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Non-Erotic Stories

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Diary of an Ultra High Heel Novice

 — Diary of summer wearing, & attempting to wear, heels. by JulesC09/02/054.83HOT

Different Points Of View

 — Two different view points of one sad life... by Blkhearted102/13/033.73

Dilemma Continued Ch. 01

 — The continuing story of Chris and Lorelei. by northlander12/24/104.50HOT

Dilemma Continued Ch. 02

 — Will Chris allow Lorelei to be Cindy's Surrogate? by northlander12/28/104.28

Dilemma Continued Ch. 03

 — Chris meets Lorelei and makes contact with his past life. by northlander12/31/104.44

Dilemma Continued Ch. 04

 — Chris returns to Texas and meets Pete. by northlander01/02/114.45

Dilemma Continued Ch. 05

 — Chris and Pete uncover a large can of worms. by northlander01/03/114.56HOT

Dinner Date

 — The Beginning of the End. by Starscream_UK10/20/083.87

Disappearing Act Ch. 01

 — Cindy and Phyllis investigate a missing-couple cold case. by WifeWatchman10/01/154.80HOT

Disappearing Act Ch. 03

 — Solutions; new twists and turns. by WifeWatchman10/06/154.85HOT


 — A man's journey through winter's misery brings revelation. by malefic12/09/024.19


 — He's surprised . . . by adamgunn09/18/113.31


 — Or: A Cognitive Strategy for Managing Fear. by Bert_Fegg01/30/143.80


 — Worse than being the mistress is not being the mistress. by AVRH03/25/044.20


 — A woman's thoughts. by moll65doll11/05/053.83

Do I Know You?

 — Ever seen someone that you thought you knew? by TroubleZ4u10/11/01

Do Miracles Happen? Ch. 01

 — A Doctor helps a family. by Rabbitrunner9103/14/054.79HOT

Do Miracles Happen? Ch. 02

 — Vacation Time. by Rabbitrunner9103/15/054.81HOT

Do Miracles Happen? Ch. 03

 — Strange Twist. by Rabbitrunner9103/16/054.81HOT

Do Miracles Happen? Ch. 04

 — The doctor is home. by Rabbitrunner9103/17/054.80HOT

Do Miracles Happen? Ch. 05

 — The Conclusion and Miracle. by Rabbitrunner9103/23/054.83HOT

Do Unto Others

 — Karma is a bitch! by Spiritfist04/17/113.04

Do You Dream About Me?

 — Confronting loss. by neonlyte10/16/05HOT

Do You Feel Lucky?

 — It was a funny prank - or was it? by britbaby1910/15/054.00

Do You Remember?

 — Do you remember where you were? I do. by Goldeniangel08/17/054.76HOT

Dog Story

 — A dog lovers' love story about...dogs. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/25/072.89

Doing Time

 — Man is up for parole, What's the result? by DG Hear12/23/074.41

Dombo and Angel

 — Wife prepares to accept his posthumous award. by Jeff_Thomas08/26/134.87HOTContest Winner

Dominating Me Ch. 01

 — Where it all began. by dominatemeplease10/19/054.31

Dominating Me Ch. 02

 — She's a witness to a crime. by dominatemeplease10/20/054.16

Don Trek: Deep Sleep Station Nine

 — Episode2: USS Bonneville fights a deadly Klingon enemy... by DonAllenStevens05/18/143.70

Don Trek: She Was Just Seventeen

 — Ep.3 USS Bonneville must return to Earth to undergo repairs. by DonAllenStevens06/13/143.75

Don Trek: The Black Whole

 — Ep. 3: The Bonneville faces a strange anomaly in space... by DonAllenStevens06/24/143.67

Don Trek: The One with the Snails

 — Episode One: The Bonneville must go back in time! by DonAllenStevens04/24/144.08

Don't Do The Crime If You Can't Pay The Fine

 — He drags the wrong girl into an alley. by lioness_7106/08/124.61HOT

Don't Fuck With Me Again

 — Revenge. by Justtoold09/13/144.34

Don't Open 'Till Doomsday

 — Zombies?!?!? by PsychobettyQueen06/25/093.76

Don't Rock the Boat

 — Who's fishing for who? by cupatea09/06/083.50

Don't Say Goodbye

 — Young lovers face tragedy. by youngwriter2672605/07/034.38

Don't Say Goodbye

 — It was Monday, September 20th.... by Charmed2672602/03/044.36

Don't Sleep

 — Sleep can be dangerous. by 1Kiki09/05/103.50

Don't Worry, Be Happy

 — One final night. by WFEATHER02/16/083.85

Donating Blood

 — Going to donate blood changed my life. by DG Hear01/24/064.38

Donny London, Courier Driver

 — Paired with a female rookie; Donny was not impressed. by Egmont040912/08/094.56HOT

