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Angel Eyes (3.81)Newlywed husband cuckolded by his uncle. Loving Wives 07/22/17
Chance Encounter: 28 Part Series
Chance Encounter Ch. 01 (3.75)Interracial cuckold unfaithful wife. Loving Wives 04/30/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 02 (3.99)After being with the Kenyan, Jean goes home. Loving Wives 05/09/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 03 (4.20)Jean tells C about the first half of her evening. Loving Wives 05/15/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 04 (4.11)Jean rewards her cuck and shares her feelings. Loving Wives 05/16/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 05 (3.97)Jean and C keep busy waiting for George to call. Loving Wives 05/24/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 06 (3.90)Jean and her cuck get ready for a night out. Loving Wives 06/23/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 07 (3.94)Jean and C run into someone from the past. Loving Wives 06/26/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 08 (4.14)Foreplay Cuck style. Loving Wives 07/01/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 09 (4.05)Jose summons Jean leaving C to reflect on their first time. Loving Wives 07/10/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 10 (4.04)Jean and C have the house to themselves. Loving Wives 07/25/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 11 (4.22)Before C he was Miguel; when Jean and Miguel met. Loving Wives 08/24/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 12 (4.04)Horny and lonely, temptation gets the better of Jean Loving Wives 08/29/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 13 (3.89)Miguel visits for the weekend, leaving none the wiser. Loving Wives 09/12/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 14 (4.20)Jean meets a real cowboy. Loving Wives 09/23/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 15 (3.95)Jean Says No. Loving Wives 10/02/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 16 (4.08)Jean and Miguel start down the cuckold path. Loving Wives 10/08/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 17 (4.00)Jean and Miguel share pillow talk and discuss marriage. Loving Wives 10/15/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 18 (4.29)Parking leads to a reunion with Leo. Loving Wives 11/05/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 19 (4.00)Dealing with Jean and Leo dating. Loving Wives 11/06/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 20 (3.62)Jean tells all. Loving Wives 11/08/10
Chance Encounter Ch. 21 (4.47)Jean confesses to wanting Leo's baby. Fetish 07/14/13
Chance Encounter Ch. 22 (4.50)Jean Lays Out the Rules. Denies Miguel again.  Hot Fetish 07/15/13
Chance Encounter Ch. 23 (4.46)Miguel meets Father G, accompanies Jean to Leo's. Fetish 07/16/13
Chance Encounter Ch. 24 (4.54)Miguel meets with Father G.  Hot Fetish 08/06/13
Chance Encounter Ch. 25 (4.07)The Inquisition Continues. Fetish 08/07/13
Chance Encounter Ch. 26 (4.28)Miguel Goes to Jean's House. Fetish 08/18/13
Chance Encounter Ch. 27 (4.12)The Party. Fetish 08/31/13
Chance Encounter Ch. 28 (2.66)After the Party Loving Wives 12/22/13
Cream Pie Loving Switch Hitter (4.13)Night falls and they switch roles. Loving Wives 03/13/06
Dressing Up for Jean (3.95)He dresses and waits for her. Loving Wives 02/13/06
Jean Returns (3.62)Time with Frank over Jean returns to her cuck. Loving Wives 03/04/06
