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Non-Erotic Stories

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Just Being Mum

 — A mother feels that her days of being needed are behind her. by trevorm08/26/094.20

Just My Luck

 — You just never know what is going to happen next. by The Wanderer01/25/064.52HOT

Just Two Girls

 — Home again. by magichandslee06/25/044.18

Just Two Girls Ch. 02

 — On the beach, all hell breaks loose. by magichandslee08/03/044.09

Just Waiting

 — Susan wavered between staring at the phone & staring away. by Decayed Angel11/02/064.40

Just What They Needed

 — 21-year-old only daughter seeks comfort in her dad's friend. by lemonzinger101/03/174.02


 — The 'phone call from hell. by Fable09/21/034.32

K Is For Kiss

 — A lesson well-learned earns her a companion. by velvetpie05/02/044.72HOT

K.U. High School Stories

 — Author tells his tales of an unusual youth. by seannelson03/06/10


 — Can their love survive a deadly accident? by Erotica_Writings06/09/044.39

Kate Ch. 01

 — Kidnapped, Kate is taken to remote cabin. by Shhhh12/10/034.26

Kate Seeks Revenge

 — Blue-eye babe hurts 4 villains badly & gets away with it. by Egmont Grigor08/31/064.65HOT

Katheryn's Baby

 — A couple naively tries to help with friends' baby problems. by TheForester10/03/153.69

Kathy and Gregg

 — Some romances just never seem to end. by Rhein107/20/144.58HOT


 — She dreams of Halloween. by RomanCEisdead210/18/063.96

KattieLynn & Tucker - To The Brink

 — Effects of PMS on a new relationship. by KattieLynn05/23/073.96

Keep Your Eyes Up

 — The short story of a long walk. by freebird238212/21/103.91

Keeping Guard

 — Lonely woman finds protector in robbery gone wrong. by sunny5523511/20/104.45

Keeping Guard Ch. 02

 — Fed up with her fiancé, she finally speaks her mind. by sunny5523501/14/114.69HOT

Keeping Guard Ch. 03

 — Things heat up at the bakery. by sunny5523508/31/124.77HOT

Keeping Guard Ch. 04

 — Election night brings new beginnings. by sunny5523504/03/144.42

Keeping Tabs Ch. 0

 — Preface to erotic series: Keeping Tabs. by sphynxaif01/29/043.86

Keeping the Neighbors Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2. by Thane6301/12/174.51HOT

Kent's War

 — What might have happened to PFC Kent and Sarge. by patricia5104/04/074.74HOT

Kicking the Habit Ch. 01

 — Part One in the series. by NobodyWorthKnowing02/24/123.55

Kicking the Habit Ch. 02

 — Part Two of the series. by NobodyWorthKnowing02/25/123.71

Kicking the Habit Ch. 03

 — Part Three of the series. by NobodyWorthKnowing02/26/123.79


 — A mother's worse nightmare becomes her reality. by Erotica_Writings11/18/053.92

Kill My Husband, Please

 — A series of very messy affairs and nasty reprisals. by Egmont Grigor05/14/083.65

Killing Angels For Sport

 — Magically enhanced Black warrior hunts fallen angels. by Samuelx10/29/123.00

Kim Driver: Graduation Ch. 01

 — Development of a friendship. by 7footrabbit12/20/074.07


 — What is the Kindest Thing a Person Has Done for You? by memorable_event12/08/134.56HOT

Kindness Ch. 02

 — What is the kindest thing a person has done for you? by memorable_event12/16/134.69HOT

Kindness Ch. 03

 — Three more examples of unexpected kindness. by memorable_event12/25/134.81HOT

Kindness Ch. 04

 — Two more great stories of unconditional kindness. by memorable_event01/13/144.78HOT

Kindness Given

 — For this thy kindness given... by Silvercatseye02/10/104.59HOT

Kissing Comedy

 — The universally anticlimactic appeal to many first kisses.. by iluvmybike06/04/034.38

Kitten... So Powerful Ch. 00

 — Merely an introduction, nothing happens... yet. by LoveAllLove4ever05/17/154.73HOT

Kitten... So Powerful Ch. 02

 — (Skippable chapter) Alaster gives his final good bye to Mel. by LoveAllLove4ever06/13/154.75

Kitten... So Powerful Ch. 03

 — Kiana and Jared find out Alaster's plans. Humorous relief. by LoveAllLove4ever06/15/154.67

Kitty in the Basement Ch. 00

 — Prolouge. A woman makes a heart breaking discovery. by CollegicHeart02/26/104.32

