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Non-Erotic Stories

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An Unexpected Romance For Dave Pt. 01

 — Co-workers discover a fondness and romance builds. by stoneypoint10/26/064.53HOT

An Unfinished Story

 — Brian's story turns into a way to overcome his shyness. by victoriawhita04/16/054.66HOT

An Unusual Job – Botched

 — Kallin screws up a job, badly. by Vandren05/21/05

An Unwanted Miracle

 — A teen pregnancy in an uptight society. by s_xuereb_6909/09/01

Analysis Paralysis

 — How not to wake up with a man. by KarennaC02/13/083.83

And Everything Nice

 — The recipe was all she could think of in the cold room. by jthserra06/01/044.08

And His Heart Melted

 — Guy loves best friend, & nearly loses her. by TomKat21205/06/024.33

And His Heart Melted Part 2

 — John gets a second chance with Angie. by TomKat21205/08/024.53HOT

And His Heart Melted Part 3

 — John gets a second chance with Angie. by TomKat21205/10/024.45

And I Just Called Them Jesus Freaks

 — The pilgrims who followed a star. by jthserra06/25/044.40

And So I Held Her

 — Enabling her to not be strong. by ZorrosBlindfold02/08/164.28

And So It Begins

 — Begining of the Double D story line. Prologue goes in front. by OhCrap10/29/103.67


 — The Gynoid Andra picks her master's brain. by Taunus11/29/113.25

Andrea & I

 — Chance meeting on subway with a twist. by espeteroh04/14/054.44


 — Crime and Charity. by jjcole02/05/134.27

Angel of Love - Crossing Paths

 — A chance encounter possibly leads to closure. by Love2ReadLit01/20/164.57HOT

Angela and the Cruel Dentist

 — Toothache leads to a frightening experience in the chair. by hugh207501/14/093.10

Angelina Pt. 01

 — Love right in front of their faces. by Joyride198001/30/054.50


 — Everyones's different, but he was as different as they get. by Rouquie03/29/084.40

Angelus Astärté

 — A short story of the past. by NyklDormir02/26/074.50

Anger Management

 — Stress and strain in the lives of one family. by coaster207/06/084.23


 — One woman's struggle to be free by Niqqi_608/11/044.27

Anno Viventes Mortuae Ch. 01

 — A fun little zombie apokalypse story I've been playing with. by Felix92108/25/124.56

Anno Viventes Mortuae Ch. 02

 — Zombie apokalypse fun continued. by Felix92108/30/124.43

Anno Viventes Mortuae Ch. 03

 — Third Installment by Felix92111/27/135.00

Annual Heartbreak

 — A year on and she reflects. by Squeaky3711/01/054.75


 — Author's hard experiences with the opposite sex. by MistyMorgan01/24/064.32

Another Chat

 — The "To Serve and Protect" gang helps a young mom. by Captain Midnight04/24/064.88HOT

Another Day

 — A spy is enjoying his vacation -until his boss calls. by Nightmare8712/11/084.04

Another Good Deed: Thankful

 — She remembers her husband, then helps someone else. by Azuldrgon11/28/094.20

Another Human Being

 — Social outcast deals with life in peculiar ways. by hornylittleredhead01/14/073.80

Another Pizza Delivery Story

 — He enjoyed his job, at least the delivery part of his job. by Middleagepoet12/31/092.00

Another Place: View from a Bridge

 — An encounter on a bridge leads to a job in 'another place'. by Storm6209/27/114.73HOT

Another Place: Where You Need To Be

 — Kelly gets to complete her unfinished assignment. by Storm6209/30/114.75HOT


 — Is there such a thing as closure? by Tara_Neale10/09/144.31


 — The reason why Andromeda was kidnapped by her aunt. by AdenaTatsuya07/24/094.00


 — Life after service in Vietnam. by PTBzzzz12/04/114.46

Apocalypse How

 — Computer virus heralds the end of Time. by Rumpleteazer02/09/10

Apology to the One I Loved & Hurt

 — A sincere apology. by TexasAngel2808/18/024.33


 — Cheating husband - choices must be made. by FreshPeach08/14/064.54HOT

Appointment in Balmorhea

 — Movie star ropes a cowboy,desires another. by lukeadams11/04/104.33

Appointment in Balmorhea Ch. 02

 — Star helps daughter, gets big surprise. by lukeadams11/05/104.31

April Isn't Just A Month

 — An adult mystery. by Shutterbug_fem07/08/144.26

April's Fool

 — April and her lover get a visit. by geronimo_appleby03/08/154.32

Aquarius vs Scorpio Ch. 01

 — Woman-hating bisexual man meets his match. by Samuelx07/13/043.10

Arab Man and a Straight Sharmota

 — I'm headed to Manhattan. by male_sharmota05/02/154.09

Ardmore Pt. 02

 — It's all about family. by Salamis10/27/074.55HOT

Are They Having An Affair?

