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Non-Erotic Stories

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Psi-Lords Ch. 1

 — Gangster is shown a whole new world. by Jester7278306/23/014.39


 — Three couples in murder mystery experiment! by LitEroCat01/14/183.79

Psychic Tales

 — 3 facttual Psychic Tales by morgancharlest04/02/074.00

Pulling the Trigger

 — The author's first experience at a nudist resort. by vonWachstein10/15/154.09

Punk Beauty

 — Love at first site for teen in shopping mall. by hopeless romantic02/04/023.94

Puppy Love

 — Righting the Wronged. by B_Bailey01/21/174.17

Pure Bliss Ch. 02

 — Writer and her husband are kidnapped. by tinytot2405/01/113.56

Pure Bliss Ch. 04

 — Piper and Chance learn more about their captors. by tinytot2405/18/113.36

Pure Bliss Ch. 05

 — Piper's captor kisses her. by tinytot2406/02/113.40

Pure Bliss Ch. 06

 — Chance gets shot. by tinytot2406/12/113.50

Pure Bliss Ch. 10

 — Piper and Sam. by tinytot2407/14/113.00

Pure Magic

 — Magic, Shapeshifting, and true love. by Spoiled_Angel05/14/013.90

Purgatory Pt. 01

 — Sarah. by theladyfizzbit09/26/183.67

Pushed Too Hard

 — Live and let live; but then, a push too far. by JustForPosting06/26/144.35

Quantum of Solace

 — I help my girlfriend cope with loss. by guitargotmilf04/23/133.96

Quebec Women And Haitian Guys

 — Quebec woman saves despairing Haitian man. by Samuelx01/18/112.56

Queen Of The Gypsies

 — She was truly retro. by Dillinger06/01/013.83

Queen of the Tidewater Peloton

 — A tale of reconciliation between antagonist and victim. by trigudis11/10/154.50HOT


 — I have been in one of those moods today. by stormchaser_03/25/053.67

Questions of the Heart Ch. 02

 — Ever wondered? by who_me200307/07/033.67

Quid Pro Quo Ch. 01

 — A climber meets two women in trouble. by Bert_Fegg01/19/144.76HOT

Quilters' Circle

 — Country girl finds her way in Chicago. by l8bloom08/21/074.34


 — A baseball story. by jjcole12/22/094.49


 — Party heats up when friends play drinking games. by SpecialK10/11/003.82

R is for Running Deer

 — The magic of the meadow remains. by Many Feathers07/05/054.46

Rabbi Hersh's Nightmare

 — The Rabbi was helpless to prevent this horror. by LonelyMuse09/19/023.17


 — Childhood Dream. by CoffeeKitteh02/03/133.00

Rachel's Story

 — A woman's life. by sandbcouple109/06/143.80

Racial Profiling 101

 — What it's like to be a black man in America. by Samuelx08/21/082.33

Racism Among White Women

 — Black male student confronts racist women on campus. by Samuelx02/19/092.00

Ragged Point: Death on the Rocks

 — Would you kill to save your wife from a Hollywood predator? by PostScriptor03/17/184.66HOT


 — a vivid account of a woman dealing with her past by submissive kelly01/31/024.09Editor's Pick

Raiden & I

 — He comes back to me. by sexy_nimph10/08/034.38


 — Man and woman recover from hard times together. by SW_MO_Hermit08/25/154.72HOT


 — The storm. by d4rk4ngel05/20/064.16

Rainbows End

 — Can humanity survive in a drastically changed world? by Krotch_Kannibal04/09/184.82HOT

Raion Teaches Humility Ch. 02

 — The Lion acts as melancholy thought induces action. by LeopoldNicholas08/05/14

Raleigh Reunion Ch. 01

 — Friends gather for a belated high school reunion. by cinnamon197705/12/09

Random Memories

 — Just a day in the life. by funnyone10/11/024.00


 — I was accused of raping a teenager. by GToast12/30/104.58HOT

Rat Bastard

 — Katherine catches her BF cheating and struggles to recover. by LiteraryArt78903/26/183.75

