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Wolf Creek Ch. 05

 — Closing to an old life. by sr71plt05/09/074.52HOT

Wolf Creek Ch. 06

 — Opening to a new life. by sr71plt05/10/074.58HOT

Wolf Creek Ch. 07

 — Arrival at Wolf Creek. by sr71plt05/11/074.42

Wolf Creek Ch. 08

 — The Winter of Ada's discontent. by sr71plt05/12/074.49

Wolf Creek Ch. 09

 — Handsome stranger on the train. by sr71plt05/19/074.40

Wolf Creek Ch. 10

 — Building a future and rediscovering old flames. by sr71plt05/22/074.59HOT

Wolf Creek Ch. 11

 — Enter the stallion; exit the wolf. by sr71plt05/24/074.57HOT

Wolf Creek Ch. 12

 — How depressing. by sr71plt05/26/074.59HOT

Wolf Creek Ch. 13

 — Out of the valley and into the world. by sr71plt05/28/074.74HOT

Wolf Creek Ch. 14

 — Escaping to the familiar. by sr71plt06/01/074.63HOT

Wolf Creek Ch. 15

 — Crushed lotuses. by sr71plt06/03/074.56HOT

Wolf Creek Ch. 16

 — Tiger at the door. by sr71plt06/07/074.75HOT

Wolf Creek Ch. 17

 — No escaping the world by sr71plt06/11/074.53HOT

Wolf Creek Ch. 18

 — Assailed by demons. by sr71plt06/12/074.55HOT

Wolf Creek Ch. 19

 — Refuge from a world aflame. by sr71plt06/13/074.55HOT

Wolf Creek Ch. 20

 — Home to Wolf Creek. by sr71plt06/21/074.62HOT

Wolf Creek Ch. 21

 — Brook House Release. by sr71plt06/23/074.66HOT

Woman of Old Vintage Ch. 01

 — Indian lady gets pleasure from mature woman. by rubysen05/17/044.56HOT

Woman of Old Vintage Ch. 02

 — Romantic affair turns stormy. by rubysen05/18/044.65HOT

World Traveler Seeks Companion

 — He sleeps with the daughter & falls in love with her mother. by regularguy1301/20/174.74HOT

Worshipping at Aphrodite's Feet Ch. 01

 — Trouble picking first lover. by Josepha_Kass01/02/163.57

Worshipping at Aphrodite's Feet Ch. 02

 — Naama is asked to help another girl choose first lover. by Josepha_Kass01/12/164.33

Wrong Side of Town Ch. 02

 — George reconnects with Lynn. by Tail End Pete08/31/05

X-Rated Romp Through Life

 — Bill's sex life from 18 on with many, many women. by anonymousbosch01/03/124.31

Xavier Drifts

 — A guy stuffs up big time and then hits the road. by EgmontGrigor201110/30/114.65HOT


 — A young woman's struggle to find love begins with herself. by Phineas10/12/024.82HOT

Yearbook 2005--b/w

 — black girl and white boy fall in love. by JimBob4403/28/114.68HOT

Yearbook 2005--gm

 — Eighteen yr old male and older male have sex. by JimBob4403/29/114.07

Yearbook 2005--les

 — 'Cum Dumpster' finally finds someone who loves her. by JimBob4403/31/114.52HOT

Yearbook 2005--n/c

 — Bernie loves Richard--nonconsent. by JimBob4403/30/114.50HOT

Yearbook 2005--ow/ym

 — Older woman sinks her claws into Jack. by JimBob4404/01/114.26

Yield: Drawer 01

 — The infamous Yield has her first experience. by teddyrabbit05/26/073.33

Yoko's Diary Ch. 01-06

 — The adventures of a Japanese babe in Germany. by Ogrepress09/09/014.64HOT

Yoko's Diary Ch. 06-10

 — Her life continues to change. by Ogrepress09/10/014.60HOT

Yoko's Diary Ch. 11-15

 — She comes home first...almost. by Ogrepress09/11/014.65HOT

Yoko's Diary Ch. 16-18

 — Mrs. X comes to visit. by Ogrepress09/12/014.72HOT

Yoko's Diary Ch. 18-19

 — She visits Mr. & Mrs. X again. by Ogrepress09/13/014.80HOT

You Jackass!

 — Life was all about her boobs. by Scorpio44a07/27/104.66HOT

You Just Been Angela'd Ch. 02

 — Continuing novel with clients for her desires. by Annora01/11/053.50

You Just Been Angela'd Ch. 03

 — Men's desires are further explored. by Annora01/12/054.17

You Just Been Angela'd Ch. 04

 — Another client. by Annora01/14/054.42

You Reap What You Sow

 — Sexy lady unwittingly falls for married man. by fgoodwin10/30/053.58

Your Love Is My Drug Ch. 01

 — Avery gets unexpected surprise from James. by alissaafonina08/17/114.38

Zero Chemistry?

 — A reluctant attraction pulls two chemistry partners together by EgyptOasis01/29/144.07

Zodiac Adventures

 — An Egyptian Virgo man's adventures with 12 women. by Womenloverwomenlover01/19/134.33

[K][T] and Family Ch. 01

 — Shift Change. by pocketrocket09/19/134.71HOT

[K][T] and Family Ch. 02

 — Meetings and Appointments. by pocketrocket10/18/134.89HOT

[K][T] and Family Ch. 03

 — Rehearsal. by pocketrocket10/29/134.85HOT

[K][T] and Family Ch. 04

 — The Day before the Day - More Fitting. by pocketrocket11/07/134.81HOT

[K][T] and Family Ch. 05

 — Little Italy - Corsets, Crossdressing and Antipasto. by pocketrocket11/22/134.86HOT

[K][T] and Family Ch. 06

 — Girl's Night and the Morning After. by pocketrocket12/18/134.85HOT

[K][T] and Family Ch. 07

 — Tying the knot(s). by pocketrocket02/18/144.78HOT

[K][T] and Family Ch. 08

 — Do a little dance, tie a little knot, get down. by pocketrocket04/08/144.76HOT

[K][T] and Family Finale

 — Clippings from the Album. by pocketrocket05/10/144.51HOT

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