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Don't Stall...

 — She finds more than solace in the club bathroom. by Therapie03/10/044.16

Don't Tell Mum

 — When parents are out, what can 18 year olds do? by starbelliedboy04/19/093.57

Don't You Dare Come Ch. 02

 — Now she feels the brunt of his fury. by Gaucueret10/25/124.62HOT

Don't You Like It?

 — It started out as pay for play, but now what? by powelldonovan02/14/084.25

Donna's Sexy Ass

 — He takes beautiful Donna in office conference room. by artphootmike05/20/053.77

Donovan's Anal

 — Taking it up the ass, putting it up an ass. by powelldonovan06/12/084.29

Door to Door

 — You're more than a just a customer. by Dana Gallagher11/10/034.22

Double Couple Dinner

 — Two couples swap and it ends with anal. by MrsRedBook06/14/194.36

Double Desire: A Camila Cox Tale

 — Cam, and a pair of panties, have their way with two sexy men. by alexiswainwright09/15/154.15

Double Dip Anniversary

 — Is she ready to do it all? by deejohnstone06/30/154.32

Double Dipping Ch. 05

 — Jim takes Deb's daughter to her friend's house. by Erlikkhan07/01/014.53HOT

Double Penetration

 — Wife's first DP. by pauloost08/30/153.88

Double Penetration Fantasy

 — Two men teach her how to dp. by seceretwriter07/05/064.21

Double Take

 — Flight attendant is "broken in" with her own toy. by lapetiteinnocente01/13/054.55HOT

Double the Trouble

 — My first experience with double penetration. by lillywhitepanties03/30/194.23

Double Time

 — What happens when you invite a guest over to play. by prettygirlaspen11/08/133.83

Double Trouble Ch. 05

 — Painful truths are revealed. by The_Unicorn10/14/094.51HOT

Double Vision Ch. 04

 — A booty call with Darolyn. by Artist104/02/104.41

Doubled Up Wife

 — She gets her first dp. by dirtyjoe6906/21/064.11

Down Low Brotha is Hot

 — Black woman falls for bisexual black man. by Samuelx10/06/073.71

Down Old Mexico Way

 — Lust found and love lost with the maid. by TxRad04/14/074.66HOT

Dr Walsh Helps a Teen and Her Boss

 — Dr. Walsh, the hottest doctor in town, is now the kinkiest. by blooke123406/20/104.26

Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi

 — Qatari Muslim psychiatrist treats a Somali voyeur. by Samuelx04/26/18

Dr. Marcilee

 — He gets a very good check up. by lipao6902/23/034.19

Dr. Rojas

 — The doctor checks all of Kent's equipment. by Ed061309/01/023.87

Dr. Street

 — Prostate Massage at the Clinic. by boo5601/06/154.01

Dr. V Does a Thorough Exam

 — She loves her doctor appointments. by velvtysoft08/05/054.37

Drake's Story

 — Drake and Fiona try a little role reversal. by tk555508/15/124.32

Drama 101 Pt. 01 Ch. 04

 — Student Lacey Coke is taken anally by Mr. Davies. by SexiKitten9610/25/154.11

Dream Come True

 — Finally getting a chance to taste her ass! by rcampbell12/04/144.29

Dream Comes True - Once

 — Sweetheart turns out to be a one-night stand. by s.e.02/13/034.05

Dream Cum True

 — Couple gets wet at the lake. by jdgreen05/05/024.33

Dream of Me

 — As she wakes, you are there to watch & help. by playful Kitten2601/25/024.44

Dream within a Dream Ch. 02

 — The investigation is aided by strange dreams and visions. by WifeWatchman12/08/154.72HOT

Dreaming Ch. 02

 — Your picnic is interupted by an unexpected visitor. by anonymossy06/11/084.48

Dreaming of Him

 — She dreamt of him again tonight. by upwardangel2c12/13/06

Dreaming of You

 — Katie dreams of losing her anal virginity. by love445505/17/133.88

Dreamtime Rendezvous

 — A starving succubus tries to resist her former lover. by Tempest_Wolfsong02/23/194.11


