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Valley of Sinners Ch. 05

 — The women shop in New York. by Egmont Grigor11/30/064.71HOT

Valley of Sinners Ch. 06

 — The winery work and passions of the Bronkovic's. by Egmont Grigor12/07/064.70HOT

Valley of Sinners Ch. 07

 — A break-in, and trouble for Monty. by Egmont Grigor12/08/064.73HOT

Valley of Sinners Ch. 08

 — An arrest, wife freed and happy days lie ahead. by Egmont Grigor12/09/064.83HOT

Valley Wives Ch. 01

 — Saga of three wives in Silicon Valley. by mistress_diana06/24/044.24

Valley Wives Ch. 02

 — Darcy gets her pool guy. by mistress_diana06/26/044.41

Valley Wives Ch. 03

 — Darcy steps out & Steph gets punished. by mistress_diana07/01/044.21

Valley Wives Ch. 04

 — Tiffany & Steph share secrets. by mistress_diana07/16/044.55HOT

Valley Wives Ch. 05

 — Things heat up for the wives. by mistress_diana07/20/044.29

Valley Wives Ch. 06

 — Darcy throws a party. by mistress_diana08/28/044.56HOT

Vampire Korps of the Gestapo Ch. 01

 — Villains abduct an actress to ravish rather than ransom! by Five_Eight10/22/074.78HOT

Vampire Korps of the Gestapo Ch. 02

 — The ravishment of sweet Monika begins. by Five_Eight10/24/074.73HOT

Vampire Korps of the Gestapo Ch. 03

 — The plundering of Monika continues. by Five_Eight10/25/074.53HOT

Vampire Korps of the Gestapo Ch. 04

 — Monika on the run from Nazis and vampires. by Five_Eight11/07/074.78HOT

Vampire Micheal Ch. 04

 — The girls and Michael host a party at Hailey's House. by wolftribe200905/01/113.56

Vandal Hearts Ch. 00-01

 — Prelude & Passage of Thieves. by JoeBarnosky04/28/11

Vandal Hearts Ch. 02

 — Capital Shumeria. by JoeBarnosky04/29/11

Vandal Hearts Ch. 03

 — Dover District. by JoeBarnosky04/30/11

Vandal Hearts Ch. 04

 — Palace ruins. by JoeBarnosky05/01/11

Vandal Hearts Ch. 05

 — Rhine Bridge. by JoeBarnosky05/02/11

Vandal Hearts Ch. 06

 — Recruitment of a ships captain. by JoeBarnosky06/14/11

Vandal Hearts Ch. 07

 — Gadar Sea. by JoeBarnosky06/18/11

Vanessa's Island Ch. 01

 — A stiff, but not formal, introduction. by Aussiescribbler04/03/034.34

Vanessa's Island Ch. 02

 — Vanessa gets in touch with her creativity by Aussiescribbler04/06/034.35

Vanessa's Island Ch. 03

 — An explanation and a revelation. by Aussiescribbler04/11/034.33

Vanessa's Island Ch. 04

 — The importance of skin care. by Aussiescribbler07/01/034.54HOT

Vanished Ch. 01

 — Suzie's on the move, hiding from life. by Suzie Samuels09/01/004.20

Vanished Ch. 02

 — After accident, Suzie wakes up in another world. by Suzie Samuels11/05/004.29

Vanished Ch. 03

 — Suzie meets the new man in her life. by Suzie Samuels11/05/004.35

Vanished Ch. 04

 — It's Bath time for captive woman. by Suzie Samuels01/17/014.19

Vanished Ch. 05

 — They arrive, & Suzie's life takes another twist. by Suzie Samuels01/18/014.41

Vanished Ch. 06

 — The Consummation comes, as Suzie expected. by Suzie Samuels01/18/014.36

Vanished Ch. 07

 — Master Geoff consummates his collaring of Suzie. by Suzie Samuels01/19/014.57HOT

Vanished Ch. 08

 — Suzie must face her worst nightmare. by Suzie Samuels01/20/014.43

Vanished Ch. 09

 — Suzie is striped of her identity. by Suzie Samuels01/20/014.30

Vanished Ch. 10

 — Suzie is gangbanged. by Suzie Samuels01/21/014.12

Vanished Ch. 11

 — Suzie really gets banged. by Suzie Samuels01/21/014.21

Vanished Ch. 12

 — Suzie learns more about her Master. by Suzie Samuels01/22/014.08

Vanished Ch. 13

 — Suzie learns the ropes. by Suzie Samuels01/23/013.92

Vanished Ch. 14

 — Master shows he cares about Suzie. by Suzie Samuels01/24/014.22

Vanished Ch. 15

 — Suzie learns what's downstairs. by Suzie Samuels01/25/013.96

Vanished Ch. 16

 — Suzie goes for a ride. by Suzie Samuels01/26/014.32

Vanished Ch. 17

 — Suzie strikes back & learns her lesson. by Suzie Samuels01/27/014.09

Vanished Ch. 18

 — Suzie perfects deep-throating. by Suzie Samuels01/27/014.42

Vanished Ch. 19

 — Suzie's all dressed & goes to town...sort of. by Suzie Samuels01/28/014.52HOT

Vanished Ch. 20

 — She is faced with what is to become of her. by Suzie Samuels02/02/014.24

Vanished Ch. 21

 — She experiences public humiliation at Master Geoff's hands. by Suzie Samuels02/23/014.08

