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 — You want a quickie, just for lunch. by fairycharmed_girl04/22/074.06

Lust at First Sight

 — A fishing trip is turned upside-down by a redhead. by JackBeHuge08/26/144.47

Lust For Ass

 — The matronly middle aged woman had what he wanted. by VeryDirtyMind03/21/134.09

Lust for Friend's Mother Ch. 03

 — Zeshan's strange demand from Rubina. by bena4u01/16/164.33

Lust In The Afternoon

 — An afternoon quickie between Literotica writers. by bbkradwell08/24/014.09

Lust Writ Large

 — Sharing a lusty moment with a Big, Beautiful Woman. by Greenbush4206/23/034.34

Lust's Willing Slave

 — Giving into lust, I reaffirm how powerful a master it can be. by angel_6906/04/124.54HOT

Lusting for Cock

 — Transman has first encounter with anal sex. by jakftx05/19/194.09

Lydia McRae Plays Chess

 — Another very naughty fantasy. by OneSilky03/10/143.77

Lyla Ch. 08: All Hands on Deck

 — Lyla gets her ass hole wrecked by Seth. by dakotadanders02/26/184.16

Lynn and Lee: First Anal

 — A first for Lee, as Lynn offers her ass to him. by LesLumens01/17/074.47

M and H Ch. 05

 — Summer anal fun. by therealultimatedarkone11/19/094.40

Macho Man Handles Female Stalker

 — The strong man overcomes woman's challenges. by Samuelx12/07/073.20

Maestro Dominates Marie's Ass

 — Marie experiences her best anal sex ever with Maestro. by AuntClimax05/16/194.44

Maestro Dominates Marie's Ass Again

 — Maestro's anal sex lessons for Marie continues... by AuntClimax06/26/194.40NEW

Maggie Reveals an Anal Secret

 — I learn more about Maggie's anal promise. by okayjack10/24/134.05

Magic Bum Powder

 — A chance encounter in a club leads to some very hot fucking. by MarsBenway07/03/184.39

Maid Made My Day

 — Dirty story. by Freaker2305/13/132.56

Maid To Take Ch. 05

 — Maid and husband pitch in. by fluidline101/13/054.56HOT

Maids of Pleasure

 — A tail of anal erotica. by WankChung08/08/063.38

Maimuna The Somali MILF Ch. 04

 — Somali MILF comforts Haitian lover in Ottawa. by Samuelx02/25/152.73

Main Menu

 — You stand gazing down at the whale tale of a thong. by Algonquin Twit05/09/103.60


 — He helps her escape the man following her. by MungoParkIII10/02/073.69

Make Me Believe

 — Misbehaving wife must beg for her deepest desires... by northcountrylass03/27/104.26

Make My Asshole Fart Your Name!

 — Blonde babe takes cock up her ass from a stranger. by Jack_Love11/28/094.31

Make Up Sex

 — Roxi and Niko make up after a fight. by Sexiebatman12/01/143.91

Making A Stand

 — Wanting a more passionate life, Jessica takes control. by BrettJ01/15/134.24

Making A Tape

 — Anal masturbation for my baby. by analplayplease10/24/034.23

Making an Offering

 — He shows a woman how to take it in a church. by hotartist006/15/074.22

Making of a Sub: Prelude to Spa

 — Arranging for Liz's next stage of training. by daver5906/16/173.95

Making Up Is Hard To Do

 — Jimmy and Arane make up after big fight. by Diamond_Girl07/13/084.20

Making Wishes Come True

 — Rob meets a mystery woman and had an interesting weekend. by mjbarbag05/13/094.25

Mama Mia's Potion of Love

 — Could it be real? by jusduit08/15/034.64HOT

Man is Superior to Woman

 — Male genius challenges university and wins. by Samuelx12/07/071.83

Man Loves Wife's Ass Too Much 01

 — Perversely perverted-a husband loves his wife's ass too much by SusanJillParker10/02/142.82

