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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

Anathema: 9 Part Series
Anathema (4.19)Lindie attempts to avenge her sister. Illustrated 06/18/08
Anathema II Pt. 01 (4.57)The Second Act: Lindie's Story Continues.  Hot Erotic Horror 10/02/13
Anathema II Pt. 02 (4.40)The Second Act. Lindie's story continues. Erotic Horror 11/14/13
Anathema II Pt. 03 (4.63)Anathema II Second Act: Sarah the Escort.  Hot Erotic Horror 12/03/13
Anathema II Pt. 04 (4.37)Anathema II Second Act: Like Old Times. Illustrated 02/15/14
Anathema II Pt. 05 (4.44)Anathema II Second Act: Bitch in Heat. Erotic Horror 03/20/14
Anathema II Pt. 06 (4.28)Anathema II Second Act: Answer Before the Question Erotic Horror 06/16/14
Anathema III Pt. 01 (4.48)Anathema Third Act: The Hungry Nymph. Erotic Horror 03/17/16
Anathema III Pt. 02 (4.78)After a short hiatus, the erotic horror story of Lindie, Ran. Erotic Horror 06/27/18
Anathema: The Story of Lindie (4.33)The Story of Lindie. Illustrated 05/09/13
Andi's First (4.19)Nicki introduces Andi to forbidden pleasures. Lesbian Sex 04/09/08
Andi's Friend (4.14)Andi's friendship with Nicki goes to the next level. Lesbian Sex 04/09/08
Andi's Rush (4.29)Andi's quest for acceptance in college continues. Illustrated 04/16/08
Booth Adventures (4.36)Bi-Curiosity in an adult book store. Gay Male 04/10/08
Introducing Lindie (4.30)Introducing Lindie - I hope she likes you. Erotic Horror 06/03/08
Janis Takes a Break (4.39)Nicki finds pleasure in Janis' ex-boyfriend. Anal 04/15/08
Jill: 11 Part Series
Jill (4.46)The Story of Jill. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/04/13
Jill Ch. 01 (4.28)Jill begins her unusual quest. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/24/11
Jill Ch. 02 (4.44)Jill's Curiosity Unleashed - Husband Benefits. Erotic Couplings 06/30/11
Jill Ch. 03 (4.10)Real Estate Agent Jill crosses the line. Mature 07/10/11
Jill Ch. 04 (4.52)Jill Continues the Hunt, and Gets Something Bigger.  Hot Erotic Couplings 07/13/11
Jill Ch. 05 (4.46)Jill Performs Community Service. NonConsent/Reluctance 07/20/11
Jill Ch. 06 (4.45)Jill tries to come to her senses, but just comes again. Lesbian Sex 02/20/12
Jill Ch. 07 (4.02)Jill's daughter enjoys her mother's stud. Illustrated 04/13/12
Jill Ch. 08 (3.88)Jill's daughter brings home a friend. Anal 04/09/12
Jill Ch. 09 (3.80)Jill's husband comes home - several times. Anal 04/16/12
Jill Ch. 10 (3.98)The Bachelorette Party. Incest/Taboo 04/25/12
Lindie's Sin (4.16)Lindie's retribution is greater than she could have imagined. Erotic Horror 10/20/08
Lindie's Victory (4.21)Lindie triumphs, with a little help from an unknown friend. Illustrated 12/17/08
Mara and Pak (4.18)A chance encounter becomes more than expected. Loving Wives 04/03/08
Nat's Party (4.20)Nicki throws a party for Natalie and friends. Illustrated 04/16/08
Pam (4.37)Pam is the life of the college party. Illustrated 05/29/08
Trouble with Natalie (4.27)Nicki corrupts another girl. Lesbian Sex 04/13/08
Weekend Getaway: 4 Part Series
Weekend Getaway (4.37)Couples explore each other at the campground. Loving Wives 04/10/08
Weekend Getaway Ch. 02 (4.40)Andi is determined & my friends are willing to help. Group Sex 04/15/08
Weekend Getaway Ch. 03 (4.45)Andi gets her wish. Group Sex 04/16/08
Weekend Getaway Ch. 04 (x.xx)The weekend comes to an end, in Andi's End. Group Sex 05/22/08
A Bump in the Night (x.xx)New character hears a bump in the night Erotic Art 09/28/18
Ambassador Kitai (x.xx)Ambassador Kitai Erotic Art 09/07/18
An Interstellar Departure (x.xx)A reimagined version of someone else's character Erotic Art 04/12/14
Barb: 5 Part Series
Barb (x.xx)Barb Character Erotic Art 08/09/17
Barb Entertains (x.xx)Barb Entertains Erotic Art 01/25/18
Barb Entertains Again (x.xx)Barb Entertains Continued Erotic Art 01/26/18
Barb Entertains Further (x.xx)Barb Continues to Entertain Erotic Art 01/27/18
Barb, casually (x.xx)Continuation of the Barb character Erotic Art 08/11/17
