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Exchanging Flesh Ch. 04

 — Vera continues Danny's education. by eric shawn listo07/06/044.56HOT

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 05

 — A really big girl lights Danny's fire. by eric shawn listo07/08/044.42

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 06

 — Another plump friend of Mae's gives Danny her ass. by eric shawn listo07/14/044.64HOT

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 07

 — An unexpected wedding gift for Danny by eric shawn listo07/23/044.58HOT

Exploiting Company Secrets Ch. 01

 — Spying network manager exploits coworkers. by enjoy_the_glow02/10/054.59HOT

Exploiting Company Secrets Ch. 02

 — It was so easy the first time, why not do it again? by enjoy_the_glow02/13/054.51HOT

Exploiting Company Secrets Ch. 03

 — Gossiping coworkers leads to twice the fun. by enjoy_the_glow02/20/054.27

Exploration Ch. 01

 — The reinvention of Veronica. by PsuedeONhym08/22/083.62

Exploration Ch. 02

 — Veronica rediscovers her sexuality. by PsuedeONhym08/23/084.43

Exploration Ch. 03

 — Some more shopping. by PsuedeONhym08/31/084.43

Exploring Anita Pt. 01

 — Office Romance & lusty colleagues for erotic fun. by pink_tulips3303/24/154.67HOT

Exploring Anita Pt. 02

 — Office romance & lusty colleagues for fun. by pink_tulips3304/24/154.80HOT

Exploring Anita Pt. 03

 — Office Romance and lusty, erotic fun. by pink_tulips3312/24/154.36

Exploring Cassy

 — The hunt begins. by CantSayNo11/06/023.33

Exploring Cassy Ch. 02

 — Cassy has a dark past. by CantSayNo11/12/023.39

Exploring Cassy Ch. 03

 — Father Patrick helps young Cassy. by CantSayNo11/15/024.29

Express Way Ch. 01

 — An innocent train ride turns into a struggle to survive. by Sex_Idiot09/11/063.60

Exstacy! Ch. 01

 — She discovers a sex clinic with a difference. by emily_hughs02/16/064.20

Exstacy! Ch. 02

 — An intense experience at the sex clinic. by emily_hughs02/26/064.31

Exstacy! Ch. 03

 — Naughty secrets, and a dirty dream. by emily_hughs03/13/064.19

Exstacy! Ch. 04

 — He shags an 18-year-old in his girlfriend's office carpark. by emily_hughs05/26/064.46

Exstacy! Ch. 05

 — An erotic shower, sex in the pub and lesbian incest. by emily_hughs07/07/064.33

Exstacy! Ch. 06

 — Getting closer to Stacy's next appointment. by emily_hughs12/18/063.95

Exstacy! Ch. 07

 — Stacy's first appointment finally arrives. by emily_hughs01/14/074.67HOT

Exstacy! Ch. 08

 — Stacy returns to the clinic; Jessica becomes a slut. by emily_hughs03/02/074.56HOT

Exstacy! Ch. 09

 — Stacy's endless orgasm on the way back to work. by emily_hughs03/25/074.39

Extending the MILF List Ch. 16

 — Monday: How Much Sex Can One Man Have? by Contrasting09/04/164.79HOT

Extending the MILF List Ch. 20

 — How Much Sex Can One Man Have? Filling Friday. by Contrasting02/11/174.85HOT

Extra Credit

 — A student and professor surprise each other. by nicoenola12/01/124.06

Extreme Investigation

 — A private investigator uses surprise tools to make his case. by johntamps08/28/074.29

Eye in the Sky

 — She was running, she found more than she'd ever dreamed. by blackrandl195810/15/174.83HOT

Facing The Consequences

 — He underestimates women at at cost. by krr195701/15/074.48

Fae War Ch. 06

 — Erin learns more: a lot more. by CatBrown11/19/114.67HOT

Fae War Ch. 07

 — Training, honesty, and adversity. by CatBrown11/20/114.61HOT

Fae War Ch. 08

 — Erin's captivity. by CatBrown11/25/114.64HOT

Fae War Ch. 09

 — The escape continues. by CatBrown12/11/114.69HOT

Fag Hag

 — A Story of True Love. by Amanya06/03/082.82

Faint: Ch. 01

 — The pornographic adventures of Alex Faint. by WLatham05/09/183.84

Fairweather Ranch Ch. 05

 — Melody, and our story, turns... by LadyDaisy12/10/174.22

Faith Falls

 — A coming-of-age story of two camp counselors. by DwellerDark11/06/134.78HOT

Fall of '69 Ch. 02

 — Just a friend offering a helping hand. by wilderness10/12/074.79HOT

Fall of '69 Ch. 03

 — Two become one despite the World Series. by wilderness11/30/074.81HOT

Fall of '69 Ch. 04

 — The Greyhound not taken. by wilderness01/06/084.67HOT

Fall of '69 Ch. 05

 — Can three be company? by wilderness05/07/084.74HOT

Fall of '69 Ch. 06

 — Small town fun. by wilderness06/18/084.61HOT

Fall of '69 Ch. 07

 — Self control, not right now, maybe later. by wilderness08/06/084.67HOT

Fall of '69 Ch. 08

 — Life in the country has its ups and downs. by wilderness12/29/084.58HOT

Fall of '69 Ch. 09

 — Friends and lovers, life is good on the farm. by wilderness04/21/094.65HOT

Fall of '69 Ch. 10

 — You can't take it back. by wilderness07/09/094.65HOT

Fall of '69 Ch. 11

 — Mets win, a bet is a bet. by wilderness08/28/144.70HOT


 — Fallen is the second book in my Falling series. by LukasGrey04/21/174.84HOT


 — A story of young romantic love. by LukasGrey02/09/174.84HOT

Falling Home

 — Long work, a girl finding herself among the ruins of home. by MaryJane2609/05/114.65HOT