Mandingo Night: BBC Ass Ambush

 — Big Black Cock Ass invasion. by craigool02/12/153.39

Mandy "Rides" 03

 — Mandy's "ride" is rougher than she bargained for. by LoreLai03/24/064.52HOT

Mandy's Netball Day

 — Mandy celebrates her team's win with anal sex. by luigi9908/10/093.95

Mandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 06

 — Ronnie's New Life. by AlexisMontage11/03/134.26

Mandy's Therapy

 — Mandy deals with her excessive submissiveness. by InDesire12/29/104.25

Mandy's Wishes

 — Mandy wants to be orally pleasured - anally. by purplehead20207/30/084.30

Manu's Wish Come True

 — Online meeting turns into real fantasy enactment. by mriceberg07/15/153.50

Maple Syrup

 — He enjoys your anal orgasms. by happywarrior07/30/064.01

Maple Syrup

 — A little morning delight. by closetedkink04/17/154.03

Marble Holder

 — Her back alley. by bigdaddymackman08/30/093.86

Maria Is So Perfect

 — Anal love with his dream girl. by anal01/29/033.92

Maria's Anal Day Ch. 01

 — More anal love with his dream girl. by anal06/28/034.11

Mariam Hanaffi Does Anal!

 — Somali BBW Hijabi tries anal with Haitian lover. by Samuelx01/27/153.19

Marian and Ryan Ch. 03

 — She teaches him the joys & pleasures of anal sex. by Boxlicker10107/06/074.55HOTContest Winner


 — My friend Marie always gets me into trouble. by despotlewinter11/17/104.33

Marie's Story Pt. 01

 — Marie's story of finding love for anal sex. by sigmoidflexture11/13/174.45

Mariella's Bottom

 — A Middle-aged woman loses her anal virginity at last. by Otazel02/27/074.42

Mario, Me and Maurice

 — The aftermath of a man who had gay sex, but have girlfriend! by Peccato11/09/113.60

Marlena Dances for Me

 — A former ballet dancer really loves it in her ass. by Boxlicker10107/31/054.26

Marlene Runs The Gauntlet

 — Softcore southern porn star tries to avoid losing virginity. by JohnBlack11312/05/173.91

Marriage Needs Give and Take

 — He shouldn't try to give what he couldn't take. by Otazel05/27/064.56HOT

Married 26 Years & This Is A First

 — It took 26 years of marriage to finally release his inhibitions. by Maxum10/08/014.07

Marsha's Ass Gets Her a Raise

 — Marsha passes probatioin and learns she loves it in her ass. by Boxlicker10107/21/044.27

Martin, Sophie and Chris

 — An interruption leads to a surprise for Martin... by MALIBUMAN66604/30/194.55HOT

Mary Jane's Trip to Spain

 — Mary Jane goes to see Tomas. by butt_seriously_man02/06/163.93

Mary Queen of Cock

 — Married woman gives up her ass to keep the affair going. by walterio10/14/164.43

Mary's Evolution: Book 02

 — Greg begins to control Mary. by furryfan07/19/094.52HOT

Masculinity And Power

 — Football stud discovers special talents and admirers. by Samuelx07/24/073.36

Masculinity Throughout Time

 — College stud defies social norms. by Samuelx07/24/072.44

Mask Night at the Bar

 — It's fantasy match time in 'Nawlins. by Babblefish03/20/054.32

Masozi and Sanaa

 — A midnight tryst in a Madagascan fairy circle. by Nachthexe04/25/123.55


 — Drawn from experience, names changed to protect the guilty. by nige.lewis09/18/034.28


 — I massage you and lick you. by guiltiness302/04/103.71

Massage Relaxes Her Tightest Place

 — She was tense, head ached, so he relaxed her, and slid in... by KHarding05/31/194.29

Massage Surprise

 — Husband and Wife get a massage with unexpected out come. by upsidedownskys07/10/084.19