 — Wife and her friend's husband. by goodnnnight06/04/083.25

Are Women Necessary?

 — A man discovers the truth about women. by Samuelx08/27/072.92

Are You an Asker or a Giver?

 — One takes advantage and the other lets thim. by Bakeboss05/18/103.20


 — A very unique honeymoon. by mvicious04/14/111.60

Ari and Kai

 — Background with Vampire and Mage. by KittyBite03/28/053.70

Arsenic and The Older Sis

 — A tale of true sibling rivalry. by LeslieBlue09/01/074.33

Art of Being Samuel X

 — Inside the mind of a unique individual. by Samuelx04/25/121.94


 — An old friend dies suspiciously. by DKN Burke10/06/024.29

As The Mouse Clicks

 — A quick, funny and really weird story. by michchick9808/25/074.33

Ash Covered Memories

 — No matter how far you run, your fears come with you. by SiteScanOH03/15/024.50

Ashes to Ashes

 — A horror story. by Spiritfist03/27/114.11

Aspen Grove

 — Perhaps they found the key to satisfaction. by Scorpio4404/03/084.79HOTEditor's Pick

Assertiveness And The Alpha Male

 — Is this finally an original chat-up line? by adam applebiter12/07/054.68HOT


 — Morning drive time. by fisherman12/18/033.43


 — Assumptions almost lead to missed opportunities. by GToast07/24/084.51HOT

Assumptions Can Kill You

 — Two viscious crooks face justice. by madengineer301/02/114.36

Asteroid Patrol: The Replacement

 — A new partner for a space cop arrives and changes his life. by Storm6210/05/114.73HOT

Asteroid Patrol: Timid Hero

 — An unlikely hero comes to the fore. by Storm6210/11/114.78HOT

Asteroid Patrol: Trouble

 — A criminal gang finally get their come-uppance. by Storm6204/02/124.73HOT

At The Zoo: Nonfiction

 — A major event at the pachyderm house. by MathGirl06/10/034.12

Athelstan's Mercy

 — The conclusion to the Anglo Saxon Chronicles. by smilodonwriter11/12/024.72HOT

Athena Ch. 01

 — A goddess of love. by lindiana03/11/064.31

Athos Ch. 01

 — Strangers arrive in Berry. by tamKitten6903/10/064.54HOT

Athos Ch. 02

 — Anne and Breuil come to dinner. by tamKitten6904/14/064.71

Athos Ch. 03

 — Someone else is on the road to Berry. by tamKitten6903/19/074.67

Athos Ch. 04

 — A change in plans. by tamKitten6904/07/074.67

Athos Ch. 05

 — Agnan buys a house and Monique recruits an old hunter. by tamKitten6904/16/074.50

Auto Erotica Ch. 02

 — Aileen's story. by madam_noe08/25/074.65HOT

Auto Erotica Ch. 03

 — Aileen meets gangs and cops - and fucks one. by madam_noe08/26/074.71HOT

Auto Erotica Ch. 04

 — Someone is after Aileen; just who is Patrick, really? by madam_noe09/05/074.72HOT

Auto Erotica Ch. 06

 — Aileen opens up to Patrick; will he stay? by madam_noe09/13/074.76HOT

Auto Erotica Ch. 09

 — Aileen and Cal hatch a plan. by madam_noe10/02/074.75HOT


 — Short story about today. by jenyes08/09/092.50

Average Joe's Army

 — Average Joe's Army celebrates National Nude Day. by PositiveThinker06/27/094.13


 — Awakening from a frozen state, a man awakens in other ways. by Ben_M11/11/154.16

Away With the Fairies

 — A tale of enchantment and seduction. by potsherd11/14/143.75

Awkward Beginnings

 — A newcomer riles a woman and he tries to win her over. by egmontgrigor201008/07/104.65HOT

Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Bitch

 — Somali Hijabi fights off racist old white guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx02/19/152.33


 — Dining in paradise. by SkinandSin06/01/144.25

Back to the Beginning

 — Everyone is angry with Ephraim but who lets who down. by Nephylim12/12/124.00

Back Up Buddy!