 — One roommate to another... by midnightblacklight06/17/093.59


 — Zoe & Zanders playful road trip game... by maverick_kelzar12/31/184.49

Driving Me Reckless

 — An anal encounter she did not expect. by tbabyhot12/25/094.22

Driving Ms. Stacy

 — A chance encounter turns erotic. by AGrownAzzMan12/03/024.13

Drunk Dreams Cum True

 — Fiona decides to grant her ex's wish when he drunk dials her. by Sean Renaud05/11/143.93

Drunk Fuck

 — A drunk gets something going. by justin grimbol01/15/061.50

Drunk Samantha

 — Drunk Samantha is way naughtier than sober Samantha. by Goldeniangel03/01/174.64HOT

Drunk Shower Memories

 — I come home to a wild scene in my dorm room. by Bearsuit2208/14/113.53

Duplex Ch. 07

 — Wise Mary hatches a plan for her naughty boy. by naughtyboyincali06/22/154.51HOT

Duplex Ch. 08

 — Helen returns and Jason will never forget her visit. by naughtyboyincali06/25/154.56HOT

Early Morning Awakening

 — Early morning action culminates in anal sex. by BarSinister08/03/073.57

Early Morning Ex Sex

 — Jo drops by unannounced. by JohnPanzer05/21/094.35

Early Onset Dirty Old Man Syndrome

 — Hook up at the grocery store. by Leezy08/28/184.56HOT

Easy First Date

 — Girl uses strapon to peg a boy. by ilsop08/07/104.60HOT

Eat the Mess

 — Couple finds new whore for anal filth. by NoLiteraryValue07/13/134.16

Eating Ass

 — I eat my wife's ass. by Kenny999011/18/104.06

Eating Donna's Ass

 — Jonny finally gets to eat a co-worker. by Jonny Cakes03/12/034.29

Eating from Her Ass

 — Husband enjoys fruit from her ass. by Analmatt01/27/134.24

Eating Kirsten's... Cookies

 — Buy her cookies, & get her ass for free. by Boxlicker10107/20/054.26

Ebony in Ivory

 — Susan gets some holiday 'relief'. by Jett_7303/09/124.32

Ebony in Ivory, Again!

 — Could Susan's holiday get any better?! by Jett_7303/14/124.37

Educating Our Youth Ch. 07

 — My best friend, Stacy, visits and teaches Stephen. by cindyexposed09/05/144.65HOT

Education of Chelsea: New Lesson

 — chelsea's Master takes her into "virgin" territory. by simply_cyn11/05/054.48


 — The Ultimatum. by jahmon9812/26/153.97


 — A long elevator ride. by windycityatty07/12/064.36

Ella's Ass-mazing Hospital Stay

 — Stefan's ass play and anal sex makes her stay not so bad. by darktigerroar07/26/154.16

Ellie's First Time

 — An Ellie and Sam story. After "late night at the office". by lexie_writes02/05/184.48

Emancipation Ch. 09: Anal Lesson

 — Shower intro to Asses. by LitEroCat04/12/074.09

Ember & Ashe Ch. 6

 — Ember learns the price of disobedience. by Tatewaki02/23/024.45

Emily Goes Door to Door

 — Her goodies are simply irresistable. by davidwatts04/16/054.64HOT

Emily's Choice Ch. 03

 — He is spanked and taken. by Bruno102711/20/044.41

Emily's Summer Vacation

 — Emily has a wild time at her Aunt and Uncle's farm. by David Phillips12/10/014.26

Emma Meets a New Friend Ch. 2

 — The tale of Emma continues. by BiEmma2707/22/024.37

Emma's Anal Seduction

 — Naive teenager loses anal virginity. by JohnPanzer05/16/114.29

Emma's Dilemma

 — Emma's marriage is in need of a spicy injection. by BiEmma2707/31/024.22

Emma's Weekend Ch. 03

 — She is displayed at his club. by FluteMaster12/04/064.56HOT

Emmie Does Anal

 — Sorority girl wants to keep her virginity & gives up her ass. by Goldeniangel12/25/134.55HOT

Empowered Women Like Anal Too

 — Sexy woman tells man her secrets. by Samuelx06/23/072.68

Empty Nester Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Two empty nesters re-discover their kinky side by djanal06/12/083.89