Kline's War Ch. 00-01

 — A spy thriller. by djwillis198801/08/114.22

Klondike Cockatiel

 — How Alaska was actually settled. by OneSilky09/30/104.26


 — The power of touch. by Alessia Brio03/09/124.56HOT


 — I recount for a sister how I got into the life. by ConnieChatterly02/24/154.36

Knights of the Round Ch. 01

 — The Team is distracted as they investigate a new case. by WifeWatchman02/07/174.82HOT

Knights of the Round Ch. 02

 — The Team investigates as a surprise honor is awarded. by WifeWatchman02/10/174.81HOT

Knights of the Round Ch. 03

 — Conclusion; blood honor given; some answers and questions. by WifeWatchman02/14/174.81HOT

Kurt's Date with Cheri

 — A Romantic Story. by deadbeathorse05/14/16

L Is For Lesbian

 — An unexpected friendship changes a divorcee's life. by velvetpie05/04/044.28

L'Affaire C. 08

 — Interludes: Nicki and Carly. by sharkandpen05/14/074.36

La Sonrisa

 — My beach encounter is very memorable. by Marsha_Brady09/08/174.50HOT

Ladies Melons

 — Learning romance, in a watermelon patch. by Baba803/27/084.25

Lady Ironside Ch. 01

 — Lt. Tanya Perlman takes the lead on a new case. by WifeWatchman10/25/164.76HOT

Lady Ironside Ch. 02

 — Our new heroine leads the investigation of the case. by WifeWatchman10/27/164.79HOT

Lady Ironside Ch. 03

 — Solution; ending twists; groundwork for the future. by WifeWatchman10/29/164.75HOT

Lady Knight

 — A noblewoman fights to save her brother from prison. by _Lady1SensuaL1Fire_08/25/024.52HOT


 — A troublesome womanizer and a virgin fall in love. by blue_pink_panties09/29/164.29

Laid into the River Ch. 01

 — Does Jill's new family REALLY love her? by melanie5909/06/083.33

Laid into the River Ch. 02

 — Jillian finds out some horrifying truths. by melanie5910/16/084.20

Lament for Amy

 — A teacher's trauma does not end well. by IgneousRocks07/10/164.28

Land of Empowered Man-Haters

 — British man stands up for men's rights in America. by Samuelx10/17/082.57


 — A woman finds her way into immortality. by AriaSilverfyre11/24/014.31

Las Chicanas

 — What would you do to save your father's life – and your own? by AnnabelleRaven09/06/074.25


 — First laser hair removal treatment goes well. by curvacious01/12/054.19

Last Tango in Texas

 — New neighbors bring trouble for a retired Sergeant Major. by JapleinViera01/25/184.47

Last Train to Aldwych

 — A pickpocket has a strange encounter. (Ghost Story) by trevorm09/25/094.14

Late Night Random Thoughts

 — Normally Weird Thinking. by AzPilot12/02/094.57


 — A purchase changes her life. by toepicdic10/21/123.60

Lavender Regret

 — Is a drunken kiss worth risking it all? by Baby_Malena05/14/164.18

Lavender Regret Pt. 02: Prelude

 — A new girl comes to St. John's Academy. by Baby_Malena05/15/163.25

Layla Redd

 — The life of a woman who smile never faded through it all. by sadistic_strutta09/19/073.30


 — The life of a woman whose smile never faded through it all. by sadistic_strutta09/29/074.33

Learning About A Man

 — Can we ever really know? by magichandslee02/07/044.73HOT

Leaving a Mark

 — Ever wonder about that homeless guy's story? by jake6003/23/104.33

Leaving Home

 — A Father and Son Dialogue -- Not a Story! by Litbridge11/30/104.53HOT

Left Behind

 — An island, a man, and a woman. by leapyearguy04/17/074.46

Legend of the Black Isles

 — A Beowolf Ripoff. by maxdname11/12/073.69

Legend of the Spidery Things Ch. 01

 — Tangled tales by an old potbelly. by cometotimmy01/14/153.00

Legend of the Spidery Things Ch. 02

 — Furthering the friendly potbelly tale. by cometotimmy01/17/154.00

Lemon Park Horror Ch. 01

 — Two College kids Meet their Demon by aksarben07/29/143.00


 — His best first date ever. by brews09/24/073.33

Lesson's Learned

 — What do girls think with? by Amy Moore12/16/034.20

Let Battle Commence

 — A tale of the Thanksgiving Turkey. by Hisscarlett10/10/084.12

Let’s Be Friends or Lovers

 — They explore what kind of relationship they have. by SexSweetheart06/10/064.42


 — A bite turned her into something much more lethal than a zombie. by JigglyPuffs06/30/173.80

Letters from an Angel

 — A little girl gives her life for her dysfunctional family. by CaringAndDemanding08/27/154.87HOT

Letting Go

 — Some are harder than others. by Cassandra198104/04/064.41

Letting Go

 — A woman overcomes an old adversary to find love again. by StarInShadows12/12/094.54HOT

