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Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 06

 — Five is fun. by Belper01/31/054.19

Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 08

 — Lazy loving. by Belper03/26/054.59HOT

Our Dirty Night

 — Ellie and Adam's dirty night. by 19891205/17/153.34

Our Dirty Secret

 — A couple enjoys some steamy anal sex in public. by TotalKnockout02/10/144.39

Our Dirty Secret Ch. 02

 — After a public assfucking, the anal fun continues at home... by TotalKnockout02/15/144.62HOT

Our First Anal

 — Anal virgins undertake journey of discovery. by cbrmale11/22/034.11

Our First Anal

 — A night on the town that lead to ultimate taboo. by AnneandAlex01/09/083.82

Our First Meeting

 — I meet Matt and give him full control of my body. by deeper1708/24/133.53

Our First Time

 — His and my first time. by SubmissivePet03/30/094.00

Our First Time Ch. 02

 — An internet date leads to first time anal fuck buddies. by allitnil08/15/093.92

Our First Time Ch. 03

 — An internet date leads to first time anal fuck buddies. by allitnil11/08/093.80

Our First Time Ch. 04

 — An internet date leads to first time anal fuck buddies. by allitnil05/14/103.23

Our Little Plan

 — Sandman and Vicky use Vicky's ex-lover as a catalyst. by S4ndm4n04/07/083.63

Our Loving First Time

 — Angel and I experience anal intercourse for the first time. by 320cdp09/22/104.19

Our Night to Remember

 — After a long day of work you are teased and pleased. by ampakal11/08/113.80

Out of the Blue

 — A couple have sex after not seeing each other for a long time. by rosebud_608/03/114.29

Out the Window Ch. 07

 — Father roleplays with daughter's roommate. by Mister_Shy08/18/154.66HOT

Out-of-town Visit

 — Unexpected visit from his lover and her new toy. by ninalee31208/15/094.46

Outside Reality

 — A naughty, lascivious picnic birthday celebration. by sirensong4705/04/024.12


 — His shrewd wife taps ready young coed for booty duty. by PacoFear09/21/094.74HOT

Over a Barrel

 — He ties her up in a most provocative way. by lakesailer_mi07/25/084.21

Over The Table

 — She recalls a pleasant morning in the kitchen with her lover. by Wyvernchick09/27/084.34


 — He stays late at the office and a lover visits. by Starry_earth08/24/084.31


 — She goes outside her job description. by jeleane11/15/124.08

Overtime Ch. 02

 — The lover returns for another visit. by Starry_earth02/01/094.54HOT

Overtime Ch. 04

 — A new beginning an old ending. by jeleane07/08/134.21

Pace Booty

 — Training for triathlons requires some aerobic activity. by DarkerMuse09/24/113.88

Pain & Pleasure

 — She never expected it to be so good. by annagee05/23/024.00

Paint Ch. 01

 — Exploring the boundaries of friendship. by magicalmouse06/19/044.56HOT

Paint Ch. 02

 — Horizons are broadened. by magicalmouse06/21/044.68HOT

Paint Job

 — Ryan playfully punishes Abbie for her careless brushwork. by Belegon09/19/074.52HOT

Pam and Steve

 — Pam's boyfriend humiliates a pervert. by jallen94402/12/064.08

Pandora's Tight Box

 — Anal initiated to anal obsessive. by tight box03/30/054.06

Panty Thief Tries Anal

 — Both the panty thief and the victim are anal virgins. by Stormysailor02/19/143.94

Paradise by Candelight

 — Couple enjoys late-night anal fun. by secrets272903/09/074.40

Paradise on Cloud Nine

 — A "Create your own Fantasy" gone wrong. by sweet_lusciousdesire04/18/133.58

Paradiso Ch. 01

 — My girlfriend tells me about a special resort. by SlyKink07/03/144.36

Paradiso Ch. 19

 — Sara, two new girls and I explore anal thrills. by SlyKink01/16/154.43

Party Animal

 — Inspired by and written for a wonderful friend. by brad_x200102/25/023.98

Party Favors

 — Sauciness for the geese and a goosing for the ganders. by voluptuary_manque11/23/104.05

