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Bound by Pride: 9 Part Series
Bound By Pride (4.79)Electra is on the case.  Hot NonHuman 11/10/09
Bound by Pride Ch. 02 (4.82)Add a little bit of Mayhem and everyone has a problem.  Hot NonHuman 12/11/09
Bound by Pride Ch. 03 (4.85)Could things get worse? In a word, yep.  Hot NonHuman 02/28/10
Bound by Pride Ch. 04 (4.84)The hardest thing is waiting.  Hot NonHuman 03/12/10
Bound by Pride Ch. 05 (4.85)The raid and aftermath.  Hot NonHuman 04/10/10
Bound by Pride Ch. 06 (4.80)Returning home and love is in the air.  Hot NonHuman 04/27/10
Bound by Pride Ch. 07 (4.83)Playful night out... or not.  Hot NonHuman 05/26/10
Bound by Pride Ch. 08 (4.82)Mayhem and Electra get closer... Keira gets scratched...  Hot NonHuman 06/06/10
Bound by Pride Ch. 09 (4.83)Endings, beginnings and more.  Hot NonHuman 07/22/10
Coming of Age: 9 Part Series
Coming of Age (4.81)Triplets go to college.  Hot NonHuman 07/17/12
Coming of Age Ch. 02 (4.83)The triplets come of Age.  Hot NonHuman 08/07/12
Coming of Age Ch. 03 (4.81)Serenity becomes more.  Hot NonHuman 09/10/12
Coming of Age Ch. 04 (4.78)A night out...  Hot NonHuman 10/31/12
Coming of Age Ch. 05 (4.79)Another wound healed.  Hot NonHuman 11/29/12
Coming of Age Ch. 06 (4.82)The wait is over...  Hot NonHuman 12/31/12
Coming of Age Ch. 07 (4.78)Turned... again...  Hot NonHuman 02/18/13
Coming of Age Ch. 08 (4.77)Serenity helps Cass.  Hot NonHuman 04/02/13
Coming of Age Ch. 09 (4.83)Surprise!!!  Hot NonHuman 04/27/13
Freedom of Flight: 7 Part Series
Freedom of Flight (4.76)Kidnapped!!  Hot NonHuman 03/13/09
Freedom of Flight Ch. 02 (4.83)Rescue.  Hot NonHuman 03/31/09
Freedom of Flight Ch. 03 (4.83)Recovery and first stirrings.  Hot NonHuman 05/01/09
Freedom of Flight Ch. 04 (4.81)Tarval and Alanna grow closer.  Hot NonHuman 06/21/09
Freedom of Flight Ch. 05 (4.81)Yay - shopping and fighting.  Hot NonHuman 08/06/09
Freedom of Flight Ch. 06 (4.86)Happy Birthday girls and Tarval makes his move.  Hot NonHuman 08/26/09
Freedom of Flight Ch. 07 (4.84)Taking the bull by the horns...or the Gephalim by the wings.  Hot NonHuman 09/29/09
Guarded Hearts: 6 Part Series
Guarded Hearts (4.81)Ghost is found.  Hot NonHuman 08/19/10
Guarded Hearts Ch. 02 (4.82)Ghost... Thias... Haley... and more.  Hot NonHuman 09/20/10
Guarded Hearts Ch. 03 (4.83)The aftermath and Ghost awakes.  Hot NonHuman 10/17/10
Guarded Hearts Ch. 04 (4.82)Ghost claims Katie.  Hot NonHuman 11/13/10
Guarded Hearts Ch. 05 (4.82)Maria tells her story...  Hot NonHuman 12/14/10
Guarded Hearts Ch. 06 (4.84)Sadly... somebody dies...  Hot NonHuman 01/06/11
Kiss of the Moon: 11 Part Series
Kiss of the Moon (4.63)He finds his mate - his human mate.  Hot NonHuman 10/26/07
Kiss of the Moon Ch. 02 (4.76)Wolfgang gains a mate.  Hot NonHuman 11/22/07
Kiss of the Moon Ch. 03 (4.74)Amy is turned; a woman is attacked.  Hot NonHuman 12/13/07
