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No Going Back Ch. 28

 — Katie without Roger. by Devotedadmirer11/20/084.13

No Going Back Ch. 29

 — Roger without Katie. by Devotedadmirer11/21/084.20

No Going Back Ch. 30

 — Katie in the hotel room. by Devotedadmirer11/24/084.35

No Going Back Ch. 31

 — Jenn's assault on webcam. by Devotedadmirer11/25/084.47

No Going Back Ch. 32

 — An offer to Katie. by Devotedadmirer11/28/084.47

No Going Back Ch. 33

 — Roger and Jenn on Webcam. by Devotedadmirer11/29/084.60HOT

No Going Back Ch. 34

 — Katie returns to the glory hole, part 1. by Devotedadmirer12/06/084.42

No Going Back Ch. 35

 — Katie returns to the glory hole, part 2. by Devotedadmirer12/07/084.50HOT

No Going Back Ch. 36

 — Roger gives up Jenn to another man. by Devotedadmirer12/11/084.41

No Going Back Ch. 37

 — Katie makes her final mistake. by Devotedadmirer12/12/084.10

No Going Back Ch. 38

 — Roger and Katie . . and Jenn. by Devotedadmirer12/18/084.64HOT

No Going Back Ch. 39

 — Roger and Katie . . and Candace. by Devotedadmirer12/26/084.70HOT

No Going Back Ch. 40

 — Roger and Katie . . and Candace, part 2. by Devotedadmirer12/27/084.40

No More Swedish Meatballs

 — An tale of love, hate, espionage and coming of age. by Krenna Smart09/29/034.41

No More Swedish Meatballs Pt. 02

 — Trouble in Paradise. by Krenna Smart10/28/034.64HOT

No More Swedish Meatballs Pt. 03

 — The final chapters. by Krenna Smart11/14/034.75HOT

No One's Son Ch. 02

 — Club owner hires call girls for fun, until one gets to him. by JacqSinclair03/03/154.65HOT

Nocturnal Embrace

 — You cannot deny your cravings. by EmelieDragon06/03/164.18


 — Coco finds sex and a sense of purpose in a biker bar. by shirleyann08/16/154.70HOT

Norma Rogers Ch. 01

 — The story of the matriarch of the Rogers Family. by northlander11/20/124.78HOT

Norma Rogers Ch. 02

 — The continuing story of Jim and Norma as they become lovers. by northlander11/26/124.74HOT

Norma Rogers Ch. 03

 — The continuing story of two lovers in a world at war. by northlander12/10/124.76HOT

Norma Rogers Ch. 04

 — Continuing story of a young couple ruing WW2. by northlander12/24/124.71HOT

Norma Rogers Ch. 05

 — More wartime adventures for a young mother. by northlander01/03/134.72HOT

Norma Rogers Ch. 06

 — Norma gets into the world of intelligence. by northlander01/17/134.71HOT

Norma Rogers Ch. 07

 — Norma makes another trip to Ireland. by northlander02/24/134.84HOT

Norma Rogers Ch. 08

 — Jim is missing, Norma copes alone. by northlander03/19/134.78HOT

Norma Rogers Ch. 09

 — Norma and Jim adjust to peace, for a time. by northlander05/07/134.78HOT

Not Just for Christmas Ch. 01-04

 — It's Christmas, why not adopt a family? by Alwaysraining12/05/144.82HOT

Not Just for Christmas Ch. 05-06

 — The dizzy heights of love then... by Alwaysraining12/06/144.85HOT

Not Just for Christmas Ch. 07-09

 — The very depths of despair. by Alwaysraining12/07/144.79HOT

Not Just for Christmas Ch. 10-13

 — Finding deception, crisis, happy ever after? by Alwaysraining12/08/144.78HOT

Not Just for Christmas Ch. 14-16

 — Will their troubles never end? Last throws of the evil dice. by Alwaysraining12/09/144.84HOT

