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Non-Erotic Stories

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Enlightened Damnation

 — Opening to a potentially longer fantasy piece. by CornishBabe03/02/084.33

Enlightening of Sarah

 — Sarah reflects on her path of enlightenment. by Odette09/19/024.00

Enslaved to the Mob Ch. 06

 — Decisions, Decisions... by darkknight030709/08/094.56HOT

Enslaved to the Mob Ch. 10

 — The dream becomes a nightmare. by darkknight030705/19/104.62HOT

Enslaved to the Mob Ch. 12

 — Putting things in perspective. by darkknight030712/24/104.60HOT


 — Who caught who? by The Wanderer07/26/054.67HOT

Enter Sandman Ch. 01

 — A Tale of Friendship and Betrayal. by davidpaul12/21/084.33

Enter Sandman Ch. 02

 — A Tale of Friendship and Betrayal. by davidpaul12/22/084.44

Enter Sandman Ch. 05

 — A Tale of Friendship and Betrayal. by davidpaul12/25/084.44

Enter Sandman Ch. 06

 — A tale of friendship & betrayal. by davidpaul12/26/084.37

Enter Sandman Ch. 07

 — A tale of friendship & betrayal. by davidpaul12/27/084.34

Enter Sandman Ch. 08

 — A tale of friendship & betrayal. by davidpaul12/28/084.46

Enter Sandman Ch. 09

 — A tale of friendship & betrayal. by davidpaul12/29/084.50HOT

Enter Sandman Ch. 10

 — A tale of friendship & betrayal. by davidpaul12/31/084.34

Entropic Force

 — Getting older sucks for both young and old. by darkgoddess247811/29/053.38


 — The end of erasing the memories. by NOAHSWEE107/09/063.72

Erasing The Memories Ch. 01

 — Every time they said good bye, he died a little. by NOAHSWEE105/20/063.88

Erin Benning's Senior Paper

 — Senior paper examines music's influence on America. by Moonraker_Bond00701/21/052.50

Erin Go Boom: Tale of a Pius Man

 — A Priest & a Terrorist walking to a bar on St. Paddy's Day. by RC_of_Doom02/19/114.83HOT

Esta soy Yo - This is Me

 — A different perspective on the glamour life. by diva_affairs02/09/105.00

Eternal Love

 — Lonely woman finally meets the man of her dreams only... by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER06/28/073.88


 — The walk of torment. by ms_girl2302/12/044.33

Every Man's War

 — Author's note to all men. by Samuelx03/09/053.53

Evolution In A Nutshell

 — I awoke to find that I had been turned into a walnut. by cward208/17/054.00

Ex Complications

 — When exes are involved things get complicated. by elphaba6902/11/153.68

Experiment #1

 — Anne has angelic visions, or a fractured mind? by Akito0111/23/023.75

Extreme Makeover!

 — Dez is about to undergo an amazing transformation. by cand8608/19/074.38

Faces on a Train

 — He had seen that face before... by Spiritfist10/03/102.90

Fade In

 — His work wasn't done... by BigK1004/04/124.41

Faerie Bloom

 — A man is summoned to help bring Faerie and Earth closer. by Scott_Harper09/12/084.28

Failed IVF

 — Reflecting on choices made and their consequences. by Cinner06/28/124.16

Fair Trade

 — Baghdad nuclear waste: truth is stranger than fiction. by Krenna Smart06/27/034.30

Fairy Tale Therapy

 — And you thought your parents sucked. by Saucyminx04/26/054.60HOT

Fairytale Bride Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2. by mcbook04/17/154.30