Falling Home Ch. 02

 — Continuation of falling home. by MaryJane2609/19/114.88HOT

Falling Home Ch. 03

 — A continuation of the story of Adi and Natalie. by MaryJane2603/30/134.75HOT

Falling Home Ch. 04

 — A continuation of the story of Adi and Natalie. by MaryJane2604/05/134.79HOT

Falling Home Ch. 05

 — A continuation of Adi and Natalie's story. by MaryJane2605/05/134.81HOT

Falling Home Ch. 06

 — A continuation of Adi and Natalie's story. by MaryJane2605/06/134.85HOT

Falling Home Ch. 07

 — A continuation of the story of Adi and Natalie. by MaryJane2602/27/144.85HOT

Falling in the Rain

 — Blind girl & college boy fall in love on a ranch. by Luckie_Duckie04/12/064.67HOT

Falling in the Rain Ch. 02

 — The date... and a surprise...? by Luckie_Duckie08/15/063.63

Falling Into the Woods Ch. 01-02

 — 1 gypsy + 1 gift = 2 people thrust into each other's lives. by RedHairedandFriendly01/06/084.24

Falling Into the Woods Ch. 03

 — Falls reels as the reality of another world is unleashed. by RedHairedandFriendly01/21/084.62HOT

Falling Prey Ch. 01

 — The past returns to undermine a happy marriage. by themightyoak05/16/124.39

Falling Prey Ch. 02

 — Holes form in the family dike. by themightyoak06/05/124.50HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 01

 — Matt has a huge crush on his friend's mother. by D.C. Roi06/15/044.34

Family Affairs Ch. 02

 — Mary Forrester is worried about her troubled marriage. by D.C. Roi06/16/044.27

Family Affairs Ch. 03

 — Matt gets friendly with a classmate named Dianna. by D.C. Roi06/17/044.31

Family Affairs Ch. 04

 — Mary talks to friend about her troubles. by D.C. Roi06/18/044.34

Family Affairs Ch. 05

 — Ricky takes Dianna home after school. by D.C. Roi06/19/044.28

Family Affairs Ch. 06

 — Mary tries out her new toy. by D.C. Roi07/02/044.39

Family Affairs Ch. 07

 — Dianna and Ricky go on their first date. by D.C. Roi06/21/044.46

Family Affairs Ch. 08

 — After an interruption, Mary continues her play. by D.C. Roi06/21/044.55HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 09

 — Matt relieves pressure, Ricky and Dianna's date ends. by D.C. Roi06/22/044.36

Family Affairs Ch. 10

 — Dianna’s date with Matt is different – but nice. by D.C. Roi06/23/044.41

Family Affairs Ch. 11

 — Matt & Mary wind up alone and... by D.C. Roi06/25/044.63HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 12

 — Ricky & Dianna go on a second date. by D.C. Roi06/26/044.54HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 13

 — Mary Forrester has second thoughts. by D.C. Roi06/27/044.63HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 14

 — Aftermath of Dianna's second date with Ricky. by D.C. Roi06/27/044.47

Family Affairs Ch. 15

 — The Forrester marriage crumbles. by D.C. Roi06/27/044.47

Family Affairs Ch. 17

 — Matt skips school to talk with Mary. by D.C. Roi06/29/044.65HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 17b

 — Tom Forrester decides his marriage is over. by D.C. Roi07/02/044.48

Family Affairs Ch. 18

 — Matt & Mary spend wonderful afternoon together. by D.C. Roi06/30/044.67HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 19

 — Mary realizes her marriage is finished, too. by D.C. Roi07/01/044.64HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 20

 — Matt gets devastating news. by D.C. Roi06/30/044.44

Family Affairs Ch. 21

 — Mary & her son are devastated by the news. by D.C. Roi07/02/044.54HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 22

 — Matt's aunt & uncle want to take him to Seattle. by D.C. Roi07/03/044.48

Family Affairs Ch. 23

 — Matt turns to Mary for help. by D.C. Roi07/03/044.46

Family Affairs Ch. 24

 — Matt's aunt and uncle are sent home. by D.C. Roi07/05/044.66HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 25

 — Matt and Mary enjoy each other. by D.C. Roi07/06/044.66HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 26

 — Dianna has a surprising, pleasurable experience. by D.C. Roi07/07/044.59HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 27

 — Matt and Mary continue to enjoy each other. by D.C. Roi07/08/044.58HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 28

 — Dianna has second thoughts. by D.C. Roi07/08/044.45

Family Affairs Ch. 29

 — Matt & Mary celebrate being alone. by D.C. Roi07/09/044.61HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 30

 — Dianna makes a tough decision. by D.C. Roi07/11/044.57HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 31

 — Matt & Mary enjoy their private weekend. by D.C. Roi07/11/044.63HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 32

 — Dianna turns to Matt for help. by D.C. Roi07/12/044.50HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 33

 — Fun in the darkroom with Matt and Mary. by D.C. Roi07/13/044.63HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 34

 — Rick comes home. Mary comes with Matt. by D.C. Roi07/15/044.63HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 35

 — Dianna is confused about what she wants. by D.C. Roi07/16/044.56HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 36

 — Ricky hears things about his father. by D.C. Roi07/17/044.46

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