Kiss of the Moon Ch. 04 (4.80)Attack!  Hot NonHuman 01/01/08
Kiss of the Moon Ch. 05 (4.80)Amy is told what she's not.  Hot NonHuman 02/07/08
Kiss of the Moon Ch. 06 (4.82)Riddles within riddles.  Hot NonHuman 03/13/08
Kiss of the Moon Ch. 07 (4.84)Amy is introduced to the other Alphas.  Hot NonHuman 04/25/08
Kiss of the Moon Ch. 08 (4.82)Plans come together...  Hot NonHuman 05/12/08
Kiss of the Moon Ch. 09 (4.80)The calm before the storm?  Hot NonHuman 06/01/08
Kiss of the Moon Ch. 10 (4.85)The battle ensues.  Hot NonHuman 07/03/08
Kiss of the Moon Ch. 11 (4.86)The end or beginning.  Hot NonHuman 07/13/08
Non-Human Groupings (4.61)Author explains groupings for the 'Twists of Fate' series.  Hot Reviews & Essays 07/26/10
Split in Time: 15 Part Series
Split in Time Ch. 01 (4.78)Um... W.T.F?  Hot NonHuman 01/27/11
Split in Time Ch. 02 (4.76)Amy goes after her daughters.  Hot NonHuman 02/11/11
Split in Time Ch. 03 (4.82)Starting from scratch...  Hot NonHuman 03/11/11
Split in Time Ch. 04 (4.76)Ghan and Keira get closer as Amy continues her search...  Hot NonHuman 04/21/11
Split in Time Ch. 05 (4.83)Keira experiences her first shift.  Hot NonHuman 06/12/11
Split in Time Ch. 06 (4.84)The last two Alphas on Amy's list...  Hot NonHuman 07/15/11
Split in Time Ch. 07 (4.83)Amy, Wolfgang and who is Garnet?  Hot NonHuman 08/08/11
Split in Time Ch. 08 (4.85)The start of the gathering.  Hot NonHuman 08/29/11
Split in Time Ch. 09 (4.84)There is always one in the room.  Hot NonHuman 09/26/11
Split in Time Ch. 10 (4.82)Destiny learns about her past...  Hot NonHuman 10/26/11
Split in Time Ch. 11 (4.83)Answers and surprises.  Hot NonHuman 11/30/11
Split in Time Ch. 12 (4.83)Leaving the gathering.  Hot NonHuman 01/10/12
Split in Time Ch. 13 (4.83)Amy's plan in action.  Hot NonHuman 03/09/12
Split in Time Ch. 14 (4.84)Ash's plan in action.  Hot NonHuman 04/06/12
Split in Time Ch. 15 (4.84)Returning home.  Hot NonHuman 04/27/12
Terri and Becky (4.84)How they meet.  Hot NonHuman 05/20/09
Touch of the Wolf: 6 Part Series
Touch of the Wolf (4.74)Grey-hawk finally thinks it time to get Cass.  Hot NonHuman 10/21/08
Touch of the Wolf Ch. 02 (4.79)Roberto saves Shannon.  Hot NonHuman 10/31/08
Touch of the Wolf Ch. 03 (4.79)Shannon meets the wolf.  Hot NonHuman 11/13/08
Touch of the Wolf Ch. 04 (4.78)Grey-hawk and Cass get closer.  Hot NonHuman 11/27/08
Touch of the Wolf Ch. 05 (4.79)Cass experiences her first shift.  Hot NonHuman 12/12/08
Touch of the Wolf Ch. 06 (4.82)Cass gets some answers.  Hot  Contest Winner Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/10/09
Winds of Change: 2 Part Series
Winds of Change (4.85)Alanna returns to Sogol.  Hot NonHuman 07/22/13
Winds of Change Ch. 02 (4.86)Settling back in to keep life.  Hot NonHuman 08/23/13
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