Level Ground Bk. 01 Ch. 01

 — The nightmare was always the same. by SPNKRAZE10/11/114.53HOT

Level Ground Bk. 01 Ch. 02

 — I couldn't hide it from them. by SPNKRAZE10/12/114.55HOT

Level Ground Bk. 01 Ch. 03

 — Maranda. Again. What was with this girl? by SPNKRAZE10/13/114.33

Level Ground Bk. 01 Ch. 04

 — The dream was different this time. by SPNKRAZE10/14/114.62HOT

Level Ground Bk. 01 Ch. 05

 — Book 1 - beginning of a series. by SPNKRAZE10/15/114.67HOT

Level Ground Bk. 01 Ch. 06

 — This is Level Ground - Book One. by SPNKRAZE10/16/114.25

Level Ground Bk. 01 Ch. 07

 — Book 1 - beginning of a series. by SPNKRAZE10/17/114.64HOT

Level Ground Bk. 01 Ch. 08

 — The story continues. by SPNKRAZE10/24/114.53HOT

Level Ground Bk. 01 Ch. 09

 — Chapter 9; Chapter 10 Coming Soon. by SPNKRAZE10/27/114.53HOT


 — A man faces his unmasking. by vet4201/28/084.19

Life & Love

 — Love and loss in academia. by Lustyspouse03/05/054.52HOT

Life Drain

 — He sees Laura, twice. by Flagg05/05/014.00Editor's Pick

Life in General Pt. 01

 — The history of man through one man's eyes. by ImaginationEscape08/09/164.33

Life is Strange

 — How life tends to force us in directions. by swiftwind09/29/063.77

Life is Strange Ch. 02

 — The situation changes in unexpected ways. by swiftwind10/06/064.24

Life is Strange Ch. 03

 — Life must move on for the sake of my son. by swiftwind10/30/104.04

Life of a Deadman

 — Athan's life begins after death. by thesinofme03/19/094.50HOT

Life that Lipstick Split in Half

 — Violence results from a husband with lipstick on his face. by DeniseNoe07/04/084.04

Life Without Possibility

 — In the future, 'Ultimate Punishment' takes on new meaning. by BennyBlank09/11/024.22

Life's Changes Ch. 01

 — Nothing is forever. by EmeraldKitten02/20/074.71HOT

Life's Changes Ch. 02

 — Nothing will be as it was. by EmeraldKitten02/21/074.68HOT

Life's Changes Ch. 03

 — The end of an era.. by EmeraldKitten02/22/074.82HOT

Life's Little Pleasures

 — Pleasant little things come to mind in times of trouble. by JRob09/29/014.59HOT

Lights! Cameral! Action! Take 01

 — Double Dare Adult Films makes a reality move from auditions. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/16/083.62

Like A Rose

 — Gardening in England with Stuka. by DarthGator03/08/054.45

Like Blue Skies

 — A short story about hopelessness and remembering the sky. by Fantasyandheart12/17/134.22

Linden's Struggle

 — Sometimes you get a second chance. by vet4210/08/064.10


 — A political fantasy by Kaishaku03/29/113.29


 — I wasn't her biological father but I couldn't be a donor. by thecelt03/15/063.99

Lisa Comes Tapping

 — Man is haunted by the ghost of his wife. Or is he? by Cloak3811/24/014.08

Listen, Mom, About The Pornography...

 — What can ya say when they ask "what's new?" by Cockatoo04/29/014.18Editor's Pick

Little Mary

 — Daughter tells mother what she really thinks of her. by mary91506/09/144.27

Little Men

 — I hear them. They're in the walls. by 100 Angry Bananas10/05/044.47

Little Mistakes Ch. 1

 — Sad girl takes matters into her own hands. by Bloodypaperdoll06/20/024.09

Little Mistakes Ch. 2

 — Lydia receives an alarming call. by Bloodypaperdoll06/21/024.50

Little Star

 — She must deal with the loss of her daughter. by jessy1911/23/034.79HOT

Little Time Thief Ch. 01

 — Non sexual- Steam punk, romance, adventure. by DiminutiveDame03/27/144.17

Little Time Thief Ch. 02

 — Dara and with even more question for Presley. by DiminutiveDame08/21/143.33

Living in a Shared House

 — 3 housemates help me by being bodies for my massage training. by catchercradle08/11/163.64

Living On A Prayer

 — A Haitian immigrant's struggles in Ontario, Canada. by Samuelx02/06/131.00

Liz Takes a Fall

 — A non-erotic story. by ktfa105/14/16

Liz Takes a Fall Pt. 02

 — Even Mr. Dickenson came. by ktfa105/24/16

Lokke and Keye

 — Elves, satyrs and swords - but no sex! by DireLilith04/02/07

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