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From a Dream

 — Encounter goes from anal to cumming. by slickballs01/26/073.20

From MCD to Semen Donor

 — Doctor Judith has a theory on benefits of semen. by boudin505/18/174.23

From Me, For You

 — She is desperate for him to fill her arse. by SexLoveWriting02/13/134.01

From One Story To The Next

 — Her boyfriend lets loose deep in her ass. by Texas Tease01/29/063.82

From Sales to Gym Ownership Ch. 04

 — MILF and young Jessica each have needs. by milerdan204/14/154.55HOT

From Sales to Gym Ownership Ch. 06

 — Relationship with Destiny gets more serious. by milerdan204/25/154.43

From Scared to Dared to Bared to Shared: The Next Semester 03

 — College friends cross last barrier they never imagined. by glendale2211/12/164.34

From the Webcam to My Bed

 — This thing never happens. But it did today. by Bjakobs2611/11/173.59

Front Lawn Butt Sex

 — She loses her anal virginity on the front lawn. by KillerMuffin07/15/014.50HOT


 — A threshold of intimacy is crossed in hot, outdoor analingus. by Fullmoonfever04/05/084.14


 — A Silky Adventure. by OneSilky01/15/113.67

Frustration of Small Cock

 — Suffering from a small cock James seeks relief. by jamtby10/13/184.22

Fuck Friends

 — Two friends take their relationship to the next level. by damonX02/28/104.46

Fuck Me Dean Ch. 02

 — Married man has the night of his life... without his wife. by Aussie_Ton04/13/124.23

Fuck Me, Jack!

 — There's a new way to get into LA's finest night club. by EroticaReid12/16/103.28

Fuck My Ass!!

 — A mature woman knows what she wants and what she needs. by Olive Hizklosoff05/21/133.83

Fuck my Dirty Asshole

 — I CRAVE my husband's dick in my ass. by AfroerotiK06/17/084.20

Fuck My Dirty-Hole

 — Anal sex on a working holiday. by geronimo_appleby11/13/134.63HOT

Fuck My Wife

 — Fucking and fisting. by avocado05/28/073.83

Fuck, Don't Tease

 — One hot fuck is worth a million words! by nextcenturyromeo05/28/033.99

Fucked In Her Big White Ass

 — Anal sex with BBWs is black man's avocation. by Samuelx12/18/073.21

Fucked In Her Fat Black Ass

 — Big black thug bitches need anal too. by Samuelx09/09/072.98

Fucking & Punishing A Slut Ch. 01

 — Ass fucking Shelly. by Abeja02/07/074.09

Fucking Aliens

 — Aliens attempt to breed with a non-breeder. Hilarity ensues! by miniwritessmut12/14/173.44

Fucking Anal or Anal Fucking

 — At last I give my bum away. by blondechristine201208/01/154.36

Fucking Anna

 — I Get Fulfillment as an Artist's Model by sxncndyhere06/11/143.71

Fucking Great Lunch Break in London

 — Ever needed sex so much, you'll message someone on Instagam? by MaxineAshley09/05/183.71

Fucking In the Honeymoon Suite

 — I fucked her ass, and she loved it. by Taylorandkayla10/30/143.81

Fucking Magic

 — Ultimate magic trick gets anal twist. by steve w11/09/034.26

Fucking My Way To Promotion

 — Male Staff Nurse Fucks Matron to get Promoted. by trevorb96803/10/104.49

Fucking the History Teacher

 — She gets it up the ass. by Rafterdog07/07/034.27

Fucking Trip to California

 — After an invitation to California I can't wait to be fucked! by MaxineAshley02/06/183.49

Full Anal, At Her Request

 — She wants his cock in her arse. by sensual40ukman04/04/154.33

Full Bowels

 — You take her in the pub loo. by notnice6608/29/034.35

Full Moon Party Ch. 03

 — He & Louise enjoy anal sex and bondage. by deepblue3204/26/084.27

Full to the Brim

 — Anal, fisting and much more! by Roger_Ramjet12/01/133.99

Fun at Home

 — Man comes home to surprising wife. by Moxon411/21/013.66

Fun at the Library

 — Mari entices an older man into anal sex. by Spankx06/17/023.57

Fun at the Park

 — Two lovers have fun at the park. by steelvalentine07/16/063.90

Fun In The Dark

 — His girlfriend is seduced by mysterious, shadowy figure. by DragonsKitten09/20/034.22