EMT Gets a Surprise at Work

 — When her days goes bad, Allyson's lover gives her a surprise. by anallover2907/08/094.17


 — Miss Oatlash takes Mutt home. by Miss Oatlash06/23/043.74

Encounters with Meg: Fifteenth

 — Anal sex on a rooftop with you. by a_quietguy11/06/034.00

Encounters with Meg: Seventh

 — An outdoor encounter. by a_quietguy03/26/034.08

Encounters with Meg: Tenth

 — Anal sex at a concert. by a_quietguy07/30/034.32

End Game

 — Her king falls, her virginity is lost. by Chicklet10/26/024.05

End of Summer Encounter!

 — Younger West Coast girl seduces older daddy type...! by Meu46910/23/183.62

Engaged to Deception

 — Remedy cheats on her fiance' with her best friend's brother by LaNiqueS08/25/143.70

English as a Second Language Ch. 06

 — They check in to their hotel, and start a new tradition... by jaybabylit01/19/164.45

English Country Fucking on the Farm

 — Victoria's stay at the guesthouse 'Middle Farm' gets hardcore. by Victoriaslice07/08/094.07

English Teacher: Reward

 — An English teacher gives student reward for amazing essay. by fuckwriter12308/11/173.26

Entering Lynda's Asshole

 — My first anal fuck of Lynda Keller. by 46204_zipper02/21/194.21

Enticed Twink Gets First Time Anal

 — Bound for romance straight man is stripped exposed and taken. by Alluring_Crimson_Shifter06/01/193.67

Erica Does Massage

 — Erica finally gets a job and meets Mr Appleby again. by claire201011/25/104.54HOT

Erica Does Some Modelling

 — Erica goes to a modelling agency to try to earn some money. by claire201001/20/104.28

Erica Meets Her Neighbour Ch. 02

 — Mr Wood makes Erica his maid, and punishes her! by claire201004/29/104.51HOT

Erin and the Ass Ripper

 — The Ripper takes busty Erin's anal virginity. by kimberlykitten12/10/044.04

Erin Ch. 03: Erin's Birthday

 — Surprise anal sex in a resturant bathroom. by TessMackenzie01/13/154.37

Erin Goes Anal

 — Erin goes anal, in a big way. by Mike Franklin10/10/054.54HOT

Erotic Hotel

 — Marty finds an erotic hotel... by BigBigPRN10/14/143.98

Erotic Meeting

 — My first date with a real sex monger woman. by plethora6809/10/064.11

Escapades of an Anal-holic

 — His adventures into anal depravity. by Wolfinstein195810/31/034.10

Escort: Anal Training Day

 — A new call girl loses her anal cherry to an experienced man. by Jcarbo12/29/154.21

Estate Agent Gets Done with a Dildo

 — Kelly & Victoria get dirty with the realestate agent. . . by Victoriaslice07/17/093.91

Ethan's Grace - Anal Edition

 — Ethan introduces Grace to anal play. by D_Lynn05/12/134.64HOT

Ethiopian Femdom Does Anal!

 — Ethiopian mistress anally dominated by Haitian master. by Samuelx05/14/123.30

Eunice Surrenders Her Back Door

 — She not only gives up her dignity but her anus as well. by Bakeboss10/04/103.88

Eurotrip Pt. 01

 — The beginning leg of traveling revelry. by eclectitude05/07/104.24

Eva's Fears Are Unfounded

 — Eva is seduced by the company stud and she loves it. by walterio02/14/124.21

Even Better the Second Time

 — She can't get enough of what he taught her. by MizzRayne12/31/044.32

Everything Works Out OK

 — Now to the butt end of my life. by sarah_siddons12/15/074.41

Ex Wife Wants More

 — Ex wife discovers she wants something else from hubby. by cockforplay6606/07/194.32

Exactly What She Wanted

 — Darrian gives Amy exactly what she wants. by MIKACHASE03/07/173.86

Exciting Evening In The TV-Sofa

 — Great love making in the sofa. by Sweros06/04/043.58

Exotic Pussy Cum Extortion

 — First Time Anal, First Time Swallow Cum. by Alluring_Crimson_Shifter02/26/173.42