Not Missing my Former Assistant

 — New Assistant proves to be a good lover & worker. by walterio12/28/184.48

Notes From The Underground

 — Erin and company challenge Zax one more time... by zeta51509/13/094.60HOT

Nude Photos Lead To Fun & Trouble Ch. 01

 — Sexy bored housewife enters nude photo competition. by walterio07/01/174.64HOT

Nude Photos Lead To Fun & Trouble Ch. 02

 — Jennifer has her first girl encounter, her training goes on. by walterio07/03/174.67HOT

Nude Photos Lead To Fun & Trouble Ch. 03

 — A 2nd photo shoot & more action with Elsa and Sam. by walterio07/16/174.69HOT

Nude Photos Lead To Fun & Trouble Ch. 04

 — More adoration for Jennifer but some bad news too. by walterio07/31/174.50HOT

Nun Pussy

 — A medieval tale most vile. by 80niner10/26/024.23

Nun Pussy Ch. 02

 — Maria Clare plays on a male organ. by 80niner10/27/024.48

Nun Pussy Ch. 03

 — Zachary warms nun's buns. by 80niner10/28/024.55HOT

Nun Pussy Ch. 04

 — Novitiate Rachael sees Mother Superion's fat ass by 80niner11/04/023.99

Nun Pussy Ch. 05

 — Rachael experiences the cock on the cross. by 80niner11/05/024.38

NYPD: Fighting Temptation

 — Det. Davis meets "The Not-So-New Guy". by CaramelAppleBottom06/26/084.19

NYPD: Fighting Temptation Ch. 02

 — Aiden invites himself to a Girls Night Out. by CaramelAppleBottom07/07/084.37

NYPD: Fighting Temptation Ch. 03

 — Things get a little more interesting. by CaramelAppleBottom07/07/084.53HOT

NYPD: Fighting Temptation Ch. 04

 — Things heat up as someone lurks in the shadows. by CaramelAppleBottom11/24/084.51HOT

Ocean Blue Ch. 01

 — Woman with mysterious past starts adventure at sea. by life_is_a_dance08/14/044.46

Ocean Blue Ch. 02

 — She meets Charlie as Philip comes to her rescue. by life_is_a_dance08/15/044.62HOT

Ocean Blue Ch. 03

 — Katherine and Philip share a night together. by life_is_a_dance08/20/044.73HOT

Ocean Blue Ch. 04

 — Katherine's past is revealed as she fights for her life. by life_is_a_dance11/18/044.84HOT

Ocean Blue Ch. 05

 — Katherine & Philip share a dinner as storm begins. by life_is_a_dance03/11/054.79HOT

Ocean Blue Ch. 06

 — The storm. by life_is_a_dance09/07/064.74HOT

Ocean Blue Ch. 07

 — A long overdue addition. by life_is_a_dance01/18/084.84HOT

Ocean Blue Ch. 08

 — A race for answers begins. by life_is_a_dance04/15/114.66HOT

Of All the Girls in Lagos Ch. 01

 — Old friends meet and get friendlier despite deadly odds. by JerryJonesAfrique03/09/163.33

Of All the Girls in Lagos Ch. 02

 — Old friends meet and get friendlier despite deadly odds. by JerryJonesAfrique03/10/164.00

Of All the Girls in Lagos Ch. 03

 — Old friends meet and get friendlier despite deadly odds. by JerryJonesAfrique03/11/163.83

Of All the Girls in Lagos Ch. 04

 — Old friends meet and get friendlier despite deadly odds. by JerryJonesAfrique03/12/164.50

Of All the Girls in Lagos Ch. 05

 — Old friends meet and get friendlier despite deadly odds. by JerryJonesAfrique03/13/163.80

Of All the Girls in Lagos Ch. 06

 — Old friends meet and get friendlier despite deadly odds. by JerryJonesAfrique03/15/163.00

Of All the Girls in Lagos Ch. 07

 — Old friends meet and get friendlier despite deadly odds. by JerryJonesAfrique03/16/163.83

Of Art & Sex Ch. 01

 — Girl explores life as an artist & her new found sexuality. by SandraElwin04/19/144.08