Fun In The Sun

 — Starting a long weekend through the back door. by Hecate01/02/023.91

Fun on New Year's Eve

 — Lust takes over in the bathroom at a New Year's Eve party. by kt31401/04/154.35

Fun with Sarah

 — Flatmates push the boundaries. by vangelsdorp08/13/094.58HOT

Funny Business Ch. 01

 — Maddie and Aiden mix business with pleasure. by purfikt01/11/134.45

Further Adventures with Angela

 — Angela asks me to Fuck her Best Friend. by trevorb96803/12/104.60HOT

Future Anal Slut

 — Sub submits her ass to Master & Mistress for the first time. by scarlettesubgirl01/21/114.00

G Pleases Mistress Kimmie

 — G takes it all in and maintains control for his mistress. by MistressKimmie06/17/103.78


 — Love in France. by Kalavo02/05/174.62HOT

Galveston, Texas, 2003

 — Hot...wet...sticky. Then there was the weather. by Fitofjealousy10/26/034.63HOT

Games SOME People Play! Ch. 16

 — Tommy tied wide open, they first test a huge dildo on Steph. by EllenMelville09/12/174.06

Garden Exploration

 — She loses her anal viginity on the lawn. by shez05/05/044.17

Garden Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Victorian widow Grace runs away and ventures in a New World. by battleaxe_babe09/05/134.30

Gathering Storm Ch. 02

 — Jack enjoys the mother in her shower. by Many Feathers05/29/104.49

Geek's Revenge Ch. 06

 — Peaches makes an appearance; Coop & Bev cut a deal. by Creamer08/24/084.61HOT

Geisha House

 — A visit to the Geisha House of Japan. by My Erotic Tail03/09/044.19

Geisha's Ass

 — Her clothing was a costume, but her sensuousness was real. by Boxlicker10108/04/104.21

Gemini's Ghost

 — Aimee & sister's neighbor enjoy hot tub anal sex. by Cherona09/02/014.02

Gentleman's Gesture In The Airport

 — A curteous decison leads to great anal sex. by walterio07/30/124.48

Georgie and Claire Ch. 01

 — Georgie helps out at his cousin's graduation party. by JoeDreamer02/16/134.69HOT

Georgie's Anal Wish

 — Best friend's anal gang bang. by marriedpervs09/08/044.45

Get Behind Me Satan

 — She knew what he was up to. He made her want it. by blackstroker07/10/184.20

Getting Better Acquainted

 — It started with putting away the laundry. by quietcantor05/26/044.25

Getting Caught

 — The life of a photographer is great fun. by Lost Boy11/19/114.21

Getting Caught Isn't All Bad

 — Neighbors walking in on him turns anal. by awayne3102/19/084.20

Getting Directions

 — He steals some gorgeous ass. by ericviking6909/05/033.76

Getting Dirty With My New Cleaner

 — First day fun after accidental exposure. by Anonoauthor09/19/144.17

Getting Even with Evie

 — The start of a slut's transformation. by altcontrol08/02/124.36

Getting Even with Evie Ch. 02

 — She begins to see how she has been transformed. by altcontrol11/19/154.54HOT

Getting into Amy's Ass

 — A couple goes to Chicago to have a threesome. by realcitykid08/04/094.43

Getting My Boyfriend Back Ch. 02

 — They steal a night together. by Talynnda03/28/074.37

Getting Over My Ex

 — Anal exploration soothes a broken heart. by skylergirl06/26/05

Getting Sofia

 — Sofia and Matt... Finding pleasure in all the right places. by SofiaMateo08/08/174.50HOT

Getting Some Helping Hands Inside

 — Some girls give Carl a good seeing to. by Cumfusion11/08/123.69

GF's Dorm Ch. 03

 — The Buttplug Mystery. by normanbybayview02/28/174.52HOT


 — An unmarried Victorian woman meets her forbidden night lover. by jmbasquiat_fan07/28/044.13