Massage to Heaven

 — His massage takes him to the edge. by darlynd10/25/154.39

Massage With a Very Happy Ending

 — He loves anal - gets a new perspective on it. by Matty_Walter06/25/084.28

Massage with Some Perks

 — New masseuse gives a bit more to her client. by mattattack07/26/063.52


 — A fantasy. by StackedAction01/28/174.33

Master Fills His Pet

 — Quickie sex. by ur1andonly03/06/154.14

Master's Whore

 — First time meeting between master and whore. by masterswhore01/09/163.47


 — He possesses you completely. by txsaras10/10/013.61

Masturbation Interrupted

 — Pleasuring yourself and "punished" for it. by Morrigu06/03/074.13

Math's Wonderful Surprises

 — Taking a little break from our math work. by betelgeuse05/18/083.59

Mattress Shopping

 — They browse & bump in the furniture store. by Nevrdul06/29/013.07

Mature Lady Takes a Young Guy

 — Mature wife does everything with young guy. by babswalker02/15/194.35

Maximum Security

 — Police officer loses her anal virginity. by Samuelx08/24/063.26

Me and Jason Ch. 02

 — A little anal a little fisting. by hmm42012/16/024.18

Me and Mindy Ch. 01

 — Their first encounter is rough and hot. by Lazarus090908/19/074.28

Me and Mindy Ch. 02

 — Aftermath - the heat increases. by Lazarus090909/08/074.36

Me and Mindy Ch. 03

 — Enter Claire, my girlfriend. by Lazarus090912/23/073.42

Me, Mario and Maurice

 — Her boyfriend is learning to love anal sex. by Peccato02/14/084.31

Me, Maurice and Mario

 — Continuation: threesome with man on man on woman? by Peccato03/24/084.55HOT

Mean Laureen

 — John returns from a business trip to a wicked welcome. by 31redman07/13/124.19

Medical Benefits Ch. 02

 — Doctor helps heal patient anally. by Phi Callus01/26/054.05

Meena - Saga of Tumultuous Sex Ch. 03b

 — Prakash takes Meena Anally finally after a long wait. by shanti201003/28/164.14

Meeting For Lunch at Sam's Cafe

 — A morning of shopping leaves her boyfriend intrigued. by Kowalski210/24/064.62HOT

Meeting in a Grocery Store

 — Horoscope comes true for a single guy. by walterio04/19/124.17

Meeting the Boss's Daughter

 — Late night meeting with the boss's daughter. by littleladyfun11/10/164.01

Megan's Ass

 — Sexy lawyer gets her ass fucked by an old boyfriend. by jonstevens09/16/064.17

Megan's Secrets

 — What he doesn't know could hurt him. by Belegon11/04/044.62HOT

Megan's Secrets Revealed

 — Some secrets are just meant to be shared. by Belegon06/26/054.61HOT

Melanie Loves Anal

 — Melanie has her first bout of anal sex on her birthday. by BarbraNovac04/04/134.27

Melinda's Ass

 — Melinda will do anything to save the relationship. by lovesbigbooty12/01/064.42

Melissa's Gorgeous Ass

 — Melissa asks him to take her gorgeous ass. by Boxlicker10109/02/054.39

Melissa's Story

 — A one-time connection. by ericviking6906/29/044.14

Melissa's Tight Jeans

 — She knows she's hot from behind. by geronimo_appleby06/16/124.50HOT

Melons in the Morning

 — A shower time male fantasy. by sirhugs06/15/134.40

Melvin's Magic Love Juice Ch. 08

 — Melvin's date gets complicated. by 100 Angry Bananas09/07/044.53HOT

Memoir of a Hedonist Ch. 02

 — A new toy helps us explore anal sex. by Brandie6908/07/124.53HOT

Memoir of Claire

 — A morning of temptation finds fulfillment. by Gustavius07/22/064.47

Memoirs of an English Student

 — Annie and Beth get Discovered FFM. by AnnieMiller08/01/134.20

Memoirs of Chacha Jaani Ch. 03

 — Mausi extracts her 'Choot dikhaaee' but later rewards him. by chachajaani11/28/054.33

Memories of Kate

 — Young couple indulge in anal play on each other. by the_apocalypse10/07/094.13


 — Intense intimacy inspires even kinkier desires. by mooneatertales05/16/074.38

Men Rule the World

 — Strong man takes new city by storm. by Samuelx07/20/073.52

Mental Manipulations Ch. 04

 — A revealing talk, and Roxy returns. by cuninglinguist6101/07/144.71HOT

Merna's Story Pt. 02

 — Girls displayed by day & anal show by night. by slimpic1110/02/154.48

Merna's Story Pt. 03

 — Girls have sex in bathroom & taking in by police. by slimpic1110/03/154.48

Merna's Story Pt. 07

 — LaTonia takes a really big one in the anus. by slimpic1112/18/154.30

Merry Fucking Christmas

 — A holiday quickie. by StackedAction11/29/174.34

Mia's Anal Cherry

 — Mia loses her last cherry to Alex by robberbaron12/30/154.36

Michael Ch. 04

 — Michael comes to stay with Louisa in England. by HotLouisa08/23/134.16


 — A true story about a girl I met on the internet. by damonX04/28/094.47

Michelle Cheats

 — Her boyfriend's buddy gives her what she wants. by jcallah101/17/073.93

Michelle's Revenge

 — A new doctor takes her revenge for love out on David. by greywolf39306/12/124.54HOT