Expanding Horizons

 — Rachel's date night steams up and opens some new doors. by JMayes07/15/184.77HOT


 — She had never felt so proud in her life. by ellees04/29/153.28

Experimental Anal

 — First-time anal among young lovers. by princessmaryann01/20/134.51HOT

Experimenting with Ecstasy

 — A new venture, a new lover, and a new day. by sexygodess0605/03/074.00

Experimenting with Penny Ch. 03

 — The experimenting continues with toys and threesomes. by muffin92805/23/134.39

Experiments With A Hot Latina Ch. 02

 — Wild sex in a bar, strip club, and apt floor with a latina. by Hot_Luvrz03/21/124.61HOT

Exploration & a Surprise... Pt. 01

 — In which I go shopping & more...feeling of being penetrated. by desires_dark10/16/173.76

Exploring Anal

 — Long-standing desire finds fulfillment. by Hg Dragon01/08/054.65HOT

Exploring Eden's Forbidden Fruit

 — Making the slut mine. by sirhugs07/09/144.41

Exploring His Body

 — Your master allows you discovery of his body. by MaxiJ06/23/034.32

Exploring My Fetish

 — My girlfriend embraces my fetish for a wild anniversary. by fetishguy8112/27/174.43

Exploring New Depths: Together

 — A couple discover the joys of anal sex. by Amora01/15/074.13

Exploring New Territory

 — Lusty lover shows her how good anal can feel. by Nichole G. Davidson01/28/02

Exploring Sexuality: A Pegging

 — Husband is pegged by sister-in-law with wife's permission. by silkstockingslover03/15/164.64HOT

Exploring Tabbi Ch. 02

 — Tabbi experiences her first anal sex. by Teacher4T07/06/064.15

Exploring the Back Door

 — Large bisexual man introduces BBW to anal sex. by Samuelx07/03/063.73

Exploring Their Fantasies

 — Two gorgeous BFF's explore their deepest, dirtiest fantasies by BrettJ04/06/144.10

Extra Credit

 — Melissa works hard to earn a better grade and better manners. by bebechick12/07/043.87

Extra Credit Club

 — Virgin meets two wild college girls. by slowMINE05/27/064.73HOT

Extra Credit Club Ch. 02

 — Life gets even kinkier with a new member. by slowMINE04/06/074.68HOT

Extra Credit Club Ch. 06

 — She craves wild anal sex. by slowMINE04/25/084.69HOT

Eyes Like The Ocean

 — And a tattoo on her juicy rear end. by JimBob4404/03/174.66HOT

F is for Figging

 — Josh teaches Hallie the joys of anal play. by LadyRoscoe10/21/05

F is for Fucked

 — Reading anal erotica on the subway gets her ass nailed. by POVscribe03/30/194.67HOT

F'd in the A

 — Older woman is dominated by younger teacher. by Rallynoangels09/26/184.26

F4: Anything But That

 — Russian opera star challenged by her husband's fetish. by sr71plt05/10/144.30

Face Down And Fat Ass Up!

 — BBW finally experiences Anal Pleasure. by Samuelx12/19/072.68

Facebook Anal

 — 47-year-old Latina lets young BBC give her anal. by Asslvr8401/31/124.21

Failed Surprise

 — She sneaks into his home as he settles down to wank. by GuRoo12/13/053.73

Fair Is Fair

 — A fisherman saves a woman and discovers anal pleasure. by Bluegray05/18/094.39

Fairy Godmother

 — He fixed his godmother's laptop and filled her empty spaces. by blackstroker05/04/194.45

Famous Anus

 — A butt-slut is born. by no1fanboy06/27/092.26

Fantasies Allowed

 — She fulfills his fantasy. by SweetsPickle10/13/044.02

Fantasy #3

 — He comes home for lunch. by lindiana01/23/053.45

Fantasy Bath

 — Story about spontaneously having a real cock to fuck my man. by boyboygirllove03/14/184.04

Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Girl gets her fantasy fulfilled by a Chris. by cbf31601/11/024.06

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