Gillian Ch. 02

 — The forbidden passion continues... with a twist. by jmbasquiat_fan07/29/044.15

Gillian Ch. 03

 — Debauchery continues when mysterious stranger returns. by jmbasquiat_fan08/07/044.36

Gillian Ch. 04

 — Gillian's daughter finds her mother's old diary. by jmbasquiat_fan02/18/064.15


 — They slipped away to play a game of gin. by NeverSmart11/06/114.64HOT

Gina Ch. 06

 — Tommy fucks Gina's ass for the first time. by Tommy198208/17/064.45

Gina Ch. 07

 — Tommy & Gina have sex before she goes to work. by Tommy198208/18/064.46

Ginger and the Twin Peaks Ch. 02

 — Bedroom games and a betrayal. by KenJames02/26/044.37

Girlfriend's First Anal

 — He gives her a new experience. by standingstones04/04/063.81

Girls Night Out

 — Left alone and full of bad decisions. by gracesnowpaw05/06/144.28

Give and Take

 — Couple explores whether it is better to give than to receive. by JackInDiane04/28/104.49

Give Me What I Want

 — She teaches her man to love anal. by analplayplease10/24/034.48

Give Us a Lift, Mister!

 — Travelling on the thumb can be fun. by Jack Gates01/24/053.46


 — A change of mind is a good thing. by telltailhart10/10/094.61HOT

Giving Her What She Desires

 — She craves a real man to take her back door. by Bakeboss01/07/103.69

Giving Him My Anus

 — Boss takes teenage employee's anal virginity. by naughtysexmouse08/29/144.20

Giving Him My Anus Ch. 02

 — Boss shares his teenage employee with a colleague. by naughtysexmouse09/01/144.27

Giving Him Something Special Of Me

 — She shares new parts of her body. by loveashli07/19/024.54HOT

Giving In

 — Fun in the shower. by mywantsneeds07/27/144.02

Giving It Up For Success

 — Aspiring actress gives up her ass for a movie part. by walterio01/29/154.46

Giving Up Her Ass

 — Kaylee wants to lose her anal virginity, but there's a catch. by katiegirl21208/25/184.19


 — She wants him to understand anal before she give him her ass by Greymead11/25/154.56HOT

Glass Rod of the Heat Pt. 01

 — The narrator's liaison recounts her new conquest: hot Katya. by RougeState11/08/132.57

Glass Rod of the Heat Pt. 02

 — Tanya & the narrator have ATM romp, plot next seduction. by RougeState08/23/143.97

Glory Daze Ch. 06

 — By taking only her ass, she gets to remain a "virgin". by Eagle106/05/034.61HOT

Going Bananas

 — Skylar loses her marbles as she searches for a back door bud. by Sanzamour02/24/143.93

Going Down

 — First encounters can be so lifting. by JLP6808/10/023.87

Going Down?

 — I discover a new love of elevators. by neargraduate01/20/094.45

Going to the Movies

 — Not your average popcorn night. by candlelight_romance06/02/064.28

Goldicocks Ch. 03

 — His girl craves his perfect cock in her ass. by drscar09/22/064.67HOT

Golf Prose Pt. 04

 — A Silky Group Adventure with anal. by OneSilky07/29/164.40

Good Clean Corporate Fun

 — Co-workers get day off to a good start. by robinhood4703/04/064.32

Good Dream

 — Dream about anal experience with my wife. by analisthenewblack01/05/093.93

Good Girl Sara

 — The road to promotion is paved with anal intentions. by HeyAll06/09/154.38

Good Girls Don't Fuck

 — She won't let him have her. by damonX08/06/024.51HOT

Good Morning

 — A cup of coffee never felt so good. by Satin Kitty 6910/24/034.31

Good Morning, Pet

 — Waking you up nicely... by 1sexygirl07/23/084.43

Good Morning, Pussycat

 — You reciprocate my wake up call with one of your own. by 1sexygirl05/01/084.44

Good Neighbours Pt. 01

 — Neighbours become friends with benefits. by Shady_Lady04/25/174.22

Good Ole' Country Fuckin'

 — Lana enjoys putting herself on display at the bar. by BunnyWriter12304/09/123.86