Fairytale Bride Ch. 03

 — Good morning, Miss Elliott. by mcbook04/19/154.61HOT

Fairytale Bride Ch. 04

 — Bank Hall. by mcbook04/23/154.55HOT

Fairytale Bride Ch. 05

 — Dunlevy Castle. by mcbook04/25/154.73HOT

Fairytale Bride Ch. 06

 — The end - Her final wish. by mcbook05/02/154.67HOT

Faith, Hope, Mary and Roger

 — An epilog to Faith and Hope, sort of. by PTBzzzz02/18/124.51HOT

Fallen Angel

 — The life and times of a fallen angel in our world. by Samuelx08/15/083.33

Fallen Seraph

 — One step too far through the Gates of Hell. by FallenSeraph09/03/024.33

Faller's Forest

 — After divorce, his new job keeps him going. by WFEATHER07/02/064.48

Falling Butterflies

 — The parting of the ways for Sally and Ray. by sabb08/15/063.85Editor's Pick

Falling Leaves

 — Retired couple finds the good in forgiveness & change. by ChaseQ08/09/053.92

False Reality

 — A Las Vegas call girl reviews her life. by Femmther09/23/014.05

Family Reunion

 — David hates family reunions - except this one. by velvetpie02/11/053.88

FAQ: How Can You Write This?

 — Author explains herself and her work. by Christie05278004/25/074.60HOT

Farewell My Heart

 — How do you say goodbye to the other half of your soul? by SweetSexySwitch08/18/143.25

Farewell: It's My Life!

 — Black man challenges demons of his subconscious. by Samuelx02/12/082.70

Fat and Ugly, but Wicked Smart

 — Freddie looks beyond the surface & discovers gold. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/29/084.38


 — Life is what happens while you are waiting. by PTBzzzz07/21/124.49

Fatal Flaw

 — Nature's perfect way. by CloudBreakChick09/22/044.38


 — A husband and wife learn more about themselves. by madengineer311/27/084.41

Fate Accompli

 — Fate is not ALWAYS against you. by AlanPacker04/30/053.69

Fated Ch. 37

 — Promise. by WFEATHER12/18/084.69HOT

Father's Day

 — A tribute to fatherhood. by princessmaryann06/24/134.92HOT


 — There were few who could match Anthony Leach. by slyc_willie10/19/094.05

February Stars: A Play

 — About Music, Death, Love and Other Profitable Enterprises. by daj857711/01/055.00

Felix Driscoll Redux

 — More murder and mystery for the 40s California private eye. by Five_Eight12/27/074.57HOT

Felix Driscoll: Private Detective

 — Murder mystery embroils beautiful twins - or are they? by Five_Eight12/21/074.44

Female Predator On Campus

 — A deadly predator stalks a Massachusetts campus. by Samuelx10/07/082.62


 — A sustained note would not ruin his composition. by MungoParkIII12/03/073.33


 — A comical look at a male issue. by foxxxie11/03/083.09

Field of Yellow

 — Starting over in Japan after losing wife and mother of two. by Floater_32002/03/104.23

Fifteen More Minutes

 — How not to kill yourself - surviving depression. by corky5305/15/074.68HOT

Fighting Fate

 — New girl at school begins finding her identity. by SummerSphinx07/11/124.23

Fighting for Survival

 — Can anyone help Alison or is she on her own? by SexyBrunette00010/20/134.39

Fighting Love

 — A young man's struggle through love. by Sean Renaud09/06/044.47


 — A trainer meets his match. by meop7907/11/154.50HOT


 — He finally realizes that what he wanted was there all along. by Emon100012/04/134.69HOT

Financial Investigation

 — Computer guy catches two crooks and a wife. by GatorRick09/10/134.50HOT

Finding Clara Ch. 00: Introduction

 — After two long years he finally finds her again... plus one. by Unconditional201404/23/154.67HOT

Finding Eve Ch. 01

 — Secrets abound in the small town of Morgan's Point Texas. by glassgirl7310/11/134.26

Finding Eve Ch. 02

 — Once back at the Caywood house, Eve began to clean up. by glassgirl7310/16/134.20

