective father jumps to conclusion. by Ed061308/08/123.83

Hi Honey, How Was Your Day?

 — Oh, nothing special. by qhml101/27/134.60HOT

Hideaway House

 — Just a writer, but she was almost accused of murder. by thornapple02/15/104.64HOT


 — She didn't understand, it must be French. by jthserra06/25/044.64HOT

High Performance

 — A man hunts down his lover's killer. by Anitole01/03/094.55HOTEditor's Pick

High School Love: Rewritten

 — Ali find's love in Joey's arms (rewritten version). by Hobbitman45712/16/084.22

High Sea Horror

 — A family bonding trip doesn't got as planned. by Sean Renaud02/13/142.62

High-Tech Super Hero

 — How to recover from calling your new girlfriend fat? by the_thinker9707/31/144.20

His Struggle

 — The audacity of a new leader. by kilcannon08/23/083.89

His Tangled Web

 — Meeting up when everything is not as it seems. by Ygraine11/09/064.56

His Trouble with Glass

 — Whenever his parents heard the crash of glass, he was nearby. by jthserra02/08/044.20

Hitch Hiking in Germany

 — Drunken attempt to hitch hike in a snow storm. by Baba801/23/083.33

Hobo Joe

 — Kind-hearted homeless man affects her. by KayceeBare6905/18/024.59HOT

Holiday Neighbours

 — How do you spell 'wolf'? by Whisky7up10/20/044.18

Holiday Traditions

 — Traditions go on even after a death in the family. by DG Hear11/28/134.53HOT


 — A soldier reflects on a life he forgot. by johnny_sway03/28/044.57HOT


 — He's for hire. by Gethelred01/07/134.04

Home For A Purpose

 — He is challenged to repair a broken relationship. by Adrian6970200605/13/093.44

Home for Thanksgiving

 — Her first time back home since that horrible day. by Erotica_Writings11/18/054.51HOT

Home Sweet Home

 — She finds happiness in unexpected place. by Taea Creations05/03/043.33


 — They've all come home again, they've all come home. by jthserra01/27/044.00


 — A team's journey through a tournament. by Jay73308/30/081.57

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