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Answering the Call

 — An alluring ad on Craigslist makes her dreams real. by mslady0002/10/124.51HOT

Anthology of a Slut Shanti Ch. 03

 — She snares him finally in his own house with her maid by shanti201010/26/154.67HOT


 — Long, horny wait is rewarded with hot oral-anal sex. by mooneatertales06/30/074.29

Anticipation Ch. 01

 — Audrey trusts a new partner to help her explore. by funtime211108/08/073.51

Anticipation Ch. 02

 — Audrey continues her exploration with Mark's help. by funtime211108/09/074.12

Any Way You Want, You Got It

 — He hits on lesbian & get it in the end. by pressmybutton10/31/044.01

Anya Ch. 06

 — He finally gets her ass. by Simplton12/27/034.18

Anya Ch. 11

 — He takes Jenny hard up the ass again. by Simplton01/20/044.11

Anya's Calling

 — Finding the teen slut of my dreams. by teen_trainer08/13/164.56HOT

Anya's Raven Ch. 06

 — Tentative reunion ends explosively. by JennaVee06/21/064.53HOT

Anything At All

 — Horny wife lets boss teach her anal tricks. by Spankx03/13/023.20

Anything for Her

 — At wife's request, husband lets another man fuck his ass. by TheMentalOne12/09/134.09

Anything I Want?

 — A poker bet puts Jackie's tight ass in the pot. by LexxRuthless10/30/184.77HOT

Anything You Say, Sara

 — Happily satisfying her unusual desires. by chrislick01/14/103.98

Apartment 718: Nothing But Butt

 — A Dom teaches his sub all about anal. by TheCowboy03/26/153.90

Aphrodisiac Transformation Ch. 04

 — Hot and stormy anal sex on calm seas. by Fitofjealousy10/21/024.66HOT

Aphrodite State Ch. 02

 — Blackmailing the goddess. by frog707/05/133.12

Apple Bottom Jeans

 — Jim remembers how sexy his wife looked in tight jeans. by PrincessErin08/27/084.34

Approaching Lynda's Asshole

 — Foreplay. by 46204_zipper02/05/193.60

April's Anal Adventure

 — April admits her fantasy of being DP'd. by damonX02/01/104.63HOT

April's Fool

 — April always loved teaching. by Marygraves03/07/194.04

Arab Women Need Anal Too

 — Arab BBW encounters sexy black man. by Samuelx09/08/083.35

Arab Torture

 — Captured by Arabs, he receives a most exquisite torture. by Animal10/02/014.05

Are We Really Going To Do This?

 — A virgin girl gives her ass to the boy next door. by Cumsucker4you07/20/143.50

Are You a Great Anal Lover?

 — A ten-question quiz for guys that gives an answer. by celesteandjim11/30/133.77

Arizona Virgin

 — Husband and wife experiance Anal for the first time. by OX212/31/134.17

Arm Wrestling: Men vs Women

 — The winner fucks the loser in the ass. by Samuelx04/22/063.38

Armando's Party

 — Laurie takes Paul to a gay club. by Laurie04/25/034.17


 — Smart mouth leads woman to wild sex. by BamaMan03/11/024.12

Arrow of Cupid

 — Patti loses her anal virginity to a caring man. by Enzian08/30/044.63HOT

Arrow of Cupid Ch. 02

 — He takes her on more loving adventures. by Enzian12/03/044.65HOT


 — A couple have fun and games with the young neighbour. by KissingMarriedWomen05/16/103.91

Arse-Slut Jessica

 — I fuck an Asian babe up the ass who I just met at the gym. by Jack_Love01/14/114.20

Art Class

 — Affair with older woman leads to new sexual adventures. by moonmullins09/19/164.35

As Long As It Is Round and Curvy

 — Two studs do anal with female and cute gay bottoms. by walterio04/25/154.26

As Requested

 — A story written at the request of a friend. by fairycharmed_girl04/30/074.36

Ashleigh Says Goodbye

 — Tall brunette takes final chance to seduce neighbour. by knownobounds11/14/064.53HOT

Ashley & Alexis Ch. 03

 — Sisters go clubbing; Alexis tries anal, pisses herself. by Rockwellray005/25/164.33

Ashley Always Wins

 — Matt's new sporty friend wants her ass licked. by lfullback06/23/134.44

Ashley's Ass

 — There was the reality and then the fantasy. by SilverBullet4807/03/083.19

Ashley's First Punishment Ch. 01

 — Ashley disobeyed her master, and now she will pay for it. by KinkyCutiieXoX05/27/163.96