 — You can't have my girlfriend, Buddy! by DG Hear05/06/074.63HOT

Bad Boys Are Sexy

 — Why women love bad boys. by Samuelx04/09/063.45

Bad Decision Maureen

 — She made a bad decision at a Patio party. by Fran2610/27/103.76

Bad Decision Maureen Ch. 02

 — Maureen moves on after the patio party. by Fran2611/04/102.74

Bad Dream

 — He's accused of trying to kill his ex-wife. by The Wanderer07/14/064.45

Bad Habit

 — Introspection. by 67207/14/061.00

Bad Romance: Move Along

 — A young Black man moves on from bad romances. by Samuelx09/22/121.00

Bag Lady & the Retired Marine Ch. 02

 — Wanting the noise to stop, Dave just wanted peace and quiet. by SusanJillParker12/01/124.25


 — Were they innocent meetings or so much more? by Algonquin Twit07/30/103.54

Baiting the Hook

 — He further entices her. by JoeyDoves02/17/164.30

Balancing Act

 — Staying balanced was getting to be a pretty tough thing. by jthserra05/11/044.60HOT

Ballad Of Brian O'Finneran

 — A man reflects on his life. by skadoo06/27/034.75

Barnaby's Education

 — A tale humour, generosity and a call of nature. by Adrian6970200604/15/093.33


 — The secret lives in bathtubs. by cowboy10902/05/162.00

Battle For Humanity

 — Otherwordly race invades the planet Earth. by Samuelx09/19/063.50

Battle of The Sexes

 — Bisexual Black man joins the fight. by Samuelx03/05/064.50

Be Careful

 — First time dangers, it can scar you for life. by rickydean5602/11/153.00

Beauty Survives

 — The final day of Losira. by CaptainKirk11/10/104.00

Because I'm Better Than You!

 — A new breed of man takes over the world. by Samuelx09/16/071.25

Because I'm Not

 — Why we'll never happen... by mary91505/10/143.87

Bed of Rose's - Jos

 — The story of the people behind the song. by Joesephus11/09/064.77HOT

Before the Fall

 — A man's fateful decision on 9/11. by jebeddo07/22/054.61HOT

Beginning Again

 — Starting with Day One. by magichandslee03/06/044.37

Beginning Again Ch. 02

 — Warming up to the idea. by magichandslee03/11/044.61HOT

Being in the Fire Was Better

 — How can anyone forgive? by billwendel11/20/064.37

Being Me: It's My Life

 — Man who faces hardship daily reflects on his life. by Samuelx03/23/123.67


 — An act of kindness is repaid, but who is he anyway? by sojourner200105/10/074.74HOT


 — Did you ever have the funny feeling of being watched? by MendonFishers08/02/124.62HOT

Bellagio Blues

 — Three women, one will, two days in a casino: murder? by RisiaSkye08/08/024.27

Belle of Bellville Ch. 05-06

 — Isabella decides to leave, but what does Jacob want? by Catharinas_Lit12/27/154.75HOT

Belle of the Ball

 — A story of a war veteran's great love. by PrincessRayvine02/23/124.03

Below the Tree Line

 — Nature will not be denied... by Wild Blue06/02/083.15

Benedict's House of Valentine

 — Employer hires instead of fires in tough economic times. by SuperHeroRalph02/06/114.28

Best Christmas Present Ever

 — A sweeter and gentler time. by Tara_Neale11/18/144.19

Best Eaten Cold

 — Murderer relises his mistake. by babylondementia03/30/133.83

Best Friend Ever! The End Ch. 03

 — The author meets his characters - and his daughter. by Tomcatfive04/03/114.52HOT

Best Friend Surprise

 — We were best friends and more but there are still surprises. by patdown03/15/123.77

Best Friends Forever Ch. 01

 — Even through tough times, best friends survive. by PrincessErin05/18/084.41

Best Friends Forever Ch. 02

 — Even through tough times, best friends survive. by PrincessErin05/19/084.38

Best Friends Forever Ch. 03

 — Even through tough times, best friends survive. by PrincessErin05/20/084.44

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