Finding Home: In The Beginning

 — A little history of the "Finding Home" world. by jennyb249206/12/134.40

Finding Nonny

 — Will a little girl's love keep her grandmother alive? by sack11/13/054.64HOT

Finding Your Way Back

 — She'd given him a gift…he needed to repay her. by Dinsmore03/01/074.79HOT


 — Not all fires start with matches. by butterfly_lies06/02/044.38

First Book, Third Testament

 — The first coming of the second son. by Dinsmore06/20/054.57HOT

First Date Nightmare

 — If you ever think that you had a bad first date, read this. by RC Moe02/24/034.06

First Edition

 — Did he steal her or save her? by PAPATOAD02/06/09

First Loser

 — A look at the futility of love, and letting go. by ThisLittleChatte11/19/153.86NEW

First Love

 — A love of a lifetime. by PTBzzzz07/10/114.18

First Meeting

 — Meeting for the first time, face to face. by Maximus~the~great11/15/014.24

First Meeting Ch. 01

 — Internet lovers meet in public. by Uncle South Loop03/24/044.83

First Step Ch. 01

 — Distraught wife takes first step. by MistressMerry10/30/074.23

First Wednesday of the Month

 — Was she really cheating? by PAPATOAD04/15/05

Fish Story

 — A teenager and his Piranhas. by spawner06/11/054.27

Fishing Season

 — It begins with a license. by fisherman12/07/034.54HOT

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 01

 — Nick's head hurt. by DiaperedSiouxsie11/24/024.22

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 02

 — Nick's head still hurts. by DiaperedSiouxsie12/10/024.67

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 03

 — Nick's head really really hurt. by DiaperedSiouxsie12/17/024.71

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 04

 — This guy's head seriously hurt. by DiaperedSiouxsie12/20/024.25

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 05

 — Fuck you insensitive bastards. by DiaperedSiouxsie12/24/024.71

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 06

 — For those of you just tuning in; something is happening. by DiaperedSiouxsie12/28/023.71

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 07

 — I'm sorry, Mr. Samsa, but I must kill you again. by DiaperedSiouxsie01/02/034.67

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 08

 — Test elbow drop pin by DiaperedSiouxsie01/05/034.83

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 09

 — Accept my heartwarming gift of tree scratchies!! by DiaperedSiouxsie01/19/034.80

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 10

 — Michelle comes home. by DiaperedSiouxsie01/20/034.75

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 11

 — It might be the Crown Royal by DiaperedSiouxsie01/27/034.00


 — Once in a lifetime! by JackLuis10/19/094.44

Flash Fiction Collection Ch. 01

 — A collection of short, non-erotic fiction. by JohnKutensky07/14/154.10


 — She makes the decision to recover from anorexia. by thenry03/15/044.92HOT

Flexible Morals Ch. 01 and Prologue

 — A girl and a frog seek a better life. by TheWanderingCat04/15/144.50HOT

Flexible Morals Ch. 02

 — Phyre tells her story and takes a step back on track. by TheWanderingCat04/19/144.78

Flexible Morals Ch. 03

 — Phyre and Drop hunt those who wronged her. by TheWanderingCat04/24/144.12

Flexible Morals Ch. 04

 — A dead end and a dark encounter. by TheWanderingCat05/07/144.29

Flexible Morals Ch. 05

 — What help has this creature offered? by TheWanderingCat05/14/144.38

Flexible Morals Ch. 06

 — The night of the party. by TheWanderingCat05/23/144.40

Flexible Morals Ch. 07

 — "I want her to be okay after this." by TheWanderingCat05/30/144.67HOT


 — Ralph learns that being special isn't always good. by sojourner200104/08/114.63HOT

Flight of the Dragon

 — She felt yet another warmth, a heat, a fire starting to burn by REGG6010/03/133.58

Flight to Egypt

 — A new view of an old story. by Nigel Debonnaire12/31/14

Flight to Sanity

 — A Couple drifts apart, does a tragedy make them see? by PostScriptor03/17/094.37

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