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Sylvia's Mother Ch. 21

 — Jason and Karen take another walk. by D.C. Roi02/17/044.71HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 22

 — Karen confesses how she feels about Jason. by D.C. Roi02/19/044.68HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 23

 — Jason and Karen get caught, sort of. by D.C. Roi02/20/044.66HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 24

 — Helping with housework is a turn on? by D.C. Roi02/21/044.63HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 25

 — More loving in the library. by D.C. Roi02/22/044.62HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 26

 — Slow dancing and playing Trivial Pursuit. by D.C. Roi02/23/044.51HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 27

 — Slow loving and other sensual pursuits. by D.C. Roi02/24/044.67HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 28

 — Waking up can be wonderful. by D.C. Roi02/24/044.62HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 29

 — Love in a storm. by D.C. Roi02/25/044.66HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 30

 — Warm showers indoors are wonderful, too. by D.C. Roi02/27/044.63HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 31

 — A fun time is spoiled. by D.C. Roi02/27/044.49

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 32

 — The wonderful vacation has to end. by D.C. Roi02/28/044.72HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 33

 — Seven years have passed and... by D.C. Roi02/29/044.66HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 34

 — Karen and Jason meet again. by D.C. Roi03/02/044.69HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 35

 — Jason takes Karen on a trip back in time. by D.C. Roi03/03/044.78HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 36

 — What does the future hold for Jason and Karen? by D.C. Roi03/03/044.78HOT

Symphony of Perversion

 — Lady Jacqueline's orchestrated descent into perversion. by LaFemmeErotique11/30/144.13

Symphony of Perversion Ch. 02

 — The Commander unleashes the 'Manimals' by LaFemmeErotique12/01/144.27

Symphony of Perversion Ch. 03

 — Lady Jacqueline takes on the elephant man. by LaFemmeErotique12/03/144.18

Symphony of Perversion Ch. 04

 — The Commander plays with Lady J's mind as she is pleasured. by LaFemmeErotique12/04/144.56

Symphony of Perversion Ch. 05

 — Lady J meets her new Master. by LaFemmeErotique12/16/154.57

Synchronicity Ch. 01

 — Mystery begins when coed becomes involved with her professor. by ayoung7003/02/124.28

Tail Spin

 — Rosa’s kidnapped in Japan and inducted into a sex cult. by Embers_X01/19/17


 — The girl is a runaway with a secret. by geronimo_appleby02/24/134.37

Take a Chance Ch. 01

 — After a tragedy, Ben moves to a new town to pursue his dream. by Tantalus1712/27/174.64HOT


 — A story of ravishment. by Desmond Ravenstone09/13/054.86HOT

Taken - Sonja's Story

 — Sonja meets her match in Nicolai. by Champagne9807/01/112.50

Taken - Sonja's Story - English

 — Sonja meets her match in Nicolai - in English. by Champagne9807/08/114.33

Taken Down

 — Depressed wife is tied to her bed and used by husband. by CatharineBourne12/01/152.88

Taking the Risk Ch. 01

 — He's set up on a Blind Date. by shandal06/21/094.33

Taking the Risk Ch. 02

 — The Blind Date, her view. by shandal06/22/094.47

Taking the Risk Ch. 03

 — First date, hot kisses, cold night by shandal06/23/094.46

Taking the Risk Ch. 04

 — Hurt in the past, but this is now. by shandal06/24/094.45

Taking the Risk Ch. 05

 — Flirting and setting the pace. by shandal06/25/094.52HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 06

 — Learning more about each other. by shandal06/26/094.53HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 07

 — Hot kisses in the kitchen. by shandal06/27/094.47

Taking the Risk Ch. 08

 — She allows him to go a little further. by shandal06/28/094.52HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 09

 — Revealing their bodies to each other. by shandal06/29/094.53HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 10

 — Slow and deep, making love the first time. by shandal06/30/094.45

Taking the Risk Ch. 11

 — Love in the morning. by shandal07/01/094.49

Taking the Risk Ch. 12

 — Her self doubt builds walls around her heart. by shandal07/02/094.52HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 13

 — Their first argument. by shandal07/03/094.50HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 14

 — Teaching her to love herself. by shandal07/04/094.62HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 15

 — Dealing with her ex, lines are drawn. by shandal07/05/094.50HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 16

 — They become more involved. by shandal07/06/094.50HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 17

 — Everyone has their own agenda. by shandal07/07/094.54HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 18

 — Worshipping at the alter of his body. by shandal07/08/094.55HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 19

 — Becoming more of a family unit. by shandal07/09/094.56HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 20

 — He asks her to move in with him. by shandal07/10/094.59HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 21

 — Only a person who risks is free. by shandal07/11/094.71HOT

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 01

 — Stunning and sexy she entangles him in her orbit. by shandal08/23/094.29

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 02

 — He starts to learn her need for men’s attention. by shandal08/24/094.24

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 03

 — She turns up on his doorstep. by shandal08/25/094.24

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 04

 — He’s drawn more deeply into her problems. by shandal08/26/093.94

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 05

 — Suzanne moves in with Misha. by shandal08/27/094.47

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 06

 — She starts to physically hit out at him. by shandal08/28/094.47

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 07

 — Settling down, living together, fighting and loving. by shandal08/29/094.44

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 08

 — She meets his family, and starts to slip back into old ways. by shandal08/29/094.56HOT

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 09

 — Visiting England, his family and the beginning of a plan. by shandal08/31/094.47

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 10

 — He makes plans, she makes out. by shandal09/02/094.55HOT

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 11

 — He throws her out, and meets Tracy. by shandal09/04/094.65HOT

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 12

 — Making love with Tracy, missing Suzanne. by shandal09/04/094.50HOT

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 13

 — Breaking up with Tracy, Suzanne tumbles back into his life. by shandal09/07/094.37

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 14

 — Suzanne is back in his life, home and bed. by shandal09/11/094.48

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 15

 — Arriving in England, settling in, loving and living. by shandal09/14/094.63HOT

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 16

 — Suzanne spirals down to the depths. by shandal09/16/094.58HOT

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 17

 — The fine line between love and hate. by shandal09/20/094.55HOT

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 18

 — Getting over Suzanne. by shandal09/27/094.62HOT

Tales of Cera: Lords and Cats

 — Story of intrique and passion between a Lord and a Catgirl. by Arcerdo11/06/123.71

Tales of Nymphomania

 — A girl loves to have sex, and does often. by LipstickKiss01/20/043.98

Taming the Duchess de Montfort Ch. 01

 — Captain Renoir & the pirates. by Hamilton_g11/28/034.71HOT

Taming the Duchess de Montfort Ch. 02

 — More of the Duchess de Montfort and the pirates. by Hamilton_g03/28/044.65HOT

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