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Lord of the Rings: Arwen's Dreams

 — Dreams help her cope with loss of her family. by simply_cyn02/07/053.76

Lord of the Rings: Bilbo

 — Bilbo Baggins rescues a damsel in distress. by velvetpie01/31/054.29

Lord of the Rings: Concerning Hobbi

 — Frodo gets a warm welcome from Farmer Maggot's wife. by Zingiber11/09/114.48

Lord of the Rings: Eowyn

 — Eowyn is comforted. by velvetpie01/13/054.26

Lord of the Rings: Faramir

 — Faramir and Eowyn's betrothal night. by your_softest_touch04/02/053.95

Lord of the Rings: Galadriel

 — Galadriel becomes a queen. by velvetpie02/08/054.11

Lord of the Rings: Gandalf

 — Apprentice warms lonely wizard's heart. by velvetpie07/24/044.51HOT

Lord of the Rings: Grishnakh

 — The true story of Merry and Pippen's escape from the orcs. by SunrockSin07/18/084.00

Lord of the Rings: Housewarming

 — Mushrooms make hobbit-lads get frisky with each other. by Zingiber12/01/114.75

Lord of the Rings: Legolas

 — Legolas & the Ring of Passion. by My Erotic Tail04/26/043.54

Lord of the Rings: Mrs. Maggot

 — Mrs. Maggot patiently awaits the return of her husband. by Kaishaku03/11/114.40

Lord of the Rings: Samwise Gamgee

 — Hobbit finds great food & great wife. by Joseki Ko04/09/044.55HOT

Lord of the Rings: Squint-eyed South

 — The squint-eyed southerner talks of a night with a lady elf. by Middleagepoet05/24/094.50

Lord of the Rings: Tom Bombadil

 — The Erotic Mystery of Tom Bombadil. by Decayed Angel05/10/064.56HOT

Lord ofthe Rings: Barliman Butterbur

 — Gandalf's enchantment makes him a surprising success. by MungoParkIII10/23/073.75

Lustful Leaves Ch. 03

 — She loved him. by Dar~03/29/054.58HOT

Lustful Leeves Ch. 01

 — Humorous tale of a tree fetish gone wrong. by angelicminx03/26/054.07

Lustful Leeves Ch. 02

 — Ashley loves Russell. by dreampilot7903/28/054.26

Lustful Leeves Ch. 04

 — Russell is punished for what he did to Olivia Oak. by Svenskaflicka08/10/054.17

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 01

 — Ennery the Eighth. by Boxlicker10103/15/094.55HOT

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 02

 — Good Morning, Beautiful. by KarennaC03/22/094.44

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 04

 — Janie's got a gun. by bb_peaks04/05/093.88

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 05

 — Katie and Allie thwart a blackmailer. by TE99905/16/094.64HOT

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 06

 — Livin' La Vida Loca. by Sean Renaud12/11/094.40

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 07

 — I kissed a girl and I liked it. by Bakeboss01/11/103.75

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 08

 — Cherry Hill Park. by Boxlicker10101/27/114.50

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 09

 — For You (The Rabbit Song). by xelliebabex03/06/134.12

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 10

 — I don't want to miss a thing. by Tara_Neale03/04/143.44

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 11

 — Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? by Sean Renaud05/23/143.62

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 12

 — Jack and Diane...two kids growing up in the heartland. by Tara_Neale10/08/144.40

Magic in America: Fate

 — Does she dare believe? by sweetnpetite10/13/054.32

Memoirs of a Lady - Introduction

 — The story behind the chain. by JUDO08/25/014.03Editor's Pick

Memoirs of a Lady Ch. 01

 — Lady Erica begins her avocation. by KillerMuffin05/12/014.35Editor's Pick

Memoirs of a Lady Ch. 03

 — The third chapter in the continuing story of Erica's memoirs. by Gaucho06/02/014.36Editor's Pick

Memoirs of a Lady Ch. 04

 — A starry night, the Greek Islands, a threesome. by Charly06/04/014.39Editor's Pick

Memoirs of a Lady Ch. 05

 — Perfect Damask roses bring back memories. by cymbidia06/11/014.55HOTEditor's Pick

Memoirs of a Lady Ch. 06

 — Lady Erica enjoys a tryst in the floodlit stage of Paris. by Samuari06/15/014.12Editor's Pick

Memoirs Of A Lady Ch. 07

 — Erica confronts her deepest fear by hypnotic regression. by Ulyssa07/02/01Editor's Pick

Memoirs of a Lady Ch. 08

 — Erica gets hot in the deserts of Saudi Arabia. by SteamyChik07/22/014.46Editor's Pick

Memoirs of a Lady Ch. 09

 — Erica rediscovers her art. by RisiaSkye07/29/014.43Editor's Pick

Memoirs of a Lady Ch. 10

 — Erica is rescued during an adventurous ride to Mexico. by JUDO08/10/014.62HOTEditor's Pick

Midnight: A Tale Of Brotherly Love.

