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Two Firsts

 — Couple has first experience with anal sex. by Clarence03/16/034.24

Two Girls and a Slut

 — My wife, her friend, and some unexpected fun. by smithjon191908/20/094.22

Two Gossiping Porn Stars

 — Melinda and Kaitee recall the best and worst fucks. by ultrazoola04/03/063.36

Two Hands, Three Holes

 — Two girls & a guy enjoy a fisting threesome. by libidinal12/19/084.40

Two Plugged Asses

 — A new polyamorous triad has an anal adventure. by scarlettshea8603/19/154.14

Two Plus One Equals Fun

 — Anally-inclined duo find another. by libidinal08/02/034.62HOT

Two Teachers Share Anal Sex Fantasy

 — Two teachers get frisky after school, indulging in anal. by lou2607/16/164.43

Two Wrongs

 — She knows he's cheating so decides two wrongs make a right. by opels03/29/174.13

Two's Company, Nine's Fine Too

 — Couple's fantasy of almost "The Dirty Dozen" comes true. by StiffClit10/26/074.30

Two-Time Tosha Ch. 01

 — Wife finds out (anally) ex-boyfriend wasn't great after all. by stacey_lynne02/07/093.81

Ultimate Anal Edging

 — The wonders of oxytocin. by celesteandjim11/03/133.93

Ultimate Intimacy

 — She eyed me with great interest. by moonmullins08/26/144.19

Uncle Bob Ch. 11

 — Stacey goes away, leaving Bob with a task to complete. by bad_hobbit05/04/194.52HOT

Uncle Bob Ch. 12 - The Hotwife

 — Bob explores new avenues while Stacey is away in Europe. by bad_hobbit09/12/194.13

Uncle Jim & Five Related Women Pt. 04

 — Secrets of a Lifetime - Mom's Story (part 4 of 5). by LaPatitMort05/22/124.57HOT

Unconditional Love Ch. 04

 — Back to school surprises abound. by AssObsessed12/02/154.47

Uncourtly Love Ch. 02

 — The Knight takes another woman while the wicked Lady watches. by MikeWrites05/02/104.33

Under the Gown

 — He discovers that you LOVE anal. by Achirae12/25/054.13

Under the Influence

 — They take advantage over each other's inebriation. by prettybaby06/09/034.32

Under The Sun Ch. 2

 — Things heat up under the sun. by Rog03/11/024.31


 — A drain exploration turned sexy. by primipatchouli02/29/083.58

Unexpected Encounter

 — Hot bartender & patron at golf course restaurant. by Sweetness08/23/034.03

Unexpected Encounter

 — A chance bump-in with ex-lover turns anal. by Grizzman11/23/034.17

Unexpected Encounter

 — The pain and pleasure of anal submission. by karelan01/06/084.09

Unexpected Encounter Ch. 02

 — Further pain and pleasure of anal submission. by karelan05/09/084.30

Unexpected Ending

 — A Work of Fiction inspired by my real travel experiences. by GoodTimesStrangerAdventures07/17/153.59

Unexpected Hook Up

 — Unexpected Hook Up. by Ezlou2205/03/153.90

Unexpected in Every Way Ch. 03

 — The morning starts with an unexpected ass fuck. by luckyfucker11/26/094.05

Unexpected in Every Way Ch. 04

 — Shannon and her boyfriend get unexpected company. by luckyfucker12/13/094.45

Unexpected Return

 — He comes home to find her playing with herself. by prettybaby06/18/034.09

Unexpected Surprise after a Meeting

 — Jack gets his fantasy fulfilled after a business meeting. by AngieGS10/18/143.98

Unexpected Visit

 — Cryptic note precedes a visit to remember. by Indigo2109/21/014.27

Unfaithful Ch. 01

 — Married man takes his wife's friend in the ass. by Erlikkhan05/16/044.51HOT

Unfolding Ch. 02

 — Jack and Shawn continue their anal exploration. by Selena_Kitt05/24/064.68HOT

Unfolding Ch. 03

 — Jack and Shawn take a vacation & continue their exploration. by Selena_Kitt06/06/064.64HOT

Unfolding Ch. 04

 — Jack gets Shawn to explore double penetration. by Selena_Kitt08/06/064.66HOT

Unfolding Ch. 05

 — Jack surprises Shawn in the tub with something new. by Selena_Kitt10/10/064.72HOT

Unfolding Ch. 06

 — Jack and Shawn go out to dinner. by Selena_Kitt09/05/074.66HOTContest Winner


 — Oral-anal intimacy between ex-lovers becomes timeless bond. by moonmullins07/19/164.23