Michelle's Revenge Ch. 02

 — Michelle and David go for round two. by greywolf39307/07/124.60HOT


 — I show an old friend some new tricks. by redjet07/10/104.24

Mick and Belle

 — That's Amore. by mattrog1109/25/184.35

Mid Week Role Play

 — Sexy game leads to anal enjoyment. by lustfuldesires05/05/063.85

Mid-Atlantic Stretch

 — An unexpected encounter. by jwall02/23/064.63HOT

Mid-Life Adventure Ch. 05

 — Rick fucks the neighbors' daughter. by oldeman05/14/104.41

Mid-Life Oasis Ch. 02

 — Jill reveals her deepest fantasy and loses her anal cherry. by meddlesome06/20/114.61HOT

Mid-Week Anal Sex

 — Wife takes cock deep in hot butt fucking. by quietcantor12/01/063.98

Middle Eastern Mysterious Offering

 — The allure was powerful but the honour was stronger. by BingoLL02/15/194.63HOT


 — Kate gets used by her favourite player... by maverick_kelzar12/06/183.74

Midnight Anal

 — The knock caught me by surprise. by geronimo_appleby08/26/104.22

Midnight Confession

 — Ashley ties her boyfriend up and then confesses. by damonX02/22/104.37

Midnight DP

 — Husband wakes up to DP wife. by kyletx04/03/143.80

Midnight Fantasy

 — One man has his greatest fantasy cum true. by AnaLeePleasured01/26/084.45

Midnight in the Garden of Eva

 — Pandora's Box- Volume 1. by sweetnpetite10/16/064.29

Midnight Slut

 — Anal with a mysterious Asian girl in a hostel. by Jack_Love11/13/094.20

Midnight Snack

 — He awakena you to a soothing, moonlit rimjob. by Fullmoonfever10/09/084.09

Midnite's Magic Ch. 06

 — Midnite loses her anal cherry. by blindjack01/05/054.67HOT

Midsummer Legacy - Roleplay

 — Having fun with Eleanor. by MrIllusion11/14/184.61HOT

Midwinter Weekend Pt. 02

 — A ski accident opened the door to an unexpected first time. by MrIllusion01/08/154.71HOT

Mike's First Time Ch. 02

 — Mike notches up two more firsts. by Coldfinger08/30/054.53HOT

Mile High Anal Encounter

 — Two strangers hit it off on a plane. by WobieTide04/01/154.30

Mile-high Club

 — After lift-off, Travis takes her ass. by Josie_0308/04/184.58HOT

MILF Whore Cleaning Lady

 — My cleaning lady likes to FUCK. by a1fiend07/20/164.26


 — G succumbs to the demands of Mistress Kimmie. by MistressKimmie05/25/104.16

Mining Gem's New Passage

 — Gem wants to try something new before marriage. by Sjogren6905/26/103.79

Mira Ch. 01

 — A girl upgrades to a new version of her favorite game. by tentaichi05/28/144.33

Mira Ch. 02

 — Amy's curiosity gets the better of her. by tentaichi06/01/144.42

Mira Ch. 03

 — Amy discovers more of the virtual world. by tentaichi07/08/154.35

Miranda, Wanton Parole Officer Ch. 02

 — Miranda loses her anal virginity at secret warehouse in MFM. by Yogakay01/26/164.65HOT

Miranda, Wanton Parole Officer Ch. 05

 — Miranda is confronted by a hot redhead and ends up in a FFM. by Yogakay05/24/164.70HOT

Mirror Ecstasy Ch. 01

 — New Year's Eve fantasy of domination & submission. by androgyne3009/09/063.59

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