Of Art & Sex Ch. 02

 — An arroused girl spies on friends having sex. by SandraElwin04/20/144.44

Of Friends & Lovers

 — A rough day turns into a timeless love & an incredible fuck. by SandraElwin04/01/144.46

Ofelia Ch. 01 Pt. 01-03

 — Beautiful Latina exposes her character. by CervanServidor04/19/063.83

Ofelia Ch. 01 Pt. 04-06

 — She has a friendly encounter. by CervanServidor04/20/064.17

Ofelia Ch. 01 Pt. 07-08

 — A swim with the boss. by CervanServidor04/21/064.25

Ofelia Ch. 01 Pt. 09-11

 — She and her brother draw closer. by CervanServidor04/23/064.17

Ofelia Ch. 02 Pt. 01-03

 — She confronts herself, and changes herself. by CervanServidor04/28/064.40

Ofelia Ch. 02 Pt. 04-06

 — One love is consummated. by CervanServidor04/29/064.30

Ofelia Ch. 02 Pt. 07

 — In the dragon's mouth. by CervanServidor04/30/064.60HOT

Ofelia Ch. 03 Pt. 01-03

 — One love is lost. by CervanServidor05/01/064.25

Ofelia Ch. 03 Pt. 04

 — Conclusion: a new man steps in. by CervanServidor05/03/063.46

Ofelia Ch. 04 Pt. 01-03

 — Her cheating heart. by CervanServidor05/06/064.38

Ofelia Ch. 04 Pt. 04-06

 — She doubles her pleasure. by CervanServidor05/07/064.82HOT

Ofelia Ch. 04 Pt. 07-08

 — First time for everything. by CervanServidor05/10/064.25

Ofelia Conclusion

 — New beginnings. by CervanServidor05/15/06

Office Suite of Sexual Partners Ch. 02

 — Sex in the office continues and some new encounters. by walterio10/03/144.45

Office Suite of Sexual Partners Ch. 03

 — Busted in the Omni office, he sets up shop and sex at home. by walterio10/10/144.50HOT

Office Top and Bottom Ch. 02

 — Steve blackmails Jenni, but it doesn't go quite as planned. by 1077ad05/18/124.45

Oh Teacher, My Teacher Ch. 01

 — Rick gets a surprising offer from the "Ice Queen". by coaster209/17/094.71HOT

Oh Teacher, My Teacher Ch. 02

 — Rick still can't believe his good luck. by coaster209/18/094.67HOT

Oh Teacher, My Teacher Ch. 03

 — Meeting the parents and a cosmic experience. by coaster209/18/094.77HOT

Oh Teacher, My Teacher Ch. 04

 — A golf game, a reconcilliation, and a new friend. by coaster209/19/094.79HOT

Oh Teacher, My Teacher Ch. 05

 — A family announcement and planning the next step. by coaster209/20/094.79HOT

Oh Teacher, My Teacher Ch. 06

 — A game of golf and a horrifying event. by coaster209/21/094.77HOT

Oh Teacher, My Teacher Ch. 07

 — The aftermath, and returning to their "normal" lives. by coaster209/22/094.77HOT

Oh Teacher, My Teacher Ch. 08

 — A life together for Astrid and Rick. by coaster209/23/094.78HOT

OK Ch. 01-05

 — Things were certainly not OK; John didn't know why. by Alwaysraining05/22/184.68HOT

OK Ch. 06-09

 — Carol knows the truth: she's not OK, neither is he. by Alwaysraining05/23/184.65HOT

OK Ch. 10-12

 — Carol schemes, John impressed. All OK? No! by Alwaysraining05/24/184.73HOT

OK Ch. 13-18

 — Carol suffers, John deceived. Friends rally round. by Alwaysraining05/25/184.70HOT

OK Ch. 19-22

 — Carol and John OK, but apart or together? by Alwaysraining05/26/184.74HOT

Ok I'll do It, Again Pt. 04

 — A realisation that life is not simple for a beautiful woman. by ozinsom7707/19/174.42