Vanished Ch. 22

 — Suzie is introduced to Belinda, a bi-Dominatrix. by Suzie Samuels02/24/014.50HOT

Vanished Ch. 23

 — Suzie is introduced to the brothers & their specialty. by Suzie Samuels05/01/014.43


 — Nova meets someone she didn't expect. by MissSelkie07/21/134.04

Variation On A Theme Of Human Attraction

 — A new learning curve for Scott. by alexcarr09/16/134.25

Vaughn's Choice

 — A woman's choice between two men with open hearts. by GabrielShelly02/04/164.86HOT

Vegas Ch. 01

 — A young couple's adventures at the World Series of Poker. by HallidayTee10/29/074.31

Vegas Ch. 02

 — Vegas awaits. by HallidayTee11/02/074.63HOT

Vegas Ch. 03

 — Arrival. by HallidayTee11/08/074.58HOT

Vegas Ch. 04

 — Success for the Sisters. by HallidayTee11/13/074.49

Vegas Ch. 05

 — The day heats up. by HallidayTee11/15/074.75HOT

Vegas Ch. 06

 — Lauren finds relief. by HallidayTee11/17/074.78HOT

Vegas Ch. 07

 — Grace becomes an Angel. by HallidayTee11/19/074.71HOT

Vegas Ch. 08

 — Grace and Katherine get close. by HallidayTee11/21/074.76HOT

Vegas Ch. 09

 — Grace and Lisa perform by HallidayTee11/24/074.73HOT

Vegas Ch. 10

 — Katherine is taken. by HallidayTee12/15/074.75HOT

Vegas Ch. 11

 — The Final Table. by HallidayTee11/28/074.78HOT

Vegas Weekend

 — Family trip to Vegas becomes reprogrammed orgy. by Jafar05/03/024.75HOT

Vegas: Bk 02 Ch. 01

 — One year later... by HallidayTee05/07/084.78HOT

Vegas: Bk 02 Ch. 02

 — Sugar and Strife. by HallidayTee05/09/084.64HOT

Vegas: Bk 02 Ch. 03

 — Things escalate. by HallidayTee05/10/084.70HOT

Vegas: Bk 02 Ch. 04

 — Investigations. by HallidayTee05/11/084.89HOT

Vegas: Bk 02 Ch. 05

 — A second hit. by HallidayTee05/12/084.91HOT

Vegas: Bk 02 Ch. 06

 — Katherine is found. by HallidayTee05/13/084.73HOT

Vegas: Bk 02 Ch. 07

 — The cops are informed. by HallidayTee05/14/084.83HOT

Vegas: Bk 02 Ch. 08

 — Katherine is interrogated. by HallidayTee05/15/084.71HOT

Vegas: Bk 02 Ch. 09

 — The future is Rosie. by HallidayTee05/15/084.89HOT

Velvet Chains Ch. 03

 — An understanding is reached. by demonspet01/02/094.74HOT

Ventura, Fran and Me...

 — The thrill of a threesome. by alexcarr05/02/123.50

Venus by Chance?

 — Bereaved young woman is involved in a fertility rite. by Moondrift07/13/074.41

Venus Flytrap

 — No battle plan survives the first contact with the enemy. by PompousBuffoon09/02/094.10

Venus Flytrap Ch. 02

 — No one ever won a war by dying for his country. by PompousBuffoon09/07/094.33

Venus Flytrap Ch. 03

 — The best kind of luck is the luck that you make for yourself. by PompousBuffoon09/23/094.50HOT

Venus Goddess of Love

 — Dawn buys a moon goddess. by Moondrift04/08/034.86HOT

Veritas Ch. 00

 — A kingdom in darkness can only be saved by the light. by life_is_a_dance09/10/084.73HOT

Veritas Ch. 01

 — A kingdom in darkness can only be saved by the light. by life_is_a_dance10/09/084.61HOT

Vice Cop Ch. 04

 — Lexa goes undercover in Atlantic City. by AudreyHepburn12/09/074.53HOT

Vice Cop Ch. 05

 — Hudson goes undercover in The Hamptons. by AudreyHepburn12/29/074.73HOT

Vice Cop Ch. 06

 — Hudson & Lexa team up after the Policeman's Ball. by AudreyHepburn01/15/084.70HOT

Vice Cop Ch. 07

 — Hudson moves to Brooklyn. by AudreyHepburn02/21/084.74HOT

Vice Cop Ch. 08

 — The case of the Yellow Cab Killer. by AudreyHepburn03/03/084.74HOT

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