Unforgettable Ch. 02

 — High school sweethearts try something new. by kingcal06/02/044.58HOT

Unforgettable Sexual Encounter Ch. 11

 — Anal sex proves to be the ultimate in sexual pleasures. by uvlas4502/18/084.26

University Life Ch. 02

 — Butt bang at the dormitory. by blindjack09/01/064.22

Unleashing the Bitch Pt. 02

 — Sandra Bennet catches her husband and is enraged. by Boondocker4210/28/164.10


 — The unspeakable things I want to do. by Ooopsiedooherecomesthegoo6907/04/194.11

Unusual, Butt Not Quite Cruel

 — An evil career criminal gets an unorthodox interrogation... by boysetsfire02/21/074.60HOT

Up His... My... Your... Ass!

 — Two women "trick" stud into taking it up the ass. by libidinal06/10/104.07

Up the Chimney

 — Her Santa is coming up the chimney this year. by RejectReality11/29/114.67HOT

Up Yours!

 — She has her boyfriend sit on a big toy. by libidinal12/18/024.50HOT

Upon Being Surprised

 — Annie introduces him to anal sex. by Cazador12/21/03

Urban Hunter

 — His baser instincts come out when they reunite. by prettybaby04/25/044.19

Used in the Night Ch. 02

 — Danny takes things to the next level. by kinkygay8703/01/174.31

Using The Back Door

 — Two anal virgins want to do it together. by Otazel03/13/064.65HOT

Vacation Pt. 03: Home

 — Taking her in every way. by CC143603/23/154.37

Vacation Sex

 — Doing it all away from it all. by Olive Hizklosoff09/10/054.32

Vacation Sex Ch. 02

 — Anything goes away from home. by Olive Hizklosoff01/21/064.44

Vacation Sex Ch. 03

 — The story from the other side. by Olive Hizklosoff02/05/064.38

Vacation Time for Them Both Ch. 01

 — After a grueling couple of weeks, Jazmin gets time off. by anallover2907/24/094.24

Vacation Time for Them Both Ch. 03

 — Jazmin and Steve go to an adult store with fun after. by anallover2908/06/094.50HOT

Vacation Time for Them Both Ch. 04

 — Jazmin and Steve get to play with the new Toy. by anallover2905/22/104.14

Vacation Time for Them Both Ch. 05

 — Date night gets interesting with vibrating undies. by anallover2907/15/104.33

Vacation Time for Them Both Ch. 06

 — Adult store clerk finally gets her chance with Jazmin. by anallover2910/14/104.43

Vacation with Sgt. Samantha

 — Finally we have leave time together in California by guyloveshotstories01/19/144.20

Valentine Ass

 — A nice ass is offered as a Valentine. by Willing2Do02/10/073.56

Valentine's Night

 — Valentine's night fun with toys and the works. by JCasDC08/19/174.41

Valentines Day Fantasy

 — Her desire to watch him be taken comes true. by kingcvg01/29/074.23

Valentines for Adam

 — Jesse takes a girl to see Adam on Valentine's Day. by JasonClearwater02/20/18

Valentines Gifts

 — They have a night of anal play. by Tenabre02/16/053.74

Vanilla Dreams and Chocolate Oil

 — British lad is overcome by desire for his Arabic princess. by ArabicPrincess02/21/123.75

Vegas with My Naughty Client

 — They meet for dirty adult fun. by mortgage_broker04/08/074.05

Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 12

 — Our monkey girl takes it up the ass on Halloween. by Benny02407/07/124.40

Veggie Tails

 — LizBeth takes dare leading to pleasure from the rear. by lizthewizz200008/21/023.73

Vegi Tales

 — Fucking my wife with a big cucumber followed by anal sex. by canda10/10/154.09


 — Tough girl learns the joys of anal from rich girl. by JimBob4409/27/094.65HOT

Velo Gets What He Wants

 — She gives in to her new lover's persistence. by notnice6603/22/044.27

Venus and Aether

 — Venus meets Dion in the desert. by harrlequin02/09/093.83

Veronica & Adam's Adventures Ch. 01

 — Veronica, Adam, & a strap-on. by Lady Charlotte09/21/044.36

Very Nasty ButtPlug Training

 — A pleasant ass obsession. by amy pussy11/09/013.76

Vibrating To New Levels

 — Vacation reaches the heights of lust & passion. by thumbs2_ca07/02/013.81

Vicki's Surprise Sandwich

 — Mike wants help introducing his wife to group sex. by happilymarriedguy12/09/044.48