Ok I'll do It, Again Pt. 05

 — Continuation of nude resort honeymoon. by ozinsom7708/12/174.68HOT

Ok I'll do It, Again Pt. 06

 — A story for new couple wanting to get ahead. New challenges. by ozinsom7708/28/174.50HOT

Ok I'll do It, Again Pt. 07

 — Husband is being a real idiot leaving Carol exposed. by ozinsom7709/03/174.44

Ok I'll do It, Again Pt. 08

 — A savvy woman in a man's world. Competition brings sex. by ozinsom7709/08/174.64HOT

Ok I'll do It, Again Pt. 09

 — Revenge is not always sweet, but definitely useful. by ozinsom7709/22/174.42

Old London Town

 — He makes a new start in life. by Mr_Data02/28/074.09


 — Cousins uncover a plot against their arranged marriage. by Eli is Coming03/08/064.33

Olivia Ch. 01

 — A revelation for the Horny harlots. by Pgup09/29/104.38

Olivia Ch. 02

 — Olivia prepares for her sex endeavors. by Pgup10/09/104.44

Olivia Ch. 03

 — Olivia is exposed to yet another style of sexual behavior. by Pgup10/13/104.29

Olivia Ch. 04

 — The enlargement of Olivia's pleasure center. by Pgup10/21/104.40

Olivia Ch. 05

 — Olivia learns about the organization. by Pgup10/24/104.43

Olivia Ch. 06a

 — Olivia discovers the power of her girl cock. by Pgup11/01/104.30

Olivia Ch. 07

 — Olivia is mentally transported to another world and time. by Pgup11/09/104.44

Olivia Ch. 08

 — The truth about OLivia's jungle experience. by Pgup11/16/104.29

Olivia Ch. 09

 — Olivia's introduction to the pleasure grotto. by Pgup12/05/104.20

Olivia Ch. 10

 — Olivia's ride in the Sho-Mobile. by Pgup12/07/104.55HOT

Olivia Ch. 11

 — Olivia and Kayla prepare for their theatrical debuts. by Pgup12/19/104.46

Olivia Ch. 12

 — Olivia's introduction to the sex clubs. by Pgup12/25/104.31

Olivia Ch. 13

 — Olivia experiences, 'constant heat'. by Pgup12/26/104.20

Olivia Ch. 14

 — Olivia, the queen bee. by Pgup12/26/104.53HOT

Omnia Vincit Amor Pt. 01

 — A middle-aged man, his old flame, and her jealous husband. by Alwaysraining12/21/184.56HOT

Omnia Vincit Amor Pt. 02

 — Claire's plan fails; violence and aftermath. by Alwaysraining12/22/184.68HOT

Omnia Vincit Amor Pt. 03

 — Claire writes to Peter repeatedly; no reply. by Alwaysraining12/23/184.73HOT

Omnia Vincit Amor Pt. 04

 — Years pass. Then one Christmas... by Alwaysraining12/24/184.71HOT

On Changing Ground Pt. 01

 — It's a long way up when you fall from grace... by TheSexyGeek08/26/144.49

On Highway 17

 — Folk musician meets a girl from the North Country in 1961. by Vukovina06/03/164.17

On the Canal Bank and After

 — Amy wants to stop her mother with her new lover. by geronimo_appleby03/29/144.44

On The Line (Pre Match Rituals)

 — Moments before the match starts, James gets a visitor... by ChunkyLover8301/12/124.21

On The Line (Tale of the Tape)

 — Former friends are now foes, as they fight for supremacy! by ChunkyLover8301/11/123.75