Barb Entertains: 3 Part Series
Barb Entertains (x.xx)Barb Entertains Erotic Art 01/25/18
Barb Entertains Again (x.xx)Barb Entertains Continued Erotic Art 01/26/18
Barb Entertains Further (x.xx)Barb Continues to Entertain Erotic Art 01/27/18
Beach Stroll (x.xx)A new character, walking on the beach Erotic Art 04/16/13
Becca: 2 Part Series
Becca (x.xx)New Character Becca in various poses Erotic Art 05/07/13
Becca and Randy (x.xx)Becca and Randy Erotic Art 08/10/18
Caver (x.xx)Caver Erotic Art 02/18/19
CFNM (x.xx)Charlotte is the (barely) clothed female Erotic Art 09/05/18
Cosplay? (x.xx)Cosplay? Erotic Art 03/08/18
First Date (x.xx)New character experiment Erotic Art 05/09/18
Ghouls (x.xx)Ghouls from the Anathema II story Erotic Art 07/30/15
Got Your Message (x.xx)Poser Pro effort Erotic Art 07/09/15
Interstellar Departure Revisited (x.xx)An Update to a Previous Familiar Character Erotic Art 07/09/15
Interstellar perks (x.xx)Revisiting an old favorite Erotic Art 05/01/19
Jean: 4 Part Series
Jean (x.xx)Jean Erotic Art 08/09/17
Jean Entertains 1 (x.xx)Jean Entertains 1 Erotic Art 02/05/18
Jean Entertains 2 (x.xx)Jean Entertains 2 Erotic Art 02/05/18
Jean Entertains 3 (x.xx)Jean Entertains 3 Erotic Art 02/05/18
Jean Entertains: 3 Part Series
Jean Entertains 1 (x.xx)Jean Entertains 1 Erotic Art 02/05/18
Jean Entertains 2 (x.xx)Jean Entertains 2 Erotic Art 02/05/18
Jean Entertains 3 (x.xx)Jean Entertains 3 Erotic Art 02/05/18
Jill Illustration (x.xx)Jill Illustration Erotic Art 04/16/13
Katai v1 (x.xx)Katai Marat v1 Erotic Art 08/09/18
Kyle (x.xx)Kyle from Anathema II Pt. 2 Erotic Art 11/03/13
Leather (x.xx)Secret Santa's Unexpected Gift Erotic Art 12/26/17
Lighting Experiment: 2 Part Series
Lighting Experiment (x.xx)Poser Figure Lighting Erotic Art 01/28/16
Lighting Experiment 2 (x.xx)Lighting Experiment 2 Erotic Art 05/02/18
Lighting Preference Request (x.xx)Sarah Lighting Experiment Erotic Art 04/16/18
Lindie: 5 Part Series
Lindie (x.xx)Lindie Illustrations Erotic Art 04/16/13
Lindie 2018 (x.xx)Lindie 2018 Erotic Art 02/07/18
Lindie in See-Through Dress (x.xx)Lindie in See-Through Dress Erotic Art 02/07/18
Lindie in Wireframe (x.xx)Removes doubt as to whether these are photos. Erotic Art 04/17/13
Lindie Updates and Charlotte (x.xx)Lindie Updates and Charlotte Erotic Art 05/21/16
Lorna (x.xx)Experiments with lighting and the clothify tab of the Poser Erotic Art 09/14/17
Models in T-Shirts (x.xx)Models in T-Shirts  Editor's Pick Erotic Art 01/23/14
More Lindie (x.xx)Lindie in her transformed state Erotic Art 05/21/16
Mouth (x.xx)Lindie uses her mouth Erotic Art 01/23/14
Next Character (x.xx)Next Character Erotic Art 03/07/16
Nice View (x.xx)Jean checks out Barb's son Erotic Art 08/12/17
Princess: 3 Part Series
Princess (Plus) (x.xx)Alternative Princess Erotic Art 02/10/18
Princess Complete (x.xx)Continuation from the Princess Process Erotic Art 01/29/18
Princess Process (x.xx)Glimpse into the process Erotic Art 01/25/18
Sarah and RV (x.xx)Sarah at the campsite Erotic Art 10/18/13
Sarah in her LBD (x.xx)Sarah in her Little Black Dress Erotic Art 11/03/13
Second Date (x.xx)Second Date Erotic Art 06/19/18
Sisters (x.xx)Charlotte and Becca from Anathema II Erotic Art 04/12/14
Third Date: 2 Part Series
Third Date (x.xx)Third date. Erotic Art 06/01/18
Third Date (alternate lighting) (x.xx)Third Date (alternate lighting) Erotic Art 06/20/18
Updated Becca (x.xx)Updated the character Becca with slightly larger tits. Erotic Art 05/25/13
Updated Profile Picture? (x.xx)Updated Profile Picture? Erotic Art 06/22/18
Wallpapers: 2 Part Series
Wallpapers (x.xx)Practiced with some rendering over the weekend. Erotic Art 07/14/15
Wallpapers 2018 (x.xx)Adding backgrounds for the Princess Slave character Erotic Art 02/05/18
Wet Hair (x.xx)A Girl with Wet Hair Erotic Art 01/16/14
Workstation (x.xx)How I do the graphics Erotic Art 07/30/15
You want me to do what?!?! (x.xx)You want me to do what?!?! Erotic Art 01/25/18
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