Ashley's Night with Derek

 — Ashley & Derek have fun after a night at the bar. by bandito_slim07/09/063.91

Ashley’s Anal Curiosity

 — Threesome with husband and her sexy best friend. by HeyAll01/26/164.60HOT

Ashlynn Goes to Work Ch. 03

 — Her boss gives Ashlynn a new challenge. by kimbelina03/11/124.22

Ashlynn Goes to Work Ch. 04

 — A little anal between meetings keeps the boss happy. by kimbelina03/12/124.34

Asia Blue

 — Long night with two Asian prostitutes who paid me for training. by OUTFUCKWITTED12/20/154.07

Asian Princess Seduction

 — Shy gal experiences the pain & pleasure of anal. by John Elainey01/30/023.51

Asian Studies

 — Japanese exchange student is shaved, has oral and anal sex. by steve35009/21/174.37

Asian Surprise

 — A woman's deep dark secret is exposed. by fubar76909/14/104.23

Asian Wife's First Anal Experience

 — Asian wife has first anal experience. by ominous06/09/163.95

Ask and Receive

 — She overcomes her shyness to ask for what she needs. by curlygirly3204/03/083.90

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

 — He finally asks his wife for what he really wants. by MagicaPractica08/17/074.40


 — Auburn Angel, a CIA agent, takes a trip she'll never forget. by claretwine03/12/064.16

Ass Chronicles 01

 — Sheila catches me with her dirty panties. by iTaboo10/03/134.53HOT

Ass Chronicles 02

 — Outdoor fun with Pam's greatest asset. by iTaboo10/29/134.37

Ass Chronicles 03

 — Helen proves that music is the food of anal love. by iTaboo12/31/134.26

Ass Chronicles 04

 — An evening out with Pam and Sheila. by iTaboo02/17/144.41

Ass Chronicles 05

 — Helen takes me to her 'special private place'. by iTaboo04/28/144.61HOT

Ass is Now in Session

 — "Professor, I think we'd like to fuck your ass now." by HeyAll08/21/184.51HOT

Ass Man

 — You enjoy spending time with her. by NookieNotes01/20/084.51HOT

Ass Man and Ass Mom

 — Doctor has anal sex with a Texas beauty queen. by andtheend08/25/104.04

Ass Massages are the Best

 — Client receives a very intimate massage from an old friend. by cherylblossom4409/16/154.02

Ass Offering

 — Wife gives her husband an anal gift. by BlackSnake01/27/064.11

Ass Play

 — He takes her cherry ass. by Pervis Brown10/25/054.36

Ass Play, Rim Job & Tossing Salad

 — Bill tries to go where no man has gone before, Susan's ass. by SusanJillParker12/24/124.25

Ass Play: Make Him Love It

 — One of many of my experiences with domination & sex. by MsGenevieve08/23/144.03

Ass Virgins

 — A young couple's first time. by XyJonah01/17/074.58HOT

Ass Whore

 — You give him welcome home anal. by JeffCobra200001/10/074.07

Ass Worship

 — She's got a gorgeous one. by TheTourist04/22/033.39

Ass Worship

 — Anal attention to a fine ass. by Buttologist-Wally07/23/033.95

Ass Worship Encounter

 — He answers an online ad and meets three lovely BBWs by SonForBBW06/13/164.52HOT

Ass Worship Night

 — Wife offers up her ass for husband to worship and fuck. by DoubleSuited01/24/184.50HOT

Ass-A-Phobic Wife & Her Anal Friend

 — Wife gives him her former roomate's ass for birthday. by LaPatitMort02/24/114.39


 — Two girls fulfill his anal fantasy. by MindFiend12/25/044.67HOT

Asses Are the Best

 — Young man introduces his wife to life of ass fucking. by LorenzoAbajos06/22/143.71

AssFucking 101

 — A freshman learns the ins and outs of dorm living. by wingwagon05/12/034.21


 — Internet chat room opens back door for him. by talespinner055903/13/124.51HOT

Assmaster McStuff & His Email Honey

 — They meet, he dominates. by am.mcstuff06/09/053.89

Assorted Grills

 — Did the sign in the store really say "Ass Girls?" by Decayed Angel03/11/064.19


 — I guess I did it on purpose though... by josicuervo10/30/114.42

At Last

 — She finally has her dream come true. by sweetjulia04/29/034.33

At Last

 — She finds anal satisfaction. by julia so sweet03/06/044.36

At Long Last Anal Relief

 — New boss provides assistant with the anal sex she craves. by walterio04/25/174.48

At My Mercy

 — Fantasy about pegging a dom guy for the first time. by boyboygirllove03/12/184.63HOT

At The Apartment

 — Sizzling sex at the apartment. by aperfectidiot12/23/044.59HOT

At the Cinema

 — A public piece of fun at the theater. by aperfectidiot12/23/044.38

At the Club

 — Jessica and Lisa surprise Ken. by dsmithson55603/06/064.27

At The Office

 — A quick fuck at the office. by Lady_Eryka01/26/113.97

At the Villa Ch. 04

 — 'Fuck me in the ass?' I pulled it out and in it went. by uvlas4504/23/094.43

At the Villa Ch. 07 Pt. 02

 — 'Fuck my virgin ass, Sam!' Hera exclaimed. by uvlas4510/01/094.14


 — Dirty girl that loves Arse to Mouth. by BellaBites07/11/103.89

Attack of the Ass-Eater

 — He receives oral-anal loving. by Thorre05/05/094.22

Attention, Please!