 — A story of loving wives. by Foxee Browne04/23/074.50HOT

Midnight: Celebrities

 — A tale of celebrity erotic. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/26/073.75

Midnight: Exposed

 — The things that happen away from home. by slyc_willie04/16/074.56HOTContest Winner

Midnight: Tea and Temptation

 — An anal surprise for Jack's house-guest. by Alex De Kok06/10/074.51HOT

Midnight: The Break-in

 — An intruder becomes an interracial partner. by Bakeboss06/10/103.24

Midnight: The House is Dark

 — Debbie confronts her fears. by TE99907/04/074.70HOT

Midnight: Vision

 — An illustrated vision in this Midnight Chain Story. by Middleagepoet12/30/094.07

Mirror Mirror Ch 10

 — The mystery unfolds in a climax. by My Erotic Tail06/12/044.71HOT

Mirror Mirror Ch. 01

 — The mirror. by My Erotic Tail04/03/044.31

Mirror Mirror Ch. 02

 — Kaitlyn & Patrick. by LadyShianne04/07/044.59HOT

Mirror Mirror Ch. 07

 — Another trapped soul. by Joseki Ko05/10/044.58HOT

Mirror Mirror Ch. 08

 — Charles may have found away out. by My Erotic Tail05/30/044.33

Mirror Mirror Ch. 09

 — Sarahhh mixes in. by Joseki Ko06/06/044.71HOT

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 01

 — Rapunzel: The tale of a girl locked in a room. by rachlou03/04/084.24

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 02

 — Hansel & Gretel: what really happened . . . . by slyc_willie03/08/084.51HOT

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 03

 — Snow White & Rose Red; they meet their new neighbor. by Emerald_Dragon03/11/084.52HOT

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 04

 — Goldilocks: the adventures of an ill-mannered young woman. by CeriseNoire03/14/084.37

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 05

 — The Little Mermaid- What will she do to win his love? by KarennaC03/19/083.98

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 06

 — The Ugly Duckling: Calla's transformation. by PrincessErin03/23/083.67

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 07

 — Puss in Boots: The Case of The Forged Will. by TE99904/12/084.26

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 09

 — The Princess and the Pauper: a case of mistaken identity. by deathlynx05/11/084.50HOT

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 10

 — The Swan Sisters by Emerald_Dragon06/02/083.79

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 11

 — The Empress's New Clothes: a role reversal by dragontatto06/08/084.60HOT

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 13

 — The Three Little Pigs. by Boxlicker10109/02/094.11

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 14

 — Snow White - the later years. by wife2hotblk11/21/093.09

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 15

 — The lady freed from the gallows or The Golden Ball. by Sean Renaud11/29/093.69

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 16

 — Wizzard of Oz now lives inWashington DC. by Bakeboss12/22/092.20

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 17

 — A poor family is blessed with a diminutive baby. by Bakeboss10/06/103.56

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 18

 — Rumpelstiltskin wants to make a video. by Sean Renaud07/14/143.36

Mysterious Stranger

 — Who is the woman in the red coat? by Finish This11/13/133.62

On the Bus: A Packet of Photographs

 — Life imitates art, and a girl finds courage. by Cinner09/17/123.86

On the Bus: Busted

 — Johnny watched her head bobbing in his lap. by Kaishaku03/05/113.29

On the Bus: Double Jeopardy

 — A brother and sister travel for Jeopardy tryouts. by Selena_Kitt11/14/064.50HOT

On the Bus: Excuse Me

 — A runaway with choices to make. by Tara_Neale11/19/143.72

On the Bus: Lewd Intentions

 — A naughty angel and her mortal lover on a bus full of crazy. by bashfullyshameless10/01/124.72HOT

On the Bus: Naughty Whispers

 — She offers to listen to him talk & is surprised. by RedHairedandFriendly05/17/064.22

On the Bus: Oral Concert

 — Two ladies put on a show for a Cowboy. by RedHairedandFriendly06/27/064.08

On the Bus: Punk Picnic

 — Brianna meets a hottie on the bus. by MissBri06/15/063.97

On the Bus: Sacred Prostitute

 — Holly soothes a weary warrior on her travels. by Selena_Kitt01/01/094.41Contest Winner

On The Bus: Sexting

 — Girl gets turned on while sending messages on a bus. by HottieKatie01/25/133.99

On the Bus: The Ragged Man

 — And the man in the suit. by Zrnko_Pisku12/26/122.33

On the Bus: The Virgin Voyeur

 — Virgin starts her sexual education on the bus. by sophia jane06/10/064.27

On the Bus: Tolerated & Tossed Off

 — Brad & Brenda enjoy a quick fuck in this stroke story. by RedHairedandFriendly01/30/123.93

Orgy, Literotica Style! Ch. 02

 — The chain story opening continues. by im_invisible6903/24/074.10

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