Victor's New Slave Ch. 03

 — Slave learns to enjoy a man in her ass. by fredricka01/01/064.52HOT

Victoria's Play

 — Quiet play turns anal. by Midol06/25/053.87

Victoria's Secret

 — A man's fantasy came true with a visit to Victoria's Secret. by LacyLove10/18/164.10

Victoria's Valentine's Secret

 — Hot wife gives lover an anal Valentine's Day. by energyrevolution02/10/024.12

Victoriaslice - Footballers Whore

 — I got lost in the club house after watching a match. by Victoriaslice07/20/093.80

Victoriaslice - My Bathtime Fantasy

 — What I get up to under the bubbles. by Victoriaslice07/17/093.88

Victoriaslice Gets Some Cowboy Cock

 — Holiday USA from Oxford, I get hardcore on a ranch. by Victoriaslice07/08/093.82

Victory At Last

 — She finally gives him a shot at her ass. by changer66601/15/044.45

Video Night Ass Tight

 — Her hubby at hospital on video night her ass up tight for me. by anomalos12/30/18


 — Party conversation leads to something new. by gallowspole04/08/104.07

VijayaLakshmi- A Legion of Sex Ch. 04

 — She is caught by her husband spears her Anally. by shanti201012/28/154.56HOT

Village Guy Fucks The NRI Slut

 — A horny Indian village boy fucks a pretty NRI chick. by Kapoor89008/28/173.54

Vince Ch 02: Anastasia's Apartment

 — Back at her apartment, things get wild and messy. by GreasyRonald10/11/184.68HOT


 — Reluctant lover has her ass taken. by xelliebabex02/21/134.26

Violet's Anal Training

 — Violet submits to anal training. by Powerone12/26/034.19

Virgin Butt Territory

 — Getting some butt at the end. by atruesag06/07/063.31

Virgin Gold

 — A First Class flight on the rear route to paradise. by bradley_stoke11/11/013.21

Virgin Records

 — The filming of Mia's anal defilement. by suburbanlove09/23/103.97

Visit to Holland

 — A rough and mild night of lovemaking by Sjaak66608/30/084.14

Visiting Hours

 — Loving wife brings surprise to husband's hospital room. by brwneyedwitch7001/08/054.21

Visiting With Katie Ch. 02

 — Katie and Bob have quite a full adventurous day two. by Authorman196909/17/144.56HOT


 — Innocent Bride gets nonconsent anal. by jagaj08/13/122.99

Vivian's Story Ch. 03

 — She takes Paul's cock for the first time. by SummerElizabeth806/16/064.50HOT

Vulnerable Bonds

 — Tied up, vulnerable, ass in the air. Where could this lead? by SecretSideOfClaire09/01/194.52HOT

Wage Slave

 — She busts his car and pays for it. by LesterTwo01/08/084.44

Wait... What?

 — A rebuttal. by HaydenDLinder06/29/164.06


 — You wait for the right moment. by rougechapeau01/25/044.21

Waiting For Suzy

 — An hour to fill, a hole to fill. by steve w09/18/034.58HOT

Waiting for You

 — I am waiting for you to arrive and I'm so horny. by Ru006912/11/124.22

Waiting on "Daddy"

 — She plays daughter and student. by KandyKanebbal03/25/133.84

Wake Me

 — Waking to your touch. by Morrigu06/21/094.56HOT

Wake Me Up

 — He finally gives the gift of anal love. by caterwauller08/06/034.45

Wake Up

 — You start with a toy, then move to him. by nzmike12/06/043.81

Waking Up with a Smile!

 — The proper way to wake up in the morning. by TennGuy196312/10/173.96

Waking Up; Heaven or Hell

 — Pleasure of anal proportions, whether she wanted it or not. by LadyCanine05/28/064.33

Waking You Up

 — It's her turn to wake you up, Baby. by caterwauller01/27/044.53HOT

Walking Fingers and Talking Anus

 — It is about the first time someone fingered my anus. by peggedglutes08/23/183.78

Walking Lessons

 — Shy girl has to learn to catwalk and I'm willing to help... by MrIllusion06/24/174.75HOT

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 11

 — Rhonda finally gives her ass to Walt. by toomuchinmyhead04/15/124.41

Walter Gets Earth Day Ass Backwards

 — A modern man returns to his roots to celebrate Earth Day. by SuperHeroRalph04/07/114.14

Want A Spanking?

 — Rough & sweaty story of a spanking. by ClaireBlossom04/02/044.25

Warm Breeze

 — His first anal sex with her. by allitnil05/31/094.31

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