 — He's on the phone; she wants attention. by KR07/18/054.45

Aunt Janet's Farewell

 — Aunt Janet sends Billy and Roxy off in style by tmanners2502/01/153.82

Aunt Janet's Hot Tub

 — Aunt Janet welcomes her in-law into the family. by tmanners2501/08/154.05

Aunt Janet's Hot Tub Ch. 02

 — Aunt Janet's welcome extends to his wife that night. by tmanners2501/10/154.17

Aunt Janet's Hot Tub Ch. 03

 — Billy and Roxy have fun in different places! by tmanners2501/17/154.31

Aurora Ch. 01

 — Athena's sister gets her own tale. by lindiana03/23/064.11

Aussie Holiday

 — Couple savors tropical Garden of Eden. by kandie08/03/034.01

Autumn Sun

 — In, out and on the car. by aurora7011/23/054.25

Aversion Therapy

 — A psychiatrist sees to a desperate patient's needs. by Carlisle_Bill09/03/103.90

Avery Dirty Date Night 01 - Friday

 — Avery wins date night bet & takes Hank to the gloryhole. by Hank_Avery05/15/184.17

Avery Dirty Date Night 02 - Saturday

 — Avery can't get enough BBC, Hank can't do a thing about it. by Hank_Avery07/25/184.21

Avery Dirty Date Night 03 - Sunday

 — Hank Gets Gangbanged By Avery and Friends. by Hank_Avery09/24/184.00

Avery Hot Birthday Treat

 — Avery becomes an anal slut for Hank's Birthday. by Hank_Avery03/01/184.12

Avery Hot Day by the Pool

 — Avery gets even. And hank gets a big black dildo. by Hank_Avery03/02/184.41


 — A private affair with a coworker. by AzraelAOD04/10/193.71

Away for the Weekend

 — While hubby's away, wife will play. by Honey12301/18/044.21

Away From Home Is Okay

 — Horny, I visit a ABS for some relief. by Benny02403/21/113.89

Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Girl

 — Somali Hijabi cleaner tries anal with biracial lover. by Samuelx02/01/153.24

Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Slut

 — Somali Hijabi and Christian boyfriend reunite in Ottawa. by Samuelx02/19/152.27

B is For Bang

 — Cheating wife gets a bang up lesson. by Literace03/23/053.99

B-Day Ch. 01

 — My lover's too big for me, so it's time for a surrogate. by Embers_X05/06/15

B-Day Ch. 02

 — Mariko's a decent surrogate, but she's more talk than walk. by Embers_X05/12/15

B-Day Ch. 03

 — A weekend with an odd daughter, 10 rules, and lots of lube. by Embers_X06/10/15

B-Day Ch. 04

 — ...And now Evander's new "daughter" needs an enema. Ugh. by Embers_X06/12/15

B-Day Ch. 05

 — Weird turns sad when our Jessi has a shit-stained meltdown. by Embers_X06/22/15

B-Day Ch. 06

 — Monette is more than meets the eye. And she's an eyeful. by Embers_X07/22/15

B-Day Ch. 07

 — Monette's porn star past may be a ticket to a fresh start. by Embers_X07/23/15

B-Day Ch. 08

 — Evander finally gets what he wants. And I get what I need. by Embers_X07/24/15

Babysitting Mr Greene

 — A babysitting job with great perks. by sebrina09/13/043.76

Back Door Babe

 — A coed offers anal sex in lieu of partial rent payment. by techsan04/19/074.51HOT

Back Door Bus Stop

 — A very helpful stranger and a very fun night. by slicktwist11/23/174.29

Back Door MILF

 — Two mature women get anal from the pool man. by Bakeboss01/10/094.21

Back Door Present

 — Wife gives up her back door cherry. by Bakeboss01/31/103.95

Back Door, Next Door

 — An inexperienced girl tries anal sex with an older neighbour. by Otazel10/11/144.63HOT

Back End Love

 — A couple tries anal for the first time. by jason12187204/03/174.03

Back For More

 — His BBW lover returns, hungry for more. by TheJess06/12/064.32

Back in the Dating Game

 — Dave finds out what he's been missing. by oraldave3911/06/044.39

Back in the Saddle Ch. 09

 — The weekend comes to an end. by WhatIKnow09/14/104.65HOT

Back Rub

 — A husband's back rub turns into something unexpected. by Turbidus11/30/174.36

Back, Crack, and Empty Sack!

