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Next Step

 — Their anal play escalates. by Orange spanks01/24/064.25

Next Stop: Strap-on

 — Sapphire rides a train, and Blake rides Sapphire. by Sapphire_Mail06/20/074.39

Nice Flight

 — Asian stewardess makes the Mile High Club. by Pee2308/01/023.74

Nice Guy Gets Angry Ch. 01

 — Interfering with college roommate vengeance plans. by JoeDreamer11/29/064.62HOT

Nice Guy Gets Angry Ch. 02

 — New roommate, new girlfriend, but the same old Maria. by JoeDreamer11/29/064.63HOTContest Winner

Nice Substitute

 — A nice girl wants to try something dirty for a change. by MalDufleurs05/28/144.64HOT

Nick Gets What He Wants

 — Nick takes first her mouth, then more. by notnice6608/29/034.07

Nick Names

 — A mature man meets his nymphet pal from the net. by P4U01/09/074.00

Nicki and Alex Ch. 02

 — Nicki and Alex get to know each other's ins and outs by askme36104/20/144.25

Nicki and Alex Ch. 03

 — Alex stuffs Nicki's inbox. by askme36105/03/144.43

Night at Amber's Ch. 02

 — Amber's friend, Kara, joins the anal party. by simple_jack05/31/113.43

Night at Amber's Ch. 03

 — Amber concludes the anal orgy and begins dreaming. by simple_jack06/01/113.83

Night Flavors

 — Couple share hot, leisurely oral sex at bedtime. by Fullmoonfever12/22/083.98

Night of Passions Ch. 03

 — Fulfilling your most intimate of desires .. at 12:08 am. by Coeur de Dragon01/22/044.21

Night of the Fire

 — A young man fufills his fantasy. by baster12306/06/102.61

Night Walker

 — A john fulfills his anal fantasy. by talleywitt007177608/13/063.23

Night with a Client

 — A sales executive dominates his petite client. by norselegend02/10/143.98

Night-time Visit

 — A late night visit teaches her a lesson in surrender. by simplysarah00108/30/074.09

Nightshift at Judy's Ch. 1

 — A hamburger joint at 3 a.m. and two bored employees. by Dancing Sprite09/27/024.40

Nightshift at Judy's Ch. 2

 — Terri can't wait to lose her anal virginity. by Dancing Sprite10/03/024.49

Nikki Ch. 03: Twin Sister Kristal 02

 — Nikki's slutty "twin" sister gives up her ass. by RONIN186910/28/164.41

Nine Holes of Golf

 — The only club they used was his putter. by charles_dickings12/20/143.97

No Harm in Asking

 — His first fat girl is a dream come true. by TheJess04/04/064.41

No Holes Barred....

 — Rob takes Monique's last virgin oriface: her ass. by MayhemLass10/06/054.54HOT

No More Sloppy Seconds

 — The talent got first shot; the crew got leftovers. by Middleagepoet05/17/093.42

No Strings

 — Friendly visit interupts his personal time. by LadyElaine09/19/084.36

Nobody's Prettier than My Emily

 — Aging pharmacist is infatuated with his latest hire. by MisterNatural05/11/164.43

Nocturnal Visitor

 — Stranger sneaks in dorm to pop guy's GF's anal cherry. by Hornyman69WithU01/31/093.59

Norse Myth Models

 — Nude modelling isn't about sex. Honestly... by TimothyM06/26/144.54HOT

Norwegian Wood

 — A weekend at a lake cabin takes sex to the next level. by norselegend02/14/144.32

Not Another Conference!

 — Trip to a conference has a quite nice ending. by Shatanzai3306/18/023.55

Not Gay, Butt...

 — Married couple tries strap-on love. by Sacanaz12/28/054.55HOT

Not Gay, Butt... Ch. 02

 — Couple's sex life is reawakened. by Sacanaz01/04/064.59HOT

Not Gay, Butt... Ch. 03

 — It's time for the strap on. by Sacanaz01/15/064.51HOT

Not Gay, Butt... Ch. 05

 — Ron and Jack finish the deal. by Sacanaz03/14/064.66HOT

Not Just Movie Night

 — Katie decides to spice things up with Grant. by Leigh_Rose08/01/143.78

Not Quite How I Pictured It

 — Wife offers husband anal sex if he'll take it, too. by zeke8101/14/064.29

Not What You Think

 — Everyone could use a bit of insanity from time to time. by MSTarot07/25/124.65HOT

Nothing Like a Good Workout

 — She gets lucky at the gym. by Giverny10/02/023.77

Nothing Like a Good Workout!