On the Other Hand Ch. 01-02

 — My wife left me. I should have seen it coming. by coaster206/12/144.47

On the Other Hand Ch. 03-04

 — Hitting Paydirt. by coaster206/14/144.65HOT

On the Other Hand Ch. 05-06

 — Romance Interrupted by a Mystery Mission by coaster206/16/144.71HOT

On the Other Hand Ch. 07-08

 — Tracking Nicky down and making a commitment. by coaster206/17/144.73HOT

On the Other Hand Ch. 09-10

 — A dangerous mission with a frightening outcome. by coaster206/18/144.76HOT

On the Other Hand Ch. 11-12

 — Home to heal, a place to live, and other things. by coaster206/19/144.74HOT

Once in a Lifetime Ch. 01

 — An affair so riveting, it borders obsession. by Penny_Taj09/07/153.42

Once in a Lifetime Ch. 02

 — An affair so riveting it borders obsession. by Penny_Taj04/24/164.15

Once Upon a Fantasy Ch. 01-02

 — Suspicion. by coaster207/02/174.60HOT

Once Upon a Fantasy Ch. 03-04

 — She Cheated ... Now What? by coaster207/04/174.60HOT

Once Upon a Fantasy Ch. 05-06

 — Divorce and a Fresh Start with a Date. by coaster207/05/174.65HOT

Once Upon a Fantasy Ch. 07-08

 — The New Salesperson. by coaster207/06/174.78HOT

Once Upon a Fantasy Ch. 09-10

 — Is This Really Happening? by coaster207/09/174.73HOT

Once Upon a Fantasy Ch. 11-12

 — An unexpected award and a proposal. by coaster207/10/174.75HOT

Once Upon a Fantasy Ch. 13-14

 — Just when you think everything is perfect... by coaster207/11/174.73HOT

Once Upon a Fantasy Ch. 15-16

 — Closing the Circle. by coaster207/12/174.80HOT

One and Only Man

 — A young woman in her 20's is infatuated with her father. by wickedbadgirl04/20/18

One Night

 — The story takes a different turn for Sarah. by molly_hunter2803/30/073.94

One Night Ch. 02

 — Sarah goes shopping and gets carried away. by molly_hunter2804/06/074.19

One Night Ch. 03

 — The time draws closer for Sarah. by molly_hunter2804/18/074.11

One Night Ch. 04

 — Sarah dresses for dinner. by molly_hunter2805/15/074.52HOT

One Night Ch. 05

 — Dinner moves along with Sarah and Mr. James. by molly_hunter2806/17/074.17

One Night Ch. 06

 — Their arrival at the club. by molly_hunter2808/06/074.41

One Night Ch. 07

 — Taking a closer look. by molly_hunter2809/17/074.67HOT

One Night Ch. 08

 — The tale begins to get tangled with the next step. by molly_hunter2810/20/074.44

One Night Ch. 09

 — The drive home and next day. by molly_hunter2811/04/074.09

One Night Ch. 10

 — Lunch brings more then food to their plate. by molly_hunter2812/09/074.38

One Night Ch. 11

 — A short talk and another call. by molly_hunter2801/08/084.38

One Night Ch. 12

 — They arrive at his place. by molly_hunter2802/18/084.57HOT

One Night Ch. 13

 — Finding about Jessica and what they really feel. by molly_hunter2803/27/084.77HOT

One Night Ch. 14

 — True love is revealed. by molly_hunter2805/10/084.59HOT

One Plus Two Minus One Ch. 01

 — A college professor falls for a younger man. by TessMackenzie01/28/154.65HOT

One Plus Two Minus One Ch. 02

 — A college professor falls for a younger man by TessMackenzie01/29/154.65HOT

One Plus Two Minus One Ch. 03

 — A college professor falls for a younger man. by TessMackenzie01/30/154.59HOT

One Plus Two Minus One Ch. 04

 — A college professor falls for a younger man by TessMackenzie01/31/154.69HOT

One Plus Two Minus One Ch. 05

 — A college professor falls for a younger man. by TessMackenzie02/01/154.65HOT

One Plus Two Minus One Ch. 06

 — A college professor falls for a younger man. by TessMackenzie02/02/154.75HOT

One Plus Two Minus One Ch. 07

 — A college professor falls for a younger man. by TessMackenzie02/03/154.76HOT

One Plus Two Minus One Ch. 08

 — A college professor falls for a younger man. by TessMackenzie02/04/154.52HOT

One Plus Two Minus One Ch. 09

 — A college professor falls for a younger man. by TessMackenzie02/05/154.57HOT

One Plus Two Minus One Ch. 10

 — A college professor falls for a younger man. by TessMackenzie02/06/154.73HOT

One Rainy Afternoon

 — Jim ends up in bed with his teen daughter's best friend. by jimb197802/03/154.77HOT