 — Hot wife gets anally penetrated at the Osteopaths! by mysexywife6912/26/174.36

Back-Door Physical Therapy

 — Helping a busy mom find the illicit release she needs. by pinkysurprise07/05/174.33

Backdoor BreakIn Ch. 03

 — These "break-ins" are right up Marilyn's "alley". by jolicamarillo07/01/064.51HOT

Backdoor Business

 — She gives anal to boss to save job. by Bakeboss12/05/094.13

Backdoor Customer Service

 — She offers her ass to take it out on. by Extra_Ordinary10/15/164.13

Backdoor Delight

 — His finger invaded her pink virgin asshole by SouthernScribbler07/24/034.30

BackDoor Delivery

 — Office slut takes it from the mailroom guy. by Crazy4Tits11/15/043.95

Backdoor Delivery

 — A torrid affair leads to first time anal. by Intercontinental07/09/083.99

Backdoor Favor

 — She bites the anal bullet for her twin. by Rallynoangels03/26/184.65HOT

Backdoor Favor Ch. 02

 — Loyalties are challenged as Robert gets greedy. by Rallynoangels05/18/184.44

Backdoor Favor Ch. 03

 — Photographic evidence, sex, and a plan. by Rallynoangels06/03/184.55HOT

Backdoor Lover Wanted

 — Your backdoor loving booty call is looking for you. by Tall7870108/08/074.33

Backdoor Man

 — A prosperous landlord receives a kinky proposal. by SEVERUSMAX05/22/154.42

Backdoor Sweetheart Ch. 01

 — She's his neighbor, his best friend and so much more... by ZenZerker02/21/154.71HOT

Backdoor Sweetheart Ch. 02

 — Russ and Lizzie's first time was only the beginning... by ZenZerker02/22/154.77HOT

Backdoor Sweetheart Ch. 03

 — Another first for Lizzie and Russ... by ZenZerker03/10/164.71HOTContest Winner

Backdoor Sweetheart Ch. 04

 — The perks of not fitting into a pair of jeans... by ZenZerker06/17/164.75HOT

Backdoor Sweetheart Ch. 05

 — Lizzie and Russ have fun at Vanessa's party... by ZenZerker06/18/164.70HOT

Backdoor Wanderers

 — He fucks her in the ass, then she uses dildo on him. by Samuelx07/05/063.35

Backyard Sex

 — Couple have fun with ass worship and outdoor anal. by sinthedemon08/08/124.00

Bad Bets

 — A girl puts her ass on the line for some bets. by justsomeguy4101/31/194.03

Bad Day, Good Night

 — She works through her bad day her favorite way. by themarquise09/25/054.57HOT

Bad Girl

 — She didn't think she was agreeing to this! by fiestyyredhead12/24/113.00

Balcony of a Beach House...

 — Loving intercourse turns anal. by kittymailman12/15/023.94

Bald Ted, Carol and Alice Ch. 02

 — Carols has her first anal experience. by mortis11/28/043.59

Banana Surprise

 — Wife serves her husband a special dessert in a unique way. by nikkicd77711/29/104.38

Band Parents Ch. 07

 — Billy deflowers Linda's virgin ass. by BillyBobJoeEd07/13/104.52HOT

Banging the Boss Ch. 01

 — Employee gives his boss what she deserves. by veronicavonDee04/23/084.02

Banging the Boss Ch. 02

 — Things hot up between Jack and Veronica. by veronicavonDee04/30/084.45

Banging the Boss Ch. 03

 — Veronica gets it hard from employee. by veronicavonDee05/01/084.45

Banging the Boss Ch. 04

 — Jack and Veronica on film. by veronicavonDee05/08/084.53HOT

Banging the Boss Ch. 05

 — Jack takes Veronica a little further. by veronicavonDee05/09/084.36

Banging the Boss Ch. 06

 — Jack and Veronica share some wine. by veronicavonDee06/17/084.49

Bar Hook-up

 — Strangers meet at a bar and it ends in mutual satisfaction. by Justsexnotlove02/09/123.90

Barcelona Beauties Ch. 05

 — Yara invites Claude to the attic. by Artist104/11/094.55HOT

Barcelona Vacation Ch. 01

 — Couple on vacation in Barcelona hardcore anal fucking. by Jack_Love08/28/094.49

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