 — After hours workout really gets the blood pumping. by hotti10/11/014.01

Nude Day-A Pervert's Anal Field Day

 — A naked man finds his anal love match on Nude Day. by SuperHeroRalph06/25/114.37

Number Three Love

 — The anal adventures of Chen Li. by Radagast09/21/034.47

Number Three Love Ch. 02

 — The anal adventures of Chen Li. by Radagast10/23/034.32

Nun Gives in to Lust Ch. 02

 — The nun goes back for more and gets used. by MrRusty200004/25/154.38

Nurse Francy: Rectal Specialist

 — Your dreaded anal exam turns into an erotic education. by francypants08/19/044.54HOT

Nurse Katrina

 — Nurse Katrina heals body + soul w/ her demands for ass sex. by emmemagdalene10/04/154.29

Nurse Leslie - First Fist

 — Nurse Leslie administers her special treatment. by greeklovevanc02/06/074.50HOT

Nurse Leslie - The Begining

 — How it started with my little vixen. by greeklovevanc11/15/104.54HOT

Nurse Myer

 — Erotic Physical Examination. by BigKarrl05/28/163.87

Nurse Myer Pt. 02

 — My private examination continues. by BigKarrl06/25/163.59

O Holey Night: Ass, Mouth, Pussy

 — Anne goes from Dirty Girl to Filthy Girl. by SueDanym11/16/174.73HOT

Obsessed With Anal

 — She thought she needed anal but he thought she needed him. by mochakink10/30/074.69HOT


 — Pleasing my man is all I can think about. by sweet_lusciousdesire01/25/133.98


 — Sexual adventure with a much older woman. by moonmullins08/30/164.66HOT

Off The Wall

 — Sex, rattle and roll. by Rockwell11/25/043.34

Office Affair

 — A quiet afternoon in the office. by dustybeard01/24/094.29

Office Affair

 — Friends with benefits. by Leezy02/11/154.36

Office Anal for an Office Slut

 — Colleague seduces the office slut for some anal at work. by officeslut02/04/123.91

Office Drinks Ch. 02

 — Wallace finds himself back at his place with Sally. by WallacePearson06/26/094.50HOT

Office Hero?

 — An office Christmas party to remember. by 4eyedbrit06/20/124.34

Office Orifice Ch. 01

 — Packed commuter train heralds chance encounters. by UKBBW09/15/104.05

Office Overtime

 — Two colleagues end up doing a little overtime! by Phi Callus01/17/074.01

Office Visit

 — Miss Oatlash makes a Mutt work overtime. by The Mutt06/22/044.10

OFSTED Inspection

 — Riley Michaels fucks the Inspector for a good mark... by 232GingerWriter23209/21/15

Oh My God Ch. 10

 — Kathy and Lila train Ginger for lap dances and anal sex. by TstormF110/18/134.71HOT

Oh My God! Is He Fucking Her Ass?

 — Christine is left alone with her best friend's boyfriend. by Donkeepuncher03/24/113.43

Oh, How the Tide Turns!

 — She travels to take her ultimate phone fuck for real. by LoreLai06/01/064.67HOT

Ohh La Taxi Free Ride

 — No such thing as free ride, a Natassia story. by NatassiaSuckova08/04/173.24

Oil and Leather

 — She makes him feel better about working late. by emilyrose01/29/044.26


 — A sexy Latina has a surprise for her lover. by slide_g08/15/164.62HOT

Old Flame, New Passion

 — She's finding herself...on her hands & knees. by zildjian02/12/024.05

Old Friends Become New Lovers

 — Matt runs into Andrea at the bar and old feelings reemerge. by Matt45002/19/134.08

Old Friends, New Excitement

 — Trish & Christian, together after 15 years apart. by Lustin Kink07/16/054.24

Olive Oil

 — Day dreaming on the beach in Greece leads to real life fun. by Dr. Gurviest Love10/17/104.61HOT

Omar the Great

 — Reborn again dating virgin goes on a blind date. by nofilter_davira06/27/134.05

On A Sultry Summer Night

 — He comes home and indulges his innermost desires. by boldnsassy07/29/104.38

On Her Side

 — A short little scene from the other day. by theTCat07/12/103.87

On the Boardwalk

 — Ass watching is so much fun with the right partner. by TxRad11/01/104.56HOT

On The Boat Ch. 01

 — I shot in with a huge thrust straight through her sphincter. by uvlas4504/06/084.25

On the Road

 — Nathan and Gabriella finally meet. by derek3309/05/064.19

On the Road

 — New co-workers explore each other during a road trip. by EveningMuse03/07/094.02

Once Again

 — Gangbang frenzy begins. by seven_again_so_what10/25/024.00

One Afternoon

 — After shopping, she finds unexpected fun at home. by jf197807/26/053.90

One and Only

 — A 2nd story person. by FetishFestival02/21/133.29

One Ass Happy Lady

 — Though it is her first time, she's wants a few rounds. by RedHairedandFriendly01/08/134.14

One Click...