Rathbone Alley Ch. 01

 — A dark crime with the possibility of redemption. by wonder_kitty11/19/083.50

Rather be Lucky than Good

 — Older guy makes a trip to the Mall. by olddave195101/05/164.64HOT

Rather be Lucky than Good Ch. 02

 — Old guy continues his day at the mall. by olddave195101/07/164.76HOT

Rather be Lucky than Good Ch. 03

 — An old guy's day at the mall. by olddave195101/19/164.79HOT


 — An emotional encounter during the Great War. by boston_kcw09/15/084.27

Real Men Don't Get Vasectomies

 — Men say no to women at last. by Samuelx03/29/092.78

Rebekka Rose

 — Are you a Memory or just a Dream? by Dani_Blade10/27/123.40

Recipes in a Prison Cell

 — Innocent man languishes in jail. by flightothefalcon01/23/064.05


 — Brenda buries the past. by RisiaSkye04/18/014.44

Reconciliation and Revenge

 — A family is reunited. by madengineer311/30/114.36

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 01

 — How an injured civilian recovers from combat injuries. by Roadbug07/12/084.51HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 02

 — The Story of how a Civilian recovers from combat wounds by Roadbug07/17/084.59HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 03

 — How a civilian recovers from combat wounds. by Roadbug07/20/084.63HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 04

 — A civilian recovers from combat injuries. by Roadbug07/23/084.72HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 05

 — The continuing story of how a wounded civilian recovers. by Roadbug07/26/084.73HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 06

 — Civilian recovers from combat injuries. by Roadbug07/29/084.75HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 07

 — The continuing story of the recovery of a civilian. by Roadbug07/31/084.75HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 08

 — Civilian recovers from combat injuries. by Roadbug08/03/084.64HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 09

 — The continuing story of how a civilian recovers. by Roadbug08/05/084.66HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 10

 — The story of how a civilian recovers from combat injuries. by Roadbug08/08/084.68HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 11

 — The continuing story of how a civilian recovers. by Roadbug08/23/084.73HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 12

 — How a civilian recovers from combat injuries. by Roadbug08/24/084.71HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 13

 — The continuing story of Eldarin DeShade. by Roadbug08/27/084.73HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 14

 — The continuing story of Eldarin DeShade. by Roadbug08/29/084.73HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 15

 — The continuing story of Eldarin DeShade. by Roadbug09/01/084.71HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 16

 — The continuing story of Eldarin DeShade. by Roadbug09/05/084.67HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 17

 — How a civilian recovers from combat injuries. by Roadbug09/16/084.69HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 18

 — How a civian recovers from combat injuries. by Roadbug09/18/084.77HOT

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 19

 — The continuing story of Eldarin DeShade. by Roadbug10/25/084.72HOT

Red Blade

 — A dark tale of revenge. by Samuelx04/14/053.70

Red Goblin Saves The World

 — A strange satire of B super-hero movies. by seannelson10/28/094.25

Red Heads & Monkeys

 — There's a rule about deaf kids' monkeys. by altare 407/21/033.36

Red Rock Canyon Day 01

 — Four separate hikers make their way into canyon. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/03/063.98

Red Rock Canyon Day 02

 — Weather becomes a threat to the four hikers. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/04/064.27

Redamancy Ch. 14-15

 — The queen gives birth. by EnvywithJadee02/05/184.71

Redamancy Ch. 16-17

 — Toros tries to be King and Cas indulges himself for once. by EnvywithJadee06/14/184.75

Redamancy Ch. 18-20

 — Empress Jehenne is on the way and something happens to Dev. by EnvywithJadee07/07/184.75


 — Two homeless girls get a chance in life. by madengineer311/23/084.57HOT

Reefer Madness

 — A fictitious account. by D.B. Metallo04/06/024.44


 — Life and Love are Funny Things, Strange and Sad, yet wonderful, none sexual. by Roytomkinson04/04/194.41

Reflections in Steel

 — Man contemplates desperate act in light of wife's infidelity. by katnip_21f01/12/054.29

Reflections of a Love Slave

 — A kajira's remembrance of the One she loved. by simply_cyn05/26/044.44

Reflections of a Love Slave Ch. 02

 — A kajira's journey with the Master that has returned. by simply_cyn06/10/044.88

Rehab 101

 — Disabled Vet finds wife missing. by Grey Eagle 28611/24/054.48

Reincarnation, Life After Death Ch. 03

 — Hazel's horoscope. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/23/084.00

Rekha and Manish

 — The mind and the ears hear differently. by Trambak01/10/193.89

Relative Terror

 — Moving home is never easy. by Blkhearted110/07/043.70

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