My Path: 5 Part Series
My Path Pt. 01 (3.81)Pat's summer internship. Loving Wives 03/24/17
My Path Pt. 02 (4.03)Pat sees Moira the following summer. Loving Wives 04/03/17
My Path Pt. 03 (3.88)Moira continues to train Pat into being a good pet. Loving Wives 04/14/17
My Path Pt. 04 (2.86)I find out Moira's cheating on me, but I stay. Loving Wives 04/21/17
My Path Pt. 05 (3.32)Virgin no more. Loving Wives 07/09/17
Roman Holiday: 11 Part Series
Roman Holiday Ch. 01 (4.00)Wife discovers husband's secret stash. Loving Wives 07/21/15
Roman Holiday Ch. 02 (4.36)Jeanette confronts Roland. Loving Wives 07/23/15
Roman Holiday Ch. 03 (4.29)Jeanette has a few secrets of her own. Loving Wives 07/26/15
Roman Holiday Ch. 04 (4.44)Jeanette establishes some ground rules. Loving Wives 07/29/15
Roman Holiday Ch. 05 (4.02)Roland and Jeanette plot Richard's seduction. Loving Wives 09/30/15
Roman Holiday Ch. 06 (4.48)Jeanette and Richard have lunch and dinner. Loving Wives 10/29/15
Roman Holiday Ch. 07 (4.27)Jeanette and Richard become lovers. Loving Wives 10/30/15
Roman Holiday Ch. 08 (3.92)Jeanette Flies to Rome. Loving Wives 10/31/15
Roman Holiday Ch. 09 (4.26)Jeanette Goes to Rome. Loving Wives 11/07/15
Roman Holiday Ch. 10 (3.90)Jeanette hooks up with her neighbor. Loving Wives 11/18/15
Roman Holiday Ch. 11 (3.89)Jeanette sees Richard. Loving Wives 11/21/15
Seduced: 5 Part Series
Seduced Pt. 01 (3.93)Part one of my cuckolding. Loving Wives 02/20/18
Seduced Pt. 02 (3.99)My seduction by Donna continues. Loving Wives 02/22/18
Seduced Pt. 03 (3.70)Donna calls Steve a cuck. Loving Wives 02/24/18
Seduced Pt. 04 (3.86)Donna starts confessing. Loving Wives 02/28/18
Seduced Pt. 05 (2.97)Donna and Steve discuss raising a family with Marvin. Loving Wives 03/08/18
Sweetie (3.95)Wife ponders pursuing a second boyfriend. Fetish 12/12/12
The Companion: 3 Part Series
The Companion Pt. 01 (2.87)Lonely wife, widower, loving husband. Loving Wives 12/01/18
The Companion Pt. 02 (3.32)Sylvia and Frank explore submission. Loving Wives 12/06/18
The Companion Pt. 03 (2.36)Mistress Sylvia pushes Frank's buttons.  New Loving Wives 12/16/18
The Evolution of Moira's Marriage: 4 Part Series
The Evolution of Moira's Marriage (4.18)Marriage evolves into female led, cuckolding, polyamoury Loving Wives 03/31/14
The Evolution of Moira's Marriage Ch. 02 (3.80)Cuckolding female led marriage punishment. Loving Wives 04/02/14
The Evolution of Moira's Marriage Ch. 03 (3.82)Moira dates. Clayton waits. Moira and Lance say I love you. Loving Wives 04/05/14
The Evolution of Moira's Marriage Ch. 04 (3.70)Cuckolding, humiliation, day after Moira's date. Loving Wives 04/09/14
The Planted Seed: 6 Part Series
The Planted Seed Pt. 01 (2.65)Susie reflects back on her marriage. Loving Wives 05/08/18
The Planted Seed Pt. 02 (3.69)Susie falls for priest and exerts more control over Donny. Loving Wives 05/18/18
The Planted Seed Pt. 03 (4.55)Susan and Father Jack begin their affair.  Hot Fetish 07/25/18
The Planted Seed Pt. 04 (4.04)Father leaves. Susan reconnects with her cuckold. Fetish 07/27/18
The Planted Seed Pt. 05 (4.38)Susie schemes with Father to bring out Donny's cuckold side. Fetish 09/18/18
The Planted Seed Pt. 06 (3.46)Donny enters chastity. Susan gets pregnant. Fetish 10/26/18
Val's Dark Desire (3.71)Interracial cuckolded and pregnancy. Loving Wives 07/05/17
Winning Strategy (4.25)Wife feminizes her husband to win costume contest. Loving Wives 02/13/06
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