Double Dragon

 — Two men come together through martial arts. by Sean Renaud07/05/094.21

Down on the Farm Ch. 01

 — A college student works for a farm family. by Rabbitrunner9102/22/054.76HOT

Down on the Farm Ch. 02

 — Accidents shake young farmworker. by Rabbitrunner9102/23/054.78HOT

Down on the Farm Ch. 03

 — Taking a break from the farm work. by Rabbitrunner9102/24/054.81HOT

Down on the Farm Ch. 04

 — Homecoming date and more. by Rabbitrunner9102/25/054.80HOT

Down on the Farm Ch. 05

 — A business offer and events following. by Rabbitrunner9102/26/054.76HOT

Down on the Farm Ch. 06

 — Plan to Save the Farm. by Rabbitrunner9102/28/054.76HOT

Down on the Farm Ch. 07

 — Conclusion for a Miracle. by Rabbitrunner9103/01/054.86HOT

Downsizing Ch. 05

 — Dani's getting a make over. by My5InchFMHeels02/10/054.46

Downsizing Ch. 06

 — Getting ready for NY. by My5InchFMHeels02/11/054.54HOT

Dragon's Eye

 — Just a night watching the stars die. by MSTarot11/10/124.35


 — A royal assistant gets turned into a dragon. by blackash0104/06/153.47


 — Firefighter makes the final sacrifice. by athos6305/24/024.71HOT


 — The story of a dragon growing up and living his life by cthagstrom09/19/134.33

Dreadfully Simple

 — Allison lost her family to Viktor's love, and time passes. by D_Marx07/25/124.17


 — A dream that was held by two. by miwildcat06/13/124.00

Dream Cleaner

 — A man, a machine and a leap of faith. by vet4201/08/074.20

Dream of the Day

 — An opportunity lost. by timelessembrace02/14/09

Dream within a Dream Ch. 01

 — Strange dreams as the Iron Crowbar tackles an old case. by WifeWatchman12/06/154.75HOT

Dream within a Dream Ch. 03

 — Solution. Ending twists. by WifeWatchman12/10/154.62HOT


 — A young girl's adventures in Coney Island; set in 1914. by felix_Bosco03/23/114.29

Dreams Ch. 01

 — A young girl is consumed with flowers and meadows. by AmandaFFMek01/08/063.00

Dreams Ch. 02

 — Katy has a bad dream, and the high-priest is questioned. by AmandaFFMek01/12/063.60

Dreams of a Whore

 — Woman copes with the need to be a prostitute. by vic_elor11/28/053.47

Dress to Kill

 — He gets away with murder. by alcalavicci02/12/053.45

Dribble, Shoot, and Run-101 Baskets

 — Charlotte finally finds the perfect exercise to lose weight. by SusanJillParker08/21/144.13

Driving in the Fast Lane

 — Sharing a moment of passion at 140 mph by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/11/073.94

Duct Tape Avenger Ch. 03

 — 1,001 uses for duct tape. Here is a new one. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/13/084.13

Dungeon Master Pt. 01

 — Wizards, warriors, and thieves. by kingquib03/27/053.88


 — Cloud's heir is born in the early hours of the morning. by AerosmithChick7108/17/024.00

Each Day

 — The Challenge to survive each day. by rschadd01/23/074.00

Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 01

 — Earth Day celebration takes Freddie by sexual Surprise. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/28/083.99

Earth Mother

 — The destruction cometh. by Tara_Neale04/13/143.84

Earth to Earth

 — Quest to put grandfather's ashes to rest. by oggbashan04/11/054.35

Earth Tremor on Stage?

 — A 'Health and Safety' Nightmare. by Handley_Page03/03/134.00

Eat, Pray, Lust

 — Literary fiction - You can't pay for love. by Botur07/23/15


 — Once upon a time there was the end of the world. by Royal_Prince03/18/014.07

Ebon & Ivory Keys

 — A tale of a tortured soul. by .sassy.kitten.03/01/064.67

Echoes of Hell

 — Star Trek's untold chapter of a 300 year old, exiled madman. by CaptainKirk06/15/094.25

Echoes, November and Incense

 — In the stillness of approaching winter, a strange day dawns. by Arma08/30/055.00


 — The moon slowly moved over the sun, its curve forming a dark by jthserra09/28/044.71

Eddy's Garage Ch. 01

 — Eddy meets Leia and her daughters. by L_G_DARROW09/19/074.67HOT

Eddy's Garage Ch. 02

 — Eddy meets Laura; the girls graduate. by L_G_DARROW09/21/074.72HOT

Eddy's Garage Ch. 03

 — Paul and Leia; the girls go to work. by L_G_DARROW09/21/074.76HOT

Eddy's Garage Ch. 04

 — A date gone bad; Halloween. by L_G_DARROW09/22/074.78HOT

Eddy's Garage Ch. 05

 — The girls get married; pain and solutions. by L_G_DARROW09/23/074.71HOT


 — Baring her soul on the subway train. by _Lynn_09/10/104.36

El Paso - Jake Rivers

 — Texas Red falls in love with the beautiful Faleena. by JakeRivers06/22/074.66HOT

Eleanor Ch. 01-02

 — Love between two people, that can never be. by sacrificedangel12/08/074.59HOT

Eleanor Rigby

 — Buried alone along with her name. by Bakeboss09/22/104.79HOT


 — She's all grown up? by jthserra08/20/043.48

Eliminating Scum from the City

 — Bad guys are taking over the city, then Anna arrives. by Egmont Grigor06/23/084.62HOT


 — How do you prove that nothing ever happened? by PTBzzzz06/04/113.93


 — Beautiful Emily breezed into town one day. by penguindance07/13/023.67

Empty Nests

 — What happens to mums when their young leave the nests. by wife2hotblk02/20/093.48


 — A bar, a girl, a boy, and a question. by Bwalya08/26/133.79

Encounter in the Woods

 — A-shi-mu-ka fights against footpads the "soft" way. by megarat11/23/033.67

End of the Cycle

 — The last days. by wakingDown12/20/124.14

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