Party Night

 — Party gets wild for young woman. by Latinababe01/25/023.86

Party Pooper

 — You can always have fun at parties. by TheWriter08/22/013.41

Party Time in the Sixties

 — Memories of happenings at parties in the Sixties. by Richard96306/07/054.28

Partying with Kerri

 — He was in the shower masturbating to thoughts of her. by DireLilith11/06/07

Pass the Possum, Please

 — She seduces an itinerant revivalist in training. by TheScribe06/15/044.48

Passing with Distinction

 — He gets a few extra marks. by WILD_SOUL10/24/073.51

Passion Plug

 — Lucky guy helps out a new friend. by jasliz09/24/094.63HOT

Pastor Richard's Anal Lessons

 — Mari loses her anal virginity to a man of the cloth. by Spankx11/07/023.93

Pastor's Passionate Wife

 — Religion + sex = a powerful combination. by hamiltonroad01/29/154.04


 — Anal on the highway. by rovingphoto108/10/054.00

Paul and Sarah - Work Affair

 — Paul expresses his desire to Sarah and what transpires. by dieharder03/11/164.34

Paul Ironwood Ch. 02

 — Paul fucks a 'secretary' hard up the ass. by Jack_Love05/25/104.19

Paul's Double Penetration

 — Tara lives out her strap-on fantasy and more. by jennanips10/19/114.67HOT

Paving Melissa's Way

 — Melissa tries in vain to have anal sex. by Fondelum08/24/043.42

Payback Ch. 5

 — Don't forget the lube. by Fitofjealousy11/24/054.25

Payback Is A Bitch

 — Amber, Nat & Melissa 'wake' Chris up. by bbkradwell07/10/014.10

Paying Hard to Play Poker

 — She gets anal after the game. by 36DD11/13/023.46

Peach Satin

 — Special lingere and a special treat for you. by RedRooster4507/27/104.00

Peaches a Plenty

 — Hungry man starts to eat a peach without its consent. by seductivequill01/29/074.33

Peg's Triple Crown

 — Not the pink he's used to. by ktmccoll02/28/104.52HOT

Pegging Party

 — Crystal and Tyler meet Amy and Ben. by rckplsky08/10/073.79

Pegging Suite

 — He lives out his pegging fantasy. by rckplsky02/15/094.10

Peggy's Real Life Confessions Ch. 02

 — The early days, sex for hire. by Peggy4604/27/034.53HOT


 — The perfect first time. by Houstonrn02/05/044.18

Penny Loves it Public

 — Penny and friends put on a show at the bar. by scuik02/11/133.86

People Ain't No Good

 — Nina continues her anal sex odyssey in New Orleans. by ukmaster68_now09/19/09

Persistance Pays

 — Wife opens up to new things & learns a new trick. by PuraVida50302/22/023.99

Pet for Markus

 — He wants his 'pet' in all ways, every day. by DireLilith11/06/07

Peter and Jessica

 — Jessica's plug gets her into trouble at the airport. by d_and_bt10/22/144.38

Peter's Fantasy Comes True

 — My favorite sub asks to be anally fucked by a stranger. by MustangKathi01/12/144.37


 — Just a few steps in front of me was a wonderfully curved ass. by Middleagepoet01/01/103.67

Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 09

 — Wherein a nefarious agreement is reached, and a wife seduced. by Paris Waterman05/29/104.47

Phone Call

 — I need the drugs, so he gets whatever he wants. by jthserra07/19/042.88

Phone sex

 — I masturbate until I get to listen to you fucking her ass. by Harleypoohus09/12/103.98

Photo Shoot in the Woods

 — Awesome anal sex on an autumn afternoon. by PapaCass03/11/094.29

Picking up a Surprising Swede Girl

 — As slip up lead to some unexpected pleasure. by patapata01/12/164.14

Pictures from an Exhibition: Fiona

 — ...and just without any warning stuck a butt plug up me by SimonBrooke01/30/074.25

Piece of Paradise

 — A blonde goddess can be so hot. by nextcenturyromeo09/19/024.05

Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 04

 — Virgin, anal sex, and is she pregnant? by Gussie07/16/034.53HOT

Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 05

 — Preparing for Monday, and more anal sex. by Gussie07/20/034.56HOT

Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 06

 — Saturday afternoon - what were they all doing? by Gussie07/27/034.59HOT

Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 07

 — The party turns into an orgy by Gussie08/24/034.54HOT

Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 08

 — A day of rest, then... by Gussie10/03/034.64HOT

Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 09

 — The run up to the grand opening. by Gussie09/28/044.50HOT

Pigtails and Plugs

 — He introduces her slutty ass to a new Anal Intruder. by English Lady01/24/064.15

Pinch Hitter Ch. 01

 — His deepest desires fulfilled by his "pinch hitting" lovers. by npanxx12/16/134.70HOT