 — He likes to take a picture. by RedVixen11/20/074.35

One Eye Open

 — Waking up just gets harder and harder. by Albatross05/14/034.58HOT

One Hot Crazy Summer

 — She gets the sex she needed at party. by Latinababe04/13/023.95

One Hot Shower

 — They get hot in the shower. by simplyme03036804/29/043.97

One Hundred Percent Loving

 — Eddie becomes the third triangle member. by Jack Gates01/22/054.07

One Last Fling

 — Brad gets with his ex one last time. by evil evil man12/15/074.02

One Last Time

 — Couple have wild sex in a cave. by Blackened_Innocence09/23/124.27

One Mysterious Summers Day

 — Simple tale of experience. by Alfa Romeo03/24/033.98

One Night

 — A woman is craving anal from her lover. by virgin_sexpert06/29/114.49

One Night Ch. 05

 — The fictional chronicle of life with the man I love. by TheDarkAngel1306/14/114.65HOT

One Night in August 2006

 — After dinner my girlfriend let me lick her pussy. by ColonelLingus12/13/133.68

One Night of Pleasure

 — He found her in a club. by lick_my_clit_6907/09/034.07

One Night Stand

 — An anal fuck with a great friend by Gussie09/23/034.47

One Night Stand

 — She decided to go to a sports bar. by britneyh09/06/073.90

One Night with Danielle

 — A slut gets her butt popped. by ArachnisRoyal12/13/103.89

One Rule

 — John and Gina have one rule in their house. by AnOrdinaryGuy07/17/114.42

One Version of Waking Up

 — A great way to wake up - a bit graphical. by doomgate11/08/103.98

One Week

 — Sex-starved woman recalls the last time. by tipofyourtongue06/17/064.21

One-Night Stand with the Archangel Ch. 03

 — Hallucinations and Faith. by IrresistibleBeauty10/01/054.28

Only Lust

 — Anal fun and more for you and I. by QueenOfBJ12/08/084.03

Ooh Doctor, That Is Cold!

 — A stay in hospital brings unexpected pleasures. by milkybuns03/17/033.60

Open For Business

 — Robert gets what he deservers--or does he? by Babee_girl03/16/043.83

Open Relationship Ch. 01

 — Anal at a house party with a sexy babe. by Jack_Love09/02/094.36

Open Up & Say 'Ahhhh'

 — LiChelle assists the Doctor with special patient. by LiChelle09/28/024.18

Opening an Ass for a Friend

 — Craig's big dick opens his girlfriend's friend's ass. by frezrevup11/02/104.30

Opening Ch. 02

 — The exposure and inspections continue with Ava's ass. by RedTang07/01/124.51HOT

Opera By Night

 — They savor heavy anal at the opera. by MickieBlue04/01/023.73

Opus to Susie

 — Couples shares a nonconsentual fantasy online. by bbkradwell09/20/02

Oral Exam Ch. 09

 — Showers and tacos with Jessica and the Professor. by gradprof12/02/064.69HOT

Oral Lover

 — Man and woman completely in love with pleasing one another. by LadyNoir02/27/173.52


 — Husband orders sex toys to surprise his wife. by jasliz03/14/064.40

Oro-Pussy-Penis-Anus MD Therapy

 — MD cures man's sex hang ups. by DerekTheene02/01/173.39

Oruale and the Saxons Ch. 03

 — She is spanked & learns anal games. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat02/13/054.45

Other Options

 — When she plays the slut, there's always another way to fuck. by Azuldrgon09/11/173.82

Ouch That Hurts Hun!

 — Wife does hubby for the first time with her toy. by dirtyjoe6907/12/064.05

Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 02

 — A friendship blossoms. by Belper01/17/054.33

Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 04

 — Three becomes four. by Belper01/25/053.67

Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 05

 — They go shopping. by Belper01/29/054.49

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