Good, Clean Fun

 — Young couple discovers anal pleasure. by RailRoader06/30/154.48

Goodbye Jave

 — One night lasts a long time. by smokejohn6010/11/104.04

Goth Chick Adventure

 — He meets sexy waif at club. by GeorgeGordon02/08/05

Gotta Stop Misbehavin', or Not

 — Man is spanked and fucked in ass by partner in punishment. by SolidHeartNotCock05/29/184.31

Grace Pt. 01

 — Grace attracts her dream man and works hard to impress. by johnmorland01/17/194.09NEW

Grace's Dream

 — Grace becomes the woman in her dreams. by millieteases03/30/114.42

Graduation Weekend

 — When wife denies sex, little cousin picks it up. by styxroxhades11/25/144.39


 — The most incredible night of erotic adventure. by moosemoose03/01/134.24

Grandpa Wants My Ass

 — Grandpa fucks grandson. by 1993Anus10/25/163.71

Great Ass

 — Sometimes the title says it all. by johnnieblue4409/02/104.52HOT

Great Fuck Convention Day

 — Kissed and fucked by a tattooed stranger! by MaxineAshley02/14/183.23

Greater Love Hath No Woman... Ch. 02

 — Wife offers his helping "hand" to a friend in need. by 4eyedbrit06/29/094.34

Greetings to the New Brunette

 — A divorcee gets a job managing sexually active people. by Mag5801/22/084.52HOTEditor's Pick

Grudge Fucking Savannah

 — A tale of rough sex with a stuck up coworker. by tbs0406/06/154.41

Grunting, Glorious, Ass Games

 — Anal workout. by moosemoose11/22/164.10

Gunner's Three-Part Plan

 — I had to have the shirt. by barefootcowgirl09/16/174.33

Guy at Work Wants a Little

 — ...ass, that is. Can they help each other? by zanyzany12/25/063.49

Gwen's Bountiful Buttocks

 — He enjoys his woman's big butt and she loves it. by statestreet06/22/043.86

Gwylan's Sensual Massage

 — After her hard day at work, Jack gives a massage. by Diversion05/23/044.12

Habitat Ch. 02

 — Coworkers continue with more depraved sex. by VictorBlum05/31/124.67HOT

Habitat for Humanity Ch. 02

 — Coworkers get kinkier the second day. by VictorBlum07/12/124.69HOT

Hadley's Other Cherry Ch. 01

 — Jack introduces his tiny teen gymnast to anal pleasure. by TotalKnockout07/19/154.45

Hadley's Other Cherry Ch. 02

 — Hadley trains her virgin ass for Jack's big cock. by TotalKnockout07/22/154.52HOT

Hadley's Other Cherry Ch. 03

 — Prom night finally arrives & Jack takes Hadley's anal cherry. by TotalKnockout08/13/154.69HOT

Hair Removal Treatment

 — Wife's cousins comes over for a drink. by eezageeza01/17/094.39

Hairy University Ch. 04

 — Trial by Coitus with Belinda The Black. by motleymorgan09/20/114.20

Hairysole Can

 — She drops an aerosol can and he gets lucky. by belab08/15/023.51

Haitian BBW in Brockton

 — Haitian BBW loses virginity to shy big man. by Samuelx11/14/083.57

Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 04

 — Big Haitian woman seduces bisexual Haitian man. by Samuelx04/23/083.23

Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 06

 — Haitian BBW with strap-on dildo excites black guy. by Samuelx04/30/083.00

Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 11

 — The life and times of a retired cop in Brockton. by Samuelx07/08/081.38

Haitian Grandma Does Anal!

 — Black stud bangs Haitian grandma in church. by Samuelx01/20/113.60

Haitian Men Like Strap-ons, Too

 — Black woman surprises her man with strap-on. by Samuelx08/30/083.69

Haitian Men Love Anal Sex

 — Haitian stud conquers collegiate America. by Samuelx08/13/072.65

Haitian Women Love Anal Sex

 — Black couple experiments in college. by Samuelx12/22/072.67

Hand Job?

 — A chance encounter and chance to experience a talented hand. by blklthrjkt05/08/154.11

Handsome Ch. 20

 — Backdooring Leah. by Paris Waterman12/27/124.50HOT

Handy Man

 — A steamy, pool-side fuck. by SlightlyDivine01/17/094.23

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