Pinch Hitter Ch. 02

 — His deepest desires fulfilled by his "pinch hitting" lovers. by npanxx01/16/154.41

Pinch Hitter Ch. 03

 — His deepest desires fulfilled by his "pinch hitting" lovers. by npanxx01/30/154.51HOT

Pink Pat

 — Her ass is beautiful, but that's only part of its charm. by Boxlicker10107/19/114.40

Pirate Sex Ch. 01

 — Sex-slave trapped on a yacht. by glascock08/03/114.09

Plans for Tonight Ch. 01

 — A surprise is waiting for my Wife. by ThunderMac08/13/154.01

Plans for Tonight Ch. 02

 — My wife gets her surprise. by ThunderMac08/28/154.41

Play Date

 — Loving couple expands their horizons. by 62854195610/30/104.00

Play Time

 — First time "rough" role play. by KeKaneAnoi09/14/064.28

Playground Playmates

 — Indulge, explore, satisfy an appetite for pleasure. by sirensong4703/07/034.15

Playing Doctor

 — She needs an exam for her new job. by Leezy08/28/114.00

Playing Doctor Ch. 02

 — I become the observer. by Leezy01/10/124.14

Playing From Behind

 — He gets what he's always wanted. by wild_angel12/21/054.27

Playing With Brittany Ch. 02

 — Brittany loses her anal virginity as the result of a dare. by garthburgandy07/14/144.59HOT


 — Dressing up can be so much fun. by bigdav01/14/034.21


 — We slowly build up to me fucking your ass. by DuckLover10/27/104.27

Playtime with Anna

 — Playful wife fulfills husband's anal fantasy. by ChaseQ08/27/054.20


 — An anal fantasy, come true. by shanier05/12/024.00

Please Let Me Be Ch. 05

 — Jolie Learns a Lesson. by xattackx88804/17/153.90

Please Shave Me

 — Hubby and his best friend give me a shave. And a lot more. by WayneGibbous07/13/124.51HOT

Please Sir, More Anal

 — A wife draws her husband into a dark hole. by sodaontheside08/01/084.34

Please Spank Me Ch. 1

 — Ben teaches Mari an anal lesson. by Spankx06/15/023.90

Please Spank Me Ch. 2

 — Horny babe has more fun getting spanked. by Spankx06/16/023.59


 — She finally asks for it, but changes her mind too late... by s.e.02/02/033.46

Pleasure Your Guests

 — She has a steamy time in a hotel room. by mistress_demetra06/28/043.97

Pleasuring Lauren's Ass Ch. 01

 — Ass-k and you shall receive. by suburbanlove08/01/103.47


 — An account of wearing a buttplug in public for the first time. by UniversityGirl07/23/154.52HOT

Plugging In

 — A day in the life of a girl, her Master, and her anal plug. by The Source06/22/034.33

Plumbing Problem

 — Jess calls in a professional. by Jett_7303/07/124.35

Plump Beach Girl

 — First time anal with fat girl on beach. by plumperlover10/21/064.54HOT

Plundering Her Pirate Booty

 — She surrenders her Pirate Booty to him at the party. by Angel_Daye03/20/114.45

Plus Expenses

 — Hard-nosed PI gets more than his paycheck. by bencage05/28/024.48

Poet Ch. 2

 — Self-styled poet tries her on the street, then her house. by Bitch Boy07/08/023.83

Pool Goddess

 — Working on Nude Day should be fun. by TxRad07/01/074.64HOT

Pool Party Ch. 02

 — Fling with the girl next door continues. by ferrisbueller0106/25/144.43

Pool Payments Ch. 09

 — Oops. Lisa missed a payment. She'll pay. by Tx Tall Tales09/05/104.68HOT

Poolside Summer Fun

 — A private backyard is used properly. by antooine12/09/154.59HOT

Popping Her Anal Cherry

 — Son's girlfriend asks Pops to deflower her remaining cherry. by sirhugs01/31/094.30

Popping Kari's Anal Cherry

 — Eighteen year old gives up her anal virginity. by bbtp4110/01/142.32

Popping My Husband's Cherry

 — Wife discovers the joys of anal sex - her husband's anus... by 1mbibry12/31/154.63HOT

Popping The Wife's Anal Cherry

 — As I take my hot wife's anal cherry, I set up a threesome. by HungLikeAMonkey11/21/133.76

Porn Shoot Ch. 4

 — Mark gets the hooker's ass in the kitchen. by greek goddess09/26/024.32

Porn Star

 — A male bottom applies for a porn industry job. by rikkitampa201403/30/163.42

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