One Room School House

 — Passion ignites between a friendly farmer and a teacher. by Nectarine04/04/104.31

One Step Ahead Ch. 01

 — Early life for Jason. by itsm304/07/124.46

One Step Ahead Ch. 03

 — Jason plans to take control of Mindy. by itsm304/09/124.57HOT

One Step Ahead Ch. 04

 — Jason takes control. by itsm304/10/124.68HOT

One Week In October

 — Wife discovers her sensual self. by ProtagorasII04/07/044.21

One White Rose

 — A woman begins her journey to discover her sexuality. by lovinlife082811/17/084.15

One Wild Weekend

 — Two girls and two guys enjoy an end of summer weekend cruise. by Cndrlla6908/22/134.63HOT

One Woman's Fantasies Ch. 01

 — Girl & her gym coaches. by MorbidAngelRen10/23/034.30

Only the Three of Us Ch. 01

 — The beginnings of my twisted love life. by SSL_Odd103/19/153.94

Only the Three of Us Ch. 02

 — Our first anniversary together. by SSL_Odd105/15/154.55HOT

Open Your Eyes Ch. 01-02

 — A story of discovery, perseverance, and romance. by Distant_Dreams03/30/174.13

Open Your Eyes Ch. 03-04

 — How will Bobby and April meet? by Distant_Dreams03/31/174.43

Open Your Eyes Ch. 05-06

 — Bobby and April's budding romance. by Distant_Dreams04/16/174.74HOT

Operation Fit Bird

 — Can he score the girl of his dreams? by Northern_One02/05/144.70HOT

Operation Paramour Ch. 01

 — Two secret agents are inserted in 1942 France. by ThomasSmith07/18/044.32

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 01

 — Chance meeting in the airport leads to a new career and more. by walterio01/08/174.65HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 02

 — The swingers party with Jackie and aftermath with Judy. by walterio01/11/174.68HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 03

 — Luci is a good lover and then an unexpected office encounter. by walterio01/16/174.59HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 04

 — Audrey, Judy and Myrna remain active & I meet a new hottie. by walterio01/20/174.71HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 05

 — Meeting Trudy's roommate, a three some and sex abound. by walterio01/28/174.70HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 06

 — A successful blind date, rendezvous with Audrey and Judy. by walterio02/03/174.73HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 07

 — Seduced by a Eurasian beauty and then a MFFF wild foursome. by walterio02/08/174.63HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 08

 — Staying active with the regulars and meeting a new hot woman. by walterio02/12/174.71HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 10

 — Matt meets some incredible women at Miami Beach. by walterio02/27/174.65HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 11

 — Myrna in the office, Trudy and Marty, and a new mature woman. by walterio03/01/174.69HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 12

 — Trudy, Marty threesome and a week with Audrey. by walterio03/07/174.62HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 13

 — Meeting a hot Miami student and great sex with Myrna. by walterio03/14/174.69HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 14

 — Audrey, Judy Myrna and meeting two new hot women. by walterio03/17/174.58HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 15

 — A Close call with Sally & satisfying Judy. Audrey and Myrna. by walterio03/22/174.59HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 16

 — Another week of great sex with all the women. by walterio03/31/174.42

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 17

 — Anna, Myrna and a special day with Miyuki. by walterio04/11/174.67HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 19

 — Some risky encounters and authentic Japanese Sushi. by walterio04/28/174.64HOT

Opportunity Knocks Ch. 20

 — Final Chapter - Ending one and beginning a new opportunity. by walterio07/07/174.56HOT

Or Saurian Sex Slaves Pt. 01

 — Prometheus Earth's first starship is launched. by Patroc05/29/044.00

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